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Can someone help me get my wife a temporary job at Hardee’s? Not permanently, understand, just long enough for her to learn how to make biscuits.

. My husband had left a gray shoulder bag that he used as a tackle box at the Jenkins Lake beside the guardrail on February 22. This was full of fishing tackle and we are hoping someone that found it would be kind to return it back to us. We are offering a reward to whomever returns it with all the stuff in it. You may contact us at 606-821-2393 or 606-821-2150.

. There are simple solutions to the controversy over the Affordable Health Care Act. Okay, call it American Health Care, ACA because there will always be those who argue that it is not affordable. Firstly, the Republicans need to delete the word ‘repeal’ from their vocabulary. President Obama acknowledged from the beginning that the movement would need to be refined but ‘it is a first step’. Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare have all been amended throughout their existence; can you imagine what our quality of life would be without these programs? Secondly, the Republicans need to seek bipartisan support to help the American people rather than trying to demean the signature legislation of their predecessor. President Obama will go down in history as having been a good president and an honorable man. The way Donald Trump is going he will go down in history as being the worst president in our history.

. Scotia exploded 41 years ago on the 9th. My old lady exploded 41 years ago on the 10th and brought me a big baby girl.

. It’s Friday night and you’re at your friend’s house drinking again. All you want to do it drink, drink, drink. You brag about making money and you put people down. Enjoy it while you can, because it won’t last forever.

. I saw on the news where women were marching and protesting. I would like to say men would have been better off if women had never been made. I don’t know what they were trying to prove, but more power to them.

. After years of watching Letcher County tax money being mismanaged and wasted, it’s time for the people of Letcher County to wake up. We need a county executive that can manage during hard times, and it is obvious we don’t have anyone that can do that. There are wastes in this county that have never been spoken of. We need to get rid of the Letcher County Government Channel; it

is nothing but a campaign channel. Everyone but our judge/executive knows the Recreation Center is nothing but a drag on the county and taxpayers. Why should all Letcher Countians have to pay for something that is only benefiting a select few? We are so sick of the fiscal court shows that are only campaign ads. We have an election coming and Letcher Countians are fed up. The few brown-nosing county employees are not going to be enough to keep our county judge/executive in office. We need to look to someone that has better interest and management for the people of Letcher County. Letcher County has had the same old same old for years. It’s time for a change. Out with the old in with the new.

. I would like to ask the county one question: Why do you have magistrates who are being paid to do nothing? Why don’t they cut their salaries in half and save the money? The coal taxes are gone. Cut the magistrates’ pay in half.

. Howdy, Mr. Trump. I think it was very nice of you to let those 46 leftover federal prosecutors have the choice of resigning or being fired. They weren’t smart enough to resign and now they’re upset about being fired. Let that be on their resume. I can hear you saying your famous words, ‘You’re fired!’ You just keep trucking, Mr. Trump, the way you’re going. God bless America.

. Only in Letcher County. You kick a dog and they try you right away and send you to the pen. You kill somebody you wait three years and still won’t be tried. I think we need a new commonwealth’s attorney.

. How is a certain so-called disabled miner who can’t breathe because he supposedly has black lung able to throw his oxygen down, grab his cigarettes, and get out in his yard and start working on cars? Pretty bad, I think.

. Lies, deceit and propaganda. The only way the Letcher County Recreation Center is going to be paid for is through a payroll tax. We’re all in this to 2041. That’s when it’s going to be paid for if we’re still working. (A clause in the Letcher Fiscal Court’s agreement to finance the recreation center requires the court to raise property taxes if it can no longer meet the payment requirements.)

. If the Letcher County Fiscal Court would let us look inside the box, which I think is public record, we would find out all the big salaries and all the big overtime that people get. The more job titles you have the more

money you get. I would also like to see someone at the fiscal court meeting stand up and ask who the courthouse maintenance supervisor is. I think we’d all be surprised.

. What is wrong with America? The only thing Putin did was bring Hillary out of the darkness and into the light. Democrats have always tried to hide what they are.

. It’s time to start a movement to get former governor Steve Beshear to run for the senate. The two senators you (not I) sent to Washington have gotten in bed with the other Republicans who are insensitive to the needs of the poor people and continue catering to the wealthy elite.

. Oh what a wonderful family I have. Who could ask for a better family?

. I visited a cemetery about three weeks ago and I saw where my best friend was buried. He doesn’t have a tombstone. I asked around, and he was supposed to have gotten one. Then I was told he was buried without his casket being put in a vault. They just lowered him down in a hole filled with water. People, that’s cruelty — lowering a man in hole of water and burying him. Thank you, old buddy, for doing your brother Darrel that way. That takes a lowlife dog.

. Dear Carroll Smith: Please come back and be our county judge.

. Could somebody out there tell me what I can do about my brother and sister having their nose up my behind so I can’t have a good bowel movement? If anyone has a suggestion, please put it in Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

. Melania has a separate bedroom from Trump? Did you not know that she doesn’t even live in the White House? And Trump himself doesn’t consider it good enough to stay in all the time. He spends millions of our tax dollars flying himself and the Secret Service to Mar-a-largo to play golf and tweet almost every weekend. Not that I mind the golf; it beats him spending his time wrecking the country.

. To Mr. Donald Trump: Me and my family switched over from being Democrats for 155 years to vote for your Republican Party and don’t regret doing it, but you need to quit getting on your phone and tweeting and running your mouth and get busy taking care of the people of the United States. I believe you will. Do something for the American people and quit all this gossiping.

. I am calling to show my sympathy to these liberal Democrats who have been through so much these past three months. I hope they can survive, but I don’t know if they can or not. They had a candidate who couldn’t win and a sitting president with all of his influence who couldn’t help her. Even the pollsters were telling her and all of us that she was going to win. Obviously, something went wrong, because a man who never ran for public office in his life came out and beat every single one of them, including the liberal media. If that isn’t a punch in the gut I don’t know what it is.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Would somebody tell me what the county government is doing to us? Since the county is doing so bad economically, we need somebody to let us know. I don’t know why the county judge wants to hang on to the rec center. He could probably get rid of it to Planet World or somebody like that instead of trying to rob us.

. I’m not voting for anybody running for public office who has a girlfriend

on the side.

. The woman who put the fence up on Arrowhead Drive is blocking more people than the two she had in mind. She needs to take it down.

. Updating everyone on Lorrie Maggard’s condition. She spent time at Pete Mason’s, Lorrie’s son in Jenkins. Madonna Mason and Deborah Cook, Lorrie’s great friend from Millstone, a retired schoolteacher from McDowell. Pete’s wife Elizabeth is a sister to Andrea Hatton, who is married to Dr. Jonathan Hatton, who works at MCHC and is building a new home at the golf course at Jenkins. We appreciate their kindness and hospitality while we were there spending time with my sister. And thanks for all the well wishes. Thank you, Madonna Mason.

. Mountain Eagle, shame on you. In the February 1, 2017 paper, on Page B7, you carried a cartoon named The Spats. This woman’s husband walks up and says, ‘I’m God’s gift to women.’ She thinks about it and she says, ‘That’s why I’m an atheist.’ Shame on you for printing that. God bless you.

. Abraham Lincoln was credited with saying that you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Evidently Donald Trump never studied American history.

. Just a little message for the whiner in Speak Your Piece who said Trump will in six months destroy democracy quicker than all the foreign nations who have fought the U.S. since 1812: I have a picture of a little dog I want to send you. It says it bit a Democrat on the ‘blank,’ then it had to lick its own ‘blank’ for an hour to get the taste out of its mouth.

. To the Whitesburg City Council: We need some new nets for the goals at the basketball court by the swimming pool. Also, the swing sets need new swings. The park needs to be redone and cleaned for the little kids there.

. I would like to give a shout-out to my nephew in Virginia who gets The Mountain Eagle each week. We appreciate you, Don.

. I’m calling about a report in the March 1 paper concerning black lung. I called Mitch McConnell’s office and they returned my call tonight. I don’t know what there is in Obamacare that concerns black lung, but McConnell’s office said that was going to be in this new health care bill — that they’re not taking it out. I got that from Mitch McConnell’s office, and I appreciate them calling me back like they did. I hope this will allay anybody’s fears that their black lung will be cut off. I think we’ve got people up there in Washington right now who are trying to help the people on black lung and everything. (The article to which you refer did not say that repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, would stop payments of black lung benefits. Rather, it noted that many black lung recipients believe that it might affect their payments and that others caution the repeal would make the benefits much harder to obtain. The repeal would end the Byrd Amendment (named for late West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd) to the Affordable Care Act, which automatically qualifies miners for black lung benefits if they’ve worked in underground mines for 15 or more years and can prove their work caused the impairment. U.S. Rep. Harold ‘Hal’ Rogers has co-sponsored a resolution calling on lawmakers to protect the Byrd Amendment, which also guarantees black lung benefits for miners’ widows who qualify.)

. Hey, Mr. Editor, I would like to say I appreciate you

and the people who work for you. I would like to know who the Republican representative is in our area. If you know, would you please put their name in the paper or something so I’ll know who they are? (Letcher County has no Republican representative in the Kentucky House or Senate. In the U.S. House of Representatives, Letcher County is one of 29 eastern Kentucky counties that make up the 5th Congressional District served by Rep. Harold ‘Hal’ Rogers.)

. Speaking for myself and for all of the hardworking people of Letcher County, we all need to get out and work just as much as we can so they can get that tax dollar out of us so we can pay for that big TV station the county runs. Without that big TV station our officials couldn’t get on there and show off. That’s something we really need, you know, a big TV station. Good job, boys.

. So Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon in charge of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is already trying to cut $6 billion in housing to the poorest in America. I can see making some cuts, but why doesn’t Carson talk to them about cutting the money that’s going to the United Nations, cutting the money that going to the foreign, even cutting the money to places in America where the Indians have the casinos set up? A lot of things can be cut on, but hitting HUD is a pretty low lick, I think. Mr. Carson, have you seen some of these places that people live in? I don’t think so. If you go by a place and see a cockroach with a dog collar on it chained to a fire hydrant just pull in. I say God bless America and God bless Trump. America is going to be done right, but taking from the poor is a pretty low lick.

. To the person who said this idiot:’ Do you know the meaning of ‘this’ refers to the person saying ‘this idiot?’ If you had said ‘the idiot,’ it would mean a particular person. That being said, I would like to learn what you know about the topic of souls burning forever in hell. When we say one perished in a house fire we mean they died. II Peter 3:9 says God doesn’t want anyone to perish, but wants everyone to repent. James 4:12 says there is one lawgiver who is able to save and to destroy. Destroy means to perish, and thus it means to die. Ezekiel 18:4 says that all souls belong to God and the one that sins shall die. Of course, unless repentance happens. Now if someone is dead will they feel pain? No. So what would be the purpose of a soul burning forever? None. God is not cruel, which is something that can’t be said for all humans. Anyone who believes in souls burning forever and doesn’t make eternity will surely be surprised when they go Poof!, as someone said no doubt contemptuously, but it does mean an abrupt disappearance, which is, in this case, okay.

. To all you moonshiners up in Bill Moore Branch: We know who you are and we’re getting ready to turn you in any day. Beware.

. Are those of us who work in Letcher County just going to sit back and take whatever the fiscal court throws at us?

. I think it’s really funny to watch these tree cutters. They work some in the morning, then in the evening they try to hide somewhere after working about two hours day. That’s a lot of the reason our power bill are going up — the contracts for the tree cutters who don’t cut many trees.

. Being a citizen of Jenkins for more than 50 years, last

week I read in The Mountain Eagle our city pays out $4,000 a month for streetlights. People in Jenkins don’t realize it, but we in Jenkins pay seven-percent tax on our insurance. We also pay three-percent back to the power company for the money they gave the city under our past mayor. Our present mayor was taught well by him. We are not paying that franchise tax back. Nobody else in the county has a franchise tax besides the City of Jenkins. And they wonder why BJ Services left? It’s because the power bills were so high and the utility tax the city put on. It doesn’t take a blind man to realize this. We in Jenkins are taxed to death. Have a good day, and thank you.

. The Republican congress so dumb they actually think they are smart. They keep throwing up a smokescreen to try to promote their health care program. If they had ever lived in poverty or even lived a year among the poor maybe they would see things differently. When the poor go to the hospital they need health care and medicine now, they don’t need a tax write-off a year from now. They are poor, they don’t pay taxes. Tax write-offs might help the middle class who have the money to pay for their health care now but it won’t help the poor who don’t have the money now and probably won’t have the money next year. Fortunately we still have some Democrats in congress who can see through the Republican smokescreen.

. To Speak Your Piece: You probably will not print this letter because of bad literalistic taste, but I’ll send it to you anyway. The parents of a maladjusted ‘nut ball’ whose mental age is about 15 years old even though ‘its’ chronological age may be anywhere from 12 years old to 80 years old, should be held responsible for ‘its’ conduct and interaction with the general public. Children, when they get grown and become adult people show how their parents raised them. Good parents produce good children, and bad parents produce bad children. At the present time in the United States you are free to believe any way you want to concerning what the Bible says, and you are free in how you worship, what and which god you may choose. Nobody ‘owns’ the Bible, especially no spoiled brat ‘nut ball’ like the one who called somebody else an idiot.

. There are 100 senators in Washington and Kentucky sent two of the worst. Senator McConnell has fought Affordable Health Care from the beginning. His message is loud and clear; ‘poor people are not entitled to health care’. Rand Paul is as useless as teats on bull. He spends all of his time in front of a mirror combing his salon curly hair and trying to get in the media spotlight. The only creative thing he has done is come up with the catchy phrase, ‘Obamacare Lite.’ Woo hoo, isn’t he smart? Both are insensitive to the needs of 20 million subscribers to the ACA.

. The Republican Congress still taking the American people for a bunch of idiots. They are 180 degrees off base with their new approach to ‘repeal and replace’ the Affordable Care Act. They want a ‘clean’ repeal of the ACA in its entirety then just ‘trust me’ to come up with a replacement. Are you kidding me? Just trust me. Even Donald Trump himself said the two would occur simultaneously. If they really want the ACA to be acceptable to the general public let them come up with an acceptable replacement first. Meanwhile, they will be printing and disseminating a few million ‘stupid’ stickers for the general public to wear on their foreheads.

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