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Way to go, Letcher County officials. Let the gas companies block all the ATV trails. Your elections are coming up

. To the three young men who are stealing road signs around Carcassonne: You have been identified. If you touch another sign your names will be given to the authorities. If we see you stealing more signs, you will regret it. These signs are vital for ambulances and other 911 services to find the right houses in an emergency.

. You know, I have noticed that a few people look down their noses at other people. You people who do that are the worst ones if you think about it. Since you move here from other places, my thoughts are you were not good enough to make it where you are from. These people talk about how bad Kentucky is, but when you look at these people they are the worst ones.

. Can somebody tell me why our county officials go up to Fishpond Lake and build ATV trails and turn around and let the trails be blocked? Harlan County is making a fortune on ATV riding.

. If President Trump succeeds in killing the prison it will be worth celebrating by those against it. And we don’t need to worry about the jobs lost, because the coal business is coming back any day. That will also bail out the county’s finances.

. If I didn’t already think that Donald Trump wasn’t already a sick, vile and disgusting human being, I certainly do now that he wants to stop our county from getting the new federal prison. What kind of man does this stuff?

. I would like to comment on the mainstream media. It seems all they want to talk about it Russia, 24 hours a day, but they never mention creating jobs in this country or helping people pay the mortgage on their house. We’re making it on our own here. There’s no help from the government, because they are too busy arguing amongst themselves. We’ve been going back and forth with Russia for as long as I can remember. The loyalty of the liberal Democrats is not to this country — end of story.

. It’s amazing how three certain people can run to County Attorney Jamie Hatton’s office and tell lies and make it look like the other person is the bad person. If you lie your way out of everything, it’s going to come back to you sooner or later. You three are a bunch of rats anyhow. So have a nice day and eat plenty of cheese.

. A certain manager can get away with everything he is doing because all the supervisor is telling him is just ‘to be good.’ So what do you do and where do you go to put an application in? It seems like this could be the right place to work.

. Mr. President, God bless you. I think you did a wonderful job touring the world and trying to bring all the nations together. I am real concerned about North Korea, Iran, and the protesters in the streets who carry signs saying, ‘I’m here illegal and I ain’t going nowhere.’ I just wanted to say thank you. I also want to thank the officers at ICE for betting them out of here. There’s nothing in these sanctuary cities but thugs, murderers, rapists, and druggists poisoning our children. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for getting it stopped. The low news media isn’t even worth wiping your butt on the papers they put out and word they put out on TV. All they see is Clinton. Maybe the ones now in charge of the investigation will look at Clinton again and let America really know the truth, as if we don’t know the truth already. God bless America. Make us great again, Mr. Trump.

. Let’s see now. If you’re elderly and sick, Trump wants you to pay more to see the doctor. If you’re young and sick, Trump wants you work free before you can see the doctor. Not only does he want to take away your health insurance, he also wants to stop your food stamps, take your welfare, and stop your unemployment pay. And now I read in the paper that Trump wants to take away our prison, apparently for no other reason than because the money was given to us by former President Obama. Tell me again why it is that you still like this man?

. I can’t If there’s anyone out there who could help me with this problem I would appreciate it. I don’t have a credit card, but continuously I get calls from the credit card companies wanting to lower my interest rate. I wonder if I have a case of harassment against these people? If someone could tell me how I might go about doing that, please leave a message in Speak Your Piece and I will contact him or her. Thank you so much.

. What’s on my mind is a certain blonde-haired gal who works at Walmart and went to Letcher High School: Do you have a husband or a boyfriend? If not, I would consider it a privilege to go out with someone as pretty as you are.

. I got my water turned off and so did a few other people. The fact of the matter is I pay on my water bill regularly and I live on a fixed income. The fact of the

matter is I had an enormous amount of bills that came in at once. I stopped the water meter man out in my yard and said, ‘Look, buddy, why are you sending me $75 and $80 and $150 water bills?’ I said, ‘Look at my meter? You see all that grass and weeds and vines growing across that meter?’ He answered, ‘Yes, ma’am, I do.’ I said, ‘Well what does that prove?’ He said, ‘It means we’ve not been reading it.’ From now on I don’t care whose water meter they check or don’t check, but they better be here checking mine. If they’re going to cut somebody’s water bill off for a $500 debt, what about those who owe $1,200 and $3,000 but still have their water running? If they’re going to do it they should do it right. They go by the last name of the customer. I paid on my last water bill and they still cut my water off and I have a house full of kids. There is a thing called karma, and karma will come back. I hope you print this, but you probably won’t.

. I’m in search of Emmitt LaRue, the tree-cutting guru of Letcher County. If anyone knows where Emmitt is, please call Speak Your Piece. He is missed; where is he?

. I watched a report on WYMT-TV concerning the fact that only two employees are now working at the county road department. Questions: Are the magistrates still working? Are they still getting paid? If they are, what are they doing and why are they still working? You can’t get anything done in your district with only two employees on the road department. Therefore I don’t think the magistrates need to be working. If something doesn’t give soon, Judge/ Executive Jim Ward, you’re going to have to turn this county over to the state. Something should have been done way before now.

. I’ve got an idea on how to punish the comedienne, Kathy Griffin, for disrespecting President Trump. Just send her to Chicago. What Kathy Griffin depicted is

no better than the terrorists cutting people’s heads off and holding them up. She knew what she was doing.

. Believe it or not, I can go into a beer and liquor store and buy beer or liquor a whole lot easier than I can go into a store and add minutes to a phone.

. To a certain person: I see you like to come back to your old neighborhood. What’s the matter? You miss the home place you lost because you had to file bankruptcy? Ha ha. Listen here, pal, everybody knows your game and what a sorry person you are.

. Question: Driving up KY 1103 past the Lillie Cornett Woods, half the road is completely in the river. No warning signs, no flagger, just easy access for running over into the river and getting killed. Who is responsible for this? Is it the state? If it is, I would like to know why the state is not doing anything with this. Yes, you have drilled holes and put in steel, but there’s nothing there to keep a man from running into the river.

. Who is responsible for the upkeep of the South- East Road? They blacktopped it and did all that work, apparently because the prison was coming, and now the culverts plugged and it’s washed the road away — blacktop and all. Who is responsible for fixing this, the county or the state?

. When people laugh and talk at the same time I have a hard time understanding what they’re saying. Have a good day.

. I was in a certain store the other day looking for a certain cowgirl, but I didn’t see her. Maybe I was there on the day she wasn’t working. I want to let her to know that if she’s on the market I am definitely shopping. She can be my cowgirl any day of the week.

. This is the old cat killer: Yes, they can have my DNA, but you can’t. They can also

have my fingerprints. I think everybody in the whole world ought to have to give up his or her DNA, fingerprints and photos. Overall, most people are good. Think of the pressure that would put on the bad people out there. You have a great big old meow day.

. Did you ever hear the story of the little boy who cried wolf? He did it a few times and people would go running, but later found out there was no wolf. Eventually, the people quit running each time he said wolf. For thousands of years, we’ve been told by that the Lord is coming. Are we wrong for still believing that after all these thousands of years? I don’t think so.

. I’m glad that Magistrate Bobby Howard has come to his senses and started voting the right way. If he had been with Wayne Fleming and Terry Adams all along this situation with the county government wouldn’t be like it is today.

. I am sure glad the City of Whitesburg finally got a good box truck driver. He is the most dependable person I have ever seen in my life. Thank you, Mayor Craft, for getting this man to take the place of the other one.

. To a certain woman: You’re the person who started all of this. You are the one who called Speak Your Piece and started all this stuff about me being a witch. You know what? If somebody had done for me all I have done for you I don’t think I’d be badmouthing them. I would have never said anything about you in public. I know how much you drink. I got you a job. I have you money. I did things for you that your own family wouldn’t do. And then you talk about me the way you have and treat me the way you’ve treated me? I’m not the only one that’s going to stand before God and answer. The best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut. And I mean it. I loved you like a sister and was good to you, and you messed over me big-time. Like I said before, I wish I were a witch; I’d turn you into a frog, you ugly, fat, saggy-eyed, wrinkle-faced cow you. You need to look in the mirror before you start

talking about anyone else. I hate you as bad now as I used to love you.

. God bless you, President Trump, for having the courage to pull the plug on this terribly misguided plan to build a federal prison in our little county. Mr. Trump, please do not allow Hal Rogers and his buddies in the House and Senate stop you from doing what you know is right. You may be Letcher County’s savior.

. I’m curious to find out how a 70-year-old can consume a gallon of liquor.

. I still haven’t heard a public apology from Keith Adams, Jim Ward, and the other fiscal court members for the extremely rude behavior and lie told to the county people about a delinquent garbage bill that did not exist. The lady was not allowed to talk because Jim Ward did not want the people of the county to hear what she had to say. Keith Adams knowingly lied about the fake bill. The lady has given each magistrate a copy of the canceled check and also went pubic online to show her canceled check. Why has there not been a public apology? I personally think there should be a lawsuit filed over these lies.

. The rising of the oceans is caused by crybaby Democrat tears.

. All right, President Trump making America great again like Syria and Nicaragua. I can’t think of two better role models to follow. USA, USA.

. Hey people, take and cash the check Jesus gave you. He died for your sins and He paid for my sins. Don’t give these preachers your money. You are insulting Jesus when you send them your money. 1 Corinthians 9:18 says ‘I preach the gospel … without charge.’

. I want all these faithhealing preachers to go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and heal them. They will not do it, and we have exposed them.

. It’s Friday and I’m riding down the road with the air-conditioning on and the window down. It feels mighty fine.

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