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Maybe Representative Nunes will step down like Loretta Lynch did when she met Bill Clinton.

. I would like to say I am enjoying very much these liberal Democrats whining and complaining. It’s a treat to listen to them. We finally found something they’re good at — whining and complaining. What gets me is the members of their own party wouldn’t vote for Hillary.

. I would like to see the Fish and Wildlife Department patrol Fishpond Lake a little bit more. It’s a shame that we’ve got record-sized bass in Fishpond Lake, but they keep getting jerked out illegally.

. I have a question for the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office: How come you all never catch the drug dealers who use the parking lot of the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church to deal their drugs? Sooner or later you’ll have to catch them; it’s just a matter of time.

. Trump is bringing back these coal mining jobs, it looks like. I know over here in Cumberland it went from two trains a month to three trains a week. Somebody is buying that coal. If someone wants a mud hole stomped in their rear and then wants it stomped dry, they should come around whining and complaining in these coal mining communities where these people have been starved out for the past eight years and lost everything they had. They will gladly oblige you.

. Maybe the county needs to be run by the state, so we would know where every penny goes. Employees wouldn’t be paid from multiple funds and there wouldn’t be so many staff getting huge incomes. The county employees not working in courthouse work hard and are paid low income, but courthouse staff gets huge income.

. Satan will do anything to deny that Jesus Christ was the only begotten son. Sure, there were people named Jesus back in those days, and a lot of Mary’s back in those days, but there was only one begotten Jesus Christ. You’re fool to think the Lord Jesus Christ never existed. Start reading the King James Version of the Bible from the beginning. By the time you get to the end you will understand that no man could have put this book together. It had to be God Himself who did this. Reconsider, son. You’ll wish you had. God bless America.

. Thanks to whoever called in to explain the Adam and

Eve myth. Why couldn’t the Bible have just used plain language in the first place so it would be obvious to everyone what it meant?

. I am not going to make cold, sarcastic comment like, ‘coal miners, get your lunch buckets packed, President Donald Trump has signed legislation to put you back to work.’ I am going to say, however, that Donald Trump is a heartless, insensitive maniac who relishes being in the spotlight even for a few minutes at the expense of the unemployed coal miners. He again has given them false hope of going back to work at the profession to which they have dedicated much of their adult life. Shame on you, Donald Trump. The time will come in the not too distant future when all of your former supporters will become disillusioned and realize that you are a useless, self-serving, conceited pile of horse crap.

. Sorry about all the jobs lost in Jenkins. Here’s a new concept: Next election let’s vote for someone who will create jobs like President Obama did for over 70 months in a row.

. I’m a citizen of Letcher County who has always been a supporter of any police department. Recently in McRoberts we had two deputies that burst my neighbors’ door open and then put out false statements about them to the TV people about mistreating animals. I’m their neighbor and I know there’s never been an animal mistreated at that place. They are upstanding, fine people. Our sheriff should do something about those two deputies. The one who broke the door open should be fired on the spot.

. It’s a shame that McDonald’s restaurants in Hazard and in Whitesburg are pathetic. You go in and order food and they place your boxes in the bags sideways and create a mess.

. I remember the good old days when Don Crosswaithe was on the radio. That was good radio. I can’t listen to radio today. It just tears me up.

. Wishing my sister Lorie Maggard a very happy belated birthday on March 31. She’s been so sick we never thought she would see another birthday. But it’s God’s way, not our way. He’s always on time. Most everyone knows Lorie’s maiden name is Yeary. She’s very proud of that name; I am, too, being her sister. My name is Madonna Mason and I am very proud to be a Mason. The men are honest and hardworking. You can’t

beat them. Thanks for all your prayers for Lorie to get better.

. I’m letting everyone know who doesn’t already know about the new fruit market that’s open across from Subway at Ermine. The prices are very affordable and they have a selection of Amish bakery items. The selection is wonderful. The produce is very clean, too.

. If they don’t do something with the manager of a certain location they’re not going to have any workers left, because he’s running every one of the good workers off.

. I would like to know how much longer this woman who is married to one of our officials is going to let him make a fool of her. Lady, wake up.

. I just don’t see the county taxing elderly people on Social Security and people on SSI while all these ATV’s are running up and down the road. I think they should pay their part since I pay my part of the taxes.

. I would like to ask one question only: What are they waiting on in getting that trial started for the ones accused of killing that Hogg boy? (The trial of one of the two men accused is scheduled to begin next week.)

. Somebody please call Hillary Clinton and tell her the election is over. She’s still on the campaign trail.

. Can you imagine what our nation would be if Hillary Clinton had of won? Thank God Donald Trump did win. I thank goodness for what he has done for our coal miners in putting us back to work. He’s not perfect, but at least it’s better than having a woman president. Thank you.

. There’s a lot of controversy over the sanitation department. Personally, I think they do a good job. They pick up your garbage, no matter what you have. I don’t know what kind of money they get per hour, but the ones I have to deal with do an excellent job. Twenty bucks a month is not highway robbery. What I complain about is the county water company. First of all, you go to Whitesburg and can never seem to get a parking place anywhere close to the courthouse and you have to walk. When you go to the water company, they are closed — out to lunch. The other part is that when you do go there you’ll find three or four standing in there talking. At least someone could keep the window open during lunch hour to make it more convenient for the people. No matter if your water goes through your meter or not, if you have rental property and no one is in any of your buildings you still have to pay a minimum monthly water bill. I think that is highway robbery when you have to pay for something you don’t get. It would be just as bad if we stopped at a gas station, paid for $20 worth or gas, came back outside to pump the gas in and only got $10 worth even though we paid the $20. That’s the same thing that’s going on with this water company. And since they went to these digital meters a lot of people’s bills have gone sky high. This is my two-cents’ worth and I’m

going to stick with it.

. After Adam and Eve sinned with Satan they were removed from the garden and Satan was totally thrown down. In Genesis 3:16, God told Eve that here conception would be multiplied. Nine months later she gave birth to two babies. Genesis 4:1 said she had Cain and Verse Two says again she beared his brother Abel. Again means continue, and thus it means she continued in labor and had Abel. Cain was Satan’s son and Abel was Adam’s son. Genesis 5:3 tells us that Cain was not Adam’s son, because he is not listed in Adam’s genealogy. Adam’s genealogy begins with the son Seth, because Abel was murdered by Cain and therefore he did not produce offspring. In John 8:44, Jesus is dealing with a group arguing that they are descended from Abraham. Jesus tells them who their father is in three words: devil, murderer, and liar. They are the descendants of Cain. They are called Kenites. See the numbers 7013, 7014 and 7069 in your concordance. Tradition says Cain was a giant and became known as Sargon the Magnificent. The gigantism happened because of mixed spirit and human parents.

. I was listening to WSGS in Hazard, and they were talking about a referee that officiated in the Kentucky- North Carolina game, saying he had received 14 death threats. Bottom line, Kentucky got beat. You don’t call a man and threaten his life.

. I saw a lady the other day I hadn’t seen in about 18 years. Her son played sports. She looked good back then, I thought, but now she some meat on her bones and is absolutely on fire.

. We have a pretty little city in Whitesburg, and I would love to see us keep our community clean to make it look presentable when people come in. My question is this: How does that service station in West Whitesburg get by with being so nasty with all the junk vehicles? It looks horrible. You see a sign that says ‘Welcome to Whitesburg,’ and the first place you see after that looks like a bomb went off. The city council needs to get involved in this to make sure this place is cleaned up. It is horrible.

. This is concerning our county and the financial condition it is in right now: I think all four-wheelers should have to have insurance and tags on their vehicles, which would help the county a little bit. I also think people who have only a small amount of income a month, between $500 and $900 a month, shouldn’t have to pay an increase in their garbage bills. Let’s be fair to one and all and then we may get better results. Let’s pray for our county and not bicker against it, because is still in control. So let’s pull together and be a little more flexible with each other. Thank you. May god bless you.

. This is to say thanks to the moonshiners up in Bill Moore Branch. I really enjoyed that moonshine I drank last week, especially the peach kind. It was just great. Keep up the great work. We’ll be back up next week to buy us another batch.

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