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Somebody needs to visit all of these senior citizens buildings to check out what is going on inside of them. People are still smoking in them even though there are ‘no smoking’ signs right up on the walls. I’m not going to go to my senior citizens center anymore. I have health problems and I don’t need all that secondhand smoke. Someone please do something about this. Thank you.

This is a message for a young boy who lives in McRoberts: Everyone around here knows what you’re doing. We know you are on your four-wheeler out selling drugs every day. You are ruining the lives of other people. You need to stop what you’re doing or you’re going to be in trouble. Sheriff Webb or UNITE, please help us with this boy. It’s become a problem in the McRoberts area. I don’t understand why that boy has to sell drugs and ruin other people’s lives.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton ought to be ashamed of themselves for trying to convince the voters that their plan for a summer gas tax holiday would be a good thing. At the most, drivers would save 30 cents a day – or the equivalent of half a tank of gas for the entire summer – if this idea being pushed by McCain and Hillary were approved. Is there nothing these two people wouldn’t do to try to get elected?

To my neighbor in Neon: You called in a lie about me to my food stamp worker. It didn’t work, but it did give me the chance to tell the truth about what kind of person you really are. I told my worker and two separate supervisors that I knew it was you who called in about me. I also told them that the kind of person they are listening to is married and was sleeping with a married man. I also told them who he is and who his wife is.

If people would call in about the things a certain police officer has done to them, and have proof, maybe we could all get together and have something done with him. We can show some of these cops that the people of Letcher County are not going to let them run over us. They serve the people; we don’t serve them. A lot of these young-punk cops have forgotten that. We need to stick together, people of Letcher County.

Oh baby, baby, you’ve lost your good thing now. Bye-bye baby, baby good-bye.

To all the punks on Cram Creek who have been stealing gas and stealing tools and stuff: Everybody knows who you are. There are two separate groups – three boys down the road and a couple up the road. If you come into my yard a shotgun will be blasting you. Get a job and get off the pills. You’re going to end up dead if you’re not careful. I’m not taking this stuff of things being stolen.

I love a certain man, but for some reason he has never mentioned he knows you. And Lord knows, I have dinner with him once a week.

I don’t see how any person with half a brain could vote to put the Republicans back into the White House. This country cannot afford four more years of George W. Bush, which is exactly what we’ll be getting if we elect John McCain. The Republicans have bankrupted us and our country. I’m afraid that if we don’t make a drastic change we’re going to go the way of ancient Rome.

It seems real funny how the police are afraid to come to Doty Creek. We need federal help here. The drug dealers are getting away with whatever they want. It’s time to put a stop to these dopeheads.

Word is there’s going to be one heck of a shuffleboard tournament when the Whitesburg High School Class of 1973 gets together for its 35th reunion this summer. Let’s party!

Time and time again you hear of inmates getting out of jail and talking about how they were able to get high while they were in jail. Seems to me the only way to stop the use of drugs in jails is to stop the drugs from coming in. Why don’t they make the inmates buy their clothes and coffeepots through the commissary? That would limit the availability. Why aren’t the inmates being randomly drug-tested while in jail? The people on work-release are. Why aren’t the inmates and the trusties? If they find these people test positive, then take away their visits. If you can stop the drugs from coming in then you can stop the drugs.

I am calling about the money found on Brickyard Hill. It was two fifty-dollar bills. My daughters was going to pay the cable bill and the water bill and lost it on April 25, in the evening. If you do want to return it we would appreciate it. I don’t know how to get in touch with you, but I live at 32 Scrip Lane on Brickyard Hill. We would appreciate it very much.

I wish a certain person in my neighborhood would drop dead. They’ve been around too long and all they do is stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. Another thing: I know good and well that you are the one who gave my mother some pills and messed her up. Why don’t you just drop dead and go down to hell where you belong?

The United States is supposed to be a superpower? Ha ha ha. When you have to go to a place like China to borrow the money to pay your debts, you are not a superpower. You are a sissy and you’re on your way out of town.

To the lady trying to mess with the guy in the eighteenwheeler: I hope I never catch you on the side of the road with him. I am watching you. Even when you don’t see me I see you.

I wonder who gave the married woman a black eye, the husband or the young boyfriend? I wish the woman would grow up and act like a lady. She’s driving her mom and dad crazy.

To the person who commented in Speak Your Piece about Marshall’s Branch having some nasty houses: If you mean mine, then let me put you straight about something. I don’t care how messed up my house is outside. It’s none of your business. When mine got messed up outside I had my husband to take care of it for me. He meant more to me than pleasing some idiot like you who likes to drive around and look at everybody else’s place and turn your nose up. Odds are you’ve got plenty of people to take care of you. So if you want to go around with your nose in the air, you go right ahead. You’re not worth wasting the time of day on.

Seven days without the word of God makes one weak.

I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoy the Colson news. Creta is a lovely person. I became acquainted with her when she worked at Parkway Pharmacy. Keep up the good work, Creta Isaac.

I need to tell a person who is back in town and wants to see me that I look totally different now and that he won’t know me. I have been dying to talk to him for years and years. Tell him I know about where he is, and that he should come back to the same place I saw him the last time. He should also go back and talk to the messenger he used about 15 years ago or so. She knows everything, and she is almost in your family. Go see the messenger. I want to talk to you. I want to see you. Key words: Big wheels. A lot of wheels.

To the man who came to Jenkins looking for pretty women: If I were you I would stay where you are. The pretty women you remember are your age and have now grown older. You can’t look like you’ve just walked out of Vogue your entire life. You would have to be looking at women who are twentysomething to find what you want, but you would be too old for them. Nobody can stay young forever.

Thanks to the family who owned the dogs for trying to do something about them being shot by a state trooper. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will get justice. Several people have tried to get justice through the courts, but they have failed. As a person who has tried, I say good luck. I’ll be praying and watching.

To a certain man who drives a blue truck: You are a nasty, disgusting man. You think you are hot stuff. The next time you try something on me, my husband is going to come and whip your behind. And yes I will tell your wife. From a woman who works in Neon.

This is to both of my sons, Josh and Robert. One is sixteen and one is ten, and I am so proud of both of them. Here’s wishing you a late happy birthday. Love, Mom, Glen, Dad and Mattie. I’m proud of you, Josh, for getting your permit. Robert, I’m also proud of you for making good grades. Keep up the good work.

After a recent traffic accident, a sheriff’s deputy did nothing to a driver who had no insurance, no tags, and was driving on a suspended license. One guy left the scene of an accident and didn’t get taken to jail. He didn’t even get a ticket. I feel sorry for us people who have to pay insurance when the sheriff’s department won’t even enforce the laws requiring people to carry insurance and have a valid driver’s license. This deputy even told the driver without the insurance that it was okay to go to the hospital to be treated because the person with insurance would have to pay for it. If you don’t put this in the paper we ….

This is in response to the idiot who commented about not liking dogs and it being okay to shoot them: You can’t go around shooting everything and everyone you don’t like. You’re about as smart as an officer who would shoot the dogs for keeping him awake.

This is to the idiot who called in saying it is 2008 and your neighbor doesn’t care about you or your animals: Have you ever heard of prosocial behavior? Have you ever heard of altruism? Since you’re so busy looking online about the hunting laws, why don’t you get a dictionary and look up those words?

To a certain elementary counselor: You need to find out the facts before you call Social Services on someone. For your information, my daughter took her son to the doctors to see what made him break out with something. He told her that her son had poison ivy, or maybe poison oak, from where he was playing in the weeds. The doctor gave her some anti-itch cream to clear it up. So why don’t you mind your own business? What would you do if a child breaks out with chicken pox at school, call the social workers? From a very upset grandmother.

Cross over, cross over, cross over the line. Each and every one of you will now reap what you have sown.

To a certain person at Jenkins: It was your own fault. She took the power out of her name. You didn’t pay the bill and you were running it up over what the deposit was. You told her that if she did take the power out of her name you would have your daughter’s mom’s druggie friends destroy her car. You said you would burn her house down and that you would call the Humane Society on her. You sold her guitar, saying you needed money to buy her daughter’s birthday cake. You then told her she couldn’t come to the party, that someone there would beat her. She gave your daughter a computer. You told her it was junk, but every night you sit and look at porn on it. You asked her for her medication to give to your daughter’s mother so the mother would watch the child. She wouldn’t give the medication to you, so you stole the whole bottle. You took money, never repaying her and letting her starve while you got fat as a pig, never offering her a bite of food when you did cook. You sent someone to take her cat and she showed the lady she had no food, but did have food for the cats. She told the lady how many times you and your sister tried to put her in jail or did put her in jail. Son, all I can say is that one day you will pay for what you have done to her. If I was her I would have been ashamed to have been seen with you anyway, considering your age. You got her pregnant when she was just a teenager. That’s pretty sick, pervert.

To the lady in Buck Creek who wears the short shirt that shows all of her stretch marks: You would have to tie a bone around your neck to get the dogs to play with you. And as for your daughter, no one is afraid of her. The only thing bad about her is her mouth. And she is getting ready to meet her match.

I thank God for people who work hard and pay taxes so I can draw food stamps.

Recently while shopping at a local supermarket, a man with a three- to four-year-old stopped by a lottery machine and instructed the little boy on how to operate it. There’s nothing like getting a child off to a good start in life.

An eleven-year-old boy saw his dad just about kill his mother and shoot her. When that boy was about fifteen, a certain state trooper was asking him if he knew anything about a girl who had run away from home. The boy told him everything he knew, and the trooper told the boy he was just like his dad. The trooper’s supervisor was called. Anyone who treats children this way does not need to be a cop.

God bless you, Nanetta. I’m praying for you.

Speak Your Piece, why is it you can print a complaint against Tri-Star Communications and use the company’s name, but you can’t print a complaint against Wal-Mart and use that company’s name?

This is to a certain woman: You should really be ashamed of yourself for treating your stepchildren the way that you do. You treat them like dogs. If you really loved the man that you are with, which is their dad, then you would accept those kids and you would love them because they are a part of him. All you do is cause problems for him and his children. You are always causing conflict to keep him from spending time with his children. You really need to get yourself some help. You are psycho. You are so jealous of him being around his children and his family that you can’t stand it. You’re plumb crazy. Get yourself some help.

Just want to say hi to H.M., a friend of many years. L.H.

If your child stole something, the first thing you would do is make him give it back. If his friend stole something and gave it to him, you’d still make him give it back. Whatever other punishment there might be, the first punishment is to return the stolen object because you don’t want theft reinforced. So why is it that Johnny Ray Turner can steal a political office and keep it? If you wouldn’t allow your children to steal and profit from it, why would you let Johnny Ray Turner? That is not the lesson you want people to learn. If Johnny Ray had any honor he wouldn’t have run again, and no honest person should support him.

Just wanted to wish ‘Go Granny Go’ a happy Mother’s Day. Love, your grandkids.

There was a copper theft and the police chased two suspects down and arrested them. They are hard after another and may have caught him by now. I certainly have no complaint; that’s the way thieves should be handled. The thing I don’t understand is why other crimes aren’t handled as aggressively. I’ll bet the Potters’ timber was worth many times what that copper was. What has been done for them?

There are disturbing stories going around the county that county department heads and other officers are pushing citizens to put up signs and support their choices, not the citizens’ choices, of political candidates. In some cases the pressure is said to have been intense. Such behavior comes from a mentality and attitude that are hard to fathom. These people are pretty old: do they want their legacy to be nothing more than one of fixing elections, and being big powers in Letcher County? Pathetic. These things, if true, are of course illegal. They are also risky. Election fraud is being exposed more with each election. Even more, they are uncivilized. Do these people really think they are somehow possessed of qualities that give them the privilege of usurping other people’s Constitution guaranteed rights to support their own choices for public office? Do they think they have the right to use their taxfunded offices to manipulate people who supposedly live in a free country? Many have more money and power than they can use. Is this behavior a way to satiate huge egos? Are they comfortable with creating anxiety, pain, and fear in those they control? They are probably, like most in Letcher County, regular churchgoers who consider themselves to be religious. I wonder how they rationalize that?

Hubert, Oma told me you had been feeling under the weather lately. Sorry to hear that but I’m sure Joyce has been taking good care of you and you’re well on your way to recovery.

Just to let you know, I don’t know how to tread lightly. That’s not something I care to do. I am who I am, like it not. Starlinnea.

I am so amazed how Jenkins and Burdine have changed in the past years. I remember when you didn’t have to lock your house or your vehicle. You could go on vacation and not worry about some pillhead stealing all your stuff. What has happened to everyone? The sad thing is these pillheads are the people that we went to school with, ones that were our high school boyfriends or girlfriends. We have people that have gone out and committed murders, robbing their old high school friends, and how many of them have died from an overdose on OxyContin? Wake up, get jobs, support your families and stop snorting pills up your noses. How can ya’ll look in the mirror every day and not be disgusted with yourselves? Ya’ll take such a beautiful place and make it dirty with the drug use, stealing, robbing, and the killings. Take some pride in yourselves and take your lives back. Stop letting drugs run your lives.

I feel really scared that people in our community feel the way that they do over this cop-shooting-the-dogs incident. I honestly worry about people with that kind of temper. If dogs in the mountains barking will make you want to shoot and kill them, you have a bad anger issue. I myself love dogs. I don’t love all animals, but that doesn’t make me ‘hate’ them or want to kill them. There is always a better way to handle these kinds of situations and this was definitely not one of them. Whether you love dogs or not or whether they get on your nerves or not doesn’t give you the right to kill them. There are always more choices. Someone who can shoot a dog and then go back to bed and sleep, I wouldn’t trust around people either.

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to Dixie Harlow, Bernetta York, Dana York, Lina Johnson, Ruby McCarty, Mary Blair, Sandy Gardner, Mrs. Don Tolliver, Faye Phillips, Norma Jean Hall, Irene Bates Smith, Lovell Combs, Irene Hart, Wanda Hart, Charlotte Hart, Reba Adams, Samantha Isaac, Sabrina Kaiser, Ann Little, Judy Morgan, Bev Phillips, Hestilene Tolliver and to all the wonderful mothers of Letcher County.

When I read that a police officer killed two hunting dogs – only months after NFLstar and multimillionaire Mike Vick couldn’t even buy his way out of prison in America for being behind an operation which fought dogs – and is still here in Letcher County roaming the streets, I was appalled. The days of teaching your children that the first thing to do is ask for a policeman, the finest men in uniform, appear to be long gone. The trooper accused of killing the dogs will get a smack on the wrist and we all know it. Too bad those poor Pike County folks and the National Kennel Club people don’t realize this is Letcher County, where politics is the rule of law and the rule of law is politics as usual. In this case I truly believe that a higher power will come calling. If you don’t believe in that power, there are still things like ‘Earl’ and ‘Karma’ for those who think they’re above such things. What comes around goes around. Signed, a hound dog lover who literally rode one for quite some time and had a ball doing it.

I’ve been hearing stories about county officials electioneering hard for candidates. This erases any dignity for them and their office. I think it’s against the law for people in the courts to do anything like this. I’ve also heard that some of the officials are pressuring and trying to strong-arm people to vote and work for their candidate. I know that’s against the law. Anyone being treated this way should report it to the attorney general and election officials as soon as they can get to a phone.

Roland and Ellen, we really enjoyed your visit this past weekend. Maybe it won’t be too long until we can see you more often. You’re very special to us.

Happy Mother’s Day, RuthAnn. We love you. Oma, we hope you have the best Mother’s Day ever. We love you, too.

Ellen, we just wanted to say happy Mother’s Day from MiniMe. Molly, Annie and Frankie. We think you are the world’s best mommy. Thank you, Roland, for choosing her for our mommy.

To a certain fake blonde lady: You are the biggest hypocrite I know. You are the reason a certain church doesn’t have many members. Do you think people don’t know all of the sinful evil things that you do through the week? You don’t have not one right to tell anyone anything about church.

Why would anyone want to date a man who is a alcoholic? He is no good for you. You are too good of a person to let a low-life peace of trash like that mess up your life. Your parents and your family are good Christian people and they attend a good Christian church.You are way too good for him. You better be very wise and careful when it comes to him. He will come off as being such a good man until he gets to know you. He will lead you to believe that there just isn’t anyone like him and make you believe he is the perfect man, but the truth is he is a nogood liar and alcoholic peace of trash. You can do better than him. If it’s a dog you are looking for, get you one from the pet shop.

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