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Well, well. So it’s against the law to have sex in your own car. I wonder how many people in Letcher County haven’t had sex in the back seat of their car. The ones who didn’t have always wanted to do it. I would like to ask the constable how long he stood there and watched. Did he get excited while he was watching? What a lawman.

. I’m calling in to reply to the comment in Speak Your Piece this week where someone says the city finally has a good meter reader. I do not agree with that, simply because they allow a local lawyer to park in a space reserved for the handicapped right beside the courthouse when he is not handicapped. So the meter reader has more work to do.

. I have a little dog out here about six weeks old. After just watching him pick up a water bottle, I wonder why that instead of euthanizing these dogs we don’t train them to pick up garbage. They will do it, which would allow us to do away with both the Mexicans and the lazy hillbillies. Have a good day.

. It’s so sad seeing so many coaches in and out of Jenkins High School football. They got rid of one of the best that Jenkins could have had — one of their own. Coach Fleming did many things during his time as head coach. He brought a lot to the program and to the school. Children transferred into the school for Coach Fleming. I wonder how many will leave now that he’s gone. The Jenkins school system has gone downhill for years. Not only with football but look at softball. Fleming’s oldest daughter would have been exactly what Jenkins needed to rebuild that softball program. They won’t find many who can play like she does. So disappointing that she most likely will not be a part of Jenkins softball program. April built that program as well, and now look. Good luck Cavs. Keep your head up and enjoy the game.

. Just imagine the complaining by Fox News and the other right-wing media if it had been the black man in the White House disrespecting our National Anthem at that Memorial Day event at Arlington National Cemetery in the same manner as President Trump. Can you imagine what the right-wingers would be saying if President Obama had stood by General Mattis and lip-synched the lyrics to the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ while thumping his chest and laughing the way Trump did on Monday? What a disgrace. And speaking of outrage, what would the Fox News types be saying if it was President Hillary Clinton riding on the

golf cart in Europe last week while all the other leaders were walking? Something tells me the words ‘low energy’ would be spoken.

. A Mr. Spaghetti Legs sighting last Wednesday. He showed up at the courthouse for the auction.

. By drinking a gallon of liquor a day, I stay passed out? That’s hilarious. You people are something else. I don’t drink liquor; I don’t drink at all. If you people think you’re going to intimidate me you better think again.

. There’s a man up on Mayking who thinks all women are nothing but b-words and liars. He also didn’t believe that I would call this in. Thank you.

. President Trump’s proposed budget is out and it includes massive cuts for children, the elderly, the sick, and the poor, so that rich people can have tax cuts. This is because he is a big Christian.

. To Judge/Executive Jim Ward: Your actions at the May meeting of the Letcher Fiscal Court were opinionated, self-serving and disrespectful in many ways. You then got on the radio and continued to show your Pamper pull-up ways and accused three honorable magistrates and a citizen of colluding to bankrupt this county. It is time now to validate or resign. D.C. politics cannot be tolerated in this county. Thank you.

. I would like to reply to a comment that appeared in Speak Your Piece on May 10 regarding Little Ralph Day. I spent many a day working with Little Ralph and enjoyed every one of them. I really appreciate the individual who submitted the comment to the paper. Maybe it’s time for some carrot or cucumber juice. Thank you.

. Mr. President of the United States, God bless you and God bless your family. I saw you at the wall praying for wisdom from Father God. Trump, you have the wrong idea thinking that Christians and Muslims can share the same thoughts. It cannot happen. Mr. Trump, your heart is in the right place and I will be praying for you. I don’t know who is writing your speeches for you, but these are not the words you used in your campaign. Like I say, Muslims don’t think like Christians. God bless America, and God bless you and your family.

. Happy birthday, Wildcat. I am very happy that you have found the Lord and that your life has turned out so happy for you. Sixtyseven is a good number. Happy birthday.

. To a certain smart-aleck

from up in Doty Creek: What gives you the right to go and shoot beside a certain person’s house? You’re nothing but pure trash.

. This piece is to the old cat killer: Why don’t you give your DNA, your fingerprints, your address and all that so that someone can check you out, too?

. To Magistrates Wayne Fleming, Bobby Howard and Terry Adams: You stand virtually accused by the county judge/executive of conspiring with some Letcher County citizens to have our county show red in its budget and be taken over by the state. If this is true, you must immediately show cause. The citizens of this county have the right to know why. Thank you.

. What’s the matter with us Republicans? Doesn’t what people do count? When we have Republicans proposing a ‘tax reform’ that will enrich the wealthy with millions in tax breaks while leaving the others holding the bag and a healthcare plan that’s going to kick about 20 million elderly and patients with pre-existing conditions off their health insurance or cause their premiums to skyrocket, something is badly the wrong. What’s the matter with us? Do we care that we’ve been lied to? I’m changing my mind; I’m not supporting these Republican programs. What about you?

. It’s Friday morning, May 26, and my girlfriend was just pulling out of Little Cowan to go to work when some idiot was coming up from Cowan and almost hit her. He had his bright lights on and hardly bothered to slow down. This is to that person: If I ever see you do that again I will hunt you down and I will pistol-whip you within an inch of your life if I don’t blow your brains out. Please excuse the language, but I am angry. All of this craziness on the road is going to get someone killed, and not necessarily because of an accident. It’s going to be intentional if I ever see that again.

. This is the Harlan County man. This is about an editorial I read in The Harlan Daily Enterprise on May 6 by the Lexington Herald-Leader about a judge’s decision to not hear any cases involving adoption by a practicing homosexual wanting to adopt a child including divorce, custody, domestic violence, neglect and abuse and termination of parental rights. The Harlan County man says the judge is 110 percent right. This judge is doing the right thing. Gays shouldn’t have the right to adopt a child. If gays want a child, let them stop their wicked abomination ways and get him a woman if she’ll have him. That way is okay. This judge is doing his job well. This is what left Democrats have got away with. This is child abuse and it needs to stop. But I know God is going to stop this abuse of a child soon. All these gays want is a check for that child and them make a homosexual out of that poor child. God bless the U.S.A. and President Trump.

. Evelyn, I would like to meet you. Tell me when and where.

. Mark 3:24: If a kingdom divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand. What is happening right now in our country? We are supposed to stand behind our appointed leaders, and if we don’t approve vote them out the next election. Many Democrats cannot approve of the way the party leaders and media are acting because it comes down to the fact that they want to remove God and Christianity from the world. Now we have to stand for our Christian faith and not for a party. You may not have approved of the president, but he has stood for our Christian faith and our rights of freedom. ISIS is real and Satan is real. Stand up for the faith of

God, not man. How sad that people are rejecting Jesus for politics.

. I have never seen such dysfunctional family in all my life. Telling flat out lies and haters for nothing. I wash my hands of such a crazy family. They must think that God doesn’t see what they’re doing. Lord have mercy. How crazy.

. Does anybody else remember taking your girlfriend to the drive-in picture show and ending up in the back seat about halfway through the movie? If we had all been arrested for that there wouldn’t have been anyone left on the streets.

. I’m sitting here watching the news about people killing other people and wondering what is going on with those men who are accused of killing the Hogg boy. Have they forgotten about that case?

. I am calling about the Little Colley Road — KY 1148 — near Isom. I have been traveling this road a lot, and it seems that from Gurney Maggard’s old store on down to the junction with KY 15 there are a couple of vehicles that absolutely fly. One is a little black truck; I believe it’s a Ford Ranger. These people are going to run over some innocent person. Since the officer who used to live in house beside this road has moved, I have never witnessed this road being patrolled. Someone is going to be killed. Please, we need some help from Gurney Maggard’s old store on down to Isom. Thank you.

. This is an informative message to the Letcher County Jail: You are being monitored on a daily basis, so watch your step.

. Cousin Stanley, you have outdone yourself again on the cemetery. It looks so pretty. Thank you so much. You’re doing better each time. I know it’s a hard job on you, but thanks again.

. Mr. Trump, I was watching TV and saw you at the West Wall in Jerusalem. I don’t know if you were praying or what, but you probably should have been thinking that the American taxpayers have sent enough money to Israel and to Palestine and we’re going to tear that wall down and bring it to America. Reckon that would help negotiations with the Palestinians?

. Does anyone out there know what the job of a constable is? I would like to know. You see them at election time, but after that they are gone.

. I see where Donald Trump wants to cut $1.7 trillion from entitlements — SSI, Social Security, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid — to give tax breaks to the rich. I kind of wish I hadn’t voted for him. Thank you.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I’m hearing about all the coaches who are quitting high school basketball or are retiring and making it known now. This would be a great time for at least one of our local coaches to do the same. He has screwed up enough scholarship opportunities for players already. The right thing to do is retire.

. No towels, no washcloths, no hot water, no nothing. You better watch which motel you choose to stay in.

. The United States is supposed to be the only world power, yet North Korea has us shaking in our boots. It’s a shame that our leaders are so afraid of them.

. I’ve been traveling all over the country for the past few years and I’m noticing more and more these stickers on vehicles that say, ‘I don’t believe the liberal media.’ I’ve seen the stickers in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. I don’t watch

the mainstream media anymore. They don’t have any credibility. They are bought and paid for. Their agenda is to destroy whomever they don’t like, regardless of who it is. Deceive and destroy.

. To a girl who took everything in the world away from my good friend: You broke him. You screwed him in more ways than one, and then you thought you were going to take his new car. Uh-uh. He got the new car and you got the piece of crap. (Who got the payment book?)

. Two certain teachers in Letcher County — one married and one not — used to get it on. Will that ever come out?

. I’m asking that everyone in Letcher County and surrounding areas pray for my niece, Christy Ann Mason- Bowling. She is only 38 and has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She left Tuesday for Boston, where she is scheduled to have surgery at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Please keep our family in your prayers.

. I don’t think we show

enough appreciation to our police officers — city police officers, sheriff ’s deputies, and state troopers — who patrol our county and state. They deal with problems that 90 percent of the people never see. Each time I see a police officer I tell him or her thank you for protecting me. I think we need to do that more often and show more appreciation.

. Where are all the state highway workers? They’re sure not cleaning out the ditches. The only time the ditches get cleaned is when a car runs into one. Thank you.

. Bill O’Riley once came to Appalachia and said our people are nothing but ‘pillbillies.’ Well, people who take pills can get help; perverts can’t. Once a pervert always a pervert, Mr. O’Riley — you and Donald Trump. Birds of a feather flock together.

. To the person talking about someone drinking a gallon of liquor a day: You are a lying hypocrite. I do not drink a drop. You’re the one who is going to answer when you stand before God. With all the lies you’ve told, old girl, you’ll pay for it then.

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