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This is in regard to a recent front-page picture in The Mountain Eagle. I think it is a shame that a man accused of murder is able to stand with his hands in his pockets without being handcuffed or shackled or anything else. I feel sorry for the family members who have had to sit and watch him and then see this on the front page. Why is he so special that he’s not handcuffed and shackled? It is wrong. The Letcher County court system is just awful. (Under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, judges and other court officials cannot require that defendants wear handcuffs, shackles or other restraints during the guilt phase of a criminal trial unless ‘exceptional circumstances’ exist. ‘Our stance on shackling defendants during trial is clear and longstanding: only when confronted with extraordinary circumstances is the practice allowed,’ the Kentucky Supreme Court said as recently as May 2015. ‘Before a trial court may allow shackles or other restraints to remain on a defendant at trial, the trial court must first encounter some good grounds for believing such defendants might attempt to do violence or to escape during their trials.’)

What is going on at the Letcher County Extension Office? There have been about six employees to resign in less than a year, and our taxes are still being used to keep that big building going when there are no programs that are benefiting our community. Something is fishy about all that. Is this being looked into by our county officials?

. Just what we need, a billion dollar tax cut for Trump and cuts in Medicare for us old people. I get Medicare because I’m 65 years old and now Trump is going to cut it. He promised he wouldn’t cut Medicare or Medicaid or Social Security when he ran for office, but he lied to me. I voted for him and he lied to me.

. I’m just calling about the little call-in about the president and coal mining. Well, it took Obama a little over a year to destroy the coal mines and all of the families that entails, and you expect Trump to fix it in six months. At least there are 1,500 who have mining jobs. If you think you could do any better, get off your butt and run for one of these little joke political offices down here in Whitesburg and see what

you can get done.

. I wish people would quit complaining about Donald Trump. He bought the election fair and square.

. Coal is a dirty word in West Virginia unless you say it is clean, but I’ve never seen any clean coal.

. Who says Donald Trump doesn’t like immigrants? He’s been married to two of them, and he’s got one who is the First Lady of the United States.

. A certain person pretends to be preaching while he knives his customers in the back and gossips around the clock. What a sad way to run a business — really bad.

. Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you for what you’ve ‘did’ for America. Thank you for protecting us. We appreciate it as Americans with children’s children’s children. Old men are grateful. Still, the Democrats and some Republicans don’t look at what you’ve ‘did.’ They look at fabricated stories against you. But the people who watch their 401K’s grow, the people who watch the stock market to out every evening, and the people who see ISIS getting the hootie kicked out of them know, Mr. President, that you’ve done more than the last four presidents put together. The facts are the facts.

. To Senator John Mc- Cain: Maybe some of us have decided we don’t want you back in office. It’s obvious that you’re not capable of making decisions, especially concerning the United States and the people who dwell in it. We appreciate your loyalty to the United States and we appreciate the sacrifices you have made, but it’s close to your term with your brain in the shape it’s in. Don’t worry, we’ll all be following you — some before you and some after — and you’ll always be a hero. But you’re not a leader for the United States. God bless America and God bless Mr. Trump and his family.

. I would like to thank everyone who helped the Morton family after the loss of their home.

. I would like to know why key information was not allowed to be discussed by those testifying in the Hogg murder trial. I would like for someone to tell me why. There is a God and there will be justice in this. Thank you, Speak Your Piece, for

letting us vent about this.

. We haven’t heard from the cat killer in a while. You reckon he’s in prison or in jail? I’m kind of worried about him. Maybe it’s like ‘The Planet of the Apes,’ and the cats took him out. You don’t mess with cats; cats rule.

. The person who was commenting about the Jenkins school system is so correct. We have a local guy here who absolutely was an awesome talent who broke records in basketball. Do you think he got the athletic award? No. I’ll never forget the look on his face. Much needs to be changed there.

. The Mountain Eagle should do a story or stories on all that is going on at the Letcher County Jail, and how the guards don’t take care of people. They don’t go to the back to check on anybody, and nothing ever gets done about it. Please get in touch with me.

. To a retired schoolteacher at Jenkins: Remember when we used to go to our room at a certain place years ago? If you are interested, we will do it again.

. I think it’s ironic there are people in this county who make fun of the people who are actually in need, yet they are the first ones in line at the free Christmas giveaways.

. I love to do things illegally when the police can’t do anything about it. For instance, when I’m in Whitesburg I like to stop at McDonald’s and get a bunch of food to eat and then throw my garbage out on the highway going toward Harlan County. That just tickles me to death, knowing they can’t catch me. Thank you.

. I bought a brand-new four-wheeler and licensed it for ‘farm use.’ Well, it went about three or four years and I got a huge tax bill. You know what they told me in County Clerk Winston Meade’s office? They said there are only two farms listed in Letcher County, and neither was how I wanted to list it. The gripe I have with this — and I hope everybody opens their eyes — is that 99.99 percent of your log trucks have ‘farm use’ tags on them. How can they run ‘farm use’ tags when they say there are only two farms in all of Letcher County? I am going to write Frankfort and ask about this. Then we’ll see if Letcher County turns out to be the mule’s head or the mule’s hind end. This is not fair. If you’re going to give to one, give to all. God bless and Merry Christmas.

. Congratulations, Mr. President. That was a historical vote that was signed into law by you. I am proud of you, Mr. President, for what you do for the people of the United States. I have

something to say to the Democrat Party: You lost. The tax dollars are going to go to the people, not to the pockets of politicians or to the pockets of the establishment. The money is going back to the people. It does my heart good to know that in these coming elections the people will know what the Republicans have done for them.

. I see the snaggletooth hooker is out of jail again in the Neon area. Lord knows what’s coming next.

. I think it ought to be against the law for a man to drive down the road with a cigarette in his hand when little kids are in the car. That is ridiculous and should be considered as child abuse. Smoking with little kids in the vehicle with you is not right.

. Merry Christmas, everybody. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Being a 64-year-old handicapped widower living by myself and dragging myself here and there, my children asked, ‘Daddy, what would you like to have for Christmas?’ I thought for a minute and answered, ‘Well, a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and a bag of potato chips.’ That went over their heads. They didn’t understand. They don’t know how rough senior citizens have it when they are isolated with no one to help. Well, there’s one thing that gives us hope, and that’s the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the One who keeps us going, and with Him I know I am not alone out there. It would be nice to wake up and have a dozen eggs, a bag of chips, and a loaf of bread. I guess a lot of these children never had to listen to mountain rats in the dead of winter trying to cut their way up to where you sleep. Yes, this is America, our great nation, but there are some who are forgotten and pushed aside. We will pray together, my brothers and sisters. We are old, but we are alive. With a little help from God we can do anything. Merry Christmas, everybody.

. To a certain person: You lied to me about that money you spent, and you know you lied. Things are not going to get any better, so while I’m gone, enjoy.

. You can send a dog to rehab, but she will always be a bitch.

. I am a widow lady and I am looking for a light job taking care of an elderly lady, but the lady must be able to walk. I can cook, clean, and help her bathe, but she has to be able to walk. I also don’t want to care for anybody who has dementia, either. (Is there much of a demand for household help for older ladies who can walk ?)

I sold my motorcycle and went to Norton, Virginia to buy my woman a nice piece of jewelry at the store beside Walmart. When I walked in I told the clerk I would like to look at something nice, that my lady likes hoops. He points down and says, ‘Well I guess that’s hoops there.’ I then said, ‘Well, maybe let’s look at diamonds.’ He said, ‘Sir, we have studs but we’re out of the sixty-nine dollar diamond stud earrings.’ I told him I wasn’t there to buy sixty-nine dollar earrings. For one time in my life I wanted my woman to have what everybody else is used to, but I was made to feel so embarrassed it has absolutely devastated me. I was in the store before and was treated really well. I bought one earring in there one time that was five-hundred dollars, so occasionally I like to buy something nice for my woman, too.

. It’s amazing that whenever I call the sheriff’s office to request something, a certain deputy picks the phone up and puts me on hold, then hangs up on me and won’t call me back or talk to me. He’s just like his boss.

Eugene Slone, I thought about voting for you in the next election, but I’m having serious doubts. See you at the polls, Eugene.

. I can’t believe that little boy who lives at Seco with his girlfriend and their baby came to me at Dry Fork and cried on my shoulder and stayed at my house for two or three nights and bummed $400 from me after promising he would pay me back on the 30th day of that month. Well it’s been almost two months now and he hasn’t given me one dime. I have been good to him and I love him like a son, but this really hurts me that he would do this to me. That $400 isn’t going to break me, thank God, but I was good enough to let him sleep on my couch when he said he had nowhere else to go and then he does this to me. I hope he can lie down and sleep good at night. I wonder if he remembers that wreck he had on Pine Mountain that almost killed him? If he had listened to me that night it wouldn’t have happened. I have always been good to him and loaned him money.

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