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To a certain know-it-all who put a comment in Speak Your Piece about another person supposedly making a profit from night crawlers: He may make a profit, but at least he’s honest, unlike you and your buddy who think they can rip off anybody they want to take from. Let me tell you another thing: He sells his worms a whole lot cheaper than the bait stores do. You can catch a lot of largemouth and catfish off the worms he sells, because he knows how to take care of them. Thank you.

. A little yellow truck comes into the Upper Bottom here in Whitesburg without ever using a proper turn signal or anything else. It speeds up and then slows down. You never know which way this truck is going to go. Maybe they should write some tickets to people like this to generate some money back into county.

. Could someone out there please tell me who won first place in the Mountain Heritage Poetry Contest? Thank you.

. To a certain person: You don’t need to be looking at me like that; you need to worry about your own mangy self. You treat women bad and you’re a horrible father. And if I find out you’re anywhere near my SUV, you will pay for it.

. What’s on my mind is this: A certain man has been overseas to fight, protect and honor our country. He had a child with a certain lady before he left, only to find out when he came home that the lady he was married to has been living with another guy for more than six months. I feel sorry for him, but I don’t feel sorry for her or her family. She is just like her mother — no good.

. Mr. Trump, the American people put you and the other Republicans in office. You gave a great talk to us and you’re doing great work, but you need to be a little better poker player. You and the Republicans folded when you were holding three aces and a pair of kings against a pair of deuces. Why didn’t you negotiate a little better? American people don’t want their tax money going to tearing little babies apart inside a mother’s womb. Another thing: We appreciate what you’re doing on the border, but let’s get some wall built. You’re folding. It’s all right to speak softly and carry a big stick, but the Republican Party is in place to do these things. Why didn’t you let them shut the government down? Negotiate a little better, my man. Remember, the Democrats were voted out of office. God bless America.

. I have a son down here at UZ who is out of work. I know for a fact this one fellow down here draws

Social Security Disability and this other fellow down here has signed up on SSI even though the two of them work everyday logging. I don’t think that’s right. If you’re not able to work then you shouldn’t be working and keeping someone else from having a job. I’m going to have the Social Security investigator to come and check on this matter. They’re either going to turn their Social Security back in or quit working. I will have it investigated. I called this into Speak Your Piece once, but it wasn’t printed.

. I want to praise James Wiley Craft, the mayor of Whitesburg. Look at how successful he is doing with the City of Whitesburg. What’s the matter with our judge that keeps him from getting grants for the county like James Wiley does for the city? James Wiley is very knowledgeable, and Jim Ward should take some lessons from him. If he did the county might be in much better shape. Thank you very much. .

I thought Tractor Supply was coming into the old Food World building. Are they coming or not?

. To a certain person: Just to let you know, my camera did pick you up when you stole my yellow mushroom solar light. I do know who you are and I hope you enjoy it. Goodbye. ( You’re telling us that yard thieves have gotten so desperate they’re now targeting yellow mushroom solar lights? Bummer.)

. To the people with family buried at Craft Cemetery on Pine Creek: We need some donations to help buy gas and stuff for the Weed Eaters and lawnmowers. Two men have been cutting it for the last three years and we haven’t had the money to pay them. All donations would be greatly appreciated. Please send them to Lula Caudill, Box 170, Mayking, Kentucky 41837.

. How would you like to have a job like this? Since last June you worked less than 70 days, you make $170,000 a year; and you only have to work eight days this month. Well that’s the way Congress is. Here we are about to get North Korea all lit up and we’ve also Iran, China and Russia. And Congress is only working eight days this month? There’s something wrong with this picture.

. Well, the election is over with and the constables have disappeared, too.

. I just saw in the paper where the city is getting one million dollars to redo another building in Whitesburg. We’ve already got two or three fancy buildings in there, so why are they laying off our workers that need the money instead of putting it

into another building? (The $1 million federal and state economic development grant awarded to the City of Whitesburg to help renovate the old Daniel Boone Hotel building on Main Street has no effect on Letcher County’s government or the recent layoffs and furloughs of workers.)

. There are about 300 people on Craft’s Colly, and I don’t think any of them need a man. Some of them wouldn’t have a man if they could get one. Whoever put that in the paper is a very sick person.

. Part of the reason why the county is broke is because they have too many nonessential employees. Cut down on the employees and you may have some money left. There is no need to have that many employees in the Letcher County Jail. I just read where 17 of them would be furloughed. What do they all do other than sit around and gossip?

. I heard that former Letcher County Judge/Executive Carroll Smith left $4 million in the bank before Jim Ward took office. If this is true, how did that money get spent, and for what was it spent?

. Does Letcher County have a county attorney or a closed session attorney? Supposedly he was researching the legalities of creating an ordinance to enact a business license on nonrenewable resources for the county prior to the April 10 meeting. He let our county look like uninformed, uneducated nitwits. Our fiscal court knew these companies would fight it. So what? Let them fight it in court. Then at the April 21 meeting, the county attorney, Jamie Hatton, had the audacity to tell the fiscal court that at this point failure to do nothing would be worse than doing what you hate to do. Letcher County residents can credit Mr. Hatton if our taxes increase. Kudos Mr. Hatton.

. Hey, big fat man over here in Cumberland, you’re caught again, old buddy. You’ll be in the next roundup. You’ll probably go to the pen this time, seeing it will be your second time. When are you going to learn, big boy?

. As I sit here this morning reading The Mountain Eagle, I see where the county has laid off some people and furloughed others. That may be good or it may be bad, depending on where you stand. What enters my mind is that over the years people have not done anything. They have a voice in county government, but I’m sure it’s a very limited voice. They have allowed Jim Ward and the fiscal court to make a lot of questionable decisions. Ward has allowed this rec center to be the center of attention in the county for a long time. If it doesn’t pay for itself, there is a requirement for a tax increase to make the people of Letcher County pay for it. Ward and the fiscal court also allowed the recycling center to run in the red for many years before anything was said about it. Ward and fiscal court have allowed the other agencies in Whitesburg — the health department and the school boards — to come in and raise our taxes without anything being said about it. These agencies run a surplus while the county seems to run broke and more broke. The county government has some very smart and very hardworking people working for it, while Jim Ward has spent hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars putting his name on county equipment. People voted for that. Who wanted that done? The thing that troubles me is this question: What is the real truth about all of this? What is not being told? Most government officials in Letcher County — the whole bunch in the courthouse — try to keep people in the dark on things. They are like mushrooms, and we all know how mushrooms are raised. They are fed a bunch of crap and kept in the dark. The natural gas company people funded Jim Ward’s past campaigns and now we’re expected to believe he would go against those companies? Something is not being told here. Let’s make Jim

Ward and the magistrates accountable. All of this is going to fall on the people of Letcher County who can least afford it — the elderly, the sick, the poor, and the ones who do work. All of us are in the same boat. When the fiscal court had plenty of coal and gas severance tax money they spent it foolishly. They gave it to every Tom, Dick and Harry that came before the fiscal court to ask for it and now the funds are no longer there. So really, what is the underlying story about the whole thing? Tell us the truth. Let us know the truth about the whole matter. Thank you.

. Mr. Trump, the Chinese are not our friends. They could care less about America. They want to take America over. Look how they treat their people. The Chinese are not going to do anything about North Korea even though North Korea gets 90 percent of its trade from China. The Chinese said there wasn’t much they could do about the situation with North Korea, so as he grows stronger we need to stop him. I say disintegrate him, that’s what we’re going to have to do. He’s the only fat boy over there. But it’s up to you, Mr. President, to stop this heathen from destroying all that’s around him. So light that S.O.B. up and free the people of North Korea and let them prosper like South Korea.

. My goal is to show that Cain belonged to Satan. Why is Cain’s genealogy in Chapter 4 instead of in Adam’s in Chapter 5. This shows Cain was not Adam’s son and God, I believe, did not want to shame Cain further because it wasn’t Cain’s fault. In Genesis Chapter 3, Verse 2 Adam and Eve knew they were not to eat of or touch the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That tree was symbolic of Satan. The words ‘even touch’ are sexual terms. Adam and Eve did all the above with Satan and Eve got pregnant. In Genesis Chapter 3, Verse 16, God told Eve that she was going to have more than one baby. In Genesis Chapter 4, Verses 1 through 2, she had Cain and then Abel. You know what happened later, Cain murdered Abel. Jesus, the Son of God, knew what had happened in the garden. In John Chapter 8, Verse 44, He told some of the descendants of Cain, ‘You are of your father, the devil, and a murderer.’ That would

be their grandpa Satan and their dad Cain, going back in time. You know what we say, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree and in Cain’s case it surely was true. This just proves that Cain was a hybrid and couldn’t reproduce. Satan and Cain were God’s created children with a soul and not of the animal kingdom. God didn’t create evil. Satan turned evil after he became filled with pride.

. What was printed in last week’s Speak Your Piece was not what I phoned in about [late Property Valuation Administrator] Randy Hall, who as I said was a good man. … You all don’t print the names the way you’re supposed to or anything in Speak Your Piece what someone says. But I thank God for the new guy who came in Randy Hall’s place, because I believe Randy’s seat can be filled now. … Thank you. Print it right this time. (We couldn’t print all of what you phoned in last week nor the full text of what you phoned in this week, because doing so would leave us at risk of being sued for libel. Newspapers face very strict defamation of character laws when compared to Internet sites such as Facebook.)

. Can someone out there tell me if there’s any kind of programs that help the elderly get their houses fixed up? I’m a 70-year-old widow and I have no way of getting my house repaired and it’s in dire need of repair. Is there anybody out there that knows of any kind of program that can help?

Thank you. (Have you checked with Whitesburg-based HOMES Inc.? The phone number is 632-1717.)

. This is to the people who have loved ones in the big cemetery there at Ermine: Please go by and look up at your flags. Take care of them properly. There’s one near the highway that’s so ragged there’s nothing left except the stars. Do something. Don’t just disgrace it, do something.

. I have nine years of taking care of elderly people, man or woman. I can give references and I am a good worker. If anybody needs anybody in Letcher County, they can call 335-0524. Only serious calls. I will take care of either one in Letcher County.

. I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking about Georgetown College admitting to selling all these slaves and now offering scholarships to try to make it right. The problem I’ve got is the victims are the ancestors of the students who would be receiving the scholarships or the money. If we’re going to pay them back for slavery they didn’t suffer, what about all the people in the United States who lost their lives at war? Who is going to send us a big check because our loved ones were left behind? Well, I see it this way and this way only: We do not owe them a red cent. What happened is history. Don’t blame us.

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