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Mr. Trump, God bless you and your family. I think you are a great president. About your daily press briefings: Cut them out. Give one every two weeks, every month, once a year, whatever you want to do. And about the Washington Post saying there are leaks: I am quite sure there are some leaks, but I think the Washington Post and some them are making some of this stuff up and just saying it, because they have a general idea of what you are going to talk about and then they escalate in their minds what they want to do and say and they put it in the paper. So just push all that down the drain. Quit letting the world know everything the White House is doing. Good luck.

. Dear President Trump: am angered by all this stuff the low national media comes at you with. You’re going to build that wall; I know you are. We need it and we’re going to get rid of these illegals here in the United States and we’re going to stop these terrorists from coming in. That’s what you promised us. These low judges in the federal courts and stuff, we didn’t put them in as president, we put you in as president. Everything you’ve done so far has been legal, but the courts are being crooked. Stick by your constitution, Mr. President, and we will be a great nation once again. It was built on the Constitution of the United States.

. I’m watching a fellow on TV who sells stuff from over in Hindman or somewhere. He knows everybody who calls him every day. I’ve tried for two years to get in touch with that guy. Everybody can get in except me, but I can always get Speak Your Piece and I appreciate that.

. I think it’s a shame when you can’t go to Fishpond Lake without worrying about your little girl being picked up. My family was up there staying over the weekend and had an old geezer stop and ask them if it was just them and their mother. If I had been there it would have been just a little bit different. The old geezer may have gotten his wrinkles plowed, because I’m not into that ignorance. That’s just pitiful, and something has to be done with security and Fishpond Lake. And please, something needs to be done with the bathrooms. And put some grills up there. It falls right back to security.

. I just watched our county judge/executive, Jim Ward, shut down a Letcher County citizen from her First Amendment right to speak her opinion at a meeting of the Letcher Fiscal Court. Jim Ward and the magistrate with the beard sitting on the end and making faces need to be put out of there. The people of this county do not deserve government acting

like that and treating other citizens of the county like they are nothing. Thank you.

. To Judge/Executive Jim Ward: I know that impulse with anger does not solve anything, but you gave a woman — a citizen of Letcher County — permission to speak. When she began you did not like what she was saying and you started ranting and raving and treating her with the utmost disrespect. You denied her the right to speak and told her to sit down, that her five minutes were up. You abused your office and title. Thank you.

. I was sitting here watching the Government Channel. I would like to have been at that fiscal court meeting, but when I saw what Judge Jim Ward did to the lady who came in to speak it just blew my mind. I don’t know her, but it is so sad to have a county being run like ours is now. Evidently, Ward doesn’t want anyone to say anything he doesn’t agree with. We have a right in this country to criticize our president and our government. Why would our judge not allow someone to speak? I think the lady seems to be a pretty nice person. It’s sad to see what’s going on in Letcher County.

. Well, the Dramacrats are going crazy. They think they are going to impeach Trump now. You know, if they spent half the time trying to make this country work and get better it would be a great country, but they’re trying to work to bring this country down — the Democrats are. I know there are a lot of Democrats in Letcher County, but a lot of you voted Republican last time. This is really bad. Our country is not working; we’re not getting anything here. We have no coal left. This is going to be a good retirement place and that’s all.

. Is it true that Judge/Executive Jim Ward and Magistrate Keith Adams colluded with a reporter from another newspaper besides this one to stop a citizen from exercising her right to speak at a fiscal court meeting? By their intimidation, degradation, and their misleading and false statements, they also denied the citizens of this county their constitutional right to hear this person speak. Thank you.

. Concerning the postponement of the Hogg murder trial, it is ridiculous …

. No, I am not going looking for ginseng; I am going looking for ginseng diggers. Leave your kids at home. It’s not going to be nice when we cross each other’s paths, believe you me. Have a happy day.

. The old saying is blondes have more fun. Well, that is correct, but blondes can also

be mighty dumb. Don’t go to fishing holes and cheat on the man you are fixing to marry. Do you not think this information is going to get back to him?

. I think the city finally has a good meter reader.

. To the person talking about someone’s eyes looking like they were using: I’ve always heard that trashy people were gossipers, so I guess that makes you trashy.

. Why are they making such an issue out of Donald Trump and what he said or what he didn’t say? What’s the big deal with the old Trumpy boy. I like him.

. I thought President Trump was a good deal maker, but I am shocked to see he is using his power as president to make big profits for his family business. Now he’s trying to deny but then explain how it is OK to give American foreign policy favors to China in exchange for breaks for his private family investments. But when it’s reported it is called fake news and unfair. It scary. The first thing a dictator does is shut down the press.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: The Democrat Party is causing so much disarray with trying to impeach Trump that we can’t get our roads worked on or anything else. I would ask that our road from the Knott County line to Jenkins be paved. That’s not asking for much. We could put an additional gas tax on or anything to get this done. The Democrat Party is so afraid that Trump will help our economy that they are destroying him. But let’s not let Mitch McConnell, Hal Rogers, and our Connecticut governor out of it, either. Call them and tell them that if they don’t get our roads fixed we are going to vote them out.

. Jim Ward, voters are waiting for an apology for your behavior at the last fiscal court meeting. Unacceptable.

. I don’t know what’s gotten in to my cousin and her husband, but they’ve changed their phone number or had it disconnected. I tried calling them and it said the number is no longer in service. They won’t even stop by and talk to me. What has gotten into everybody? Apparently, certain people around here in Doty Creek like to go around telling lies about everybody.

. It is amazing what us poor dumb hillbillies can learn on the Internet. It’s got me using my camera everywhere I go. You might be wondering what is my point. I did not know but I do now — that the county does not make roads for the private owner, cemeteries and businesses, or do they? I guess it just depends on how many votes you can get out of it come Election Day. Seems to me people campaign all the time, not just on Election Day. I’ve got pictures to prove it. Thank you.

. Mr. Trump, I am so proud that in New Orleans they are going to replace the honorable General Jefferson Davis’s statue with a bronze of you. It’s about time they made bronzes of you and stood them up in our cities. I hate to see a great general and president like Davis made a mockery of, but it would be nice if they put four or five statues of you up in New Orleans.

. I had a lot of faith in Donald Trump until he went to Saudi Arabia and kissed up to those terror-supporting Muslims. Whether it’s Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or wherever, all Muslim leaders and their countries need put on notice that their sands will be turned into glass if they don’t do something to stop the terror attacks being perpetrated by the extremists they harbor. The killing this week of those poor teenage music fans in England, nearly all of them little girls, marks the worst of the worst. It is time for the world to take action like

never before. What’s next for the brave terrorists, a kindergarten?

. To a certain person: You’ve got a lot of right to call me a witch in Speak Your Piece. I know who you are and I know why you are doing this. I’m not a witch, but I wish I were. You would be the first one I would put a spell on. You say God will get me? No, if I were a witch it wouldn’t be God that gets me, it would be the devil. At least I don’t pretend to be a Christian and drink a gallon of liquor everyday. You better look in the mirror before you put somebody else down. Now you have a real good day.

. I have an Appalachian Wireless phone and have had it for years. I called the main office Saturday morning to ask if the Hindman offi ce was open. They said yes, the Hindman office would be open until 12. I made a trip from Letcher County to Hindman and the office was closed and said on the door it is closed on Saturdays. Appalachian Wireless might as well shut the whole system down. They don’t even know which stores are open.

. It’s funny how a manager at a certain company can have an affair with a certain employee there, make the girl’s girlfriend so mad she quits, and causes so much chaos. Don’t they know everyone is laughing?

. To all the newspapers and TV stations around: I invite you to a court case on the 25th to see how crooked Whitesburg is. I’m going to write the Bristol Herald- Courier, WYMT and all of them to join in. Then we’ll see why Letcher County is so poor.

. Hey, Carolyn, I love you.

. Dragon Ball Super is coming this week.

. Roses are red, violets are blue, just wanted to tell a woman on Thornton that in a little more than a week I’m coming for you. Be ready, baby.

. Would everyone please relax over the county’s financial disaster? All the fiscal court has to do is get a bank loan that will be covered as soon as President Trump has the coal business roaring back. Any day now.

. A few comments about the front-page story of May 17, reading ‘2 drug suspects accused of having sex in public.’ I don’t recommend that married folks, or anyone, have sexual relations in a car at a public place, and certainly not in a hospital parking lot, but how ‘public’ would this be at 2:25 a.m.? It was likely a slow news week that would land this story on the first page. The suspects showed little or no discretion and must face the consequences, but they have family members, friends, and probably employers who will be affected by the report. Accordingly, news media should always show discretion in how they report news like this. The constable, working his job as a security officer for the hospital, did his duty, which I applaud. The Whitesburg officer who responded did what he was trained to do as a law enforcement officer, also to be applauded. As a father, who for several years witnessed his child make many poor decisions as a result of addition to opiates, the story strikes very close to home. Community strength, practical law enforcement, and an understanding of what many times are the root causes for bad decisions may be a large part of the answer. Faith in God to help us through much of what we face today is also key in finding the answer.

. These liberal Democrats ought to be tried for treason. They don’t give a damn about this country. If somebody would bomb it and destroy it they would be tickled to death. They have no loyalty whatsoever to this country, regardless of who is in office.

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