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To the person who called the dog warden about my bulldog on Little Cowan because he supposedly ate one of their cats: I will get him back, even if I have to go to jail to get him back. I hope he kills every freaking cat on Little Cowan.

I would like to speak my piece about this same-sex marriage. I think it’s just plain evil from the devil. It’s not right in any way, and I just don’t understand why they allow people of the same sex to get married. What’s this world coming to?

We would like to thank the county and the workers for seeing that we had a road to the graves of my husband’s mother and father. We want to thank them very much. God bless them all. Again, thanks from the bottom of our heart.

To anyone out there with any information about the man who drives the blue truck and his girlfriend: A reward is out, so if you need any reward money just give me a call. You know who I am.

To the person on Doty Creek who likes to run others down for being fat: Look who’s talking, punk. You’re the one with a fat girlfriend. I saw her smooching up to you the other day when I drove by there. Just keep on partying and celebrating everyday of the week. Sooner or later you’re going to get what you deserve. And your little girlfriend? Her parents are going to find out real soon what kind of trash you really are.

To Mr. Budweiser and Mr. Bud Light who found my money: Mr. Bud Light, say hello to Mr. Indictment. Mr. Budweiser, your days are numbered.

Hey, Brushy Bill. Just getting back to you, old man. No, I didn’t use my name. I could be like you and use a scab name. So I’ll just call myself Whistle Pig. How’s that suit you? No, that man wasn’t 90 years old. Me and him both were about 32 years old, but he was like you – just a coward. One of those George Bush men is what I’d say you are. As far as you being in Vietnam, well I won’t even say what I want to say about you on that because Speak Your Piece couldn’t print it. But you have a nice day. I can smell that moonshine of yours from my house. It’s not worth drinking.

This is for a man who works at a certain restaurant: You need to wash your hair and brush your teeth. You are an embarrassment to us. I hate working with you. Thank you.

To Bob Alou and Katie: Thanks for taking the tacky porch furniture off my hands. PS: Thanks for the pink flamingos. I will slip and put them in my wife’s flower garden. She will like that.

Would someone please tell me what the purpose is of the truck that travels over on Camp Branch. It’s always on the road blocking traffic and has a brush that’s brushing the road. I don’t understand why that truck is always in my way. Someone please respond to this.

(Are you serious? Do you really mind sacrificing a few seconds of your time so the road can be kept safe and clean?)

Here is love, ain’t it grand, I just divorced my old man. Laughed and laughed at the court’s decision. He got the kids and they weren’t even his’n.

To the trashy pillhead in Neon who said the lady in Buck Creek wears her blouses too low: You better keep your mouth shut. You’ve been into some serious trouble in another county. Remember the four-wheeler you hit? If it were not for my brotherin law, niece, and nephew you would be rotting in jail, because I would love to turn you in. Byebye, you ugly manly-talking zitfaced pillhead.

I would like for our neighbors, who we thought were our friends, to know we heard all the talking about us Tuesday evening. Unless you know the facts you shouldn’t be talking. Maybe the Lord will forgive you.

So you say you’ve been shortchanged. Thought you could deal with the devil and get a fair deal. Remember this: He will pay you with counterfeit money every time, because that’s what he is – a counterfeiter of all things. He’s a thief who comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. If you deal with Satan he will get you sooner or later. He is the destroyer of mankind. Something to think about.

To a certain person who in a certain fire and rescue squad: You forgot about everybody else, but we didn’t forget about you stealing from a certain man a few years ago. Just remember that, my friend, because you’re on your way out.

I was in your town the other day and stopped in at your Wal- Mart to buy fishing poles for my grand babies. While I was there I got social services called on me by someone who told them I smacked my grandson in the face. I think it’s a shame that someone would report me for something I would never do. And I’m pretty sure I know who it was. The person who I believe called didn’t know that I saw them there, but I did. If they’ve got a problem with me they need to face me instead of taking it out on my grand babies.

To a certain cop, his lying wife, and the other freak peeping out the window: When one of them dies in my backyard from overexposure to meth, all three of you should be indicted for aiding and abetting her death.

I would like to respond to the message someone left about killing the coon dogs: I don’t think that’s right. If you knew what coon dogs did and knew their purpose you would feel better and do better. People who hunt with coon dogs do it for pleasure. It’s something they like to do. I think people who kill coon dogs should go to jail.

I would like to wish Andru Scott Mullins a happy birthday on June 2. We love you.

I hope we can get our volunteers back into Beckham Bates Elementary School and have better cooperation with the teachers. Also, we need Letcher County people working in our school system instead of so many people from Knott County.

I am a coon dog owner and a woman. I hunt with coon dogs and I love them. I also would like to say that the state trooper who shot the two dogs has coon hunted with my old man. He knows all about coon dogs and how they bark and how they tree. Why in the world would he step out and kill another man’s dogs?

If the test scores in math are down at a certain grade school, it could be because the teacher is not in the classroom 80 percent of the time and is in the office instead. Check it out.

I would like to wish a certain person a happy birthday on May 26. I love you, baby.

I was heading toward Colson and saw a bunch of teen-aged boys who appeared to be waiting on the bus. One in particular, a dark-haired boy, looked like a pure hoodlum. I don’t know what to think about him.

I would like to duct-tape the mouths, or possibly break the legs, of Brushy Bill and the person who calls from Doty Creek every week whining about drug dealers or something. Don’t these people have a life? I mean, I can hang ’em from a tree, dude. They are so out of touch.

This is to Speak Your Piece and the readers and the editor: Go to hell.

(Right back at ‘cha.)

I took what was supposed to have been a compliment the wrong way. I had a really hard time. It was just too aggravating to mention. It was like so stressful that I actually took that the wrong way, and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I saw you smile, but I just took it the wrong way. That’s the only thing I can really tell you. I was so stressed out that if somebody had told me I had just won a million dollars I would have slapped them in the face. Now open for a full-time or parttime position. I wish you would try again. Remember, I like copies and you know that. I expect to see you.

I would just like to say hi to Trina and hi to Telena, her daughter. I wish you all the best. I miss you very much and I love you a lot. I think about you every day. Trina, I hope you remember me and think about me. Bye.

This is the man who is selling the game that some people think is nasty. It’s the game where you throw the little bag of corn and it goes in a hole in the board. I will be setting up again at the same spot. I was working, but I lost my job. Lack of concentration I think is the reason I lost my job. May I was obnoxious. Anyway, I’m going back to selling that little game again. I’ve made 15 more and will be back at that little spot. Buy one.

A certain Letcher County deputy jerked a boy out of his house, searched his pockets, threatened him, called him names, questioned him and the let him go without having had a warrant. Vietnam killed my father and a lot of other soldiers who fight for our civil rights and freedom, and I am not going to let this cop get away with it.

I’ve been reading in Speak Your Piece where people are asking others to report how certain cops are treating people in Letcher County and breaking the law while they’re doing it. I am going to be on the porch of the federal courthouse in Pikeville at 11 a.m. on May 27. If anyone wants to join me in filing a complaint, please be there. The more the merrier.

Looks like the court system is waking up. Life sentences. Death by lethal injection. Wonder what will happen to the man who shot the man in Hogg Hollow in Neon?

This is about the comment made about the handicapped girl getting raped and being pregnant: Yes, I fully agree with you, but I was accused of putting that in the paper last week. No, it wasn’t me who called it in. The mother knows that if I have something to say I can come to her face and say it, because I have before.

Smile. You’re all on Candid Camera. You’ve all been recorded – loud vehicles, loud music and all.

If you can’t find me when I’m in my car what makes you think you can find me when I’m not in my car. You guys are really funny.

Well one thing’s for certain. A certain woman and her children deserve to be on an abandoned island because of the way they act.

In desperate need of a position to be filled. Looking for a full-time part-time. All interested parties should look around.

Those Levi’s with that gray shirt look terrific. They just set those big blue eyes off.

John McCain said on TV that he was going to get rid of Osama bin Laden. Doesn’t he realize there are a number of people who could take bin Laden’s place. Now think about this: America has had four presidents who died in office, four presidents who were assassinated, and one president who resigned. The vicepresident took their place without a hitch with one exception. When William Henry Harrison, who served one month and died in office, John Tyler had himself sworn in as president. There was some discussion about the vicepresident taking the president’s place because there was nothing in the Constitution that said the vice-president could be president. After some discussion, they agreed the vice-president could take the president’s place upon the president’s death or resignation. Of 42 different men who have been president of our country, nine have been replaced by the vice-president.

(Sorry about you getting cut off after your minute expired. If that happens to you again, just call back a second time and tell us the rest of the story.)

The source familiar with the Potter timber theft case who said there wasn’t enough evidence presented for an indictment has to be Commonwealth’s Attorney Edison Banks. He is the one who determines what will be presented and who will appear. Who else could know and say that if more evidence is presented they could still get an indictment? It sounds to me like Mr. Banks is trying to work himself out of the peril he got himself in by his slipshod management of the case.

(The person who spoke to us about why the grand jury chose not to return an indictment in the Potter timber case was not Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney Edison G. Banks II. We made no attempt to contact Mr. Banks, nor did he attempt to call us.)

It is so sad the way some people are talking about Trooper Hall. This is a young man who goes out daily to protect the same citizens who are bad mouthing him. He is a dedicated hardworking individual who deserves a little respect. Ignorant critters like ‘Brushy Bill’ need to keep their uneducated opinions to themselves. Last week ole ‘Brushy Bill’ criticized the person from Indiana for speaking his mind about a similar situation he was in, and not leaving his name; I have a question. Is Brushy Bill your ‘real’ name? Of course not. You’re probably a disgruntled person who was previously arrested by Trooper Hall. It sounds like you need to quit drinking your imaginary moonshine from your imaginary moonshine still and come in to the 21st century with the rest of the world. I am neither a family member nor friend of Mr. Hall. Any respectable citizen would and should defend our civil servants. Don’t you think it’s time to give it all a rest and let Trooper Hall do his job protecting and serving all of you who are talking about him?

Sounds like the law has rolled over again and let another timber theft go the way of all the others. The thieves must be laughing up their sleeves, and the rest of the country, which knew of this theft from the story’s publication all over the world, must be looking at Letcher County with the same contempt the victims must feel. This has to be investigated by authorities higher than the state. It won’t go away.

I noticed in May 14 paper that Sapphire Coal was saying that they paved 9/10 of a mile of Buck Creek. I think they need a new odometer, because they did not pave that far in Buck Creek. Anyone that wants to check for themselves, come and take a look. Just be sure your odometer works better than Sapphire Coal’s.

Hello to all the folks crammed into that hell hole they call jail. Girls, I may not be able to get y’all some dope or anything but now that I’m out I can help you in other ways. You were planning to get info to the state. I plan to get all that and more to them, starting now. At least you ladies aren’t as cramped up in there, but the conditions still are not what they should be. It is a disgrace to our county and state. We are humans, not animals. Even animals get better treatment, with laws that protect that, than the inmates at LCJ. Stay strong girls. And guys. Amy, keep them in line he, he, he. Mal, keep singing, you make the stay there much easier. Rosie, I miss you and thanks for taking care of me during my visits. Crik, I love you like a sister, write me and let me know what’s happening with your case. I’ll be there to see you soon with pictures of Lee Lee. Wendy, if you’re still there, it won’t be much longer. Meg, congrats again and I hope you and your fella will be back together soon. If y’all haven’t figured out who this is yet, Amy, I’m the one who fell off the table. Ha. I miss you all. I’m waiting for my letters.

(Keep in mind that when the new jail was built just a few years ago the scourge that is prescription drug addiction and the crime that goes with it had yet to hit Letcher County. Female prisoners were a rarity when the jail was being planned, and today’s crowded condition were the farthest thing from anyone’s mind.)

Letcher Central didn’t take long to earn the ‘Rat Row’ nickname. Calling in the state police for rats in the building.

As a veteran of timber theft wars – victim, not thief – I am frustrated that Marvin and Verna Potter could not get an indictment in their case. I’m sure I’m not as frustrated as they are. I am disappointed but not surprised, because I don’t think the grand jury was given a large part of the evidence. The ‘source familiar with the case’ said there was no doubt the trees that were cut belonged to the Potters but there was not enough evidence to show criminal intent. The article indicated that the grand jury only got the testimony of a detective and a surveyor, but I am familiar with the case, as is almost everyone who watches TV or reads papers, and I have the impression that there was much more evidence: an eyewitness to the cutting, eyewitnesses to the hauling, photographs, deeds, and other things that seem relevant. My question – why was the grand jury not given the benefit of talking to these people and seeing these things? It seems to me this one deserves a harder look.

Just remember that family is all you have to count on. Treat your family better than you treat the rest of the world.

The druggies are taking over. When a certain doctor will write prescriptions and back date them when the pill poppers fail a drug test, something needs done to the doctor. They are supposed to help people, not help these people commit suicide slowly with the drugs, or kill someone else on the job or on the road. This is happening frequently in our area. Any ideas on who and where these doctors and pharmacies should be reported? There are people who are clean, not taking drugs, who are trying to support families that need jobs but the dopeheads on the job fail drug screens, get a doctor to backdate a ‘scrip and a pharmacy to fill and backdate the ‘scrip, turn it in to the employer and get to keep the job, endangering everyone there. I’m not saying they should be thrown away; they need help. Sometimes a hard push in the right direction is all that is needed. Losing a job over drugs might just be that push.

Roland and Ellen, we really enjoyed your short visit this week. Robert was somewhat upset because we didn’t wake him up so he could say ‘bye’ but I told him we would the next time. Come back soon. We love you both.

Dear Speak Your Piece: Some people in Jenkins just need to keep their noses in their own bee’s hive to keep out of trouble.

I have a friend who was shopping at an area food store about two months ago and in front of her was a Mexican male who had also been shopping. When the cashier rang up his purchases he presented the cashier a food stamp card. She scanned it and her eyes lit up and she said, ‘I have never seen one of these before’. My friend asked her what she meant. She said the card did not have a dollar limit on it. The amount the man could spend was ‘unlimited’. He could spend any amount he wanted to and it would be covered by the welfare department. My friend said something like, ‘How could this be’? She said the man just smiled like he knew what she had just said. My question is, ‘How can illegal immigrants obtain welfare cards without a set limit on them?’ We have American citizens on welfare who only get a bare minimum of aid, just about poverty line. Yet we have illegal immigrants who receive better care than our own citizens. There are about 10 or 12 of these people living in the Jenkins area. I think someone should contact the welfare department and find out how immigrants can obtain welfare cards with unlimited spending limits. The American citizens should be outraged by such abuse of the welfare system. Maybe the clerk forgot to put a limit on the card when it was issued. This should be investigated thoroughly. I am sure there is a way to scan all welfare cards that have been issued to make sure a spending limits have been applied to them.

Will you please keep your dogs out of my yard and away from my dogs? They are roaming the neighborhood tearing out garbage because you are not feeding them. If this keeps up, I will call the Humane Society.

I made a substantial transaction at a branch bank about three years ago. I didn’t discuss it with anyone. I had a person to mention it to me with all the details. This person didn’t have any relatives working at the bank. Apparently, it came down the grapevine. I have decided after all this time to do something about it. If it happens again, I will go public with my complaint. The officers at the bank should be responsible for the actions of their employees. Thank you.

I wish I had a company car to drive to Kingsport/Johnson City shopping at Christmas. I wish I had a company car to take my family to Gatlinburg. I wish I had a company car to drive from home every day. I wish I had someone to buy my gas for me. Maybe they will want to raise taxes again this year on our property and vehicles so that money will be there for this practice to continue. Maybe the board needs to ask who has company vehicles and how are they being used. Does anybody ever bother to check miles on these vehicles?

Thanks for printing the message for you and others that the columns that I sent to you about my grandparents and my parents. Memorial Day is coming and I just wanted for people to think about any and all that have sacrificed so we can have our freedom. Thank God they believed in freedom and the past and present to get where we are now. These big gas companies are making it hard on the machines and vehicles. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘I have a dream.’ Now I have a dream that people start planting things like tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and people start planting trees that bear fruit, and people start raising cattle, pigs, cows, and dairy products. The reason people are fat and out of shape is because they can’t afford the healthy food and because people have to try to manage to get by. J.F.K. said, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’ Let us help our country and look at the best things about our neighbors and friends. Do you know who lives next door to you? For those that have pride in not asking anyone for help, God wants you to have things and all you have to do is ask. I have another dream. In our own very backyard we can have the gas or whatever method for us to get the necessary things for us to get around on, so we don’t have to worry about those big companies that can lead us around by our noses. God bless and may all your dreams and expectations come true. Your friend and love in Christ’s name, love, Billy ‘Big C.’ Cornett.

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