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Pssst. Your fakeness is showing.

. Someone needs to cut the weeds on the way to the meth lab at Pert Creek.

. Judge/Executive Ward needs to give all the magistrates the same respect that he expects of them. At the April 21 meeting, he allowed them to vote on the layoffs and furloughs of employees. After the vote failed, he acted like a bull in a china shop, stating there would be no work the next Monday and that workers would not be eligible to draw their unemployment. Why didn’t the judge act like a big boy and disclose this information to the fiscal court before the first vote?

. I see El Azul Grande restaurant in Pikeville had three illegal Mexican immigrants working in it. I just wonder about the ones in other towns, now. Big Papa Trump has them on the train, taking their hides out of here. Go, Trump. Thank you for keeping them from stealing our jobs. Send their hind-ends rolling back to Mexico. (So you’ve actually applied for jobs as cook, waiter and busboy in Mexican restaurants and had your job given to someone who is here illegally?)

. Thanks to the person educating us on the Bible with scattered verses. Please clear this up for me: between Genesis I and Genesis II, which is the true creation story and which is the false one?

. The U. S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would remove several protections for people with pre-existing conditions, which a third of Kentuckians have. It would also cut Medicaid and allow ‘Goin’ to Heaven’ Bevin to get waivers that will allow the state to drop essential health benefits, cut taxes on the rich, phase out funding for Medicaid expansion, and more. If any of these changes will affect you and you voted for the current president, I hope you didn’t strain anything while you were stabbing yourself in the back.

. A whole lot of people think government is shady, particularly at the local level, but is Pike County making Letcher County look like high school vs. the Ivy League?

. I am so tired of hearing Hillary Clinton talk about why she lost the election, because of this and that and the FBI. No, Hillary, you lost because you were part of Obama and because of your health care plan. We

are tired of paying more money out so that some people can sit at home. Me and my husband both work — he works two jobs — and our fine was $5,000 this year. That’s what beat Hillary Clinton. She can whine all she wants, but she was going to do the same thing Obama did and we are tired of it. That is why Trump won. When are people going to get that in their head? Thank you. Goodbye.

. You Democrats of the United States need to put on your big girl panties now.

. To a certain caller: I enjoyed your answer back to me about Cain and Able and Satan and Adam and Eve. I won’t say that Adam was not Cain’s daddy because he could not have been, but Satan couldn’t have been his daddy, either, because that would have made him a hybrid. Tell you what: Go get yourself a couple of seeds of hybrid corn and plant them. Next year, try to get a seed from those hybrids to come up. It won’t happen. You have a nice day. And I did enjoy your comment.

. It’s a shame you can have brother who won’t talk to you and show respect to you. I was at Walmart sitting in my car talking on the phone when my so-called brother stopped and looked at me but didn’t even bother to come over and speak to me. He can go back to Georgia for all I care. I don’t want him around me, anyway. He’s dead to me after what he did yesterday. I don’t have a brother named Dale. Thank you.

. Hey, bro. Take all that money you got from your dead brother and take it to hell with you to keep the fire burning.

. If the county wants to keep from going broke it should lay off some of these ambulance workers. They should keep the older ones and lay off the younger ones since half of them don’t have any sense to begin with. Make them get out here and do other jobs. Some of these people driving these first-response vehicles are living high on the pork, as the old saying goes. (Sounds like you hold a personal grudge against an ambulance driver or an attendant. Most of the rest of us are happy to have young people who are willing and able to hold such jobs, most of which don’t pay a whole lot of money. Also, the Letcher County government has no say in who works for the ambulance companies that serve our county.)

. I’m calling about the comment in Speak Your Piece about the Craft Cemetery.

I’m thinking the person who owns it should also give a donation to help with the upkeep. Thank you. Have a nice day. (Can you be certain the owner doesn’t give a donation?)

. To my fellow Kentuckians: I go to Virginia a lot — or did. During one recent trip I was going two miles over the speed limit and it cost me $92. I say we boycott them. Go to Whitesburg or Pikeville or anywhere but the state of Virginia. If you think they won’t put the screws to you, you are wrong. Driving two miles over the speed limit cost me $92. I just don’t appreciate that. (Was your ticket a result of the U.S. 23 speed trap the Town of Pound has been using in hopes that ‘speeding’ Kentucky drivers would pay for its new police cruiser? Other travelers from Kentucky who have to use U.S. 23 in Virginia have asked us to alert readers about similar speed traps on the Big Stone Gap side of the City of Norton and on the outskirts of Gate City. We have been told of instances in which Kentucky drivers have been pulled over and ticketed for going only 5 miles per hour over the limit, and in some cases — such as yours — even less.)

. To the caller who thinks Eve had sex with Satan: I think you’re right. Cain was part of the bad blood line, which all the bad guys in the Bible had. And where did Cain go? He went to the Land of Nod. God didn’t kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden for taking a bite out of the apple. There have been two bloodlines since the beginning of time, the good and the bad. Everybody needs to read the Book of Enoch and also read about the Return of the Nephilim in Genesis 6. Thank you.

. I would like to correct what was said about Cain being a hybrid who couldn’t reproduce. Genesis 4 has the genealogy, but doesn’t list his father. I say that God didn’t shame Cain by saying, ‘Satan begat Cain,’ which he could have said. Now I wish to expand on the topic of teaching when Jesus returns. Revelations 2:16 says the sword of Jesus is his mouth. This means he will be teaching and correcting. Revelations 20:2-7 mentions the thousand years seven times. You probably know that when Jesus comes into this dimension that we’re in, everyone will be chained into his or her spirit body. Satan is bound and chained during this time, but he will be released for a time to test the ones who have gone through this time of teaching. After the thousand years, God’s judgment will happen. God is very fair to provide this time of teaching for the ones who have lived in horrible, godless places. Ezekiel 37 is a time of teaching for God’s chosen people, described as dry bones. The descendants of Jacob, the Jewish and the Christian people, they will be reunited. Thankfully God doesn’t rush to send His children into hell as some people wish he would.

. The unmined minerals tax total is misleading. The Letcher County Fiscal Court only gets a small amount of that total. Last year, the county got $150,000, and this year it was budgeted for $200,000 when they knew that was an unreasonable amount. You don’t budget higher knowing your prior was much lower. Also, why is Tony Sergent crying when the public was told two months ago there [would be cuts]? By the way, courthouse documents are public knowledge. (The story to which you apparently refer clearly and correctly points out that documents sent by the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet to Sheriff Danny Webb on April 28 show the state’s valuation of unmined minerals properties in Letcher County fell by $2.5 million over the year before.

The cuts will take effect during Fiscal Year 2017-18 and have no relationship to what the county government did or did not budget for in the two previous fiscal years (2015-16 and 2016-17). By the way, Letcher Schools Superintendent Tony Sergent wasn’t ‘crying’ when we interviewed him, but who could blame him if he was? After all, it was just this past December when Sergent was told the district’s income from the unmined minerals tax would be cut by an estimated $474,100. However, when the totals came in last month, it showed the school board’s losses to be a whopping $1,288,097, or triple the amount the district had been told to expect.)

. When people get mad at you when you have said or done nothing wrong, the best thing to do is just laugh about it and go your way. Ha ha.

. I would like to speak about a true friend I had who worked at the county garage. His name was Little Ralph Day. He was a ball to be around. I remember sometimes we would be eating dinner and another worker, Gary Joe, would bring out some carrot juice or cucumber juice and Little Ralph would say, ‘Cuz, Baby’s got you on a diet, ain’t she?’ He’d then clap his hands and laugh. He was a blessing to be around. If you have good friends out there, let them know you appreciate them. I just wish Ralph could have been around longer.

. To all the Christian people in this world tell them that God still is in control. If you don’t believe He is, you need to look back. They predicted 49 inches of snow this year, but the Good Lord diagnosed what He wanted to come and the 49 inches turned into just a few inches, about four or five inches. This shows that God is in control and man is not.

. Of all the sad and stupid comments I’ve seen in Speak Your Piece since the unfortunate election, the saddest and most stupid are the advice to Donald Trump, or more appropriately, the prayers to Cheeto Jesus. Not only will he never hear them, he and his Republican enablers don’t really care what you want. In fact, they don’t care about you at all. They don’t know you exist, now that the election is over. There will be no coal comeback and the recent repeal of the ACA, Obamacare in political language, is just what you can expect from them. They will take everything they can from people like you, the ones who actually need Obamacare, and give it to the richest people in America, the ones who need it the least. But that’s OK with them, because you just don’t matter. You are a joke, but now they are through with you and they aren’t laughing anymore.

. It’s kind of funny how things change in a short period. Two weeks ago everybody in Letcher County hated Pound, Virginia because of what its mayor said about Kentucky residents; then a week ago everybody was ready to move over there because of an officer doing what he’s paid to do — saving people’s lives. Thank God he did, because I wouldn’t do the job, but he did sign on for that and he did know what he was doing when he signed on. Now everybody wants to move to Pound. Thank you.

. I know it was an oversight and mistake made accidentally on the part of the Letcher County Judge/ Executive when he forget that all the county vehicles were to be parked at the county highway garage or at the courthouse every night and that no one would be driving them home. I live near Millstone and have noticed the judge pro-tem rides his county vehicle home every day. I’ve also seen the emergency management director riding his

vehicle. I know the judge didn’t mean to tell us anything that is wrong, but maybe he needs check and make sure all employees are parking their vehicles where they are supposed to park them. If we laid the judge pro-tem off with his salary, the county could have kept three road workers and still saved money. I guess they run it their way, not the people’s way.

. I sure do love the city’s new meter reader.

. How about that beadyeyed guy who sits on a peach limb and tweets out his prejudicial political bias?

. There’s been a lot of uproar about the mayor of Pound, Virginia and the town’s paying for a police cruiser with fines of Kentucky drivers caught speeding over there. I do want to say this: There was a Pound policeman — Sgt. Dustin Folk — who saved one of our girls this week when he stopped her from driving drunk down Pound Mountain. He saved her and anyone else she could have hit. You have to think about those things. People need to not drink and drive and to also obey the speed limit.

. It’s amazing how you pill heads up in Doty Creek are able to get your drugs by having FedEx or UPS deliver them to you. You always figure out how to get what you want. I live in Black Bottom.

. Letcher County’s five magistrates are jokes, especially you, Terry Adams. You have voted against everything that could have been good for this county. You’re not getting my vote. I think we ought to be laying the magistrates off instead of the county workers. You’re a bunch of idiots.

. This is the Harlan County Man just checking in. Things are going so well with the Trump administration undoing all the screw up and executive orders Obama put on the people trying to make a living here in Kentucky and all over our nation. President Trump is keeping our jobs here unlike the ungodly one, Obama, and his job-kill laws that he passed over the last eight years. President Trump is doing so well on the southern border that illegals coming in from Mexico have gone down 65%. Just think, if Hillary Clinton had won, she’d be rolling out the red carpet for the illegals, right? President Trump shows ISIS when he put the mother of all bombs on their butts, killing 96 ISIS soldiers. President Trump put a stop to the Syrian president using chemical warfare on his people, killing many of them. Obama just let the Syrian president kill all of those poor people. I guess the red line didn’t work right. More blood on Obama’s hand. President Trump also put a good man on the Supreme Court, such a fine man, and he understands the constitution unlike the ones Obama put in. The first 100 days are going

well. The Democrats, what will they do now? God bless the U.S.A. and President Trump. Harlan County Man.

. I don’t think we should come down too hard on President Trump. Let’s give him 100 more days to get his poop raked up in a pile before we impeach him.

. Donald Trump is still taking us for a bunch of stupid fools, and that bunch of Republican congressmen and women in his amen corner are no better. I think there should be a mandatory intelligence test for that whole group before they are allowed to run for office. It would be so simple to just allocate one percent of our gross national product for universal health care and the whole controversy would be solved.

. To all of you ‘Trumpies’ out there: Are you looking forward to the big tax cut for the wealthy? How will congress replace the billions of dollars of lost revenue? Take a guess. Will our representatives in Washington increase the deficit or pass the burden on to the working class people like you and me?

. Scientists have come up with a serum that will reverse the aging process in mice and expect to be able to do it in 15 years in humans. These people that we place in government offices and the highest courts in the United States are there for life. When this serum comes out and these people take these shots, they can be in a government office or on a court for 300 years. Won’t that change the face of the United States completely? Us peasants don’t need to worry about getting one of these shots; they won’t be for us. But you can bet government officials and judges will be able to take it. I think there should be a limit on how many years a person can sit in office or on the bench. If you don’t understand the situation there’s no reason for you to be concerned.

. At long last we have a spay and neuter program for animals going on right now in Letcher County. It’s a shame we can’t have a spay and neuter program for all of our little pill princesses out all over the United States having four or five or six children. These women stay on pills while Mommy lets Grandma have the babies so Grandma can get a check even though Grandma is taking as many pills as Mommy. So let’s get something done about that. Thank you.

. To a certain woman: It’s been almost six months since you’ve been gone and I miss you so bad. I miss you worse every day. Your partner in life.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: It’s time for our county judge to go. I’d say a good Republican who knows how to handle things ought to be running things. That’s probably the way it should be.

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