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Hey, Jim Ward. What about all of those people who aren’t yet 60 but use the rec center for free while the rest of us have to pay? One guy comes with a blonde-haired woman who isn’t yet 60 but still gets to walk free while the rest of us have to pay. What’s the difference?

. I want to wish my grandson, Colton Adams from Hazard, a happy birthday. He turned two on December 11. Love, Mamaw Jackie.

. This is the old Cat Killer. They say it costs more to put a man to death than it does to take care of him in prison. About those fellows who killed Dr. Acker’s daughter, I could shoot and kill all three of them for less than the price of a hamburger. Bring it on, people. I would love to shoot them all three myself. Have a nice day.

. Certain people from Michigan now living in Letcher County had better keep their mouths shut. You people are not burning anything up. You are the biggest rednecks of them all.

. To a certain person: I told you that you needed to do something with your dogs. They don’t need to bite anyone else. I’m going to give you one more chance to tie them up or do something with them.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: If I were Letcher County Central High School I would just forget about having sports. There’s too much politics in sports, so they just need to forget about it.

. If you only knew what I know about many thousands of people who are getting a free education and free health care in one city without their parents paying one penny in education taxes. I have proof right here with me.

. Donald Trump is always talking about his Christmas present to us in the form of tax cuts. Well, when he gets a billion dollars back from the government, that is a Christmas present to himself in the form of government money.

. Whoever is the dinner cook at Heritage Kitchen is doing a great job.

. We can make the changes necessary in Washington if everyone will call their state representative in Frankfort and tell him or her to join the call for a constitutional convention under Article Five of the U.S. Constitution.

. I think it should be against the law for grown up people

to smoke inside a car with young kids in it. Little kids don’t deserve all that smoke in their little lungs. Make it a law today.

. I just wanted to call in and thank the people of Blair Branch who were in charge of the Veterans Day service and meal. It was an excellent meal and was enjoyed by several. I hope they will have an additional program that I can attend next year. Thanks again.

. I wasn’t for sure they were going to put out the ‘redneck Christmas pig’ going out of Whitesburg at the big log cabin on the right.

. I don’t know where Wiley Quixote gets his songs he plays on 88.7 WMMT. I’ve never heard them before and wish I could hear them again.

. Hillary Clinton has been investigated for 25 years with no indictments returned against her. Donald Trump has been investigated for 10 months and four indictments have already been returned against people associated with him and his campaign. The Clinton investigations have been a waste of taxpayer money, but the Trump investigation is already paying off.

. The four-lane project from Pine Mountain Junction to Jenkins is a big waste of money. All we need is asphalt from the Knott County line to the Virginia line. People are leaving here because of a lack of opportunity. That’s why we don’t need a four-lane. We need our bridges inspected and fixed. Thank you, Matt Bevin, the worst Republican governor we have ever had.

. If you want every kind of pill you want, all you have to do is come to Doty Creek and certain people will help you out. We all know a week or two back a certain person overdosed inside their vehicle in the middle of the road. We all know where he got the needle to overdose. People are getting tired of these pill heads.

. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for moving our embassy to Jerusalem, the holy city. I see that you recognized it as a holy city also. Jerusalem is the capitol of the world. I know it for a fact, because the letters God left me told me so. Mr. Trump, thank you for everything you do for America, sir.

. I bought a car from this so-called Christian man in the Mayking area and paid him $10,500 cash for it. Well, six weeks later I had to put

new tires on it. Just a few months after that I had to put a condenser in the air conditioner, and now — just six months later — the motor is going out of it. Be careful whom you buy your vehicles from. If this man gets to Heaven I hope he has to explain to God how he took this 73-year-old woman so bad on this car.

. I think we’ve been suckered. Our president says the new tax bill will be a bitter pill for the rich and a gift to the working class, yet somehow it turns out it will save our president tens of millions of dollars, including a special break for golf courses, while the average person gets a break of only a few hundred dollars that will disappear in only a few years. And guess what? It was bought with a gift that will allow the oil companies to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, further doing away with more coal jobs. I think we really have been taken.

. Someone called in a comment about how beautiful Raven Rock was in a photograph in The Mountain Eagle. The caller wondered why it isn’t left open to the public. It’s because the members of one certain family think they own all of Jenkins and threequarters of Letcher County. Every time it’s left open they put a new lock on the gate and give a key to only one or two people.

. I would like to wish our wonderful president, Donald Trump, and his family a very merry Christmas, as well as a very merry Christmas to the rest of America. And thank God for the Republican Party.

. What’s on my mind is all these whistle blowing women telling on all these fellows. It’s time some were knocked off their big high horses. Some of these same things need to happen with some of our officials here in Letcher County.

. I am sick and tired of these drug dealers in Pine Creek driving up and down the hollow selling drugs and then sitting at the mouth of the hollow or at the Mayking Mall buying their own drugs.

. To a certain person: Thanks for being there when I needed you. I will always care about you.

. I would like to make a comment on the trial in the Michael Hogg murder case: His parents are my neighbors. There is no way you can measure the grief and suffering they have gone through for four years while waiting on this trial. I drive by there and look up at that grave and see them sitting there most of the time. It’s always decorated real pretty, with pretty flowers and everything. Now that it’s Christmastime they have lights up there. I am really disappointed in a justice system that would allow it to take four years to bring a case like this to trial. It’s not that complicated; it’s not rocket science. I would love to see his parents get some peace of mind. Thank you.

. In the coming election in the race for magistrate in District Three, folks are being asked to vote for former Magistrate Codell Gibson. Codell was not prosperous for District Three and he was voted out of office and Woody Holbrook became our magistrate. There is nothing he has done to help this district prosper, either. He’s voted against the people of his district every time that Jim Ward wanted him to vote for something or the other. The roads are still in the same poor condition and he’s also asking the people to vote him back in. This is ridiculous. Surely the people of this district will not fall for the tactics of either of those two men. We have other people running whom we need to vote for. Please consider the past when you look to the future. I also would ask that someone else run for the office of Letcher County Attorney. Jamie Hatton has not been good for this county, either. Our county is never going to

move forward if people don’t vote the right kind of people in. We also would ask that some good person step up and run for county judge. Jim Ward has not done what this county needs. There are no jobs except for the county jobs, yet he promised much more.

. Would you please print this? Vote for Terry Adams for judge.

. A certain busybody needs to keep her nose out of people’s business.

. To all you girls and boys from the ages of 12 to 18: All of the nude pictures you are putting on the Internet and on your phones are being seen by a lot of people. Girls, the only thing I know to say is that if you’re that stupid you deserve it. If you’re dumb enough to get on Messenger and post your live videos and nude pictures, I hope you know that perverts are looking at your naked self. This is one mistake you will pay for the rest of your life.

. To the woman or man who wrote in the paper about the lady with the gray hair and said she looks like an old stripper: What would you do if Jesus came to your house to spend some time with you? The devil is already in your home.

. Bangladesh, keep your trash. Quit sending them over here. He wanted to be a jihad but he almost burned off his hotrod. New York City, the Big Apple. Sure has a lot of sour grapes in it, doesn’t it? I’m glad he got burned, and I hope he suffers for the rest of his life because of the damage he wanted to do to American citizens.

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