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I think it would be nice if everybody would quit bickering and just go ahead and till up their garden and plant their peas and lettuce. We’ve had enough of it. If they were planting their garden they wouldn’t be worried about it. Thank you.

. It’s about time they put stop to that cruelty of animals up there in the head of McRoberts. People who won’t feed animals don’t need them, but they’ll probably just pat them on the back down in Whitesburg and let them go.

. If I died on a cross for you, Satan would mean more to you than I do.

. The next item on Donald Trump’s agenda is tax reform. He has already indicated there would be tax breaks for the wealthy. In layman’s terms that means tax breaks for Donald Trump and his wealthy cronies. At the same time he favors increased spending for the military. The U.S. already spends more for the military than the next seven countries combined. How much is enough? When you give tax breaks to the wealthy you automatically shift the tax burden to the working class people. Is Donald Trump stupid or does he think everyone else is stupid?

. If our county government is turned over to the state we will have two magistrates to blame. People are able to see the fiscal court meetings and it’s a joke.

. I would like to thank everyone for expressing opinions about the moonshine on Bill Moore Branch. We have moonshine all over the United States. Why don’t people keep their noses out of other people’s business? If they want to make moonshine on Bill Moore, that’s what they need to do. It’s a tradition. Let it go. Why complain? Clean your own house before you want to start cleaning someone else’s.

. They need to give the manager of a certain store a drug test, because he’s always coming to work screwed up on something. They need to give him a surprise drug test.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I saw a week or two ago in the paper where our county attorney was accused of not doing his job. The district judge of Letcher County is not doing his job, either. Arrest warrants are not being served and meth heads are running wild. Get them out; vote them out.

. To the people of Letcher County: Add up the fees on

the gas wells and ask how much money it takes to run a county. Add it up. Also add up how much money the county is putting on people for garbage fees at five dollars per household per month.

. What happened to Darrel Hall, who was running for circuit judge? After he lost the election, did he retire? (Mr. Hall is still practicing law and representing clients, including the Letcher County Board of Education.)

. We’ve been blessed with no snow at all. It’s been one of the prettiest years I can ever remember, and this is one of the best days I can remember in a long time. Kentucky got knocked out of the NCAA Tournament. Gee, does that hurt me so bad. Anyway, it’s a great day for me; I don’t know about anyone else. To that fellow on Craft’s Colly: I hope you’re reading this. This is dedicated to you.

. Stupid advertisements make me sick, especially when an actor says a bank ‘really helped my wife and I.’ A bank doesn’t help I; it helps me. Another bank has a commercial that states, ‘Love the bank that loves you back.’ Sorry, a bank is incapable of love. Subaru has a commercial that says, ‘Love Makes a Subaru.’ If love makes a Subaru, why do I have to pay for it? Pete A. Martin has a commercial in which he says the novel he wrote is ‘severe and provocative.’ He is severe and provocative — more so than the book if you ask me …

. Judge Ward said there were 600 homes added to the garbage pickup. To me, that adds up to $10,000 a month in garbage revenue. He wants to raise the garbage bill to $20 a month with support from three magistrates. Then he said he would use the extra money to help the jail fund. Is the sanitation department in trouble or is it the jail fund?

. I would like to know when our schoolteachers started tutoring our children at Fishpond Lake. To the smoking hot woman: I didn’t know you taught sex education.

. I just now heard that the dragon lady of Blackey has just been elected mayor of that city.

. I watched last week when Wayne Fleming and Terry Adams were so proud of themselves for voting to sell the recreation center. I was glad they lost. Wayne has been against it ever since it opened and Terry has a crazy hatred for it. I wish they would come by on Saturday, when around

a thousand people, kids and their families are there for basketball. They both say it’s not political, but maybe it’s about where it’s located. Wayne never votes against anything for Jenkins. I would bet that he voted to flush at least $3 million down the toilet for the old Jenkins High School, and they finally gave that away. I don’t know what Terry has against it, but it’s a lot more than money.

. We’re going to have to get some judges in our courtrooms that are not afraid to give people time for making this meth. Just slapping them on the wrist and saying, ‘O, honey, now don’t you do that anymore’ and putting them right back out there to make more isn’t working. We’re going to have to demand that the judges do their part and sentence these people to jail for a while. Thank you.

. This is the old cat killer. I haven’t called in a while, but since I went down today and got my drunk driver’s license renewed I want to tell you cops to leave me alone, because I’m legal. Have a great big old meow day.

. Hey y’all, holler honey here. My holler rat friends and me think that everyone should mind their own business and work on growing their gardens. The children haven’t got any beans to break or corn to gnaw on. Why heck, it makes me so mad my jaw starts shaking like a block engine on a Chevy Nova. And one more thing, anyone know where any Shih Tzu and Chihuahua mixes are?

. Drove by Green Acres Cemetery today and went by Granny and Papaw Brown’s graves. The place looked beautiful — better than its looked in five years. You all must have gotten a new decorator. Keep it up. It looks wonderful.

. The farther away you are is the closer you are. (Been doing some deep thinking, have you?)

. Is Judge Ward’s son, Tyler, running for office? If so, is it commonwealth’s attorney, county attorney, or will it be one of the judge positions? He is definitely being groomed for politics.

. This is Angela Mays and I am sure a lot of you knew my mother. Most described her as the sweet little lady who always walked in Jenkins. What you may not know is that on November 12, after a trip to the physician for a urinary tract infection, she died suddenly in her sleep. The doctor prescribed her Celebrex; a drug that some studies have speculated can cause heart attacks. Other than this she was a healthy 54-year-old woman who died for no reason. My family asked, no begged, for an autopsy to determine the cause, but was denied this with the explanation that it was natural causes. This was a healthy 54-year-old, and I assure you that it wasn’t natural that caused her death. I would ask for the person who told us ‘no’ to be held accountable. It’s his/her job to determine the cause of death to protect others. We have the right to know if it was the drug Celebrex. An autopsy would also have let her family if the cause of death were genetic. My mother, Deborah Mays, would have been 55 on March 25. She is missed by all of us. Happy birthday, Mom. Thanks, Angela Mays.

. That loud booming noise you heard Friday afternoon was not thunder, not a sonic boom, not an earthquake. It was Donald Trump’s ego bursting. Repealing and replacing the Affordable Health Care Act is not what Americans want; we want universal health care for every American, and the ACA was a first step in the right direction. How many more attempts will Donald Trump make to defame his predecessor Barack Obama? If Trump were a rational person (and he isn’t) he

should be able to look at his disapproval rating and see that he is not suitable for the presidency of the United States. He is an arrogant, egotistical, psychopath, selfpromoting, elitist, racist. These qualities will prevent him from ever becoming an effective president. Give him a few more days and a few more defeats and show him the highway back to his ivory Trump Tower to spend the rest of his career in shame and dishonor.

. I would just like to know if I can find out how many federal mine inspectors are drawing black lung benefits. Can I find that out under the Freedom of Information Act? If anybody knows this, please call back in and tell me. (Historically, it has been difficult for former federal mine inspectors to qualify for black lung compensation, but some have been able to prove they developed the incurable disease during the years they worked as underground coal miners. Among those ex-inspectors who do get help are 88-year-old Robert Barrett of Altoona, Pennsylvania. If you were around at the time, you may remember Mr. Barrett from 1975, when then-President Gerald Ford appointed him as the boss of the federal Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration (MESA), the agency formed in 1973 and now known as the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Barrett, also known for the safety requirement that beginning miners wear a ‘red hat,’ began his underground mining career starting as a high school student shoveling coal during summers.)

. That Hogg boy didn’t deserve to die and they need to get on with the trials of those charged with killing him. It will be four years this coming new year.

. I just have one question for these Letcher County officials: Which makes more sense — keeping a TV station that makes no sense in the first place or taking money from the working man?

. I would like to make a comment about the fiscal court meeting I’ve been watching lately on TV: It seems to me it would go a lot better if people didn’t try to talk over the court members and would pay attention to what is going on. Also, magistrates should quit swiveling their chairs around and whispering to each other. That doesn’t seem to me like an open meeting. They need to go back and learn how to conduct a proper and open meeting before they broadcast it. Thank you.

. It seems to me we might get more done through our fiscal court if we elected members who had a little bit more of a personality instead of those hateful codgers they’ve got down there on that board. We should vote for people who have a little more spunk.

. Everybody keeps going to these court meetings and complaining and they keep calling Speak Your Piece to complain about what the fiscal court has or might do. You’re wasting your time, people, because they’re going to keep on making these messes and the working people are going to have to bail them out. That’s just the way it is.

. You know North Korea and Iran have been working together. They’ve probably dug a tunnel to each country. Either one of them, I believe, within one minute can kill more than Hitler slaughtered in all those years. Why doesn’t somebody go over there and stop Iran and go to North Korea and shoot that little S.O.B. right between the eyes? What’s wrong with the United Nations? What’s wrong with the United States? Stop it. God bless America.

. To the smoking hot mama on Smoot Creek: To

have young ones you’re the hottest looking thing I have ever — I mean ever — looked out. You are flat on fire, smoking. Honey, if you don’t put some clothes on, everything you’ve got will be showing.

. It’s a strange thing to me the Letcher County Central High School is a tobaccofree campus, yet every day bus driver are sitting on picnic tables smoking cigarettes. It’s a strange thing to me the Letcher County Courthouse has ‘no smoking’ signs everywhere, but you can’t walk through the door without smelling like you’ve been to a smoky bar. Laws are good to have, but you need to enforce them.

. I would like to commend our county judge for the good job he’s trying to do with less. He has two magistrates, and possibly three, on the fiscal court that won’t help him do anything to help the county. We need a tax of some sort to save our county. I would hate to live in a county run by the state, because they can pose anything they want to on us citizens of Letcher County. I think it’s a shame and disgrace to this county that we have two magistrates sitting there not wanting to do anything. They should vote to put a payroll tax on us all. I for one wouldn’t mind paying my tax at all. And I thank you for your time.

. I’m confused. Is it a requirement that women have a large hickey showing on their neck before they can collect money at the drivethru at the Whitesburg Mc- Donald’s, or am I just always hungry when one of the hickey chicks is on duty?

. This is in response to old sourpuss who commented on the need to tax ATVs: I’m the one who called and asked the other day why they won’t open up all these old strip jobs and these gas roads for us to ride them. The caller complains about them being on the road but we have not choice; we’ve already put a lot of money into the machines. They need to open up these trails and get rid of these gates. If that happened, I am sure ninety percent of the ATVs would be off the roads and out of the caller’s hair.

. There are as many elderly and disabled people in Letcher County as there are working people — the same people our judge and fiscal court want to use to make up for their bad management. Why not tax the ATVs? Motorcycles have to pay taxes. Don’t always dump the taxes on the older people just because it’s easier to get books in order to start collecting the money.

. Jim Ward and his punks need to put their pipes down and stop smoking crack. They’ve got a spending problem. They need to quit spending more than what they’re taking in.

. I think the fiscal court needs to listen to the people countywide when the members are facing issues like raising garbage rates or any other rates or any kind of taxes. They need to listen to other people, not just those who are in the audience at the meetings. Get out countywide and see how the people feel about any kind of raise.

. The elected state representative here, Angie Hatton, wrote an article in the newspaper stating that leaders should be ashamed at how the bill authorizing the charter schools was passed by the state legislature. The thing she doesn’t understand is she should be the one ashamed of some of the things she did to affect people while she was assistant county attorney. She has hurt a lot of men in this county — and women — by helping the social workers take their children away from them.

. I watched the evening news yesterday waiting for that story to come on about that 14-year-old girl that got raped by two men in Maryland, one of them an illegal, but it never came on. Come to find out, the mainstream media would not report that story. Now you talk about lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut, that’s about as low down as you can get.

Dear Speak Your Piece: I wish the Russians would stuff enough poison down Rachel Maddow’s throat to make her poop plutonium.

. This morning I saw on TV an author, Bruce Feiler, talking about his book ‘The First Love Story: Adam, Eve, and Us.’ He says they are misunderstood and are role models because they stayed together despite problems with their children. No doubt he was talking about Cain and Abel. Pictures show Eve taking an apple from a tree and handing it to Adam. I am sure the book has a good thought, but the part about the apple is truly misunderstood because it has to do with sex. The Bible account begins in Genesis 3. Adam and Eve didn’t go through puberty and learn about sex the old fashioned way. See Revelations 12:9 to learn other names besides serpent. Adam and Eve’s creature was not a vile serpent but the smooth Satan. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is symbolic of Satan. The words ‘eat’ and ‘touch’ are sexual terms. Check the words out in your Hebrew Concordance. In Genesis 3:9, Eve told God that she was ‘beguiled,’ which means she was seduced. Adam participated also. Why did Satan do what he did? He knew that Adam and Eve were the family that God was going to send Jesus through eventually, and Satan was trying to prevent it from happening.

. I sure do like our new meter reader in the city. I see him out working all the time reading meters.

. How come food is so high? I only get so much on my EBT card. I got hogs and babies to feed. If I could feed them slop, I would, but CPS already tried to take them over that. How old do these babies have to be before they can chew up a slab of hog fat? The littlest one wants it, but I’m about as scared as a trailer park in a twister to give it to her. Much love, holler rats.

. It’s amazing how us good people get the short end of the stick. If we report something to the sheriff’s office about what’s going on in our neighborhoods they just hang the phone up on us. There’s a certain person running around down here on Blair Branch that’s the biggest drug dealer that ever lived. How come he never gets caught? What makes him so special?

. To our great American president, Donald Trump: Thank you for everything you do. Make America great again.

. You sorry drug dealers, I hope the doctors cut you off so you can’t sell your drugs anymore. You need to get off your sorry behinds and get a real job and make a living. Stop sucking victims dry like you do. If you have any respect for yourself you will work.

. Someone called to ask if it bothered anyone out there that we have a lesbian schoolteacher. Are you serious? A lesbian schoolteacher? Next thing you know there will be freedom in all places around here and jobs will be given to the most qualified. All this is to tell you that no, N-O, is doesn’t bother me that a young lady of certain persuasion teaches school. It’s hard to come out in a place like this with backward people and backward ways. Wake up, Letcher County. Learn that all people are pink on the inside. Why don’t you put your name to your comment if you have such a problem with something? Stand up. Ask the editor to include your name so you can show your bigotry. We need to get rid of you, not a hardworking young lady.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I wish they would hurry up and get a new healthcare situation. I have Wellcare and have had it quite a few years for my disability. It is worth nearly nothing now. If you try to see certain types of specialists you could years ago that is all out now. We need for Trump to do something to get us some kind of healthcare. Not only did Obamacare affect the rich, now it’s affecting the poor.

What’s on my mind? That Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and our U.S. Representative Hal Rogers trying to force thousands of workers and sick kids off health insurance isn’t the president, quote, keep my word to the American people. It’s more in keeping his word to the huge and very happy drug and insurance companies. Big disappointment. P.S. I wish, too, that there were a lot more concern with keeping America’s word to the world. Instead, our president and obedient Congress are promising to tear up some hard-won treaties made before Mr. Trump. Who will trust us? If our warnings to our enemies and our promises to our friends can’t be trusted, we are in a hell of a hole.

. I do not pose self-made

statuses just to throw off on my family or my husband’s family. I am not going to please anyone in his or her conflict. If you don’t like somebody in my family, that is your problem. I am not going against my family.

. I’m sick and tired of people bickering in the holler in front of God and everybody. If they were planting their garden like they’re supposed to be, they wouldn’t be fighting. Plant you a lettuce patch and shut up.

. I am going to send Donald Trump a Winnie The Pooh Bear to snuggle while he curls up in a fetal position, sucks his thumb and sobs uncontrollably about his humiliating defeat of his Trump Care Health Insurance. Defeat could not happen to a more deserving, arrogant, insensitive jerk.

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