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I think the most ignorant, foolish thing people can do is when they get gas and pay for it, and still let their vehicle sit at the pump like nobody else there. They ought to move it and let someone else get in there or go out on the highway and park until everybody gets their gas put up. Move your vehicle so somebody else can get gas instead of sitting there and blowing. Some people feel like they’re so important.

. To the girl who thinks she chef: You can’t cook and you don’t have chef papers so stop trying to act like you can. Get a new job.

. Alison Lundergan Grimes, our Kentucky Secretary of State, is now for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. It’s time to get this bill passed or get out of Frankfort. Alison has a heart. She has said people are living too poorly here in southeastern and eastern Kentucky and something needs to be done about it. She also said she knows that marijuana had all kinds of medical uses, an d cures things like glaucoma and more. It’s true. This needs to be done now.

. It’s amazing how people can go from town to town doctor shopping to get their medication, then bring it back here in the county to sell while thinking they’re never going to get caught for it. Well, one of these days when you least expect it you’ll get caught. And you’ll go around blaming so-andso when you do.

. To the person who said I can’t stand it because it wasn’t a man or jealousy but was me: I’ve got news for you; I’m not the one putting that stuff in the newspaper, if that was meant for me. You see, my man is begging me to come back. I am perfectly happy the way it is, but you’ve got your wires crossed. I’m not the one putting that stuff in there, my dear. It’s none of your business anyway. Worry about your own pathetic life.

. To the ignorant tramp: Why would you think that’s me saying that in Speak Your Piece? My husband is not a Christian. You ought to know that it’s not me. Anyway, you have no idea what the truth is.

. These women who are complaining about the Republican candidates for senator and so forth should read the Bible, Nehemiah 13:26. It asks, ‘Did not Solomon king of Israel sin by these things?

Yet among many nations was there no king like him, who was beloved of his God, and God made him king over all Israel: nevertheless even him did outlandish women cause to sin, it’s the woman’s fault, not the man’s fault. Thank you.

. To the busybody woman who thinks I’m putting stuff in Speak Your Piece to a man: Uh, no. Despite the lies that you might have heard, nobody left me, I ran him off. And as for you, you need to worry about running to Pine Mountain and cheating on your man. And don’t worry about what I do, because I’m perfectly happy and I can get better. I have nothing to lose, but you do.

. I just wanted to say that I’ve learned so much the last few months. When helping people work on stuff of theirs, they demand perfection. Then when something of yours tears up you can’t even hardly get them to help you, and when they do they do the crappiest work ever and then leave and say all is fine. But that’s okay; I’ve got a good memory. Thank you.

. To the lady waiting on her friend on a white horse to send her an invitation: The invitation’s still open, but I might be the wrong fellow from what I hear. Thanks.

. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could conclude that it’s a better choice to vote for a predatory pedophile than to vote against party line. Anyone that ignorant should lose the right to vote.

. I see a lot of people on Facebook hollering, ‘pray for me.’ Then I see a whole lot of people replying, ‘I’m praying for you,’ or ‘I’ll pray for you,’ or ‘I’m praying.’ Am I right or am I wrong that the Bible says if you’re a sinner now you must pray for yourself. You’ve got to pray for yourself first. You can’t pray for everybody else, but yourself. Am I right or wrong?

. Yes, if you don’t want your child bullied at school then don’t bully his family in the newspaper. All bullying is ignorance. Thank you.

. On the evening before Thanksgiving you could find old Wiley by turning on his radio program. He’s there rain, sleet or snow, holidays or whatever.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I saw in the paper about a state cop that shot a fellow in the leg for stealing a car. That’s a good cop. That’s the kind of cops we need to

keep. He actually gave the kid another chance.

. Well the brownnoser’s at it again. Just tune into the Letcher County Government Channel. It must be election time; and as a matter of fact it is. Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

. This goes out to whomever. Get rid of those magistrates and save the county $150,000 a year. They are ‘do-littles.’

. To a certain person: I keep praying for you, but you are going to let your grandson and your daughter send you straight to the doghouse. You are bringing it on yourself. You can’t blame it on your wife. Everyone knows you made the decision to get back there and stay. God help you.

. To a certain person: I see you walking around in your yard. If you’re as sick as you say you are, now’s the time to really get to business, because it may not be long.

. Illegals killed a border patrol agent with rocks and put another one in the hospital in critical shape, yet the mainstream media never gave any details at all. That’s why we need the wall. That kind of stuff is just the beginning of all the murder and rape and robberies and everything you can imagine coming across the border. (Don’t major daily newspapers such as the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Dallas Morning News, and the Chicago Tribune count as ‘mainstream media? How about television outlets such as Fox News, CNN, NBC News, CBS News and ABC News? All carried indepth coverage of the terrible November 19 ambush that left one Border Patrol agent dead and another badly injured.)

. I wish the Whitesburg Police Department and the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office would get out and do their job and arrest these people that have outstanding warrants on drugs and stealing. These people can’t get a job because of their criminal record and they’re stealing everything in sight. Why in this world don’t the police get out and take that bunch to jail and throw the key away like they deserve? They’ve been in jail 10 times or more and still they’re back out on the road, stealing and thieving in every hollow.

. It is time everybody read the book ‘Up There at the House’ by Pete A. Martin. This provocative novel is highly recommended. It is about Letcher County and eastern Kentucky. While this writing is fiction, it is based on historical fact. If and when you read it, you will learn more than you have ever learned in your life. Check it out at your public library. This is the Midnight Phantom speaking from the archive of the Appalachian Mountains.

. This is to the idiot on Little Colley with the sign that says, “No Parking.” Do you not understand that the State Highway Department owns a 24-foot right-ofway from the centerline in each direction? We will turn anywhere we want to turn and there is nothing you

can do about it. Do you even know where your property line is? You might have a right-of-way, but you do not own where you have your signs. That is state highwayowned.

. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, no one has to live with a slut. Throw the garbage out and find a good woman that will treat you right and not use you for everything you’ve got.

. If you’re not a full-time customer at a certain car repair place the owner doesn’t even speak to you. That is not very good for business. That is just the way it appears to me. If it hadn’t been for one of his helpers I’d never have gotten my flat fixed. He knows me and snubbed his nose at me. Well I can do that, too. I’ll snub my nose up at him. I don’t have to go there.

. To the dog owners in the Upper Bottom who leave their dog outside even though it barks constantly: Please do the dog a favor and pay attention to it and let it be in your house. Don’t just leave it outside on a rope, tethered, to bark non-stop. They belong in a pack, they belong in the house with the family, but not out on a rope.

. I’ve been reading The Mountain Eagle for the last little bit and have noticed in Speak Your Piece a lot of complaints called in about the Little Colley Road. It is absolutely pitiful the way these people drive on Little Colley Road. An accident on KY 15 last week should shape some people up, but it isn’t shaping any of these people up. Last Sunday evening I was traveling Little Colley, and from Maggard’s Store on down a black truck with some kind of design on the hood, a little old Ranger, was absolutely flying. Well I came back up and it was doing the same thing, and then it went up Low Gap. He’s not the only one, but now this is getting pitiful. They’re going to wipe out an innocent family. We don’t have any law in Letcher County willing to do the job.

. Can someone tell me if a certain lady living on Kingdom Come Creek still draws a disability check while she is going to work every day?

. Condolences to the people of Texas and North Carolina, where the huge power company is going to raise electric bills 18 to 20 percent because they had two nuclear plants that they’re not getting up in time. My question is, if they can’t get them built, how are they going to run them? Has anybody heard that song ‘Glow Worm?’ I think some of the stockholders, maybe even the government, should step in on this and get this thing online. The customers are like radioactive waste and the stockholders come out smelling like sweet, summer rain.

. I noticed that Mr. Trump signed a bill letting police forces be able to buy military supplies such as grenade launchers and so on. I’m not too thrilled about police officers with grenade launchers. I support the police 100 percent, but grenade launchers and armored cars? God bless America and God bless you, Mr. Trump.

. When you drive through flooded waters the first casualty will more than likely be you.

. The only reason why Harbor Freight and the other businesses like Tractor Supply never come to Letcher County is because our judge/executive and his magistrates don’t want these stores coming into our town. That’s why come election day, we can go vote these people out, have our jobs brought back to this county and more businesses brought in. When Jim Ward was first elected judge, he said he was going to bring jobs and industry into this county. So far he has done nothing. (The county judge and

the magistrates have no say whatsoever on whether businesses like Harbor Freight or Tractor Supply choose to open a location in Letcher County.)

. To a certain person: Stop running your mouth about the guys that hired you. You were fired from two other places and these guys gave you a chance and you talk crap about them. Learn to cook or leave.

It is sad when people act like they are better than us. These people who are from out of state live on Millstone and act like they are better than us but they are not. These people are bigger rednecks then what we are. Man, you people are dug in deeper to Letcher County then most people are. You act like you are so much better, but you have more going on and want more to do with this place then anybody else.

. Us Americans are the lowest people, especially those who go out and desecrate graveyards and steal Confederate flags off headstones. You know something? Confederate soldiers were also

United States veterans, but some people here in the United States desecrate the Confederacy. That’s right. They claim the Confederate army is what started racism. Racism started a long time ago in the United States, even before the Civil War ever started. It’s a shame how we are going around taking down statues of our Confederate soldiers and are boxing them up and putting them somewhere else.

. To the moonshiners up in Bill Moore Branch: I’ll be back up there around Labor Day to pick up my batch of hooch. I’ve got to give it to you boys; you make some dynamite moonshine. Keep up the good work.

. A certain couple is puzzling. She gives him the boot and when he was seen he was an emotional mess. Now he’s saying something else, but they’ve been seen different places together and they were seen at the Mexican restaurant for their anniversary dinner together. But they’re not living together. Why are they trying to fool people? Something’s going on, but it’s none of my business.

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