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It’s Saturday night and I just ate three hot dogs and I am about to bust.

. I’m just wondering why people in Democrat haven’t run off the Nazi sympathizer who housed neo-Nazis in our community. Why haven’t we run him out of here yet?

. I cannot believe what I am reading regarding Pete A. Martin, the author of ‘Up There at the House.’ Why has he not been invited to be interviewed on the WXKQ ‘Roundtable’? I do not understand why the show does not pay attention to writers of Letcher County. Oh, I think I know why. I suppose he is not a big wheel in Letcher County. Let me know what you think, if you think. This is the Midnight Phantom speaking. Thank you.

. To Judge Jim Ward: How can you let Deputy Judge Eddie Meade take over the sanitation department and hold his other job. If the rumor is right, a whole lot more garbage men are going to step down and retire. From what I can hear it’s about five of them. You talk about a pickle. I don’t understand how you can let Eddie Meade hold so many jobs. This county is being run into the ground.

. I was out joyriding the other day on my new Harley, rode up in Cram Creek and came across a little place called Crossover. Lo and behold, there beside the road was a bunch of brand new CSX Railroad ties. I guarantee you CSX would like to know who got those ties and exactly where they are.

. It seems that Jim Ward doesn’t like for the truth to be told and the press likes to add their own opinion to the truth. So it seems sad to think the only way to read or hear the truth is through Speak Your Piece. First, I am not a mean activist who is out to get Jim Ward. I am a citizen taxpayer of Letcher County who Jim Ward lied to. I wanted to find the truth. It isn’t fair to ask me and others to pay more while the county is losing almost $2 million in delinquent garbage bills. Ward said the county needed to pass a tax that would add six-percent to our insurances. He had to do this because the county was going to end the fiscal year in the red. When that didn’t work he tried to attack the gas companies. That didn’t work so he said the sanitation department was in the negative $80,000 and he needed the court to vote on increasing the garbage bill by five dollars. After

reviewing public records it was proven to be false; the sanitation department was over $50,000 in the black. The June fiscal court meeting treasury reports shows we are almost $1.7 million in the black for the fiscal year. Jim Ward claims when he took over the county had $6 million in delinquent garbage bills and claims to have collected $4.3 million in delinquent garbage bills. But when asked where that $4.3 million went, he refuses to answer the question and shuts everyone up. He wants the people of Letcher County to think that he and Keith Adams can just make up a story and everyone will believe them. Jim even went further with the lie at the WXKQ ‘Roundtable’ discussion. They were given the canceled checks to prove that a garbage bill had been paid and they were given the account number to prove it was not being picked up for free; yet no apology. And yes we are still waiting on your apology for your behavior. Why not report on the truth? And Jim Ward wants to bully the people. Don’t let him tell you that you have to pay or pick up copies that are public record. You have the right to inspect documents, take pictures or scan them with your phone, and/or take notes. It is against the law for him to force anyone to purchase the documents. The documents were not purchased. However, they were reviewed, scanned using a smart phone, and then printed off on a home computer. (If you’re including The Mountain Eagle on your list of ‘press that likes to add their own opinion to the truth’ concerning your appearances at Letcher Fiscal Court meetings, please let us know where we misreported anything in our coverage of said meetings.)

. What’s on my mind is this: Letcher County and surrounding counties have problems with illegal logging on private property without permission. And they’re getting away with it daily. I know I have property that’s been illegally logged and it cost us a big conflict. We never got any money out of it or anything done about it. The people who did the illegal logging got away scot-free. We’re going to stand up and we’re going to fight. This needs to stop. If anyone in Letcher County is having the same problem, please comment about it in next week’s edition of Speak Your Piece. We need to unite and stand against this illegal bunch getting rich by destroying

our property through illegal logging.

The Bible says that Jesus was hanged on a cross, but people still go around wearing crosses. Why don’t they wear a tree around their neck? Jesus would not be proud of these people who wear these crosses.

. Dear Patti. How is everything in Florida? Jeff put this comment in Speak Your Piece to see if you are alert and reading.

. I read a comment in Speak Your Piece about a man who used to own a certain business in the Whitesburg area and took my wife away from me even though he was a married man at the time. Yes, he’s the one whose wife works at the hospital. He destroyed my life and destroyed my marriage. I hope that someday he really realizes how it is to have someone you truly love taken away from you. That’s what you did to me. You’re a piece of work. I hope your wife reads this comment and links this to you. That way she can deal with you and I won’t have to. I’m afraid that if I deal with you I will end up in the pen.

. Cut those weeds, Skinhead. You are obsessed. Guess who this is. Good day.

. I see you. Do you see me?

. Everybody in Letcher County is wondering if they are ever going to try those people charged with killing that Hogg boy.

. Certain people are jumping line in front of some of the older people at the Farmer’s Market in Whitesburg and getting the best stuff. One woman only got some cucumbers and one red pepper. Somebody should be over that and make sure it’s done right. A lot of people in Letcher County don’t have anything to eat, and I don’t think people should act like hogs like they did this Saturday past. (Many people put in a lot of time, energy and money into the operation of the City of Whitesburg-Letcher County Farmer’s Market. It’s too bad their efforts aren’t appreciated more.)

. Hello, Mr. Speak Your Piece. I’m thinking of running for magistrate the next election, and I’m trying to figure out what it pays per year. You can’t ask the magistrates, because they won’t tell you the truth. They’ll say, ‘Ah, not enough,’ or ‘not much’ or something like that. I hear it pays pretty doggone good. Someone told me Harlan County’s magistrates get paid $45,000 a year. I was wondering if Speak Your Piece could let us know exactly what our magistrates make each year. I would appreciate it very much, as I might run for office next election. (Each of Letcher County’s five elected magistrates is paid a base salary of $23,378.64 per year. They also draw $300 per month for expenses. Additionally, magistrates who complete 40 hours of state-approved training each year receive yearly incentive pay of $4,000. The average monthly salary for a magistrate who completes all training requirements is $2,581.50.)

. Yesterday I went to a certain little shop downtown and I was absolutely shocked by what I saw. The small yard sale side had been changed over to the bigger side. People donate these items to help people in need, and they are being sold for outrageous prices. I know before this issue was brought up, and they said the money went for rent on the building. I’m sorry; I don’t believe this. This is supposed to be a church-run operation.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Two overdose deaths in

Letcher County over a two-year period? That’s unheard of. That probably means very little money is going around. It might mean the police are doing a very good job of busting meth labs. Who knows?

. I was calling about that election last week. I see the liberal Democrats got slip-shucked again. I was going to leave this message for them: It’s about the old man in Missouri that had a mule and said he could make it do anything he said. The liberal Democrat said he didn’t believe it. The mule owner said, ‘Well I’ll show you.’ So he walked over and picked up a twoby four and hit the mule right between the eyes and knocked it to the ground. The liberal Democrat said, ‘Why did you do that?’ He answered that first he has to get the mule’s attention. So that’s what happened last week in Georgia. They got the liberal Democrats’ attention. Thank you.

. Hallelujah. I am responding to the comment in Speak Your Piece concerning the woman from Millstone. She is bumming and she has been doing that for a long time. I call it scamming. I think it should be looked into.

. Well, the Democrat Party is keeping us from getting asphalt on the roads. Remember that when you get into the voting booth. (How is a political party — Democrat or Republican — keeping us from getting asphalt on our roads here in Letcher County?)

. To a certain person in Letcher County: Before I got on TV and talked about drugs I would clean my own household up first. Thank you.

. There is a black Explorer that drives through Whitesburg with the word ‘Ranger’ on it, a badge decal on the door, and government-issued plates. It’s an old beat up Explorer and two young kids are in it riding around. Who are they? And what are their intentions? There’s a rack of blue lights on top of it. Who are they working for? What are they doing? And who is paying for that vehicle?

. To a certain person: Whoever told you I was gay told one of the biggest lies they ever told in their life. I’m a strong believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and being gay is an abomination in the eyes of God.

. That Millstone woman who has been bumming money has been in Walmart trying to collect money. That is embarrassing, and I think Walmart should be told about it. She’s done that several times.

. Don’t trade at a store that won’t let you use the restroom there. There was a boy in one store sick the other day and wanting to use the bathroom. No, he was told, he couldn’t use the bathroom. Well, I guess they lost that business. If they ever turn me or my family down we will not be back there to trade. Every business needs a public bathroom. The only store I know of with one is Walmart. Everybody is not a heathen out to destroy a bathroom.

. To a certain woman: If you’re the lady I gave the good luck charm to from Georgia, no I’m not gay. And I did put the first comment in Speak Your Piece. I have never been that way.

. Has anyone seen that program on The History Channel about Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and the rest of them were hauling those guns down to Mexico and trading them for drugs and bringing back to the U.S. and selling it on our streets to our children to support a private war? Shame.

Our new president, Donald Trump, seems to want to open coal mines up elsewhere in the United States, but not in Letcher County. Our people are moving out because they won’t put anything in our county to help the coal miners and their families. It makes me sick to see our miners pushed out of the county. I will not vote anymore, because I’ve learned my lesson about voting for people who won’t do their job.

. What’s on my mind is AEP. Enough is enough. How much money do these penny-pinching, moneyconniving sons of bucks want to take from these little children’s mouths and starve them to death while their parents try to pay a stupid power bill? What about our elderly? AEP shut the coal mines down. Now they can take their power plant that we have had to pay for and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. That’s what I’ve got to say to AEP.

. To you idiots who run breakneck speed up in Bill Moore Branch: You need to slow down before you hit one of our children or grandchildren. Then it will be too late. I specifically know who you are. Next time you do it I am going to report you to the police. You need to stop, and stop now.

. The Democrats don’t need to get rid of Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. They are the leaders of the liberal Democrat Party and they need to hold onto them. Pay no attention to the people trying to run them off. Just hang in there and you’ll be fine.

. To a certain person: You’ve got problems. I think you’re gay. Why don’t you go ahead and come out of the closet? You’ll feel better about yourself.

. Letcher County and southeastern Kentucky are absolutely destroyed. We have an epidemic going on; our young girls ages 14 to 18 are being destroyed by nasty old men. Two pills that have been prescribed are destroying our county. One is oxycodone. The biggest one is Viagra. They prescribe these pain pills and sex pills to these old men and our young girls are being enticed. We worked our whole life to raise these young ones just for some old nasty man to destroy. We’ve got girls here who are pretty enough to pose for Vogue magazine. It is so sad. You can’t even go to a public bathroom without finding needles. It’s dangerous.

. Democrats, there is no one proud of you. You all haven’t did nothing but destroy America. So you all get up there and campaign again, OK? And concerning the ones who are threatening the GOP? What’s wrong with you people? All of you are like Johnny Depp — dumb. I can’t understand it — people running their mouths like that and getting by with threatening the president of the United States. If you don’t want to live in America get the hell out. I’m quite sure some of us redneck Americans would kick your asses out if you want us too. God bless America; God bless the Republican Party, and God bless the president of the United States and his family.

. Since when are fourwheelers allowed to ride on the main highways? I’ve seen four on the main roadway just today. There’s enough road rage and ignorant drivers as it is, much less allowing them to get on the roads too.

. I would like to say I will vote against Senator Rand Paul the next election. I am fed up with him and his daddy. Thank you.

. Hey, it’s about time somebody gives you all a big you-know-what party. I’m going to, so watch out.

. I am tired of a certain woman bashing our fiscal court members. They are trying their best.

. I am gloating because Donald Trump is moving toward self-destruction

and he has no one to blame but himself. The incumbent Republican congressmen (and women) will now have to distance themselves or risk losing the next election. Both options are good for the Democratic Party and for America. In either case Donald Trump will become less effective and the Democrats will regain control of congress. God bless America and goodbye to the yellowhaired, fascist clown.

. I am 100 percent against the gun control efforts of those politicians in the federal government of the USA. Such politicians should be smart enough to understand that there are other ways to correct the problems of the insane who cannot conform to the civilized rules and regulations of our country. One way to bring back the American public to a civilized establishment would be to reestablish the insane asylums which Ronald Reagan, during his administration dismantled and thereby turned all those mentally deranged persons loose onto the American public which resulted in a society of degraded American citizens. Their descendants are with us today. You reestablish the insane asylums and fill them with the untreatable criminals and you will solve the problem. But leave the right to own and bear arms alone, or the USA will fall, and it will be because of a bunch of foolish politicians.

. This is the Harlan County man. This is about what is going on in our nation. As long as I have observed American politics I have never seen anything like the sheer hatred of the media and the leadership of the Democrats in Congress toward our sitting president, Donald Trump. Toxic is not a strong enough word to describe the onesided poisonous atmosphere in Washington, D.C. Those who despise President Trump also despise the good and decent Americans who voted for him. The Democrats need to do their jobs and stop making up lies about President Trump. All this leftist anger just means the GOP is doing a good job. If the Democrats don’t work with President Trump, our nation will be lost. We will go broke. The Clintons and Obamas and their rich friends are sitting back in their offices making sure they cause as much anger and hate as they can. How did this man Obama ever become president? He should have never been president of our nation. I hope President Trump finds out how he did it. There can’t be that many fools in our nation, or can it be? God bless America and our President Trump. The Harlan County man.

. I find it interesting that, as the story in The Mountain Eagle stated last week, the caboose, parked at the edge of town in Whitesburg, has apparently been in use by drug idiots for a long time. Why on earth didn’t our city police know about this before someone went in and filmed it for Facebook? What is our chief of police doing? It’s right there on Main Street, and I’ve seen his police car parked in that very same parking lot. Get up off of your butt and get the job done that you’re being paid for. This is absolutely ridiculous.

. Donald Trump is continuing his stupid initiative to repeal Obamacare. He says he is trying to fulfill his campaign promise to the American people. Who are the people to whom he made that promise? Certainly not the common people in this country. He made the promise to his wealthy, elitist, racist colleagues who have no compassion for the poor, the sick, the disabled and the disadvantaged. A day of reckoning is near and all of them will be voted out of office. Mitch McConnell is the worst of the worst and he should leave office in disgrace.

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