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I love Speak Your Piece so much that my boyfriend got me a subscription for a gift. I live by Chicago, Illinois, and if we break up I sure would like to meet a few of you ‘rich southern men.’ I also love cats.

. I was in Linefork, right below the South-East road a couple of Saturdays ago between 3 and 5. I was fishing below a certain home and had parked beside the road. About that time a diesel truck came by, and I’m pretty sure it was hauling a piece of equipment. I heard the truck hit it brakes, but didn’t realize it until Monday that he had hit my pickup, causing about $500 worth of damage at least. Well, Mr. Farm Equipment Man with the blowout, I wish you were half the man that I am, because I would have stopped and told you that I wanted to help you try to fix your vehicle that I damaged. Apparently you are not half that man. I wish you would get the heart to do the right thing in this life. I’ll forgive you.

. In the Genesis 6, I think in the sixth verse, it says God repented that he had made man. But he never did say anything about repentance for Satan the Devil, and he was probably millions of years old. Is there any justice in that? The devil can live millions of years, yet we’re expected to have our ducks in a row within 70 or 80 years. Have a nice day and think good thoughts about it.

. To a certain person: They said you were gay. None of my business. You’re still my friend. Wish you the best.

. The people in high places politically need to be brought to their knees by we the people.

. A certain woman from Millstone is bumming for money and taking everything that isn’t nailed down in the process. I think the police should talk to her. The police know who she is and they need to go tell her to stay out of people’s faces. We’re tired of it.

. Senator Mitch McConnell is an embarrassment to the State of Kentucky. He is still fighting to disable any initiative to provide health care for the poor, the sick, the disabled and the disadvantaged. He is not saying it in words but his actions speak louder than words. If he had ever spent one year of his life in poverty or among the poor maybe he would have a little compassion for their plight. Technically speaking health care is not an entitlement or a right but providing for the less fortunate is the humane

thing to do. All of the other industrialized countries of the world have universal health care but the United States is 50 years behind the rest of the world because of people like Senator Mitch McConnell and our silverspooned president Donald Trump.

. What’s on my mind is I’ve held it as long as I can and I’ve waited long enough to tell a big training fellow that I thank him very much for destroying my life. He messed my life up by taking my wife away from me. She was a beautiful lady, she had a great job, and we had a happy life until she started running around and cheating with him. I hope the same thing happens to him that happened to me, because he destroyed my life.

. Thank goodness for trail cameras and video. I finally have some footage of certain people going to a cemetery and catting around on their husband and their wife. Are you going to back-peddle now when I show your husbands, your boyfriends, and your wives. Oh goodness. I will get even with you.

. If you’re not going to put the answers to the crossword puzzle in, don’t put the puzzle in the paper. Thank you.

. To the drug dealing man — I mean drug dealing coward — over at Neon: Next time I find out you’re threatening an elderly lady with your vulgarity and your ugly words, I’m coming looking for you myself. I know who you are and I know where you live and you better watch out.

. I love watching cable channel 24 and all that beautiful music, but I wish they could work in the names of the people singing the songs. It’s a good station.

. This is really a surprise to people on Thornton — a woman going house-tohouse taking up money and saying that her sister has cancer. I think someone needs to put a stop to this.

. I have the right to say what I’m going to say. On the front page of The Mountain Eagle there is fake news. The state says only one person died by overdose in Letcher County in 2016, and none in 2017. I’ve heard about six or eight or 10 myself. You know that’s fake; so don’t print stuff like that. ( The state’s statistics could well be wrong, and many people believe they are, but there is nothing ‘fake’ about the article itself.)

. My question is this: When that man was shooting at the Republican senators,

why didn’t one of the senators have his gun? Why wasn’t there one gun locked up with a 30-round clip in it to take the guy out? That’s the problem with the United States. Only gangsters and bad guys have the guns. The lambs are in there, so they just come in and slaughter them. Let’s start having at least one person with a high-powered rifle at all of our events. And about Dennis Rodman going to North Korea: This man going to North Korea makes a mockery of United States citizens. Dennis Rodman, just because you could drop a basketball through a hoop without even jumping doesn’t make you a hero in my book. Why didn’t you play football? You couldn’t do that, could you? God bless America. Screw Dennis Rodman; screw North Korea, and screw all the SOBs who want to slaughter innocent people. Have a nice day.

. I called into the county about cutting some weeds that make for very dangerous conditions here on Marshall’s Branch and they tell me they’ve quit cutting weeds — that they’ve stopped almost everything. Since our bills are the same, we would like to know what is going on. We would like to get a little benefit out of our tax money. The weeds are so bad up here it is dangerous. People are speeding and you can’t see 30 feet in front of your vehicle. Something needs to be done.

. I’ve wanted to comment on the ex-football coach at Jenkins. I love the guy like a brother and I’m very good friends with him. But let’s be honest; if you attended any of the games last year you could see the conflict on the sidelines. I wish him the best.

. What happened to the outdoor toilet that was supposed to be left at the Blackey Park? The toilet came and the toilet went.

. This is a poem called ‘Flanders Field’ by Lt. Col. John McCrae: In Flanders fields the poppies blow/ Between the crosses, row on row, / That mark our place: and in the sky/ The larks still bravely singing fly/ Scarce heard amid the guns below. / We are the dead: Short days ago, / we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, / Loved and were loved: and now we lie/ In Flanders fields! / Take up our quarrel with the foe/ to you, from failing hands, we throw/ the torch: be yours to hold it high/ If ye break faith with us who die, / we shall not sleep, though poppies grow/ In Flanders fields (Thanks for reminding us about this historic poem. We should note that it is considered one of the most famous war-related poems in history, and was composed on May 3, 1915 at Ypres, Belgium, the day after McCrae’s friend and former student, Alexis Helmer, was killed during a battle with the Germans during the First World War.)

. If ISIS wants to bring down our beautiful country, it is sure getting a lot of help from folks who think they are patriotic. How to wreck this country on the cheap with no military invasion? Get us fighting with each other about keeping out desperate refugees, bankrupting ourselves to build a wall, and fighting our allies to pay for it. A Speak Your Piece commenter responded to one of the terrorist attacks in England by saying we should tell all those Middle East Muslim countries that ‘their sands will be turned to glass’ if they don’t stop these extremists they are harboring. Pay attention: This guy is saying he’s responding to one despicable attack with an unimaginable atrocity — incinerating tens of millions of adults and little children. If he calls himself a Christian, ISIS would be extra happy. They would say, ‘See how people who claim to be following Jesus hate Muslims?’ What about

the homegrown American terrorist who tried to stab two little Muslim girls out there in Oregon? Just keep hating Democrats and Republicans, hating our own government, and insulting anyone we disagree with. We will tear ourselves to pieces.

. Some of you may remember my husband, John Kenton Fairchild. He lived in Whitesburg most of his life and graduated from Whitesburg High School in 1966. Well, John was killed in a head-on collision on April 20, 2016 on Mason Headley Road just after he dropped me off at work at Cardinal Hill Hospital. The accident is a long story so I won’t go into it. However, I recently spoke with an old classmate of John’s who seemed very surprised at

what John had achieved in his life. John and I met at Morehead State University and married just after he received his bachelor’s degree. We then moved to Lexington because he was accepted first to the prestigious Martin School of Diplomacy, but then decided he wanted to get a Master’s Degree in Accountancy from the University of Kentucky, which he did. John had the heart and soul of an artist. He painted. He did woodcarving. Some he donated to charity auctions, some he sold at galleries, others he gave as gifts to family. I have so many pieces that I cherish. However, on the top of the list and the main thing I want everyone to know is John was a good, honest, loving man. I didn’t know that love like that existed in the world until John came into my life. John loved all people. I came home from work one winter day and he had given all of his coats and our blankets to the Catholic Action Agency because there was a spot on the noon news saying they needed all the donations they could get because of

the frigid weather. He was known as the Sheriff in our neighborhood because he was always there to lend a helping hand; always went above and beyond no matter who the person was or what their need would be. John was absolutely the most intelligent man I have ever known and he could talk to anyone about any subject because he had led such a varied life, but he was also the most humble man I have ever known. He is and always will be the love of my life and there could be no other because it would take 10 different men to fit into the mold that God used to make John. There are some of you who have looked down on John or have seen him here in Lexington and turned your head or crossed the street because you didn’t want to speak to him — for whatever reason you were holding on to — but it didn’t bother him because he knew it was you who had the problem. He prayed for forgiveness for all of the people he had hurt or done wrong. You have to take care of your own and the same God is there. Brenda Fairchild

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