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I live on Little Cowan and the amount of garbage that is thrown out beside our roads is disgraceful. Would it be so bad if people would carry a bag in their vehicles, put their garbage in it then discard it properly? We have a beautiful place to live. Please respect it. Do not litter.

. Oh my gosh. I saw the eye doctor again today and he sure was looking nice. It’s about time we get some good-looking doctors in Letcher County.

. It looks like we’ll be going from Obamacare to Trump’s I-don’t-give-a-care. That’s about all you can say after reading the new health care plan put forward by the White House and the Republicans in Congress.

. What’s up with a certain restaurant in Neon? I tried to place an order down there and the woman told me to hold on a minute while she got a pen and paper. I held on for about 10 minutes and she finally got back on the line and said, ‘Do you care to call back in a little bit? I’m busy.’ What’s up with that? How do you place an order there?

. What in the world does Barry Engle have to do with the Letcher County Fiscal Court — telling them to put a payroll tax on? I didn’t know he was one of the fiscal court members, or a magistrate. Thank you. (Deputy Sheriff Barry Engle lives, works and pays taxes in Letcher County. Therefore he had every right to speak at last week’s special meeting of the Letcher Fiscal Court.)

. The officials in Whitesburg are just like a cat in a litter box — always trying to cover up stuff. Pretty soon the box is going to be full.

. If gas wells have names on them and those people are paid royalties, who gets the royalties off the ones that say ‘Letcher County’ on them? Does Letcher County get the royalties?

. To Speak Your Piece: I call in every week; I read the paper every week. Sometimes you put in what I call and sometimes you don’t. I’m going to the Lexington Herald-Leader to put in that paper about the problems the Letcher County Clerk’s Office has caused landowners over the years. I have the paperwork to back it, but I can’t get anyone else to do it. I’ll just take it all down to Lexington and Frankfort.

. This just in for the liberal Democrats: Keep moving farther to the left and keep going with these special interest groups. Don’t pay any attention to what the public wants; just keep going to the left. I think you’ll push

yourself off the deep end. You still remind me of the old plow mule that would do anything you said, but you had to hit him in the head with a two-by-four to get his attention.

. What’s happened to a certain place of business in Neon? Everybody there looks mean and hateful all the time and you can’t ever get any service.

. To a certain person: I don’t include you in anything I do and I never have. And I don’t sit and talk about any good times with you. You’re a liar, and if anybody tells you I say that stuff, they’re lying too.

. Shift the blame. You never heard much about the press pushing anything the Clintons did. Now Trump is going to back what he said. When they tap the wires in Trump Tower he knows about it. He’s got people working for him who know this, and he’s going to tell the American people what went on. And to the person who called my president an ignoramus: It just shows how sorry you really are. This man is trying to build America back. These people accusing him of all this stuff are losing. They’ve lost. The president is setting up America the way it’s supposed to be set up. We the people put them in there and we the people put them out. God bless America. If you want to investigate somebody, check what that wench did with Russia when she was secretary of state.

. I would like to let the people know I am voting for Luther Tackett for jailer. He’s a great man for the job. Luther, you’ve got my family’s vote.

. Well I tried to tell people in October a county tax was being considered, but nobody wanted to hear of it. I agree with another comment: Stop the magistrates’ salaries except for actual money used. What meager raises we as workers in this mess of a county get is now being targeted to clean up messes, we as residents did not create. The one-percent occupational tax considered is harsh also, but if it is voted in, the Letcher Fiscal Court must not exclude certain employed people like the city tax did. Make sure all courthouse employees are taxed — teachers, fiscal court members, everyone should be included. If you exclude or show bias that is so very wrong and we as Letcher Countians should make it our mission to make sure you are not voted back in. Whatever you decide and vote in, gentlemen, make sure my roads are pristine year around, but especially in winter so I can haul myself to work and make money for your poor


. It looks like President Trump will soon achieve in less than six months that which the nations of Great Britain, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Japan, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Korea, North Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan have been unable to do since 1812 — destroy democracy in the United States.

. Let’s all hope and pray Trump is able to do something to bring coal back before he’s impeached.

. If employees of the county end up paying the ‘new’ county tax then the city tax must stop. The city is in the county, and being squeezed double is a shame. How else besides the voters are the great decision-making officials being held accountable? We can’t do anything until election. Can we contact the state Attorney General? Would that help? More accountability. The magistrates that have voted against the tax and kept the residents in mind are the only ones that consider the whole picture.

. This is concerning a comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about Luther Tackett running for jailer: If he runs he’s got our vote hands down. We’re supporting him 110 percent. He’s our man for Letcher County Jailer. Thank you.

. I was wondering how the people who voted for Trump in hopes of repealing Obamacare are going to like Trumpcare?

. To those of you out there who treat little kids mean: I don’t like you. You sure won’t like me, either, so you better stay out of my way and leave those little kids alone.

. Welcome to the great depression of 2017. You can tell it in the county government; you can probably tell it in the state government, and I’m sure Trump will see it in the federal government. What will we do about it? We may have to change things big time in this country, but the people at the top won’t want to change things like we do. Maybe they’ll change their minds when they see things get worse and worse.

. I think that old county judge thinks he’s all of it. I would like to know why he’s got his name on all the county’s trucks and equipment as if he’s the owner of it all. I would like to see that rec center blow over the moon and the courthouse go with it.

. A certain young lady got pregnant about 15 or 16 years ago. DNA testing showed the baby wasn’t by the man she claimed was its father. Does the mommy know who daddy of that little boy is?

. How can Judge Craft sit behind the bench and hold someone in contempt after what happened with the recent appointment of the circuit clerk?

. The special fiscal court meeting on the budget was a great show of communitywide participatory budgeting. And people asked for more. I heard people asking for town halls with the court, to increase transparency and communitydriven solutions. We can increase revenue for our county without overtaxing the people who can least afford it. That doesn’t stimulate the economy and is not a long-term solution. The fiscal court members have to see beyond their next election. Judge Ward talking about all his big plans from years ago and coal severance coming back is embarrassing and dangerous. If you really believe those severance dollars are coming back, we have bigger problems than the budget. I stood in a special-called budget meeting a year ago and said this same thing. Stop making excuses and

make space for participation. Listen to people.

. I find it interesting that the Letcher Fiscal Court, especially the county judge and county attorney, are only now looking into revenue being acceptable through the court facilities fee. When Judge Ward first came into office, and several times since, Margaret Nichols told both he, then-Circuit Judge Sam Wright, County Attorney Jamie Hatton and at least one magistrate that this fee was available to generate revenue, but no one seemed to be interested. It is only now that it is being looked at. I guess they didn’t want the wrong person to get credit — mainly Ms. Nichols.

. The TV media says the Trump administration is a calamity wrapped around chaos. I’ve not heard one of them say one good thing about this man, and he’s done more than the last three presidents as far as I know of, and he’s just been in there five weeks. So why don’t they start helping instead of fussing? They lost and they’re so sad. They need to wipe the tears out of their eyes and start helping build the America back they helped tear down. If you’re an American you’ll support this man.

. Instead of giving Letcher County’s magistrates $200 in expense accounts they should take back $250 from their salaries since they are doing nothing anyway. Woody Holbrook of Mayking isn’t doing anything for his money and sits and grins about it.

. To the female worker in Judge Jim Ward’s office who was so critical of the people attending the fiscal court meeting last Monday night: Somebody might just come and get your job after we vote out Jim Ward next election.

. On Monday afternoon I witnessed a certain older police officer run the red light at Frazier’s Farmer Supply. He was not in pursuit. If I wasn’t watching I would have been ran over.

. I wish Judge Ward would tell me to sit down and shut up like he did the man who spoke up while one of the secretaries was talking the other night.

. With such an important Letcher Fiscal Court meeting the other night, did you all see how two of the women who work in the county judge’s office were sitting there rolling their eyes and making smirking remarks at the ones who were speaking? That shows you how much they care for our county. One was playing on her phone and getting on Facebook. That shows real class, girls.

. Donald Trump, changed 155 years of being a Democrat to vote for you. Ignore the media. Leave them alone. They are just keeping you rattled. Get back to the job of making America great again, sir. Ignore them. Don’t dignify anything they say.

. A certain man thinks he can come around and trade starved-to-death chickens for healthy ones, but he’s going to keep on until he winds up in the courthouse after someone fixes him one way or the other. My advice to him and his friends is to stay away. You little boys are going to get in very serious trouble for starving animals to death. Thank you.

. Steve Beshear and Obama have a lot in common. You have a hard time getting the truth out of either one of them. Obama knew he was lying when he said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor; if you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan, period. And here’s Steve Beshear, who sold the coal industry out hook, line and sinker when Obama was in office. He never lifted a finger to help

save a coal job. There are two things I can’t stand, and both are hypocrites. These politicians would take a front seat in hell before they told the truth.

. I would like to know why the pipeline protesters out in the Dakotas were not prosecuted for littering. They left the taxpayers with a huge bill for cleanup. And they love the land? Ha ha. No doubt about it, they must be liberals. A response from the editor to my question would be appreciated. (Before you called, not a single thought was given here to the pipeline protesters or supporters or to the litter you say was left behind in North Dakota. But now that you’ve mentioned it, we can’t help but wonder if your energy wouldn’t be better spent trying to do something about the litter problem we have right here in our beautiful home of Letcher County instead of worrying about trash left behind in a place located 1,360 miles away.)

. Well, the paper said, ‘Murder trial delayed again.’ You know, that’s no surprise in Letcher County. I think our commonwealth’s attorney needs to be run out of the commonwealth. Apparently we don’t have a commonwealth’s attorney. I wonder if he will have the gall to run for re-election. ( The case of Patrick Smith, the first of two suspects scheduled for trial in connection with the January 1, 2014 murder of Michael Hogg in Whitesburg, was ordered delayed by Special Circuit Judge Kent Hendrickson because Smith’s court-appointed attorney has moved to Seattle, Washington.)

. This idiot who tries to explain the Bible in Speak Your Piece doesn’t have a clue of what they’re talking about.

. Hello there. I have an idea how the county judge can save some money. He can get rid of some of those lazy fat magistrates. That would save a whole bunch of money since they’re just sitting on their behinds and doing nothing anyway. That would save the county a heap of money. Thank you.

. Four Lortabs. Here one day, gone the next.

. Wiley says I should call during music — he says he won’t answer otherwise. Well, he isn’t going to answer me and I’m not going to call him since I get so wrapped up in the music. That’s OK with me. I still like the music and I still like the show.

. It’s open house at the Pert Creek Meth Lab.

. I would like to give my opinion about the current financial problems with the Letcher Fiscal Court, which affect every Letcher County person: There are many things a lot of people have suggested could be done to help the financial crisis. One thing that seems like it’s not going to happen because of Jim Ward or his gas company buddies who have donated several thousand dollars to his campaigns, is the tax he proposed earlier on the natural gas wells in the county. He appears to no longer want to go down that road, but that is one area the fiscal court needs to look at and bring this $1,000 fee against each gas or oil well. That would certainly help lower the financial crisis. I kind of agree in one aspect about the payroll tax of one percent, and that is the fiscal court is going to beat down the working class people until they don’t want to work anymore. If the court would just impose a one or two cent tax on every item that is bought in Letcher County — there is already a six-percent sales tax — that would help lower the deficit. Concerning the garbage situation, let’s bring back the Dumpsters so trucks don’t have to run up and down these hollows. Anyway, this is my opinion. Thank you very much.

. Letcher County has been mostly Democratcontrolled for years and years. Since certain people who were elected as Democrats have changed political parties and are no longer Democrats, my question is this: Does that make them trans-Democrats or trans-

Republicans? It just makes about as much sense as transgender people do. Nevertheless, Democrats have run this county in about every office for a long time. We hired a Republican county judge, Carroll Smith, and he got this county on the right track, but Democrats decided they didn’t want Republicans to be in charge of Letcher County anymore so they began these wild stories and accused Carroll Smith of things that were not true. Of course everyone knows The Mountain Eagle was bearing truth the day before the election but all the papers were mysteriously stolen and the truth didn’t come out until the election was over. Now we’ve had a Democrat county judge for the last few years. How’s that working out for you? Now he’s got the county in a fi- nancial crisis and he blames everybody else for it. That’s just the way things work here in Letcher County. My point is we — my family — have changed our politics to Republican and hope others will follow suit and help get this county turned around. The people in office now are just flatly not working out. The people of District Three voted for Woody Holbrook in hope he would help the county, but he has not done the first thing except attach himself to the fiscal court and Jim Ward. When election time comes around again we hope his name is not on the ballot, because it will be a waste of time.

. It’s sad that a little girl gets pregnant at school, but it takes a boy to get them pregnant. Remember, that’s been going down forever. Read the sixth chapter of Genesis. These boys need to keep their hands off these girls. Men don’t want their daughters to get pregnant, but they kind of throw their chests out when their sons get someone pregnant and I think that’s wrong.

. Today is March 1, 2017. I ran out of gas right at the high school today when the storm was coming. The city police passed me by and went on to the high school like I was nothing. Then, another city police car came by and cut off toward Walmart. Then I saw the Jenkins City Police pull out and head toward Jenkins. Never once did any of the police officers stop and ask if I needed any kind of assistance. If that’s what type of police department we have we need a new one. Not only that, I had my emergency flashers on. What a system.

. Everybody in Letcher County and the surrounding counties need to get together and try to do something about these companies that washed our houses off their foundations, washed our driveways out and washed our roads off while they rampaged our countryside and got what coal and money they could. Now that they’re finished with us, they’ve come back in here and gated off nearly every trail to us ATV riders. We pay thousands of dollars in taxes and gas for those machines, only to turn around and get slapped in the face with these gates put up by coal and natural gas companies. I think everybody in Letcher County ought to stand up and speak their opinion about this. They’re complaining about the fourwheelers running up and down the highway, well, that’s why. They put us out of the woods where those things were designed to be ridden. Between the gas and coal companies and private individuals leasing properties, there is no way for ATV’s to get through. Why not use cattle gates? I think everybody in Letcher County ought to stand up together and get this thing resolved one way or the other. Thank you.

. This is for the state and county garage: I know you all might not have money appropriated to blacktop our roads, but could you at least just paint the lines back on them? You don’t even know what lane you’re in anymore.

. So many people are complaining about these drugs. Don’t call the newspaper to vent; take the time to get the information to the police — the tag number, model of car, the time of day, whom they are. Everybody has a

camera phone; use it to document what you see. You can also use game cameras. Stop complaining and do something about it. Get the police the information they need. They have the ability to handle the situation. Don’t just call the newspaper and complain. Let the police handle it. Let them do their jobs. Thank you. . The loggers in Letcher County have a license to steal. Property that had been in the family for 115 years, the loggers come on it and cut at least 500 feet inside the line and took several trees. We went to the office of Letcher County Attorney Jamie Hatton and were told we would have to get the property surveyed. Who the hell does he represent — the crooks? .

This is to the man who is supposed to deliver the Lexington Herald-Leader to the Jenkins area: You don’t do it every day. If you can’t do the job you need to let somebody else do it. We want a paper up here to read the UK basketball news.

. Malik Monk is awesome, and I think Torrell Carter, our local talent here at LCC, is the next Malik Monk. . It looks like the workingmen and women of Letcher County are just going to have to sit down, quit working and join the rest of these people who sit on their behinds doing nothing. The county and everybody else get themselves in debt and then expect the working people to dig them out of it. I think I’ll just quit and let them have it. If you get yourself in trouble you dig yourself out; don’t depend on the workingman to get you out of your trouble. . Letcher County have a chance. We’ve got a brand new vegetable market and we’re getting a new steakhouse. . Just wanted to say don’t forget to pray, even if it’s just a little silent prayer. One sinner is no worse than the other. Always remember to pray. Thank you. . We keep hearing how corporations have the highest tax rate in the world — 35 percent — but nobody tells us, it seems, that nobody pays them. All the loopholes mean they don’t pay it, and Mitch McConnell and the rest of Congress support keeping those loopholes open. The tax cuts don’t seem to come down to the little guy, do they? Too bad. .

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to get me a doctor down in Tennessee, because if your doctor screws you over and messes you up you can’t sue him

now here in Kentucky. . President Trump’s address to the Congress and to the nation was at least halfway civil. He did tone down his divisive rhetoric against the Democratic Party, Hillary and Obama. I think his beautiful, classy wife Melania may have been coaching him about civility. She could influence him more than all of his staff and advisors. All she would have to say is, ‘you had better shape up or we will be getting separate bedrooms’. . There is an old adage, ‘figures don’t lie but liars do figure.’ Doesn’t that conjure up thoughts of Donald Trump’s math skills or lack thereof? During his presidential address to congress the Republicans sat there and clapped like a bunch of seals at every idealistic notion he proclaimed even though they know he is full of ‘bull crap’ promises with little hope of performance. On the positive side, with each Donald Trump ‘screwup’ there will be more swing voters leaning to the left during the mid-term elections. If our nation survives that long. . To all of you ‘Trumpies’ out there, I hope you are proud of that yellow-haired bozo you elected for president. Obviously he skipped grade school arithmetic but at least he excelled in a course called Distorting The Facts. There are not 94 million unemployed in the U.S. The Fact Checker indicates the figure is more like 8 million and that is approximately 4.8 percent unemployment which is the lowest in a decade. The irony of this scenario is that there are still millions of supporters who are so dumb they think he is smart. In his address to congress he indicated that he is going to reduce taxes and increase spending for the military and infrastructure to rebuild our highways and bridges etc. Those are very noble thoughts but common sense says that is not realistic. Let’s make an analogy; if your personal income was reduced would you increase your spending? If your answer ‘yes’, you could be a ‘Trumpie’ so get yourself one of those pointed hats and sit in the corner. . So the argument that because of free will, the case of original sin, disobedience, justifies the torture and murder of one for all, being accepted, makes the believer complaisant in the crime. The manipulation is fraud and essence of all church business, let the buyer beware. .

I used to think that you had to be a very intelligent, educated person to be president, governor or

congressperson. Now, I must concede that I was wrong. Donald Trump has changed my thinking. Now I know that any idiot could be president. I’m just a country boy with not a lot of education but I know darned well that I am smarter than Donald Trump. . These people getting on public forums like Speak Your Piece and other places and bashing the president need to grow up and quit bad mouthing him. You don’t have to agree with everything he does, and God knows that I don’t, but how about growing up a little and having a little bit of respect for the office? Yes, little snowflake, he is your president, like it or not. He is the President of the United States, and you’re a citizen — or are you? How about we all try to pray for our leaders? If you’re hoping for his downfall you are also hoping for the downfall of our nation. Grow up for God’s sake and be a positive influence in your community instead of whining and stamping your feet in frustration like a two year old. The only difference between you people and a two year old’s pitching a fit is that you’re taller and a little more articulate, but just a little. .

Mr. Jim Ward just proved to all the people of Letcher County how low he would go to try and persuade all of us how great he is and how bad our other three magistrates are who oppose or reject his suggestions. Mr. Ward has no interest in having a fair and balanced fiscal court. All he cares about is having five magistrates on a string

like ‘Woody and Keith.’ That way he can be the dictator and manipulate them any way he desires. He employed some dirty tactics by bringing in Mr. Russell, Mr. Brown and Mr. Rhodes to threaten Mr. Fleming and Mr. Howard and Terry Adams, three of the most respected men in Letcher County. The three gentlemen said they were here to help and offer suggestions, but I listened to their presentation three times, and for the life of me I did not hear them suggest anything that would solve our mess that Mr. Ward has us in. He is called the executive, he is our county leader and he has failed us all. I would suggest it’s time he stopped being a bully and concentrate on being more professional. I would like to see him explain why his name is on all of our county-owned vehicles and who paid for that. Was it him or the county? If the county absorbed the foolish expense then he should reimburse the money back to the county. Didn’t he look to the future and realize that the next county judge will have to remove it once he will soon be out of office? Tell me what jobs have been created since he has been in office. Only ones I can think of is his son’s restaurant. I agree with the gentleman who spoke at the meeting and said we need an economic administrator. There’s no excuse why our county can’t grow and prosper like Hazard and Pikeville in Perry and Pike counties. We need a leader who will take the bull by the horns and provide more opportunities than a bike and horse trail for the people of Letcher County.

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