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Dear Speak Your Piece: I read the other day where Henry Ford had originally made his automobiles to run on hemp fuel. He actually made a car of hemp, and it was ten times stronger than steel. We the people need to tell our senators and representatives that we want hemp legalized so it can be turned into a fuel to run our cars on. We don’t want to smoke it, we want to run our cars on it. It’s time to let our farmers fuel America instead of letting a bunch of Arabs price-gouge our country into economic collapse.

To a certain person on Tunnel Hill: Remember the radio in the bathroom? Well, I do. T.L.Y.

Howdy, Brushey Bill here. I’m just calling to answer the Indianapolis idiot who bragged about shooting a $1,500 dog and bragging because the owner wouldn’t do anything. He must have been 90 years old to not kick your . . . , coward. Yes, coward, because you didn’t give your name. You’re a typical Hoosier who are always rude, inconsiderate, foul mouthed, and stupid. Why don’t you go back to Indianapolis where you came from? You probably swam the Ohio River to get here so you can walk back across on your scum now. If you ever tried to hurt my mule ‘Barney’, I’d blow a hole through you that I could throw a fat dog through. My welfare check may be short with you gone, but it’s worth it. I can always make more moonshine. Brushey Bill.

A certain couple is at it again, feuding and fighting. It’s not so fun when they start pushing each other in front of their vehicle. I wonder when someone is going to do something about it. I wish they would just move away so we could all get some peace.

It’s not right and it’s not fair that I can’t get any of the music I want to hear played on WMMT. I wanted to hear some Creedence Clearwater Revival or Hank Williams Jr. and they never did play it. Neither Buffalo nor Cadillac Man would play what I wanted to hear.

A certain logging road in Doty Creek is filled with coyotes. I just wonder why in this world the game wardens won’t do something about these coyotes. All you see on this road, which is in the left-handed fork, are deer carcasses with coyotes running around.

I would just like to know why a certain family has adopted a person who is AWOL from the military and is allowing this person to live at their home.

‘My name is Cheated at the Pump and I approve this message. Mr. President, mission accomplished, and your famous words I can do nothing about. One oil company made $9 billion in profits the last quarter. I’ve got to say this about you: We voted you in as a half-wit and you’re going out a full-blooming idiot. Only Lord Christ can cure our planet and heal our nation. One thing about it, He won’t put the blame on Congress when He’s in charge. I have to say this one more time: ‘Mr. President, you are an idiot.’ Something to think about.

Someone commented that a stepmother was treating her stepchildren like dogs. To whom are you referring? Give more information. A lot of people have stepchildren.

Single man looking to move in a 25- to 45-year-old woman.

I would like to say thank you to Trooper Adam Hall for killing those dogs. He needs to kill every one of them in Letcher County. I’ll even buy his shells back. Those dogs are nothing but a plague on the county, running loose and getting on other people’s property. They kill coons out of trees and leave them lying on the ground. They destroy fences and stuff like that, too. Thank you, Adam.

I would say it’s time for some help from the federal men. I’ve been followed, harassed, run out of my home and had my civil rights violated. It needs to be taken care of. There’s a federal building in Pikeville. Rise up, citizens. Take back your towns and hollows.

To my busy-body neighbors in Grizzly Hollow: Please mind your own business and worry about your own property and I’ll worry about mine. Thank you.

I was wondering if anyone knows when they are going to put city water in Cram Creek. It’s a shame people there have to buy water or wait until it rains to fill up their wells and water tanks. I live on Wright’s Mountain and the water situation up here is terrible. If they can put water all around us, why not Cram Creek? A concerned citizen.

(Rome wasn’t built in a day. A lot of people – many of them volunteering hours of their time – have been working hard over the past few years to get public water all across Letcher County. After all, it’s only been about five years since the Letcher Fiscal Court voted to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. Prior to that, it was impossible to get federal grants to pay for the water lines.)

You say you are surprised that I have committed myself to my job for as long as I have? If I had free money coming in like you do and I was mooching off other people, it would be a lot easier on me than it is you. It’s easy when you do it your way. I could get all kinds of money like you do, but I’m too honest. I can’t say that for you.

Don’t think we don’t know who is raising all the ruckus at night. There are three of us now and we’re watching out the window. We know exactly who it is. Just wanted you to know that.

Since last week I found out something about the money. So now I’m just going to keep it.

I think it’s a shame the city has added six-percent more to the taxes of some of these restaurants. These poor people can’t afford to go and eat out and pay an extra six-percent. It’s a shame some restaurants charge 12-percent tax now. So I guess that’s why we have to go out of Letcher County and eat now, because people can’t afford to pay 12-percent every time they go out and eat. Thanks.

(So you’re saying it’s cheaper to buy gas and drive 30 miles to another county to eat out than it is to pay a few more cents on the dollar to eat at home? To borrow a phrase from The Robot on ‘Lost In Space,’ that does not compute.)

I was just wondering if anybody else noticed they were paying a beer tax when they eat in the City of Whitesburg now. You’re paying double taxes if you go to any restaurant that sells beer. I guess we’ll just all have to start going to Virginia or Hazard and start eating. Either that or we need to go down and have a little talk with the city officials. We just all need to pray and ask God for forgiveness for this sin.

I would like to say happy birthday to my one and only Mammaw. Happy 106th birthday, from your granddaughter. I love you, Mammaw.

I thought me and my buddy would never have an argument, but here we are. Two of the prettiest fifty-dollar bills I’ve ever seen. I wanted to buy a hundred Budweisers and he wanted to buy a hundred Bud Lights. That’s a lot of beer, folks. After he threatened to kick my behind – and believe me, I’ve seen him kick some behinds – we’re now having lots of Bud Light and getting along just fine.

To the bunch in Buck Creek: You act so big and bad, but that’s nothing but talk. Your day is coming soon. The first and the third are the only days anybody sees you out. You’re big and bad talking to other people on the phone, but you run and hide when someone wants a piece of you. We might have to wait for a little while, but it will eventually work out.

About the coon dogs: The person who put that message in Speak Your Piece is only family or a friend to the trooper. I thought there was a law saying you cannot hurt animals, especially shooting them in cold blood. I do not hunt, but I think there should be respect when it comes to killing anything. It just really bothers me that someone can kill two dogs that easily.

I think it is a shame when a mother leaves a handicapped girl with a bunch of boys and an old man, and then the girl ends up pregnant. Someone needs to be put in jail over this. The little girl did not deserve to be treated like this. The one who made her pregnant needs to be sent to prison for life.

To all the mothers: It looks like you would stop doing your drugs, stop sleeping around, and start being a mother so you could get your kids back. If the officials would go in the restroom with you when you took a drug test they would see how you are passing your drug test.

I’m calling about our TV line. Since these new people have taken over we haven’t had TV fit for anything. If it keeps going like this we are going to let them disconnect us. Thank you very much.

Hey, Trashy. Have you ever heard the old saying finders keepers, losers weepers? Well I’m the keeper and you’re the weeper. The way your field of business is going it won’t take you too long to make it up. I hope it happens to you again real soon. Not only are you a weeper, you really are a loser. Weep.

It doesn’t matter if he is an alcoholic piece of trash, love is something that cannot be explained. It can last for years and it can eat away at you and it can cause you to do wild and crazy things. Love is blind. And until you see it and realize it, you’re going to fall for it time and time again.

I would just like to know why all the skanks get all the good men. It seems like all the really pretty women end up with the druggies or the alcoholics. Why can’t a decent looking middle-aged woman find a decent middle-aged man who doesn’t have to sit around all the time acting like he’s in another world? Why is everybody always playing mind games with everybody else? Who can figure all of this out? I’ve had my fill of it.

Hey, Red, I can’t believe you bit on that one – especially when you know how many people don’t like you. Hook, line and sinker, baby. And you do remind me of a fish. A big nasty good-for-nothing carp. Hook, line and sinker. I’m cutting my line from you. I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Yes, karma is a bitch, baby. Look out, drug dealer. Your wife is out and she’s looking for revenge. And she’s going to get it, because we’re all going to help her. I can’t wait to see you in jail.

To the nosy people in Ingram’s Creek: It looks like you would mind your own business and quit worrying about mine.

I was calling Speak Your Piece to let all of the people in Letcher County know that they need to do something about the drug problem that’s going on at Letcher County Central High School. I think they should check every student coming and going from the school. I took my kid out of school because of the drug problem. He got caught, and I don’t think it’s right that mine gets in trouble and the rest of them don’t. Thank you.

You can always depend on getting your good gossip for the week by just reading Speak Your Piece. People need to leave others alone. Quit worrying about what everybody else is doing. You talk about this lady having a black eye and you wonder who did it? Forget who did it. It’s just bad enough that she has a black eye. You should feel sorry for her. Elsewhere, someone said a woman better not mess with a certain guy that drives a truck. Sounds like she’s jealous to me. Also, people are calling in more about these dogs that were killed than they do when children are killed. Get a life, people.

E.W., you know who this is. You want me, you know where to find me. If you want to talk to me, you know my number.

‘The time has come,’ the walrus said, ‘to speak of many things, of law against good people, and aging thieves, and crooked political rings.’ Apologies to Lewis Carroll. Even he couldn’t have grasped Letcher County, where I think there are at least three layers of law enforcement. The fortunate top layer, in my estimation, is composed of friends, relatives, and financial supporters of politicians, who are largely shielded from the law. I think there is a second, middle layer, which isn’t well connected, but which has the stature and resources to partially protect itself, but which has more exposure to the law than the top layer. Then there is the bottom layer, which seems to me to be out of luck, because they can be arrested and convicted without much resistance, and if they are victimized they can be easily brushed off. Being elderly and disabled, and a veteran, and a good taxpaying citizen, and a church member of long standing doesn’t count for much if you’re in the bottom layer. The officials who aren’t concerned about you will reform and get in your good graces two or three months before their election comes up so as to sustain the way things are here. That’s the way they work.

KJ, thanks for listening. At least we can email each other. MA.

MA, love your tag. Mike did good.

As Kentucky will head to the polls and ‘hopefully’ help in the nomination process for president, I hope every person who is registered will vote. But more importantly, I hope each individual will look at the present economy and their circumstances, and make a choice for improved leadership. A choice for better education, a better job market, reduced taxes on the working class. Hillary Clinton has stated that Kentuckians will vote for her because we are ‘poor, uneducated, working class white Americans.’ I don’t know about you, but I am appalled that any person who heard or read her comment would even consider voting for her, yet many will. I am neither poor nor uneducated but most definitely working class. I am proud of eastern Kentucky even with its warts and all. I do not presume to categorize Hillary Clinton because of where she was raised or the education she received yet she continually boxes us in to fit the stereotype we still cannot escape. Women are her strong base (I am female), older white women with no education who grew up in the ‘Stand by your Man’ era that Hillary so clearly denied during the infamous Monicagate. I realize that skin color is still a problem for a lot of people in this area but I fervently hope you will not cast a vote for the most powerful office in the United States based on skin color. Barack Obama has much to offer. Yes, he is not as experienced as Hillary. Yet her experience comes from the politicians who lied, cheated and more to obtain what they wanted. The 3 B’s apply to the Clinton era, Booze, Booty and Broads. Hillary is now trying to divide this nation again with her racial slurs aimed at moving the superdelegate count to her side. She will effectively hand the election to John McCain on a silver platter because the black vote will not forgive and forget her underhanded efforts. None of us should stand for another Bush/ Gore count. The popular vote should elect the President. It will not. The backrooms and the boardrooms are in full swing as we wait. Clinton has the power and ammunition she needs to use on anyone who will dare ask her to stop this now. Unite this party before irrefutable damage has been done. She will say, ‘How dare you.’ You see, Bill Clinton is a true narcissist who believes he is on a different playing field than the rest of us mere mortals and that our rules don’t apply to him. Apparently Hillary also believes this or she could not have made those insulting comments about Kentucky and its people and imagine we would vote for her. Yet she did. Please do not vote for someone who implies we are less than she is. A few have had the power and the privilege that goes with it long enough. Let’s take back our pride and make a stand; we are not stupid, we may be poor, yet this country was built with the working class people not unlike most Kentuckians today. Don’t vote for anyone who infers you are less than they, that somehow we are inferior because of where we live and what we work at, don’t vote for anyone who will let this area continue to languish. For if Clinton carries Kentucky after having made these comments, what does it truly say about us? That she was right? I pray not.

Oma, even if you don’t think your column is very good, it’s still my very favorite one. Yours is the first one I read when I log on to The Mountain Eagle. Don’t ever change. We love you.

Roland and Ellen, we love you bunches. Misty and Nibbles send their love too.

Sounds like another good, honest, hardworking, taxpaying family has had the justice door slammed in their face. After months of delays, anxiety and more money than they could probably afford, they’ve been told to go along and get themselves a lawyer and a civil suit if they want to proceed. My question is, does the prosecutor have something against prosecution? Strange. I believe the first thing the Potters, or anyone else with such a problem, should do is to ask for another prosecutor.

People what are we thinking of? There’s not much choice for president. The men don’t want a woman for a president. Are you ready to have Obama to lead our country? The young college white women will put him in on his smile and charm. I am not saying one thing about him being black. It is his beliefs. We are not ready to be led by the Muslims, at least I am not. I’d rather have Hillary. Please, let’s all get behind her and keep a foreign person out of leading our country.

(Sen. Barack Obama has been a U.S. citizen since birth and is a practicing Christian. When Obama was a child he did live for a while in Indonesia, where the predominant religion is Muslim.)

With special thoughts of all persons, who either are now serving or have served in our military, on this coming Memorial Day. We honor all those whose sacrifices held high the flag and lifted the cause of liberty. May God bless all of you.

(Amen. And let’s not forget those who gave their lives while fighting for their country, which is the real purpose of Memorial Day.)

It is puzzling and disturbing that good, hardworking, self-professed religious people will vote for known crooks and support them in office, and it is equally disturbing that they will shield the actions of these crooks in a cloak of rationalizations. There is no way this area can ever progress without honest leaders. Crooked politicians work only for themselves and no one benefits but them. We have seen this for decades and it’s time for a hard look at our actions. Any politician voted into office, no matter how carefully screened, may turn into a crook so it is madness to vote one in who has already established his credentials as a crook.

Looks like the family is trying to stick up for the trooper who shot the dogs. The words you wrote, trying to defend the man, are stupid, There was no threat, and shots should not have been fired. He made a stupid mistake and should be man enough to take what punishment he gets. He’s still family and it is okay to love him, but what he did was wrong. Brushey Bill, those who pick on you are envious. Hi, Jim.

Enjoy the time spent with family and friends. Life is very short.

The quality of a community is accurately reflected in the character, or lack of character, of the people they elect to represent them. If a community elects people they know to have been charged with multiple DUI arrests, or people who have been indicted and admitted to voter fraud, or people whose associates all seem to have criminal records, then that community had better be taking stock of its own character.

Everyone talks about the guy in the blue vehicle who is dating the girl in the white vehicle as being trash. Well, she is just as trashy as he is. They make a good match.

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