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I feel like a political system that lets 50 people come in from out of town, take over our space, harass our community members, and force the fiscal court to do their bidding is a system that’s incapable of addressing the issues and crises in front of us. Something’s got to give. What happened on Monday night was just another reminder that we don’t have control over our own circumstances here. A crying shame. ( On Friday, Letcher Judge/Executive Jim Ward agreed to meet with an attorney and representatives of the Frankfortbased Kentucky Oil & Gas Association, hoping the organization would agree to a suitable compromise to the proposed $2,500 business license fee that failed in a tie vote (3 to 3) at Monday night’s meeting of the Letcher Fiscal Court. At that April 6 meeting, representatives of the association told Ward they would oppose any licensing fee — no matter how low the cost — and showed him a copy of lawsuit they said would be filed immediately if the fiscal court approved the fee. Ward thought he had reached one agreement with the gas and oil men before they left his office — that they not flood Monday night’s meeting with outsiders to disrupt the meeting. That promise, as you obviously know from your comment, was not kept.)

. Whoever hung the Artisan sign from the Indian Bottom church sign near Blackey should remove the Artisan sign, and put it in a different location. It diminishes the dignity of one of Letcher County’s oldest institutions, established in 1810. A commercial sign hanging there is inappropriate.

. I’m going to ask one question: How can anybody who has little children and draws SSI pay a big power bill when they can hardly eat? And the mother is pregnant on top of that and left crying to try to get the money to pay the power bill. Kentucky Power Company would not give an extension for them to pay the power bill. I don’t think it’s right. It was never right for the power company to raise the bills that high. They had no reason. The power company should have had to pay for the new power plant, not the customers. I think it’s a shame and a disgrace.

. Two women on Craft’s Colly are very lonesome. They would like a companion to help them around

the house, one who knows what work is. They would have a good clean bed to sleep in and plenty to eat, but they must know how to work and must also have a good income. If you’re interested, respond next week.

. Whitesburg is a nice little town, but it needs to be cleaned up. I’m calling on you, Mr. Mayor and City Council. Do whatever needs to be done to get this town cleaned up. People here need to take pride in their property and clean it up so we can all be proud to say we’re from Whitesburg. Get on the ball and do your jobs.

. When Syria attacked its own children with chemicals the orange jackass did what he always does: sent out a silly little tweet blaming President Obama. How exactly is that supposed to help the situation? Someone should clue him in to the fact that it was President George W. ‘W’ Bush who destroyed any semblance of peace in the Middle East and gave us the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. And the ‘red line’ he’s obsessed with? Remember, Obama asked the Congress to approve military action and they decided to look the other way.

. A certain person told me than another person had some game chickens for sale in the head of Dry Fork for $3,000. I hate to tell them, but there’s no way anyone would give them $3,000 for those chickens. They’re not worth it. If you want a good game rooster, all you have to do is get on the computer and order any type you want and somebody will send it to you. There is no way I will give $3,000 for any rooster when I can go the flea market or order one on the Internet.

. Animal cruelty, according to the old cat killer here, is sitting your animals out by the road or not have them spayed or neutered. Come on, people, let’s get real. Let’s be kind to the animals. I sell lots of animal cruelty. Have a great big old meow day.

. If you had to define Jesus’s attitude toward others in two words, my choice would be ‘love’ and ‘forgiveness.’ Now describe the current Republican leadership’s attitude toward others — hatred and aggression. Christians, wake up.

. God bless America, home of the brave, home of the President of the United States. China needs to

show America that they’re not going to lie to us about North Korea and other issues, that they’re going to do what America says they’re going to do about North Korea. And about those little children and adults who were gassed in Syria. That was horrible. Now who did we put in charge of getting rid of all that poison gas? Russia. That’s something to think about. Trump’s draining the swamp, and he’s doing a good job of it, but there’s still some scum hanging around. The only ones who are against him are the ones who are losing their jobs that we don’t need in America. Find another job.

. A certain person here in Doty Creek has a pile of garbage in front of the garage, and when the wind blows that garbage, including beer cans, is scattered all over the place. Oh my.

. Way to go, natural gas companies. It’s about time somebody showed these fiscal court fellows that every time they yell tax that doesn’t mean you have to take it. It’s about time somebody stands up to these people or they’re going to tax us all to death.

. I would like to let a fellow off Blair Branch know that if he doesn’t stay off the Babe Ison Cemetery with his sluts who he trades pills for sex, he will ride in one day but he won’t ride back out. He’ll be calling an ambulance to come and get his sorry hind end. We have family buried there. Find somewhere else to fool around.

. I hope the young people going into the ministry will consider these words about the crucifixion: The word Easter should have been translated Passover in Acts 12:4. Jesus became our Passover on that Wednesday just before sunset. The Good Friday to Sunday morning teaching does not fulfill Matthew 12:40 for the amount of time Jesus said He would be in the tomb. The first thing you need to do is read Psalms 22, because it is a prophesy written 1,000 years before the things that would be said and done during the actual crucifi xion. Jesus is quoting the first verse when He said My God, My God, why have Thou forsaken Thee. He always said Father when he was talking about God. He was not having a weak moment. Jesus knew that with His death God would be free to kill Satan. When Jesus was praying in the garden, asking if the cup could be taken from Him, He was thinking about Revelation 16, when God would pour out the wrath upon humanity to get their attention. God doesn’t want anyone perish, which means bodied out of existence (Revelation 3:5). Jesus wants us to live. He paid the price so we can.

. I want to speak my piece about Miss Mary over in Pound, Virginia, who I love so much. When this comes out in the paper I’m going over there and play her ‘The Wildwood Flower,’ because she is the wildwood flower of my life.

. I just wanted to say that Speak Your Piece is one of the most wonderful things ever been or ever will be. I’m glad you’re there.

. Why are prisoners out hunting dry land fish at Kona instead of cutting weeds or picking up trash when our county in such poor financial shape?

. I didn’t know the city had a landfill back on the hill behind the sawmill. That’s a new one on me.

. Just curious as to why the Neon Volunteer Fire Department lets a certain person drive ambulances and fire trucks all over the county when he has a suspended license. It just kind of seems unfair that the police would pull a normal

citizen over, but this man gets away with it.

. Well it looks like we’re going to get Mountain Motor Speedway opened up after all.

. The answer is no.

. I just finished reading that severe and provocative novel entitled Up There At The House by Pete A. Martin. Someone said in Speak Your Piece this book is a putdown of Letcher County. I disagree. Rather than being a putdown it tells it like it is. If you don’t believe me, look around you. Or listen to The Swap Shop. Or watch the government channel. This is the great Midnight Phantom speaking. Thank you.

. To all the people in Letcher County who don’t know about this: My niece is a lawyer, and she tells me there is freedom of speech and that it’s not against the law to talk all you want to talk. Speak Your Piece knows that. If you think you can take people to court for using their right to freedom of speech you are wrong. You can take people to court if they owe you money and won’t pay you back, not for using their freedom speech.

. I just saw on the news where they killed eight people in Chicago on a recent Thursday. They’re off to a good start there in Chicago. I think the reason is because it’s a sanctuary city. So that’s where you need to go if you want to get shot and killed. It absolutely floors me that you can have that many killings and no reaction from anybody. The media absolutely will not report it.

. To Ashley: If you want to catch your man up in all of his meanness, why don’t you check his phone? He’s got a button where he hides all his messages he doesn’t want you to see. So check his phone.

. I’ll never stop at a certain store where the manager is so mean and rude. He treated everybody like a dog there the other day. I’ll never stop there again. I’ll go all the way to Jenkins to get what I need.

. Belated happy birthday to certain person whose birthday was April 2. You know who this is, and I hope you have many more. It’s been about 10 years since I talked to you.

. Have you heard anything about child trafficking? I’ve been trying to get my kid back for about eight months. I’ve done everything by the book while other people I know have done whatever whenever and had their kids back within two weeks. Something is going on in Letcher County with kids that a lot of people don’t know and don’t understand. Thank you.

. I voted for Donald Trump. I don’t know how to tweet or any of that, but if I could I would tell him there’s a better way than building a wall. There’s a lot cheaper way. All that needs to be done is lace that border with landmines. It would cost a whole lot less and work a whole lot better.

. There is an old saying, ‘He who takes what isn’t his’n must pay it back or go to prison.’ In the case of the federal government being cheated, it should say, ‘He who takes what isn’t his’n must pay it back and go to prison.’

. Thanks again to the person who continues to educate us on the Adam and Eve myth. I was not aware that Eve had had sex with Satan. Why didn’t God put a stop to that? Was He unaware, too weak to do anything about it, or just didn’t give a darn? Also, hopefully next week you’ll fill us in on who Cain and

Able married. I can’t find any of this information in my Bible.

. Mountain Eagle, you’re probably too much of a #@%%# to print this, but I want to send this message out to a [certain man whose first name begins with the letter M], a drug dealer over here in Cumberland: You know better than to sell that junk to my child. If it ever happens again the wrath of hell is going to pour out on you. Get yourself a job. You and your whole family have never done anything except deal drugs.

. Is it just me or what do you think about that radio station? I just don’t know.

. In reference to the comment about the deputy that broke the door down in McRoberts: I don’t know anything about that, but I do know that Sheriff Danny Webb, whom I’ve had a lot of respect for, needs to check out every deputy he has before someone gets hurt. Thank you.

. Can anybody tell me the difference between a Christian and a hypocrite? Some call themselves a Christian, but they are

hypocrites. If anybody has the answer, I would love to hear it, especially if you can find it in the Bible.

. President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote was, ‘Walk softly but carry a big stick’. Well, the United States has tried walking softly in Syria but now it’s time to use the big stick. Donald Trump finally did something right : bomb the hell out of that sick SOB who used chemical warfare to murder innocent civilians including children.

. Hey everyone, stop talking about Gran selling drugs. She’s too old to go to jail. Besides, she’s not the one selling them. She doesn’t even get Suboxone or nerve pills. We can’t help it if we have a lot of friends visiting us every day. Gran is old; leave her alone. Stop talking about her.

. I don’t know who put the ‘mouse trap’ in the paper. I know it was not me. I feel sorry for someone who may have got their feelings hurt, but again, they know who they are and God will straighten everything out for them. May God bless them for their efforts.

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