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Pike County moves forward once again while Letcher County sits in the dark while our politicians look nowhere beyond the end of their noses. We have never had a county administration that has the intelligence to present Letcher County in an inviting way to any company looking to expand or start anew. It would appear to me that all we have had over the years are self-serving politicians.

. The women have gotten more political power than their single vote. They can also badmouth their candidate’s opponent and guarantee the election of their candidate. I think that’s wrong. They should not have that much power without facing some type of retaliation from the other side. They should be exposed for what they are. If they are loose women they shouldn’t be talking about somebody else.

. I’ve heard of some lowdown scoundrels on Linefork, but when a man takes up with his niece is low as you can get. They’ve talked about me and mine all the time, and now look at them. Glory be.

. Our president said last year in Charleston, West Virginia, before donning a hard hat, which he would bring back the coal industry, which he loves. This year he added that his effort to revive the industry by clearing away the health, safety, and environmental regulations that make our lives so much better than those of people who live in third world countries had helped produce 45,000 mining jobs. But the Labor Department reported in November that the country had gained just 1,500 coal mining jobs over the previous year. If you’re one of those 43,500 still laid off, do realize yet how badly you got suckered?

. Word is the sexual allegations shoe may soon fall on Letcher County from young ladies and, um, young men.

I want to talk to all of you good Christians out there. Israel doesn’t even believe in Jesus Christ, but these bloodsucking preachers are out there asking me and you to send money to Israel for this, that and the other. They’re putting the money in their pockets. When a country doesn’t believe in Jesus that’s a serious thing with me. So to heck with Israel.

What the local people are doing on Millstone is none of your business. Letcher County knows you are from out of state and you think you are so much better than other people. You are not better, so leave the local people alone. Stop calling social workers on people when you are just as bad if not worse.

. All you mere mortals lie in your own conceit. Look what I did down south two weeks before winter. I am Mother Nature; you can’t outdo me.

. To a certain truck driver on Linefork: I just wanted to let you know that your wife looked like she was enjoying being with that other man the other day while they were in your vehicle. Seems like you’re not the stud you thought you were.

. I asking everybody to please pray that God will send a good preaching pastor over here to our little church on Moore Street in Cumberland. We had a real good church going, but we didn’t appreciate it. I promise if God will send us a good pastor who will lead us in the right way I will help support the church and will attend more regularly. It used to be Way of the Cross Ministries and then they changed it to Living Waters Ministries, but both of our pastors have left and we have no one here.

. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for what you did for our military and what you are doing for America. Alabama, you made your choice. Your holier than thou judgment was made on allegations that haven’t been proven in court. You put your moral issues and your moral standing ahead of your better judgment and what is good for your state. No you’ve brought on yourselves a puppet on a string. We’ll see as we roll along through his term what he will do for you. You’ve got yourself a puppet on a string. God bless America. Ha ha. Idiots.

. To a certain neighbor whose stuff went missing over two days: You all better be looking at the local pawnshops if you want to find your stuff. Also look on the computer to the sites called Letcher County Flea Market and Letcher County Yard Sale. A lot of people advertise stolen stuff on those sites.

. When Republicans talk

about cutting Social Security and Medicare they’re not talking about cutting off the malingerers, they’re talking about cutting off the people who worked for 40 years paying it in. They’re talking about the working people who spent their lifetime looking forward to Social Security. The Republicans want to cut that instead of cutting off the people who are malingering.

. Conservatives say the people who work for a living should save enough for retirement when they can just barely make enough to live. With wages stagnated for 20 years, how are people supposed to save enough to live on? When they’re forced to spend all their money of food, clothing and transportation, how are they supposed to live if the Republicans cut Social Security like they want?

. This to Pryor Jones Day: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and Maria. Hope everyone is better and back home soon. We love you all. From your cousin.

. I’ve been reading in the newspaper the updates on the Hogg trial there in Letcher County. I hope and pray that justice is done.

. An accident happened in the Walmart parking lot last Wednesday at about 11:45. It was a minor accident, but 9-1-1 was called and it still took an hour and a half for the police to get there and work that wreck. That is ridiculous. We have no law in Letcher County.

. God almighty stood up for his child-molesting sons. Don’t take my word for it, read the sixth chapter of Genesis in your own Bible. I’m not impressed with God. I think He is a joke. He had all kinds of love in His hands, yet He let his little pet demons come down here and deceive Adam and Eve. He is not nice. He allowed His boys to come down here and molest girls. .

Have you ever walked the floors at midnight and held a crying baby while it died?

. When Donald Trump was running for office he promised he would not cut Social Security and wouldn’t cut Medicare or Medicaid. Now he is saying cut, cut, cut. He’s cutting his taxes and his friends’ taxes as well as cutting Social Security for people under 50. What we’ve done is sacrificed our younger generation’s retirement for a small and temporary tax cut.

. As a dedicated reader of Speak Your Piece since it was started many years ago, I have to say that without a doubt the most stupid comments I have read are those being posted nearly every week by the man or woman who loves Donald Trump and ends every comment with God bless America and God bless President Trump. I have to wonder what goes through the mind of this man or woman to make them think Trump is worth praising. I can understand why some people were angry at the system and decided to give Trump a chance, but what could he possibly have done so far to help this person that seems to love him so much? Is he or she praising Trump because he lied about putting our miners back to work? Last I saw, Letcher County now has fewer than 50 miners working. Does the tax cut that will save Trump $1 billion a year while most of the rest of us end up paying more thrill him or her? Inquiring minds want to know.

. The Letcher County Central boys’ basketball team displays some of the worst attitudes I have seen from a basketball team in years. This makes the entire team and coaching staff look very bad. Evidently,

there is no discipline for these actions so they continue. When does it stop?

. I wish we could shut down the political world like they have shut down the coal-mining world. Run them out of town and make them go to work. Listen, these filthy politicians and preachers talk about how hard they work. Have they ever crawled on their hands and knees in 30-inch coal? I don’t think so.

. I’ve been watching 57 Mountain News and saw one of my friends, Orville Caudill, and the way he’s been treated for the past couple of weeks. I think it’s a shame, and he’s not the only one that’s getting burglarized. We’re all going to have to take a stand against these deadbeat cheese-eating dope heads. It’s the ones that are shooting up out of their brains that getting out and doing crimes like these committed against Orville Caudill. The police better step up their patrols and find these cats before we do. We’re getting sick and tired of working and paying for what we’ve got and then losing because there is no law in our neighborhoods. Mr. Caudill, I’m all with you, brother. If I see this truck I promise you this: I will take down the license plate number and get a picture of the truck and the driver and will personally come and see you.

. It’s a strange thing to me that the city’s coffers are dry, but every time I drive by the swimming pool I see all the lights on at the tennis courts. Nobody’s playing tennis at 34 degrees. Turn off those lights. Save a dollar.

. If you fire a .45 into your mouth would you still

have the gun in your hand? Someone please give me an answer.

. I want to wish a whole bunch of people a merry Christmas, starting with Kendall Boggs, Jerry Boggs, Karon Miles, Jeanie Bates, everyone on Cowan, Kingscreek, Linefork, Whitesburg Housing Project, Gwendolyn Pack, Lesley Adams my niece, Whitesburg Nursing Home, Lois Day, Debra Pack and others, all the inmates in Letcher County Jail, all the people from Save-a-Lot Grocery where I trade, and especially Andrea Wright, Wilma, Danny Mullins and Phyllis up at Jenkins. Please print this. It’ll be greatly appreciated, I promise. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to Irene

Day, Eugene, Margaret Trent Jay Turner, Kara Miles, Lorraine Faye, Mark Fields, Katy and son, and moving right along to people on Little Cowan, Bonnie Frasier, Martha Fields, the Johnson sisters as well, plus Dr. Gish, Doug, her other half, and family. Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. I think it’s a shame how the truth can get so twisted. I’m gonna go out on a limb even though it’s none of my business. This couple I know, stuff has been said that is far from the truth. I cannot blame the woman for what she did. I would have done the same thing. Because of shame he is saying it was her. I don’t know if this stuff in here, who it’s about, but I know the truth and it’s not being told. This couple love each other, I guess that’s what matters.

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