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A call to Speak Your Piece from a Mayking woman concerned about a missing “Chinese swan goose” left us here at The Eagle wondering what such a bird looks like. We found the answer and we’re sharing it with you.

A call to Speak Your Piece from a Mayking woman concerned about a missing “Chinese swan goose” left us here at The Eagle wondering what such a bird looks like. We found the answer and we’re sharing it with you.

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Of all the ridiculous and insulting threats low-level coal company officials have made in Letcher County over the years, I can think of none that matches the one vomited up at the fiscal court meeting the other night by the lawyer who said she was representing Revelation Coal Company, Helena Jackson. I was going to say there’s no way she believes Letcher County people are ignorant enough to believe her threat that Revelation would close its mines if forced to pay the $2,500 gas well and coal mine licensing fee, but then I remembered that we do have three magistrates who really are misinformed enough to believe such nonsense.

. If you killed a mockingbird and ate it, what would it taste like? It would taste like anything you wanted it to taste like; it’s a mockingbird.

. To all the people in Letcher County: Our property deeds recorded in the courthouse are all messed up. The coal companies fixed our deeds so that it favors them, and the gas companies are doing the same thing. If you can’t trace your deed back to a land patent in Frankfort you are facing a mess. All you have to do is look at your book and page number. If enough of us get together we might be able to change this. Thank you.

. Why are redbud trees located mostly by the highways and not up in the mountains? (It’s because they need full sun to thrive. By the way, representatives of Kentucky Power Company will be at Whitaker Bank’s West Whitesburg branch this Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon, giving away a limited supply of Eastern redbud saplings that could

be blooming in your yard someday. If you order a fivefoot to six-foot tall Eastern redbud from a nursery it will cost you about $100.)

. I don’t know if you’ll print this or not; I guess we’ll find out whose side you’re on. I wonder if any of these immigrants who work at the sawmill have been checked. A bunch of them work at the sawmill; I wonder if any of them have been checked out. (What does letting this comment go to print — or not — have to do with choosing a side?)

. I wish my neighbors would stop running up on the railroad to turn and back down to see where I am. They need to mind their own business and pray.

. Letcher County, our property taxes are about to increase. There is a huge deficit in the county government’s budget because of a lack of coal severance tax money. Natural gas helped to drive nails into the coffin of King Coal and now the gas companies do not want to fill the void they helped to create. The county judge, Jim Ward, and magistrates Wayne Fleming and Woody Holbrook voted for revenue collection from gas well licenses. The other three magistrates voted against this collection. The gas companies cry ‘jobs,’ but how many are there after the well is drilled? Check your power bills. You’re paying for the switch to natural gas at Louisa; now gas wants you to pay higher property taxes. If Letcher County’s government does not find other revenue, the law states property taxes must rise. They might even double. You better call your magistrate.

. I wonder if my neighbor remembers the Lowe’s can he stole from out in front of my building and told some little boy to tell me that it went to Pikeville. That Lowe’s can stayed behind the trailer for a year or a year and a half or more, and now it’s gone. We do things, we get into trouble, and we want to try to get out of it. If you want to get out of things, you stay where you belong and quit gossiping.

. Everyone thinks a certain official is a pill head, but the company a person keeps from time to time doesn’t make him a pill head. But wait; I’ve always heard that birds of a feather flock together and you run with a known and still sneaky dealer. What do you think he was doing with one of your best that was recently fired, and for what? Drugs. Better align yourself with better company than that man and his wife.

. Is it really true that our fiscal court didn’t save a single dollar of severance taxes for hard times? Unconscionable if so. Flatlanders will laugh at us for the rest of our lives.

. I want to be a millionaire before I die. In lieu of flowers, please send money now. I accept credit cards, or make your check payable to The Midnight Phantom. If and when I become rich, I will return the favor.

. Concerning all the money the gas companies are making off the gas wells in Letcher County: If the county officials in Whitesburg hadn’t messed up all the deeds for the coal companies and gas companies over the years they wouldn’t be making as much money, because they would have to pay the people. The deeds were messed up in Whitesburg. Letcher County people are weak.

. This goes to a man in a white vehicle: Stay off — I repeat — stay off Sunset Strip. The next time you go

back there I will call the law.

. I know there are wonderful good clean people out there who don’t like garbage. The few who throw their garbage out mess it up for everybody. Why don’t we get up with our politicians and have a meeting of the good people who don’t like all this trash and rebel against it? I will put up the first $500 to get it going and pay someone to make these people who have these old junk cars and truck and garbage around their house clean it up. That’s about the best I can do. I know there are plenty of good people out there. Let’s get together and do something about this, okay?

. If it’s on Bill Moore Branch, don’t cut it, don’t dig it, don’t pull it up by the roots. Fair warning. I hope you go against me; I hope you do it. You get my message.

. I’m a citizen of Jenkins, Kentucky, and I did not vote for Todd Depriest for mayor and I will not vote for Todd Depriest in the future. You can drive out in Jenkins and buy a can of beer and a bottle of wine, but you cannot go out and buy a head of lettuce or get tomatoes at a grocery. Plus, we have lost jobs in Jenkins and the roads are terrible. So I think we need to think twice about voting for Todd Depriest again. Thank you.

. Hooray, Mr. Trump. What you did in Syria needed to be ‘did’ years ago. Our last president was weak. He let all those people be butchered and murdered in those foreign countries. The thing is, Mr. Trump, you’ve showed your cards now and you’ve got a royal flush. Stand up to these people. Don’t back down and don’t apologize. That’s a sign of weakness. Putin will back down, and whatever in the hell is working in China will back down, too. Now light North Korea up and light Iran up if you have to, but stop this heathenism by these foreign countries. God bless America. Father God in Heaven is watching over us and He’s working through you, Mr. Trump, to get these things ‘did.’ Hallelujah. I’m just excited that someone is finally standing up to these satanic sons of Bin Laden.

. The county’s money problems would not be taking place if marijuana had been legalized years ago. Our meth problem could be fixed if marijuana were legalized. Our heroin problem could be fixed if marijuana were legalized. The heroin problem is just starting, and it will really freak Letcher County out when it really gets going — deaths, OD’s and the like. This stuff about not letting felons grow hemp has to go. It will only cause ill will. There you have it, Letcher County.

. This is Thursday, April 12, and I already know what is going to be on the front page of The Mountain Eagle next week. A headline is going to say, ‘Hogg murder trial postponed again.’ Nowhere but Letcher County.

. I was watching the fiscal court meeting the other evening and I saw some disgraceful things going on right there in the courthouse.

. I had a flashback this morning. I remember watching the news several years back when they caught Obama on a hot mike speaking to a Russian official and apologizing to Putin. Can you imagine if anybody else had been caught saying that to a Russian official? You never hear stuff like that mentioned anymore — if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. No, I’m not a liar. I’m Obama. I’m the president. What a hypocrite. Anybody who watches the news at all knows the mainstream media is bought and paid for.

. From what I saw on

the county’s TV channel, I don’t think Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward treated the people right at the meeting. This one guy wanted to speak, but he wouldn’t let him. What’s the matter, Jim Ward, are you afraid that people are going to tell you what is what? If it wasn’t for Wayne Fleming we would be hurting. I hate to see him retire. He’s not in my district, but he is for the people. Thank you, Wayne Fleming, for all you have done.

. What is it about Pine Creek that makes the women so eager to get out?

. I hope the ‘boss’ doesn’t go to the Knott County Trail Ride. Everybody wants to have a good time, but she tries to boss everybody around. She ought to stay at the house where she belongs.

. This is about breaking a door down in McRoberts: Yes, the police officers did that; they should have done more. If you can’t feed animals, don’t get them. They need a good home, too.

. According to my wife, Jesus Christ had a picnic compared to what she’s been through.

. The people of Letcher County need to be given the chance to vote by ballot on the natural gas well and coal mine licensing proposal. When too few people can make a decision of this importance, opportunity for corruption is wide open. The ballot needs to read: ‘Do you want to pay double property taxes or collect license fees from wealthy natural gas and coal companies?’ The outcome would be so obvious. Gas company jobs provided are so few in Letcher County it’s not even a valid argument. I don’t know how Holbrook, Adams, and Howard can look their constituents in the eye. Letcher County may need to do like Pike County and eliminated the magistrates.

. I was driving across Pine Mountain this morning on Highway 119, looking up in the woods and just thinking about all those mushrooms that nobody will ever find. Ain’t that a shame?

. By the time God formed Adam from the dust and created Eve, many things had already happened between Him and Satan. What came about in the Garden of Eden was bound to happen sometime or somewhere, because Satan is very cunning. God was prepared with His son’s sacrifi ce to allow sinners and the ones deceived to come back through repentance and be accepted. God loves all of His children and He doesn’t play favorites. If you love Him and accept Jesus as the way back, then you are His son or daughter. Abel was murdered by Cain and didn’t get married. Cain found his wife in the land of Nod, east of Eden (Genesis 4:16). If you look east you will see a large communist atheistic country that has the dragon symbol. It doesn’t matter whom we are descended from, there is only one Father who really matters in whether we live or die eternally. After Jesus returns there will be a thousand years when God’s message will be taught, despite what some churches say. Everyone has not heard that message here on Earth. Thank you.

. If there was ever any doubt that President Trump is a liar and a hypocrite I read to Speak Your Piece Trump’s advice to then- President Obama via Twitter in September 2013: ‘Again, to our very foolish leader, do not attack Syria — if you do many very bad things will happen & from that fight the U.S. gets nothing!’ Those words came a month after Trump said this on Twitter: ‘The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria — big mistake if he does not!’ Speaking of hypocrites,

I guarantee you that Mr. God Bless America and the other Trump lovers in Speak Your Piece will have no problem at all in changing their beliefs so that they can agree with Trump’s latest position.

. People aren’t allowed to call ‘The Swap Shop’ to advertise firewood they have cut, but one person named Mark is allowed to advertise his nightcrawler business on ‘The Swap Shop.’ I know the fellow, but if the radio station is going to let one get by with it then all should get by with it.

. This is about abuse of power. When I call the sheriff ’s office they just hang the phone up on me. When I call back they hang up again. That is abuse of power right there. From now on I’ll take my business to the state police, because they will do something about it there. You know what? I’ll be running for sheriff in the next election, and I guarantee you the man in there now won’t be there when I get into office. Thank you.

. To a certain young lady who was married and had children with a guy who was a deadbeat and is now staying with an older gentleman: Anytime, anywhere, anyplace, honey, you can happen. I’m about 40 years younger than what you’ve got and I’ll be there for you until your dying days. And I am a man.

. I don’t know if I’m the person you say informs us on the Bible, but if I am I appreciate that. I personally do not believe that Adam and Eve were a myth, because God said let us make man in our image. As for Eve having sex with Satan and having a baby, no she did not. In Genesis 4:17, the Bible says Cain ‘knew his wife and conceived and bore Enoch.’ Well if Cain had been the son of Satan he would have been a hybrid and could not have reproduced. What his wife’s name was I don’t know. And I think he killed Able before he did any begetting. Did God not know what was going on or, as you say, did He not even care? I feel like you do about it; I’m not impressed with that.

. I don’t know whether Letcher County is broke or not, but they could get some of the money back by cutting those magistrates’ pay in half. They’re not doing anything. We don’t need all those magistrates; cut them down.

. Somebody needs to tell this preacher over here that you can’t cut the blood out of your children with a switch anymore. I guarantee you a switch works, but you can’t just cut the blood out of them. And you can’t just bust their mouth and their nose and make them bleed. That stuff ’s not allowed, anymore. Somebody needs to let this preacher

know this. I think he’s on the wrong track in raising kids. You’re supposed to show them love, not hate.

. So, President Trump is trying to get us into another war so he can justify shifting all that money into the military industrial complex. Awesome.

. Flipping through the television channels this morning, all I see is Trump bashing. I remember when President Obama was in office and the ISIS bunch was cutting people’s heads off on live TV. So maybe we need to go back to that. Evidently, that’s what the left wing TV media wants. They don’t want you to bomb the place where they poisoned their people with chemical weapons. It’s absolutely amazing that people can come on TV and say we don’t need to protect those people.

. Dear Donald Trump: I voted for you because you promised to be the president for America and to put coal miners back to work. One hundred days after you took office the mines are still closed and you’ve changed your position from being president of America only to being president of the world. If I had wanted to vote for a neocon who gets off on dropping bombs and wants to start World War III, my choice would have been for the warmonger Hillary. Instead of throwing Steve Bannon under the bus you better learn to start listening to his advice again. We were warned that you were really a New York City liberal who was using our party to get elected. Too bad I didn’t listen.

. I am one perturbed customer. We just found out our magistrate has voted not to get any money out of these natural gas and coal companies that have taken billions of dollars out of Letcher County. Now our magistrate has had his cellphone disconnected after being so proud to give out the number before. Is he running scared? I don’t know what’s happening. We don’t have any garbage pickup and you can’t burn your trash. What are we to do? Take it to the recycling center and set it by the fence? Take it to the courthouse and set it on the steps? We have no room for it here. Thanks.

. I know nobody cares, but what happened to the recycling center the county once ran with a payroll of $200,000? What happened to the $226,000 the recycling center lost? How? Explain it. And the county is now supposedly having future layoffs? They can’t; garbage pickup is mandatory. The county needs to make people pay their garbage bill. Thank you.

. It’s time for us to elect people that can think and

lead our county. This good old boy stuff is suffocating our county. Does anybody really care? It’s no secret what’s going on here. Drain the swamp.

. To whoever out there received a swan goose stolen from up here at Mayking on Cram Creek: We would love to have our bird back. His name is George. If you do have this bird or know where he is — he is quite unique, is called a Chinese swan goose, and has a big knob on the top of his head — please reply in Speak Your Piece and let us know. Someone who didn’t own him may have given him away. Thank you very much.

. This call is about George. Our boy has been found. I repeat: the swan goose has been found. Thank you very much.

. You should live at Blackey if you want to hear a big bang. On Friday morning between 6 and 7, someone let off dynamite in the river. Everybody here heard it, and there’s just one person who does this and he gets by with it.

. There are so many nice Christian people in our county. They are out there and they need prayer.

. I’m calling about these license fees on resource

extraction. It would help the county, but by the time the fiscal court members got its pockets full I don’t think there would be much left.

. I live in District Two. When the next election comes to choose our county officials I will not be voting for our present magistrate. He is voting against stuff he should be voting for and vice versa.

. I want to wish a belated happy birthday to my brother, Albert Lee Coomer, whose birthday was on April 14. From sister Jackie in Covington, Kentucky. I love you.

. Happy birthday to my twin grandsons, Michael and Brandon of Hazard, who turned 18 years old. From Grandma Jackie. I love you boys.

. Letcher County citizens, we need an independent auditor to come and look at the bank accounts for the county. There is one with nearly enough money to help the county in this financial situation, but the elected officials do not want us to know about this. It’s there and they don’t want it touched. (Independent auditors with the office of the Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts look at the county government’s bank accounts every year.)

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