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To the person driving the white Toyota SUV on US 119 every morning: You always drive with your high beams on while in traffic. Whether you’re approaching traffic head on or following someone you use your bright lights all the time. Why? Are you attempting to blind everyone else and cause a wreck? Do you consider yourself the most important driver out there? The center of the universe? Or are you just a self-centered low-life jerk? You are putting the safety of others in jeopardy by potentially blinding another driver. Yet you probably don’t care, do you? Maybe you would care if that blinded driver hits you head on? Or if an irate driver with road rage follows you to your destination? To all of you who seem to be embracing this sort of behavior: It is wrong to use your high beams in traffic. You know better.

. Weird, tragic, and scary; man with unparalleled access to the world’s most powerful information-gathering machine, with an intelligence budget estimated at $73 billion last year, prefers to rely on conservative cable news hosts to understand current events. No wonder such a high percentage of people realize the country is going in such a terribly wrong direction.

. I heard on the news that power company has decided to use the new corporate tax cut to reduce their customers’ electric bills. AEP, KU, and all other power companies should do the same. Not that they ‘have’ to, but it’s an honorable way to show appreciation for their customers. I sure don’t believe in socialism because the money earned by corporations or the poorest of the poor is theirs to spend as they see fit. Everyone, myself included, that has a little bit of their payday left after taking care of their families and putting some away for hard times, should be cheerful givers. Most people can’t, but some can. (We covered this issue in detail in last week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle. As our report said, the Kentucky Public Service Commission

is requiring that Kentucky Power Company and other large utilities share with their ratepayers the savings that will come their way from the large corporate tax cuts they will receive. How that might offset Kentucky Power’s expected 16-percent rate increase is not yet known.)

Concerning the Huffman trial and the article where his attorney is critical of how the trial was handled? I don’t live anywhere near where the jury pool was allegedly selected and likely would have been an ideal candidate for selection as his attorney lay out. Also, I didn’t know the victim, his family and friends, nor do I know the defendant. And, until reading details in the paper and hearing about it from other sources, I had little information about the incident. However, after all was said, there are a few things I feel should be pointed out. First, it probably wasn’t a good idea to put the defendant on the stand. A few remarks he made in reference to his actions and behavior that night were very telling. Second, yes everyone was drinking. But, just how often do drunk people get that out of hand? Third, Whitesburg is not a huge metropolitan area where violent crimes happen every day, so of course it impacted the community. In conclusion, I am saying that if I had been a juror I would have voted guilty, too. And what would that have anything to do with biased attitudes towards the defendant?

. It’s time for the Letcher County Tourism committee to change its name to Whitesburg Tourism. They pushed all of the past members out so they can focus solely on Whitesburg. Who wants to come into the middle of nowhere to see Whitesburg? The answer: very few. (Seriously?)

They talk about election integrity. I have integrity; I’m not going to vote for the crooks. I’m not going to vote at all.

. You pay your medical insurance and you think you’re through. Then comes the copay. I don’t think people should have to pay a copay when the doctor bill was well over a hundred dollars plus your medicine. The governor in Frankfort should put a stop to this.

. I’m about ready to start bonfire and start talking about our TVS Cable system. It’s the sorriest piece of equipment I have had in my life. I haven’t had TV now for two weeks. We call

and they act like they know nothing about it or they say something has gone wrong on our end of the world. Still we don’t have any TV, yet our bill goes up and up and up. Who do we call and what do we do? Let’s start talking, folks.

. Iranian officials and Washington Democrats act like one and the same.

. Beware of where you get your car repaired. I got my car worked on at a certain place a couple of weeks ago and they absolutely destroyed it. I had to go back to a dealership and have over $5,000 worth of repairs done.

. To the lady who called in request for food or whatever she needed: If she’ll leave her phone number I’ll go get the food or whatever and take it to her. No strings attached, it’s all free from my heart.

. Jim Ward, I thank you and all of your staff for raising our water bills. The poor people don’t have a chance. (County Judge/Executive Jim Ward has no say in whether water bill go up or down in Letcher County. That is up to the Letcher County Water and Sewer Commission and the Kentucky Public Service Commission.)

Just got through looking at The Mountain Eagle here. It looks like the sales papers are getting bigger and the paper is getting smaller. (Look at your calendar. It’s January, when newspapers tend to run fewer pages. Also, we have been running the same number of pages in one section that we normally put in two sections. Be

patient. Things will return to normal soon, especially after we get over this flu.)

I wish my neighbors would keep their goat up. It gets in my yard and poops everywhere. I’m going to start turning my dogs out. That’s the way it goes, I guess, when you live in a crazy neighborhood.

. When you hunting in the head of Carbon Glow, Doty Creek and the head of Defeated Creek you won’t find any rabbits, deer, grouse or turkeys. You know the reason why? It’s because of all the coyotes. If you all had any sense you would go up there and clean them out, but you don’t. All you want to do is sit around watching Kentucky play basketball on TV or some game show. That’s why we hunters need to stick together and start getting rid of these nuisance animals.

. I just got through reading the interview where attorney Robbie Wright complained about the unfair treatment given his client, James Huffman IV, in the Hogg murder trial. I am going to call and ask him if Mike Hogg got treated fairly that night he was brutally murdered.

. This is on the subject of littering in this area. Question: What if everybody threw their garbage out their windows when they drove? Think about it.

. Steve Bannon, what you done for America? I don’t think you did a whole lot of anything. What has our president done for America? Yea. That’s the question to you, Steve Bannon. You are worthless. God bless America and God bless the Trump family.

. I’m glad to see some closure

on this Michael Hogg case. These people are my neighbors and they have suffered a long time. It is good to have some closure. They have lost a fine young man. This attorney, Robbie Wright, would be singing another tune if it was his son who had been stabbed to death. When you read what Robbie Wright had to say it’s no wonder attorneys are thought of in such a low and negative way.

. I guess you can call it a down year for the SEC in football if you want to. We only got two teams into the football championship game.

. I’ll bet there are millions of true believers who would love to have some of that global warming right now.

. I see they graveled the road again over top of the snow again because the county is broke. Not only do we have to deal with the slick roads now; we’ll have to deal with the pill heads driving in gravels this summer. Have you ever seen a pill head try to stop their vehicle on gravels? They’re like marbles on a linoleum floor. Since they take all their money and buy drugs they don’t have any tires.

. It’s amazing how these county road crews don’t even come into these hollows anymore to clean the roads.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: thought our county was in financial trouble, then I see a gravel truck coming to spread gravel on a hardtop road. This supposedly will help us get out of the hollows when snow is on the roads. Heck, save some money and don’t put down the gravel. This proves that we have a county judge who doesn’t know anything about economics. Save some money.

. If Hillary Clinton’s emails could be investigated then why can’t Donald Trump’s e-mails be investigated? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

. I was just going to let you people know that I’m getting a divorce from this sorry piece of scum I’m married to down here at UZ. I’ve got some property down here I’m going to put up for sale very soon and I’m going to let it go cheap, and I mean real cheap. I’ll let you know what I’m going to let it go for soon.

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