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Editor’s Note: An unusually large number of comments were telephoned into the Speak Your Piece answering machine after the deadline for submission. Those comments will appear in next week’s edition.

. When Jesus returns there will not be a thousand years when God’s message will be taught. When Jesus returns it’s judgment day. This person that’s been calling in to Speak Your Piece has no clue about what he or she is saying. There is no Bible for this. Thank you.

. Hey, Judge Jim Ward, it didn’t bother you one bit to lay the girls off from the senior citizens program, so go ahead and do what you need to do with the rest of them. Thanks.

. To a cold-hearted bum who lives next door to me: You might think you’re really something just because you can go around and talk about me behind my back like I am trash, but you’re the one who is trash. All these years you have put me down. You make fun of handicapped people and you think it’s all right to judge people. Sooner or later you are going to make a mistake. You’re going to make fun of someone who will give back to you what you deserve. I’ve had to put up with you for the last 20-something years, and now there is no way I could call you a neighbor or a friend after what you’ve done to me.

. Bed bugs are everywhere; bed bugs are everywhere; bed bugs are everywhere. (Sounds like you better be buying yourself a good insecticide — maybe something along the lines of ‘Bed Bug Bully.’)

. Hey, Jim Ward, when you start making layoffs, don’t forget the ones out of your office, not just the ones who have to work out in the field. Thank you.

. It is so sad we don’t have Randy Hall in office anymore, but thank God for the new guy who has come in. Randy Hall did not know some of the mistakes that were being made in the PVA office. If he did he would never have signed his name to them. Thank you.

. A certain family has ‘conned’ one man out of everything he had. One of these days these people will have to stand before the Lord and answer for how they treated the man.

. Last week a certain person called the sheriff’s office and a deputy handed the phone to his boss and his boss jumped on the certain caller. Let me tell you something: The certain somebody told his sister about it. That’s pretty bad, especially when the certain somebody

is a son of a United States war veteran and a grandson of a war veteran. Guess what? This person’s family member is going to have a little talk with you all in your office, and they’re going to tell you the truth about what’s really going on. And if you don’t believe them, just come down and take a look for yourself. Everybody knows the biggest pillhead in the neighborhood.

. If a certain red-headed girl at a certain location keeps trying to sleep with everyone’s man she is going to get it good one of these days. I heard that one girl went down there on her.

. Neighbors who move into a neighborhood and aren’t satisfied until they do wrong against good neighbors need to saddle up and go back to where they came from. We don’t need them down here.

. I bought a pineapple at a certain grocery store, and when I got home and cut it open it was green. You all need to watch your pineapples, because they’re not going to be yellow, they’re going to be green. (Just because a pineapple is green-tinted does not mean it isn’t ripe. If you want to be sure a pineapple is ripe, try pulling on one of the leaves at the top. If it comes out easily it is ripe.)

. That one girl from Kingscreek — I think everyone knows who we’re talking about — needs to stay off Facebook and take care of her kids instead of trying to record everything for Facebook.

. Nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than hearing the stories of these scantily clad female news anchors who cry about how sexually abused they are while showing their cleavage and thighs for the camera. It must really be tough for these women to sleep with the boss in return for salaries that are at worst in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Cry me a river, ladies. You know you’re making money for your looks and not your brains. Stop acting like the innocent virgins you most certainly are not.

. Mary Sue, it’s been twelve years since you’ve passed. I miss you and I love you. Ed.

. Does anyone ever stop and think that with every day that goes by we are that much closer to the grave? Just think about that. (We’ll go out on a limb here and say the answer to your question is a big old yes.)

. I just thought I’d call in and tell the people who might be driving a new vehicle from 2014 on up to raise the hood and look on the radiator. It says it’s a

rolling time bomb. You’ll see where it says, ‘highly flammable and hazardous to your health.’ If you’re smart you’ll look under the hood and check it out.

. I am sure proud to see that we have two county attorneys now. One is elected and one is not elected, but the non-elected one appears to be trying to run the elected one out of business. Is it legal for a non-elected attorney to go into executive session with the fiscal court? (Kentucky has no law prohibiting a governing body from inviting an attorney into a closed session to discuss threatened or actual legal action.)

. I think it is a shame that at our high school the parents ran such a good baseball coach off and hired someone who has never coached anything but Little League. I thought coaches were supposed to be hired by school systems as teachers. We will never win until we make some changes in our system.

. Why is a certain woman going around telling people that her and her husband sold their home to stay with her mother-in-law to take care of her? It is not so. Her mother-in-law gave them the house, which was completely paid for. They mortgaged the house and lost it in bankruptcy; they didn’t sell it. They stayed with her because they didn’t have a home. She says she took care of this lady, but the opposite is so. She didn’t even wash her own clothes; she let an 81-year-old woman do it for her. Why tell a lie to make yourself look big among your friends?

. The bossy woman from Millstone needs to stay home with her camper. No one wants to go in it, anyway. We’re tired of her bossing everyone around. Signed, tired of hearing her mouth at the Knott County Trail Ride.

. I’ve got a question for County Attorney Jamie Hatton: If it’s illegal to impose a business license fee on the natural gas and coal companies around here, then shouldn’t it be illegal to impose another tax on the citizens?

. What’s the deal on Craft’s Colly with the barrels on the little narrow bridge there? Can’t we at least put gravel in the holes and get the barrels out of the way? We barely can get through there. If you have a big SUV or truck you can hardly get through. The traffic’s already bad enough up there; they drive like maniacs. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s been almost a month and those barrels are still in the middle of the road. This is uncalled for.

. It looks like Letcher County is going the way of big city liberal Democrats in places like Detroit — going broke and laying off workers, with no care about their future or their children’s future. It looks like it is time for new leadership.

. If Arkansas needs somebody to execute their murderers and rapists, I’ll do it for a dollar apiece if they’ll furnish the gun and the bullet. And if they let me shoot them in the back I won’t charge them anything. I would like to see the surprised looks on the faces of the SOB’s when I roll them over. God bless America, and let’s start putting some of this trash to death instead of spending millions of dollars and pills. God bless America again. I mean business. (So the only reason you would prefer to shoot a condemned person in the back is to see the look that would be frozen on his or her face after they were surprised from behind?)

. No wonder the county is broke. They pay four secretaries and a pro-tem judge we don’t need. Jim Ward, the magistrates didn’t vote to hire them, you did. You

sure have wasted a lot of money.

. If there is a coup completed against Donald Trump, I think America will see its first protest.

. The community has lost a true friend, Mr. Mack Taylor. He was a great guy, and I worked with him. I worked with his son, Little Mack, too. Little Mack, you had a wonderful dad that bragged to high heaven about his son. Condolences to you and your family. I was out of town or I would have been at the funeral. We’ll be praying for the family. Stand by your mother.

. I was calling about the two ladies who need a man for housecleaning or whatever. Do you have to fill out an application or have a physical or proof of income? Thank you.

. I’ve been going to a certain place of business for years now, but here lately it has gotten so bad there that when you walk in everyone has got a sour face and one employee says perverted things to women in front of the customers. It just makes you sick to see what is going on. When you call and complain, the supervisor covers it up. If they don’t want to listen to the customers I wish they would watch their camera. It would tell it all. Until something is done I will do my business elsewhere.

. I think that Wayne Fleming should run for judge of Letcher County. Terry Adams, forget it. No one is going to vote for you. Jim Ward, I voted for you, but you’re not going to be re-elected. You and Eddie Meade are just not doing things right. Wayne Fleming, I would vote for you in a heartbeat.

. I think Wayne Fleming would make an excellent county judge/executive. He should be the only magistrate who is left. These other magistrates are just money wasters. What do they do? Nothing. None of them can you call to ask to come and fix your road or gravel it or whatever; they’re useless. Wayne Fleming is the only magistrate we need.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Hal Rogers is at it again. It wasn’t good enough that the DEA and him shut down four pain clinics in eastern Kentucky. He now wants to shut all pain clinics down everywhere. The four clinics that were shut down did everything legally they could do. The closing of the four clinics sent people across two states trying to find a doctor. The one in Lexington has been overrun and has appointment dates as far out as 2018. The DEA, Hal Rogers, and the IRS need to go after the heroin, meth, and carfentanil dealers, stop methadone from being given as a pain medicine, and leave the damn doctors alone.

. Well we have some good neighbors and friends. They all gathered up to go out on a Friday night and then early Saturday morning came a big old boom, like an M-80 or dynamite. They think they bother us, but they don’t bother us. We just know how low they and their ways of doing are. They need prayer.

. This goes out to a girl on Cowan who has just become available on the market: It appears the fellow you were with has moved on. The question is, darling, are you ready to move on? Are you interested in getting out and having a little dinner or maybe watching a movie or something like that? Just call me your secret admirer. I would like to hear back from you.

. What’s on my mind is this: Judge Jim Ward, I hope you read this comment, because it basically is about our county. Jim, I can tell you where the first cuts should be — the magistrates. If the county shuts down the magistrates

should no receive one cockeyed cent from the county government since they cannot vote or come together on anything. I’m a taxpaying person who used to work for the county. It is not right to send the garbage men home; they work hard. It is not right to send the road crewmen home; they work hard. I’m willing to pay more taxes to try to keep these people working, but it’s a shame the magistrates can’t come together and realize what it’s going to be like if the state comes in here. My dad lost his life working for the county. I don’t hold that against the county, but he got killed in 1980. I also worked for the county garage during the Carroll Smith administration as a garbage man. I know most of these magistrates. I went to school with some and am personal friends with others, but they need to be sent to the house for the simple reason that we the people will now be the ones that have to pay the price.

. I’m looking for a job to take care of an elderly man. I have nine years’ experience. I work with them, feed them, take care of them, bathe them, whatever it takes. I would like to have a nightshift job please. The number to call me is 1-865-320-3490. Thank you.

Letcher County, Kentucky has got to be the lowest rated clique that’s ever been on this earth. Take that murder trial. I called in to Speak Your Piece to predict it would be delayed again, and it was. We have no judges, we have no commonwealth’s attorney, and we have no magistrates. Every elected official in Letcher County, I think, is lower than a snake’s belly. Why did the three magistrates vote against the fee for the natural gas and coal companies? It looks like the federal government would come in here and shut this place down and fire every one of them, from the lowest deputy all the way up to the circuit judge. Every one of them needs to be put out of office and a new bunch elected. But since it’s Letcher County they would probably just turn into bad officials, too.

. A hypocrite puts silly stuff in Speak Your Piece and calls himself a Christian.

. I had a real bad toothache one time — it was a real big jaw tooth — and went to the dentist and had that thing pulled. I took it home with me and took a hammer and drove it into the side of a big old beech tree and waited three days. That tooth never bothered me again.

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