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These people who are on welfare are so jealous of Donald Trump. Maybe they should try what he has done all of his life — get a J-O-B. Go to work.

. Dear members of Check Drawers for Trump, Letcher County Chapter: Do you ever wonder what President Trump and his type really think about you while they lie to you and work to take away your healthcare and your Medicaid and your food stamps and your disability? If so, please tune in to WLW-AM in Cincinnati and listen as Trump men like Bill Cunningham — especially on Fridays and Sunday nights — make fun of you for drawing your monthly checks and talk about you being the scum of America who couldn’t hold a job in a pie factory. Knowing that you are thought of as lower than dog poop on a shoe to these people, please explain to us why you would vote for someone like Trump? Inquiring minds need to know.

. The people on the left always try to turn something around when they mess it up. Take Kathy Griffin, for instance. What she did was deplorable, disgusting and outrageous. And then she says she’s the victim because people won’t let her do her comedy. Kathy Griffin, get dishpan hands. Burger King will hire you. That’s about all you’re fit for in America now. It’s pitiful the way the left doesn’t give Trump credit for anything. Look what this man’s done in the last week, and all they talk about is the Russian probe. Ladies and gentlemen, nothing happened. Why would we waste millions of taxpayer money on something that didn’t happen? That’s the left for you. Anyway, all of the people on the left can kiss my president’s [behind]. If you don’t want to kiss his’n, kiss mine you SOBs. God bless America.

. Well they finally got rid of the manager at a certain store and two women, too. Now all they have to do is get rid of the two nasty ones in the back and hire some good ones and maybe business will pick back up.

. I love Speak Your Piece. It is honest, fair and balanced. This is the old cat killer just wishing all a big meow day.

. To the woman who said she knows who I am and what I mean: Yes, I hope you do know who I am. The reason I called you a witch is because you’re the one who talked about casting a spell. You truly are an evil person.

. If a certain coach from a certain T-ball team hadn’t held a certain player up on second base he could have had a grand slam homerun and won that game. I am very disappointed in you,


. This is a Mountain Motor Speedway fan who would like to tell the new owners they are doing a pretty good job so far, but they need some lights, in Turn One especially. I know they are not too dumb to see that. They also need a new speaker near the concession stand so that people know what’s going on. Just keep on hanging in there, because the fans really liked what went on there over the weekend. We’ll be back there racing Friday night.

. I was just wondering how the Letcher circuit court judge and his dad practice law in the same town. That is a conflict of interest. (Actually it is not a confl ict of interest, because the dad cannot and does not represent clients in cases where the son sits as judge.)

. Keep on running your little four-wheelers on my property and I’m going to put out some nails and bust every tire you have. Once a backstabber always a backstabber and you’re one of them.

. Did anyone have any family members get sick during the weekend of June 2 through June 4? We had someone get sick of food poisoning after eating at a certain restaurant. Yes, I said food poisoning. This is sad that we can’t have places to eat without worrying about some kind of sickness coming upon us. I know what I’m going to do; I’m just going to eat at the house. ( Was the person you speak of actually tested for and diagnosed with food poisoning? Keep in mind that it generally takes from one to two days after eating bad food before symptoms of food poisoning show up.)

. First of all, I would like to thank Speak Your Piece for this forum of communication. Next I would like to offer a short word of advice to very young children of our area and of the world: Never call anyone Snaggletooth, for soon the time will come when we all must lose our baby teeth. Never call anyone Four Eyes, for that would prove only your lack of sight. Never call anyone Chicken or Scared Cat, because snakes and spiders and darkness can frighten even the strongest grown man. Never call anybody Stupid; even the greatest genius has made mistakes. Most of all never put yourself down. You hold the future in your hands and we need the strength, the wisdom, the courage and the ability that is within each and every child in this world. Thank you. (Thank you for the great advice.)

. The winds of change seem to haunt outside my

window, warning and jeering children at play. When all ceases, deafness falls. They whisper aboriginal songs — slow, sorrowful, spilling down the hollow as the true American voices joined in chant. Maddening winds of the self-distraught, for who doubt they bring anything but a string, a trail of some sort or other.

. See that old man over there? A lot of people call him a bum. If you ask him for that smelly worn-out bandana on his head or the shirt on his back or the shoes on his feet with the holes in them, he’ll gladly give it to you. He’s a really rich guy.

. I just want to tell Superman the snake what I really think about him. God sees all of your kindness, and it will come back to you. What a great guy, for he’s a jolly good fellow, attaboy and all that jazz. Keep being a good one, man. There are still a few of us out there.

. To my loving wife: The gift of your caring heart, the support you’ve granted me, and the love you share has been all that has kept me going for the last 15 years. No man has ever been blessed greater than I am for the angel by my side every day. I love you very much.

. Speak Your Piece is an awesome attribute to our community. Black Sabbath is the greatest band that has ever recorded music. And if you don’t like the country of America, let’s see you move to Guadalajara.

. I want to offer a sincere and earnest salute to all of our soldiers currently serving in the military, a very honorable and mournful memory of those who have fallen in the name of protecting our country, and a word of gratitude and thanks and appreciation to all of our retired veterans. The military of this country has served to protect our freedom for decades into centuries, and we should all be very grateful to those who have given their efforts and sweat to stand up for us. Thank you, vets. We love you.

. Concerning the person who is being talking about for being able to drink a gallon of liquor, I don’t think that people should talk about other people and what they do. Until they live in this person’s house, walk in their shoes, and do what he or she does every day, don’t worry about it. Everybody is different. What everybody needs to do is clean up their own mouth, their own house and their own backyard before they talk about anybody else.

. If you’re thinking about calling in to Speak Your Piece to whine and complain and moan, take a look around and see how God has richly blessed us all. And then call in with some sort of positive message.


Some old worthless drunks have nothing better to do than to call the local newspaper column. LOL.

. Some old worthless drunks have nothing better to do than to call the local newspaper column. LOL.

. Monogamy homogamy, bigamy pig-a-my, property lines don’t make sense, blackberries grow along my fence.

. A friend of mine once said, ‘my luck is so bad that if I fell into a lake of beautiful breasts I would come out bone dry and sucking my thumb.’

. My grandfather used to say it’s better to hold your tongue and let people think you’re fool than to run your mouth and prove it. Then again, he used to say a lot of crap I didn’t believe in.

. I think our local political system is doing a great job of running our county. I think the position they hold is a very difficult one, and they are doing the best of their ability to serve us and are doing a great job at that. If you disagree with that point, then don’t forget that elections

are coming.

. Letcher County, wake up. Kentucky Power Company wants another rate increase to give their CEO’s and shareholders more money. They state that night rates will be cheaper than daytime rates. Nighttime rates are already cheaper now because working people have to go to bed early and get up early. People on fixed incomes cannot give what they do not have. Most people in Letcher County live below the poverty level and receive Social Security benefits or some other government assistance. Many already have to choose between food or medicine. When are our representatives going to step up and help our people? Kentucky Power Company made millions of dollars last year and did give to area community groups, but they need to give that money back to AEP customers. People, we need to stop the money-hungry company. Call the Kentucky Public Service Commission at 1-800-772-4636. Thank you. .

Some folks have a lot on their mind while other folks don’t have a mind at all.

. What’s on my mind is why are the garbage men running at 4:30 in the evening? That’s to you, Judge/ Executive Jim Ward.

. Whoever is driving that little old gray car that runs up and down this hill here at Whitco Cemetery every evening needs to slow down before they run over some child. If the driver of this car reads Speak Your Piece, I hope this slows him down. You all fly up and down this hill and that is ridiculous. Slow your little gray [behind] down.

. You don’t plant apple seeds and pray to harvest peaches.

. Democrats and Republicans alike need to take a deep breath and remember what the Congressional investigations that are currently in the news are really all about. The purpose of the investigations is to determine how Russia has been interfering into our elections and how to stop them from doing so. No matter your political allegiance, you should hope that we find out what the Russians are doing, how they do it, and what we as a nation can do to stop it.

. To Judge/Executive Jim Ward: I’ve asked this once and I’ll ask it again. Are the Letcher County magistrates getting paid during the time the county road workers are laid off. If they are, I have a problem with this. They will pay the price on Election Day, as they are the laughingstock of Letcher County. Our people are hurting and our children are suffering.

. I would like to know one thing and one thing only: Why are they waiting so long to try those two charged with killing the Hogg boy? Do they hope people will forget about it?

. I would like to share my condolences with the Akemon family off Big Branch at Linefork. They’ve had a really rough time over the last few years. They’ve lost Wayne and Wayne’s wife, Wanda, and now Shelby. I hate that I wasn’t able to be there, as Shelby Jr. and I were just like brothers at one time.

. I was reading in Speak Your Piece where three young men were stealing road signs at Carcassonne. If the caller knew their identity, why didn’t he or she report them to the police? Something like this affects everybody, not only the ones in the neighborhood but the 9-1-1 people as well and anyone else traveling on those highways. This caller should have reported that; not doing so makes him or her as big a problem as the three thieves are.

. I am replying to the person

doubting whether Jesus will return. It has only been a little over 2,000 years since he lived and died. In Mark 13:28, Jesus told us to learn the parable of the fig tree. That parable is referring to when Israel will become a nation again, which happened in 1948. They set out a fig tree to memorialize that date and it became the generation that Jesus would return. God mentioned a 70- and a 120-year generation. The 120 years will end in about 50 years from now. Only God knows when the exact date will be. Several things have to happen. First, the one world government will be set up. Satan will come to Earth pretending to be Jesus and a great defection will happen. People will turn from worshipping Jesus to worshipping Satan. Two witnesses will come from God preaching against Satan. They will be killed and left in view of everyone for three days. After this time they will rise from the dead and Jesus will be seen coming in the sky. People will cry for the mountains to fall on them because they are so ashamed that they worshipped Satan.

. Liberal media bought and paid for. We know who you are and what you are.

. I was reading in Speak Your Piece about Magistrate Keith Adams and some woman’s garbage bill. I would like to know more about this. I would also like to hear more from the lady who had this done to her by Adams.

. Most of you know there’s certain drug dealer in the Millstone area who runs a one-stop shop for cocaine, marijuana and pills. What you probably don’t know is that this same dealer has been selling the poison to underage kids. This is a promise to that dealer: Keep selling your poison to underage kids and you’ll pray the law gets to you before I do.

. I’m sitting on my porch in Whitesburg watching the delivery guy for the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper delivering papers. Did I mention it’s seven o’clock at night? Pitiful.

. Why does the Letcher Ambulance Service wait so long before they come to pick up their patients? What kind of ambulance service do we have?

. Donald Trump sure is keeping his word to the American people — campaign promises that hurt poor and ordinary people like cutting our healthcare, Medicare and education. He seems to care about keeping his word, so why doesn’t he worry about keeping our word to the rest of the world? Our country agrees to cut pollution, but then we back out. Even our allies don’t trust our word with Trump. No wonder. What a disgrace.

. We’ve got one of the finest churches there is, but there’s a lady in our church who just wants to cause trouble. I wish the pastor would talk to her or let her go somewhere else. People don’t want to be around her. She wants attention, but she just makes a fool out of herself. She needs to find another church to attend.

. I’ve got family members can tell things to and ask them not to repeat, and before dark it will be all over town. Don’t trust your family.

. Mr. Trump, you don’t have to be sworn in and testify that you had nothing to do with the Russians. They’ve got you jumping through hoops; they’ve got you doing exactly what they want you to do. The Democrat Party is going to fight all the way. They’re just playing a game with you, Mr. Trump. You’re the president of the United States. You’re doing a good job, but quit playing these Democratic games. Let these heathens start doing their job in trying to help build America back. You stand firm and you stand strong; you don’t have to testify nothing to nobody. You’re the president and we’re proud of you. God bless America.

. I’m thinking about the person who is curious about the 70-year-old who can

consume a gallon of liquor. It’s no worse than people sitting around and consuming two or three chickens in a meal. My thoughts are with the 70-year-old. The problem with those people who put you down is they eat too much.

. I wish the Indian Creek Grocery would hurry and reopen.

. Why does the price of medicine keep going up? What is the problem? Poor people can’t afford it.

. I don’t like it when people are sitting around talking and then start screaming and hollering to get heard over everybody else.

. Each time you want to believe that Donald Trump really isn’t the liar that some people say he is, he then claims a coal mine that opened the other day ‘is the first in many years’ to open in the United States. That is just not true, and he has to know it’s not true. Why would our president tell such a lie?

. Television stations WKYT and WYMT must do a better job of teaching about successful solutions to complex problems such as opioid abuse, bad housing and lack of childcare.

. The people of the United States owe General Jim ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis a sincere thank you for being the only member of Donald Trump’s cabinet to hang onto his dignity during the latest embarrassment at the White House, Trump’s first cabinet meeting this week. Who among us — Republican or Democrat — would have ever believed before now that the actions of our sitting president would bring legitimate comparisons to North Korea and Kim Jongun? While the other cabinet members sat around a big table and professed their love for Trump, Mattis said, ‘Mr. President, it’s an honor to represent the men and women of the Department of Defense, and we are grateful for the sacrifices our people are making in order to strengthen our military so our diplomats always negotiate from a position of strength.’ Compare that to the following pathetic statement from White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus: ‘We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing to serve your agenda.’ Memo to Priebus: You received Trump’s ‘blessing’? This is the United States, not North Korea.

. To the person complaining about the POTUS lipsynching the Star Spangled Banner: Hey, stupid, Obama never sang along, let alone honored our troops in any way. In fact, most holidays honoring this great country he tried to miss or attended with fringe enthusiasm. How in the hell can you fault a person for singing along to our anthem? Geez, I’m guessing you never pay much attention to the real issues or watch C-Span to see how our government works, or doesn’t work to be honest. Did you know Congress is getting ready for its five-week August break? Then they will be back for about four weeks and be gone again. I wonder how many days they actually work — not campaigning or fund-raising, I mean workdays for the American people? Does anyone know? Thank you.

. Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face, Donald Trump did just that when he accused the former FBI director he fired of lying while under oath. Can you imagine how hard and deep the FBI and CIA agents will be digging now that a known liar like Trump has challenged the truthfulness of an honorable man like James Comey? Buckle up, folks, the ride is going to get a little bumpier as this investigation in the Trump administration’s Russian connections is going to get very bumpy. Trump just can’t keep his mouth shut, no matter what.

. Imagine the outcry from the far-right wing of the Republican Party if Barack Obama were seated at a big table in the White House and called on every member of his cabinet to praise him the same way Donald

Trump did on Monday. Those right-wingers would be mad as wet hornets — as they should be — if it was Obama who spent 12 minutes on Monday calling himself the most successful president in United States history, ‘with few exceptions.’ And what if Vice President Joe Biden had looked into Obama’s eyes with man-love and said that ‘serving’ him is ‘the greatest privilege of my life’? What took place at the White House Monday is what happens in dictatorships like North Korea, not in democracies like our United States.

. History will record that Donald Trump’s failure as president can be blamed not on the press, not on the Justice Department, not on the Democrats, not on the Russians, not on the immigrants, but on his alter ego, Donald Trump.

. I feel sorry for poor old Donald Trump in his state of cognitive decline. If he had a brain he would take it out and play with it.

. There is an air of optimism in Washington as we inch closer and closer to getting that yellow-haired nincompoop out of the oval office. When he resigns or is impeached all of us reasonable Americans can join hands and sing the old Roy Clark anthem, ‘Thank God and Greyhound You’re Gone’

. This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. With all the horrible news we are being fed today, this can become a hard task unless we keep our focus on Jesus and His word. The so-called globalists would have you believe the environment is the true religion. This is being pushed every day and Christians are becoming the enemy. My advice would be to look around at the wonders of the world and get to know the One who made it all and find the peace that can only be found in Him. The lies we are being led to believe with the news

media will only bring harm to America. Look at the horrible things recently. ‘The View’ hating on Christians and comparing us to ISIS. The horrible woman with her beheaded president, ISIS style. (Now she says she is being persecuted — that part was planned, too.) All the drama and lies about global destruction. Obamacare: everyone knows it was a failure and going down. Give Congress a chance redo it. You won’t lose your insurance. Don’t believe the hysterical lies you are hearing, they are only trying to destroy the president, which will in turn destroy this country. Support your president. Speak out for your Christian beliefs. Reject anything that has evil as its basis.

. I am so glad that we have real president now who has a brain in his head. I am so thankful that he pulled out from the stupidity of global warming in Paris, France. When 911 happened, France did not want to stand with us. The French can stay on their side of the ocean. America First is right. We, the American people, are so sick of the Democrats’ stupidity that we should never vote for a stinking Democrat with mental disorders. Donald Trump is the greatest president we have had since Ronald Reagan. I am proud of the way he is putting a stop to the ignorance we have had to suffer under the past eight years. So never, never again vote for a Democrat. Period.

. It is my opinion that since Hillary Clinton lost the election and the coal industry has all but vanished from eastern Kentucky that the people of the Appalachian region of our state should not let the ‘nightmare of doom’ limit our ability to dream. We all know that the coal industry will never again rebound and attain the level of economic provision it once did by providing our standard of living (or our lifestyle). We also know that there is no other replacement for coal or natural ‘job supplier’ other than coal here

in eastern Kentucky. Therefore, we who must continue to live here because this is our home should all get together in a cooperative manner and dream our way out of our predicament. Hence, I will offer you one of my ideas for eastern Kentucky’s revitalization. Build a multipurpose aerial tramway. Such an extensive aerial tramway could be used as a local area and passenger transportation system covering a considerable area (perhaps 50–100 mile radius). A system of cables and towers could run along the ridge tops of these small mountains for many miles and offer both passenger and tourist attraction to the public, the same as any other public service system. Cables and towers, along with cable cars, could be built large and rugged enough to withstand all expected weather conditions. Such cable cars are already in use in Europe and places in South America. For those who would reject this idea for a tourist attraction being too expensive to be built, the United States built railroads all over the United States before and after the American Civil War. They are capable of building a cable car system. People would come from all over the world to ride our cable cars (misnamed gondolas). You can imagine how much spin down industry that would bring, motels, restaurants, hospitals and churches. God bless Trump.

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