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Very few dentists in this area use inexpensive disposable plastic covers on their equipment. In fact, I’ve been to only one that uses them. The dentists and their assistants wear gloves. They handle the x-ray equipment, adjust cameras, etc., while working on your teeth. This only provides protection for the dentists and assistants but does not protect the patient. A law is needed to make it mandatory to use disposable covers. Thank you.

To a woman who is tending bar: You can have my old man. I don’t want him after he’s been with you. So he’s all yours, baby.

I found some money near the Brickyard Hill area in Jenkins. I would like to give it back to whom it belongs, but I don’t know how to go about it. I don’t need it. I have my own money. I worry that someone needs it to pay their power bill, rent, prescriptions, or for groceries. All I can say is it’s more than a dollar. Call and say where you lost it and how much it was. And be serious, people. Someone needs their money back.

I think it’s a shame that grocery stores make you carry these little cards around to get a discount. If you don’t have the card you don’t get the discount. It looks to me like they would cherish us as customers and give us the discount anyway. What’s the big deal about having a little card?

Just wondering what happened with my comment about illegal Mexicans being issued food stamp cards with unlimited spending. I never saw the article in Speak Your Piece.

(We never saw nor heard the comment you’re asking about. If you sent it by e-mail, like you did this one, please feel free to re-send it. And please help us keep track of the comment by using Speak Your Piece as the subject of the message.)

I think that Trooper Adam Hall should be held accountable for his actions. This was an awful thing that he did. I think he should have to compensate these people for the two dogs that he shot. I also think he should lose his job and not be able to carry a gun anymore. If he didn’t have full intentions of shooting these innocent animals that night, then why did he take a gun with him to start with? He has been raised by a family that has hunted and has owned hunting dogs all his life, so he knew what those dogs were doing before he ever went to them. I have owned coonhounds all my life and have never seen any that would attack a human. I believe that accusing them of this was just some quick thinking on his part, because he knew he had done wrong. Trooper Hall has caused the family from Pike County a lot of grief and heartache. I was heartbroken for them even though I never knew them or the dogs.

Greetings and salutations to the Pine Mountain Grill. Just wanted to tell you guys hi and to let you know I have not forgotten you. I miss everybody, even the customers. I’ll keep in touch via this column. C.

I don’t understand why the prosecutor wrote the Attorney General about the trees that the Potters had stolen. What was the point? Stealing is a crime. Anybody knows that. Why didn’t he just run it through the system like he should for anything else that is stolen, and try to get a conviction, and try to discourage this stuff? Rogues have got to be happy about all this confusion and delays.

Aunt T, you have a family that really cares for you. It would be nice to hear from you, even if only once in a while. I’m glad that you are happy, and I’m glad you found someone you love who loves you back. But please don’t let it consume all your time. Try to spare 15 minutes for a phone call to the people who have always been there for you. Love, Me.

All of the news, commentary, and pronouncements from the Commonwealth’s Attorney and other officials about timber theft, and the dismal lack of results for timber theft victims have caused strong feelings of betrayal among some of the victims. The feeling is that the entire criminal justice system could care less about the victims of timber theft. The feeling is that victims are being strung along with vague excuses and delays that make no sense. Examples are the newspaper statements by the Commonwealth’s Attorney. It seems to be all talk and no results. There are probably enough victims now to make a class action suit feasible. A visit to the Kentucky Attorney General by a contingent of victims may also be effective.

On April 2, someone out there referred to a woman in Speak Your Piece and said her name started with the letter C. Just wondering if you could give a little more detail.

I went to church the other night. Our church and a couple of others were having a cometogether service. I saw another church across the road from the one where I was and I asked why that church wasn’t involved in this coming-together service. The pastor of the church where I was said he didn’t want to involve that pastor because of things he had heard. Then he said the other pastor was more than welcome to walk over. I will never go back to that church again, because the preacher he was talking about so badly was the first one there for my family in our time of need. To all you pastors: You need to walk in that man’s shoes. No doubt he has been hurt by you all.

I’ve heard nothing but a constant buzz about these hunting dogs that were disposed of by Trooper Adam Hall. The truth is people hunt around here a lot with coon dogs, even on my property. The dogs are annoying, loud and at times wake me up and I don’t like it. I believe Trooper Hall did what he had to do. To him I say, good job. Trooper Hall is a public servant and he obeyed a law which clearly states the dog is to be in the presence of the hunter or owner. I visited the website www.akccoonhounds.org thinking I would find people ranting and raving about this just like here in Letcher County. Instead, I see that the shooting of hunting dogs by law enforcement is a common practice in many states that have coonhounds. According to the organization’s website, hunters know that dogs do not follow property lines while hunting. That statement being true, then the hunter becomes personally responsible for the actions and location of his dogs. He doesn’t just have the right to hunt anywhere he wants to, and that’s clearly stated in the Kentucky Hunting and Fishing Guide you are given when you are issued a license from the state. The guide tells hunters to respect private property. As a hunter myself I would never leave my gun in the woods – it’s an extension of myself the hunter – or be on another person’s property. And I dang sure wouldn’t leave my dog out or allow it to get too far away from me. Just because we live near a strip job which covers miles and miles and have permission to hunt a portion of that strip job doesn’t give us or our dogs all-access rights to hunt the whole mountain. Nor are we to assume that we can be forgiven because our dog wandered over there. Next lesson: The rules of hunting require you to be responsible. That is a big word and covers a lot of situations, and when you add a dog to your hunt you have to be even more responsible. It is foolish and unwise on the part of the dog owner to assume that everyone is just going to call you and tell you ‘I found your dog.’ You are crazy if you think I will. I could care less about your dog, and I dang sure won’t water or feed it for you until you come get it. People become so warped in perception to think that everyone will care or cater to their needs or wants. I would be willing to bet that the owner of those dogs gets on his fourwheeler regularly and crosses property line after property line, never asking for permission. This is 2008 and your neighbor doesn’t care about you or your animals. And if your animal wakes him up and keeps him up, then more power to him.

Isn’t it funny how some friends are so easily forgotten when they are not doing what you want them to do or saying what you expect them to say. I always thought a friend was for life not just when it’s convenient, but I guess that’s how it nowadays. I prefer it to be the way it used to be where a friend was the one person that you could always depend on through the good times and the bad times. Are there any of those people left out there? Starlinnea.

We are the family of the two Walker coonhounds (Hawk and Star) that were shot and killed by a trooper with the Kentucky State Police. We would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement through this difficult time, especially those who have taken the time and effort to write to the paper in support of our case. As everyone knows, the trooper admitted to killing our dogs because they were keeping him awake. As he told my father and me he had killed our dogs, he was rude, callused, and intimidating. If he had just called the game warden this situation could have been avoided entirely for both sides. He would not have even had to leave his house. However, he decided to load a gun, take a flashlight, and walk up into the mountains and kill our dogs. In my opinion, anyone who could kill two dogs and then go to sleep has problems. The dogs were very gentle and were like members of our family. If anyone would like to see a video of one of the dogs, Hawk, you can go to YouTube and type in, ‘Hawk and Star shot by a state police,’ The video is the first one that will come up. The video shows my dad ‘boxing’ with Hawk. We miss them both greatly, and the way this case is seeming to drag on makes it harder. However, we are not going to give up. We loved Hawk too much for him to die in vain. We also see it as our responsibility to uphold what we know is right and to make this area of Kentucky safer, as we see this man as a threat to animals and people as well. Again, we want to thank the Humane Society, the AKC, and the citizens of eastern Kentucky for helping us do what we know is right.

Jenkins is in Letcher County, ‘A Certified Clean County’, but less than 50 feet from that sign you can see a creek full of garbage, old trucks on cinderblocks, buses with bushes growing out of them and the town looks like a garbage dump. Houses that need to be burned down before they fall down are sitting next to the road. Thank God they built a by-pass so only the deadbeats with yards full of garbage are the only ones that have to see it. Is it a status symbol to have several junk cars on blocks in the front yard? Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for keeping up the tradition.

These very true words were written by a chaplain in honor of a woman who died last week: ‘I am sad to hear about her death. (She) was tenderhearted, but a hurt young woman. I always appreciated how much she cared for people, and how surprised she was when others found her worthy of being cared for. I am happy to hear that her soul was at peace in her last days, and that she is now able to enjoy days filled with the joy she could not seem to find here.’

Jessie Williams Miller, if there are angels on this earth then surely you must be one of them. You touch this world with kindness and love in everything that you do. I thank God for blessing me with you. You are not only my beloved mother but my best friend as well. Happy Mother’s Day. Paula.

I think someone needs to come to Sergent and be someone’s friend. There is an old man up there that is so lonely he has nothing better to do than put signs up. It’s a shame that this man has no life. I feel so sorry for him. He’s put up signs thinking that he is God and he is declaring his almighty land. Someone please come befriend this man.

It’s 1:18 in the morning and hunting dogs are on my property. Their barking has woken me up from a deep sleep and is causing my own dogs to be upset and creating all kinds of havoc as well. Since I have to get up at 4:30 to go to work, there is no reason for me to even think about going back to sleep. I hate hunting dogs and, at this moment, their owners, too. What gives them the right to keep me so tired I will be a danger when I get to the mine? Shouldn’t I have the right to live quietly in my own home without being bothered by dogs that are trespassing on my property? Why shouldn’t I be allowed to kill dogs that disturb my sleep? To me, it’s an issue of safety. People who are kept awake all hours of the night by the loud barking of hunting dogs are dangers to themselves and to others they meet on the road or have to work beside. It’s time for people to take their rights back from the dogs.

To a boy that lives in Neon: You told me not to fall in love with you and I told you I wouldn’t. But I lied to you and myself. I did fall in love with you and I am still in love with you. Our first date is a day I will never forget. I have never felt this way about anyone. We have our special spot on Pine Mountain. I’ll hold every wonderful memory I had with you. The last time I saw you was February 25. I should have known something was going happen between us, because you acted really different. Now I see that picture of you and her and I can’t believe you picked something like that over me – someone who gave you anything and everything. I would have walked to the end of the earth for you. But not now, not since you have been with trash like her. I’m not going to sit and cry over someone as stupid as you, someone who just walks away from someone who would give them anything and everything including my heart. I think it’s sad that you didn’t have the guts to face me and tell me it was over. Well, honey, I’m going to be better than you and your little slut of a girlfriend now. I’m going to make something of myself and find someone a whole better than you and her will ever be. Honey, neither you nor her will ever amount to anything. Now how do you like that? Screw with my heart and head again.

To the Attorney General of Kentucky, the Letcher County Board of Education, and Human Resources: Shame, shame, shame. Our tax dollars pay you all to take care of our children. No more votes from me or my family until you straighten this out. Our children are being ripped off by the pop company. We buy pop for 29.9 cents each or less sometimes. What price is the pop company charging in schools and is the school getting kickback? Thousands of dollars are being charged in school for lunches. Where are the scholarships from the food company? The food company, pop company, electric company, and coal company can get donations off or credit from the IRS. The late Mr. Snapp of Jenkins High School would have a water machine for a dime and scholarships from all the companies. Where are the people working for our children? Camp Nathanael and Buster Taylor, when he was sheriff, of my knowledge, sent the children to camp free. The happiest days of my years were spent at Camp Nathanael and were free. My children’s days spent a camp were very happy, too. I’m sorry to say my grandchildren weren’t encouraged to go to Sunday School or to camp. Thank you very much. Signed, Concerned Citizen. P.S. Don’t rip our children off. All children should be encouraged to go to camp. Jer. 29:11

The beautiful woman in the checkout line at Wal-Mart had auburn hair of medium length and was wearing blue jeans. She was a passenger in a red vehicle. I cannot control my heart. Could a dream really come true? Can I as a tall, slim, blond man dare hope that this lady knows who I am? Be still my heart. The anticipation of possibly solving the mystery of this unknown gorgeous lady is like a soothing salve to my mind and soul.

To a certain person at Tunnel Hill: You think you have gotten away with what you have done to me? Think again. I’m back. T.L.Y.

I’m a white man, and I will vote for Obama. I know he’s going to lose. That Reverend Wright is going to cause that good black man the election. I wish the black people would get together and oppose Rev. Wright for running off at the mouth. He is going to cost Obama the election, and that is a shame.

It’s not the school nurse’s fault that your kid has head lice or any other kid. It’s your fault that your kid has lice. You are responsible for making sure your kid has everything he or she needs to take care of himself or herself. So don’t go around blaming a school nurse because you are too sorry to buy lice shampoo for your child.

I am so in love with my boyfriend, but his ex-wife – aka Fat Tramp – needs to quit calling us and trying to put the kids off on us every weekend so that she can go whoring around in Tennessee.

You are a drug dealer. You are a drug taker. You are a drug counselor. And you are in my family. Have a nice day.

To the person who called in the comment about a principal wearing designer clothes: Yes, she is mean to kids. Did you also know that she is going to move into a central office position next year. They’re going to cut teachers’ pay, but they’re going to give her a big raise.

To all people this may concern: If you have a mom and dad up there in age, it is the job of all the kids in the family to take care of your parents. You are supposed to take them to the store, take them to the doctor, and take them anywhere they need to go. Most important, you are supposed to go and visit them every once in a while. After all, your parents fed your behind and took care of you the best they could with what they had. You would rather just ignore your parents, though, and just sit and act like you have other things to do. One of these days they won’t be around any longer and the rest of us don’t want to hear you crying and saying ‘I should have done this’ or ‘I should have done that.’ Just get off your sorry behinds and quit making excuses and show them you love them while they are still alive.

Why, do you reckon, won’t that woman keep her big trap shut? Are you annoying her? Maybe if you quit annoying her she will keep her big trap shut.

When I think of how many times I have seen you and not even known who you were I could scream. I cannot believe you went that long and didn’t speak to me when you know who I am. No matter what the reply was last week, this is this week. You’re probably right about the name you called me. One thing about it, I’ve completely changed. I will never be that again. Anyway, I hope to see you. I know that someday I will see you again somewhere. When that happens I hope you can at least smile.

This is to someone I thought was my friend: You know your husband raped me. And you know I have his harmonica. There is no statute of limitations on rape. You said you were going to stick by me, but I also know all that you said about me. So wake up, lady, your husband is going to jail.

To the people on Daniels Branch who are having trouble with their low-life drug dealers: You need to do what we did in our neighborhood – put up hidden cameras. You can also call UNITE at 866-424-4382 or go on the website of the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation and report activity. That might help your neighborhood like it did ours.

It’s pretty sad when you can’t tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

A certain drug dealer is now living on Pine Creek. Alert the neighborhood watch.

Please, God, let them put this in Speak Your Piece. The next time I see you, you are going to say ‘hmmm. Damn, baby, you’re looking fine.’ And I’m going to say, ‘that’s because I always was fine.’ Then I’m going to look at you and say, ‘you never lost it, did you? You’re just as fine as you ever were.’ P.S. And black is not my color.

Remember, you should be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. The wrath of man cannot work the righteousness that God requires. For example, he is doubts is like a wave that is rising one moment and sinking the next. One minute he believes and the other he does not. He says yes and then no to what God has promised, never making up his mind which way he believes. He staggers helpless in prayer like a drunken man. If one will be careful to take every advantage of the word of God to keep his soul saved and his life conformed to the gospel he will be blessed in his deeds. Something to think about.

This is to Brushey Bill: I suspect you are a man who has never had a job in your life. If you ever had to get up at three in the morning and go to work in a coal mine or at Hardee’s or someplace like that, you don’t want to lie around at night and listen to some darn dog barking. So that’s the reason you made the statement about how pretty those dogs sound. There’s nothing pretty about it to a man or woman who has to get up and go to work. I don’t care for people owning their darn dogs, but let them keep them quiet and on their own property. I used to live up in Indiana, and a fellow’s dog came on my property after he’d just given $1,500 for it. I shot it and killed it dead and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. He didn’t have enough man in him to grab hold of me. Keep making your moonshine, Brushey Bill.

To the people who are obsessed with being thin and dieting all the time: Why are you obsessed like that? Why can’t you be satisfied with the way the good Lord made you? If it’s not natural then it’s not natural. It doesn’t matter if you’re big as a house. Get over it and live with it.

Why is it that people who love dogs just take it for granted that everyone else loves dogs like you do? Well, there are many of us out here who don’t like dogs. We don’t want them and we don’t want to hear them barking all night. I’m glad that cop killed those dogs. I hope a bunch more of them are killed. You people are stupid. Everybody doesn’t think the way you do. Pour the lead to them, Mr. Officer.

I come to Jenkins a couple of times a year. There are no pretty women around here anymore. What happened to everybody? They all got fat and ugly. What happened to all of you people? Are there any women out there who aren’t fat and ugly? If there are, leave a remark in the paper next week.

To the certain guy who drives the 18-wheeler: Thanks for the pills you gave me. Your wife will probably find out, because a guy saw you giving them to me. I can’t sleep with you, but I will see you next month when you get them again.

I would like to take up for the officer who shot the coon dogs. There is a leash law in Kentucky now that requires all dogs to be on a leash. I think that if any animal is running loose on someone else’s property without being on a leash or accompanied by an owner, the animal should be shot. So I think the officer was in the right. Thank you.

I have the perfect solution to the problem of Trooper Adam Hall shooting the coonhounds. Since every time you watch the news you see a bunch of hungry stray dogs, we should let Trooper Hall take care of them from now on. I think the problem would solve itself.

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