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This is some big news from over here in Cumberland. I started up through town a while ago and it was a sight at all the police cars I saw on Main Street. I thought there must have been an awful wreck or shooting or something. I took a detour and ran into even more police cars, including state and everything the city had along with Benham and Lynch. I’ll be doggone if I didn’t sit around and figure out somebody’s ball joint had fallen out of a pickup truck. That’s big news for Cumberland.

. To the person who brags about throwing McDonald’s garbage out on the way to Harlan County: The police may not catch you, but I will. I live over that way. How would you like it if I come to your neck of the woods and dumped my garbage? Littering is ignorance at its finest. You’re a prime example of what’s wrong with this country. (Well said. Thanks for contributing.)

. There will never be another wedding with my ex — no dream wedding, no nothing. I love my baby and I always will, and that will never change.

. Do I understand correctly that a wealthy lawyer who is not even an employee of the city is getting his health insurance paid for on the backs of the taxpayers? No wonder the city’s in the shape it’s in.

. A certain organization in Neon has a member who thinks he is John Holmes, the X-rated film actor. He called another member’s home and asked for his daughter, who is only 16 years old. He told the man who answered, ‘Tell her John Holmes called’ and then he laughed. The other member recognized his voice.

. Well welcome back Eric Conn, Mr. Social Security. How was the weather in Honduras? We were all thinking about you, and would like to let you know that we all have pooled our money and bought you a 30- year supply of K-Y Jelly. We hope it helps you in prison. Bubba will leave a lasting impression on you. Hopefully you will never get out. See you in the next century.

. I am still looking for a cell phone I lost several weeks ago, on November 17, at the Community Trust Bank parking lot under the canopy, or on the same day at a residence at Sandlick, between 8:45 and 9:11 a.m. I am offering a reward — no questions asked — for return of the phone. Contact

Pat at the bank, and leave the phone there with her. I just want my phone back.

. Rand Paul espouses an economic philosophy of atheism.

. I would like to know one thing: If your power bill was $200 last month, how can it be $500 this month when you do no cooking? What happened? Did someone come in and cook while you were gone? People can’t pay those power bills; they can’t even eat, let alone pay a power bill. Little children are going hungry while they cut their power off. I think something should be done about the power company. I don’t know what people are going to do. The water bill is going up, the garbage bill is going up; we don’t even have enough money to pay for those bills, let alone eat. God help everybody is what I think. (Even higher power bills may hit much of Letcher County soon. On January 6, the Kentucky Public Service Commission is expected to approve a 16-percent rate increase for Kentucky Power Company — half of what the AEP subsidiary asked for in its original request for a rate hike filed last July. However, the impact that 16-percent increase will have on your wallet might be lessened if, as expected, the Public Service Commission also orders Kentucky Power to share the enormous amount of money the utility will save from the corporate tax cuts approved last month by Congress. We might be paying about eightpercent more for electrical service instead of the expected 16 percent. Coverage of this issue appears elsewhere in this week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle.)

. God Thank you, Mr. Trump, for what you did for America in 2017. After listening to them go on and on, I ask the question: What has the Democrat Party ‘did’ besides destroy everything you try to build up? As far as North Korea and Russia volunteering to negotiate, we understand, Mr. President, you are a very smart man and you know things the American people don’t know about North Korea and about the United Nations. Take the money we’ve been giving the UN and use it to build your wall. It’s a fight to keep America free, with Russia, China and others hoping to enslave us by helping North Korea. I say light the Roman candle and let it glow, Mr. President, especially with North Korea. God bless America; God bless you and your family, and I’m looking forward to the rest of 2018 if this old man is still around. I wake

up aching and hurting and go to bed hurting and aching. That’s the way it is when you break yourself down working for your children. Well, I’ll hush. I’m just a pissed off old white man rattling the chain this morning. (How willing would you be to light that ‘Roman candle’ and ‘let it glow’ if you had a son or daughter serving our country in that region of the world today? Have you given any thought to the millions of innocent men, women and children whose lives would be lost in a nuclear war?)

. James R. Huffman IV will be out of prison in 20 years. Watch and see if I’m not right.

. Wiley Quixote missed all of Christmas week at WMMT-FM in Whitesburg. He deserved the week off, because he never missed Black Friday or Pearl Harbor Day. But I wonder, is he on a book tour?

. Former President Barack Obama is the most admired man in the United States and has been for the past 10 years, according to a recent Gallup poll. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was named the most admired woman, just ahead of former first lady Michelle Obama and for

the 22nd year in a row. This is because most Americans prefer people with character.

. WMMT-FM gives out the Whitesburg weather now. When Gentle Ben West was on there he did the regional weather. Why can’t they give regional weather since some of us live such a long way from Whitesburg? We’d like to know what the weather is going to be like where we are, not from someplace we don’t even know.

. One of the most historic men who ever lived had a December 25 birthday and changed the world before he turned 30. His name was Isaac Newton.

. It’s a strange thing to me when a radio personality says he or she is going to play some kind of Christmas story, tells you what time it will be played, and then never plays it. I hope nothing bad happened to the radio personality, but I had the whole family sitting around the radio waiting for it and it never came on. So what’s the deal?

. I think it’s a shame that Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward lies like he does about the garbage. I’m getting tired of it and I’m going in to see him

after the start of the year. I owe for a couple of months and I’ll pay for that, but I’ll tell him right to his face I don’t want his garbage pickup anymore, because he’s the lyin’est man in Letcher County.

. Well, it’s looking like a certain man is regretting what he’s done. He may have lost the love of his life. I don’t know if they will work it out or not, but that’s none of my business.

. I heard the probation and parole officers are watching a few people very closely. Beware.

. Whoever the Hemphill Hooker is, I think she ought to run for mayor.

. It’s good when you can do anything that you want without a controlling, jealous man while everything else remains the same. Life is good.

. I have to hand it to a certain fellow who is able to go out here and get himself a certain woman who is divorced and has a young one. Apparently, he is trying to get her to move in with him and his mother just to help pay bills when he’s already had three other women living with him. It’s amazing how they buy his beer for him while he runs around and brags to his friends about how he’s got it made. If this woman had any sense she would dump him and put him out in the cold so he would have to go back to his mother’s house and cry to her. (Jealous much?)

It’s late Friday evening. Does anybody know where my Chrysler 300 is?

. I would like to ask everybody in Letcher County why it is that when people go to the doctor and get their medicine all you hear at the pharmacy is ‘copay, copay.’ The medicine already costs enough. What do they mean by ‘copay?’ Don’t we pay enough for the medicine without having to pay again? Somebody should wake up and stop that ‘copay.’ People can’t afford that. I think it’s crazy. People don’t have the extra money to give them. ‘Copay’ is all you hear.

. To a certain person: I am not a racist. I didn’t know it was you on the highway, and I am sorry about that.

. It’s a shame that certain people on Blair Branch have to be called in and tested for AIDS. The girls from Beaver and Knott County had better watch out.

. To a certain person: If something ever happens to me I just want you to know, baby, that I loved you more than rice and I know that you loved me.

. I was just wondering when the accusations of sexual harassment are going to come out in Whitesburg. It’s come out every place else, why hasn’t it come out in Whitesburg?

. I know four men that who need to find new jobs. I do not think you men can handle being out of town. I say Whitesburg just lost another company. This town has so many jobs.

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