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To the tramp who is playing with high school boys’ minds: You need to quit because you are going to hurt these boys forever. You already ran off one of the best men in town, and now you are going to hurt these young boys you are sleeping with in the process. You are the worst Christian I ever knew, so please stop. This town is in bad enough shape without you acting like the person you really are. Please stop and leave the good boys alone before you tear up other families like you already have. And while you’re at it, can you tell your husband to come back to town and get a real woman who will take care of him like you could not?

I just heard that one of the officials in a certain town is a well known pill head, probably the biggest one in town. This is a alltime low. He doesn’t work, draws SSI for mental problems, and should be arrested for elder abuse. Do the folks in the town I’m talking about enjoy being the biggest joke in Letcher County?

Congratulations to the President George W. “W” Bush administration for achieving two notable “Big Four” milestones: Over 4,000 of our precious children’s lives destroyed for the imaginary weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – not counting the tens of thousands they’ve crippled for life – and $4 gasoline in many parts of the country. It now costs me over $50 to fill up my hybrid. How ’bout you? Let’s see if we can go for five and five!

Once again election time approaches. Do you want the party of Wall Street, oil companies and strip mine owners that brought you the Iraq War, and that once every four years to get your votes, talks about the Ten Commandments, God and abortion. or do you want the party of labor unions, blacks, Hispanics, gays, abortion rights and trial lawyers? As a doctor I’ll take the party of trial lawyers and hold my nose because the party of Wall Street, oil companies and polluters is so much worse. There unfortunately isn’t a menu. If you vote at all you have to choose one or the other and take the whole package. Dr. McIntyre.

Life is short. Treat one another with love and respect.

I just wanted to compliment the staff and owners of the Parkway Inn. I had a relative with special needs staying there for a few days this month and the staff took excellent care of him. They went above and beyond the job duties. I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks. You all are the best. A special thanks to Bridget and Austin.

This is in response to the comments about Trooper Hall shooting the dogs: What is sad is those people who lost their family pets and hunting partners because they were disturbing someone’s sleep. I am awakened every night by police sirens going by in the middle of the night. Who are they trying to get out of their way with not a car on the road? This doesn’t mean I can just go out and shoot them, because they woke me up. Most cops think they are above the law, or are the law, when in fact they are just ordinary citizens that we taxpayers have hired to represent the law. What a lot of people don’t know is that Trooper Hall was not on duty, and the dogs were not even on his property when they were murdered. They were on his coon hunting grandfather’s property. For all he knew these people could have had permission to be hunting on this property. This property was not posted, by the way. And you want to talk about ignorant? What is ignorant is someone who would support killing an innocent animal. I don’t know who Brushey Bill is, but I am a very educated person who loves animals and used to respect police officers until now. Also to the person quoting Kentucky’s leash laws: You need to do a little more research. This law excludes dogs being used for hunting purposes. If not, the state couldn’t get coon hunters’ money for a hunting license every year. And to the person putting all these comments in: What is your name? Why are you so worried about who everyone else is?

Hey Mr. Preacher Man. I heard about your sermon at the last meeting. I have a great topic for next month. Why don’t you preach on leaders who steal money from the pot for their personal use? Refresh their memory to a year ago. Thou shalt not steal.

Well, well, well, Mr. Big Shot, looks like you lost her anyway! I knew you weren’t right for her. You want to talk about who and what I am? This is who and what I am – a devoted friend and sister that stands by her family no matter what. I can’t help it that you don’t have anyone that loves you this much. That sounds like a personal problem that you have to deal with yourself! I’m just glad that she woke up and saw how you really are. I had heard that you cheated on your first wife with 18 different women. How you found that many, I don’t know, they must have been desperate. But anyway, now that you are out of her life , she can go on to find better things to do than to sit by and watch you drink all the time. Have you ever heard of AA? You might want to check into that. Now I guess I can stop commenting on you since you are out of the picture. Miracles really do happen.

This is to the homewrecker at Mountain Breeze: You know who you are, and you need to stay away from married men – especially mine. I don’t want to end up catching anything. Learn to keep your legs closed and take care of your brat. If I find out you are talking to my husband again, I’ll kick your trashy butt. You are nothing but an ugly tramp. I don’t know how you had such a beautiful little boy.

to the residents of Rocky Hollow, you know who you are: I’m still watching you especially you, Catfish, Redneck and Patches.

Just wanted to send out get well wishes to Chris Cantrell. I understand that he’s not feeling so perky. Flowers are on the way, buddy.

I am writing in response to the article written on April 30 on the Letcher County Central High School baseball field. The facts in this case are as follows: Last I checked workers are entitled by law to a 10-minute break (morning and evening) and a 30-minute lunch break. All trades do not break at the same time(s) each trade each day . . . sometimes they do. Furthermore, about the only time you see any visitors to the job site is during scheduled break times at the field. ‘They’ve ridden the mud to death. I have been up many times when there was no rain and were sunny nice days and no work going on,’ said board member Quillen. ‘I just hope they will get creative enough to come up with a new excuse instead of the same one,’ said board member Smith. Mr. Smith, if you think you can do any better under the working conditions, feel free to do so. If you’ve never been there don’t criticize. You have no idea of the conditions – too much rain, not enough tools and/or materials, not enough workers (three carpenters to do a 10-12 man job). We worked days when it rained, snowed, and when it was only six above zero, I can go on and on. I read no mention of the subcontractors who backed out on their part of the job and the other things that should have been subcontracted out but the company made the decision that we could do it along with everything else. ‘I chose terra-cotta as the roof color because that was the color of the school, but it was a different manufacturer,’ said Douglas. ‘It certainly has delayed things a lot longer than a wet field,’ said Smith. What kind of person would do such a thing? If you have never done anymore than do a little painting around your home, you know that no two manufacturers make the same color. This put the job even further behind. It delayed the work two weeks. The joke is trying to work on a project like this as the weather changes from fall to winter (as everyone knows one of the wettest times of the year). Why wasn’t this job started in the summer just after school is dismissed for the year? Poor planning and arrogance is the answer. I have been in construction nearly 20 years now, in several states, doing many different types of work and I can tell you with absolutely no doubt that things rarely as planned and when it rains enough to create ankle-deep mud, it is almost impossible to accomplish anything. Many days I came home covered head to toe in mud and wet to the skin. I have worked hurt, cold, sick, and had to endure working with four ‘carpenters’ (temporarily) who aren’t qualified to wipe the mud from my boots. I ruined six pairs of jeans, two shirts, and three pairs of shoes there when I needed to be elsewhere. These are the facts. I doubt this getting into the paper and I know my personal opinions won’t (my personal opinions will only be allowed to be aired on HBO). So I dare anyone to say I failed to do my part or to say I sacrificed nothing for this project. If you do then I say you are a liar. I would not hesitate for a second to repeat this directly to them face to face. Tsani.

I’m confused about the Marvin and Verna Potter case. There was a report that there was no indictment, but there have been several comments that an indictment is still a possibility. Can someone please explain?

Letcher County has an unhealthy environment and air and water pollution are the least of the problem. The most dangerous part of living here is contending with the crime. The whole country has a problem, but nothing like ours. I believe there is a mix and a range of crime here greater than that of any region in the U.S. The increasingly failing economy is almost certain to make it worse. I believe the major reason for this perilous situation is the relaxed attitude, indifference, and marginal performance of our system of law, all the way from the newest cops, through the prosecutor, and the court. Unfortunately, the key officials are all in elected positions and are interested primarily in political security. I think their first reaction to any problem is to try to avoid it. If that doesn’t work, their next thought is how to keep from offending voters, above all else. It’s way beyond time that we inform them that we are aware of their salaries and their responsibilities, and that we expect more – a lot more. The one happy exception to this sorry situation is the district court, who do an excellent job. They can’t do it all, though.

The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement official in Kentucky. Anyone who meets any resistance in getting effective action on a crime should send a brief, accurate description of the situation to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, Suite 118, The Capitol, 700 Capitol Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601-3449.

Thursday morning I followed a gray-green Honda SUV down Highway 15 from Isom to Whitesburg. The car was all over the road, crossing the yellow lines and running off the road. Sometimes it swerved into oncoming traffic and caused them to have to dodge. I wonder if the driver was asleep, sick, or on drugs or drunk. Whoever was driving should not have been on the road in that condition. I feel sorry for them, but they could have caused a serious accident.

I wish the people I work with would study the issues and facts about the potential presidential candidates. I hear some of the stupidest comments from people who are supposed to have a brain. Learn the facts, then make a decision. If you’re just spreading the racist, sexist, or age-ist lies that someone sent you in an email or told you as a lie, then you are letting them control you. Learn the truth, then talk. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.

Okay, for one thing, what are these crazy people in England doing? They’re going crazy over one ‘fan’s’ suicide, and plotting a mass one themselves. What is that going to solve? Nothing. This is all over a suicide that was suspected to be caused by the New Jersey-founded band, My Chemical Romance. The Daily Mail published an article saying that it was because of them that a 13-year-old girl took her own life. Nine hundred participants are taking place in a ‘peaceful protest’ in front of the place, and after, are supposed to perform an act of mass suicide taking place on May 31, 2008. I urge you, the citizens of Letcher County who may be fans, do not participate.

Hey, Uncle Perverts. It’s sad when we try and make a family chat room and both of you come in talking disgusting filthy and nasty talk to women who are part of your own family. You’re gross. One of you got beaten half to death for messing with little girls. So, folks, watch your little girls around this sick gross and disgusting moron. This is for both of you: It’s amazing that once you get your disability checks you are healed and cutting wood and doing stuff you couldn’t do before you were approved for your checks. I think it’s called fraud.

To Queen Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde: If you two think you are fooling everybody about what your game is, you are wrong. You two think you’re so hot. Just because you’re hanging around with a witch doctor means you’re going to do anything you want to anybody? We know what you’ve been doing. It’s just a matter of time before some of our lady friends come pay you a visit. Those pretty little vehicles you drive aren’t going to look so pretty after we get done with them.

To a lady at Buck Creek: You’re a gutter slut. Your daughter’s a gutter slut. Your best friend is a gutter slut. The best thing you can do is leave people alone and quit sticking your nose into other people’s business. Thank you.

Keep your cool there, you gray-haired drunken grizzly.

I am trying to find out if I am the right E.W. Is this from the girl who took me to Lexington and stopped on the Mountain Parkway so we could go in the bushes? If so, please respond next week.

I just wanted to let you know that you got lucky. You got your bulldog back. Now the advice is you need to keep it on a chain or in a lot. If it’s caught in the hills or on the creek running loose, there are a lot of hunters on this creek. That dog has killed cats and other animals, and we’re not putting up with it any longer.

Mitch McConnell, Mitch McConnell. People, look around you. What has improved between Hazard and the Virginia state line since he has been in office? Please don’t vote for McConnell again. He’s been in office for years and years and we’ve been behind for years and years.

A certain person is in jail in Hazard right now. That’s where he needs to be.

I want to wish my sister, Wanda Faye Blair of Hazard, a happy birthday. Hope you have fun in Myrtle Beach. From your sister, Jackie Adams.

I don’t eat right. I drink too much. I stay with these vampire hours. I have daydreams, but dream them at night. I don’t drive cars too fast, thrive off the government, or eat all that much meat. What’s wrong with the way I think? Wrong can be righted in the hills where I live. I’m not concerned about Montana. Let us see it all now, then when she’s posing in Playboy. I watch CNN, Fox and cable. See Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and suffer from restless leg syndrome. Shouldn’t have personalized TV; should be talking about ‘Two and One-Half Men’. It goes without saying, big brother is telling. On who? Everybody. Since I don’t eat right, I drink too much and I have vampire hours, just what am I thinking? It’s very hard the subtle ways, the nosy ways, looking out the other window, peeking out from behind every blind. If I wasn’t in trouble I just might be in good health and going to church, seances, rave-ins or mass. Church? Probably not. It’s too scary. It’s definitely mass. Since I don’t eat right and I drink too much I just may be in danger is what I’m told. I don’t eat right, I drink too much, and I stay with these vampire hours. What do I expect? What do you expect when I don’t eat right? In these hills where I live the stills are dry and fields grow full of grass. In these hills I just don’t eat right.

I want you to please excuse the words I am going to use, but I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t say it like I mean it. It’s looking like we’re going to have a (black) president. It really disheartens me. I think he’s fake, and not just because of the color of his skin. I’m just really distraught by this. I just hope that somebody has the guts to vote with a bullet. That’s all I’ve got to say.

(What could make you hate a presidential candidate so badly that you would make a serious call for him to be shot and killed?)

I’m just calling to say I am tired of these losers, mainly from Cram Creek, going to West Virginia to get their pills. It’s a bunch of crap and we’re going to put a stop to it because the sheriff is going to know about it. I’m going to tell them about it every day until they get it stopped. I am tired of seeing people overdose around here and I am tired of seeing all of the kids getting hooked on them. If you keep coming to Cram Creek, or Pine Creek, to buy your pills you are going to get caught.

My banana tastes like a cucumber. My blue jeans are black. I’ve been drinking. I’m liquidated. I’ve been rocked so much I’m stoned. My ride, my Thunderbird, has no wings. I’ve been bonded in jail so many times. There are very few times I haven’t been indicted. If you think I’m trying to write cute or witty, wait till your banana tastes like a cucumber. I’m embarrassed with some accusations. I’ve got a few law-breaking charges. I’m innocent until I’m found guilty. What money I’ve got the legal system swallows. Breakfast in bed, I do declare, is not found on my sheets. No insurance, locked up, threatened, the future’s in jeopardy. How’s yours taste? Better than mine, I surely expect, because my banana tastes like a cucumber.

We need to remember this: The price paid for sin wasn’t paid by minimum wage. Also, the blessings of the Lord make us rich and add no sorrows to it. God bless.

I see in The Mountain Eagle where the cicadas are coming. I’m going to get me a bunch of those and fry them and eat them. They say they’re real good.

(Based on the noise they’re making you shouldn’t have much of a problem rounding up a batch.)

You little sawed-off hypocrite. You don’t have the guts to say something to a child’s parent, so instead you smart off to the child. You’re pathetic.

Back to the comment I made last week about John McCain, the thing that was left out is that the 22nd and 24th president was Grover Cleveland. That’s the reason we’ve only had 42 different presidents. Thank you.

Thanks for responding to me about the truck on Camp Branch that has the brush. I wasn’t trying to be a smart-aleck, I was just really wanting to know what the purpose was. So now I know, and I appreciate your response.

(Oops. Should have known from other good comments you’ve called in that you’re not one who would be opposed to sparing a few seconds so a road could be kept clean. Sorry for misinterpreting what you were saying.)

To a certain person: Are you afraid to marry her? Or does your mom still tell you what to do? You better straighten up and be a real man. If you don’t, she’s going to get a real man. Signed, Mommy’s Little Boy.

The only people who don’t have to worry about the gas prices, I guess, are the drug dealers and the ones selling pills. They’ve got plenty of money.

I’m still being followed. What am I going to do about it? You’ll find out.

When somebody makes a threat against me I make the first move. So you’re the one who better watch out, baby.

I think that someone who would call social services on another person as a revenge tactic is a lowdown dirty coward. It does nothing but hurt the kid. Social services in this county jerks children out of homes for the most stupid reasons I have ever heard of in my life. Meanwhile, they will leave other children in their homes even though the children aren’t being fed and are being beaten and having other unmentionable things done to them. I have seen this time and time again.

If the state trooper really did kill those dogs without a good reason then he is someone every citizen in Letcher County should be very afraid of.

I am just calling in for all you people who are thinking about pilfering your mom’s money or your dad’s money and how you will get it. Remember that you will reap what you sow and it will come back to you if you do it. I hope you get it as badly as it can be gotten. Thank you.

Last house in the hollow – that is me – gets no gravel. I don’t know why. I pay my taxes. When they come to collect my taxes they don’t say, ‘We don’t gravel your road so we’re not going to make you pay taxes.’ If you live in the last house in your hollow then you have a gripe just like me. We pay our taxes and we are citizens of the United States. We didn’t sneak in here from Mexico. I would just like to know why we don’t get our gravel like everybody else. My neighbor gets gravel when the wind blows. They get gravel when it doesn’t blow. I get none. It’s a bad thing. Pay taxes, get gravel like everybody else. Dead people get more respect than we get. You can die and they will gravel to the graveyard, over the graveyard and anyplace else. This problem needs to be worked out. Judge/Executive Jim Ward made the statement when he was running that he would start graveling roads to the last house. He is not doing what he promised. Remember, election is coming up again. I voted for Ward, but I can vote against him the next time, as can all of my friends and relatives.

Hooray for the cop who went into Pistol City and broke up that party. It’s a shame you grownups were with children under age. The so-called men ran when the cop came. They ran like chickens and hid in closets and under beds and let the women get caught with the kids. Shame on you women. Don’t you have any morals or family values anymore? No wonder you can’t keep a man. Keep it up and all of you will be in jail. Why don’t you leave those little kids alone and let them grow up and be somebody?

I just found out who the woman is on Highway 7 with the flowers planted on the highway. My daughter was walking up the road. When she had to get out of the way of a coal truck she cut her leg on the wire things around the flowers and the cut got infected. So I’ll be sending the medical bills to this woman.

The word going around from a few law officials was that the cop that shot the two coon dogs said it was disturbing his sleep. In that case, why didn’t he just go out and shoot his gun into the air to get them to quit? Inquiring minds would like to know.

A certain police officer has no self control and has very bad anger problems. I learned this when I called for help one night and he told me he was in the effing bed.

To the person who called in about the Levi’s and gray shirt making the guy’s eyes so much prettier: I would like to know where this guy lives, because that may be my boyfriend. If it is, you have no business putting something like that in Speak Your Piece about my man.

(Question: Why would you bother to call and disguise your voice as that of a woman when you are obviously a man?)

To my beautiful girlfriend Nicky: You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I love you.

I can’t believe a certain school official was sleeping during the Cougar graduation, especially during the time the students were reading their speeches, which I know they worked on very hard. I am nearly 70 years old and I had a grandson to graduate. They were talking about it at and during the ceremony. I think that’s very wrong.

This is Oklahoma. Ten-four, old buddy. You owe me money …

(Sorry that we couldn’t complete your comment. We failed to notice the tape was about to reach its end, which, as you now know, is exactly what happened.)

A certain family’s children are missing school continuously. They are outside playing, taking trips with unsavory friends, and going with their family when they are running errands, etc. Why isn’t someone keeping tabs on these kids? Someone is failing in their job. Their parents have failed them and society is failing them, too. Thank you.

To the person who commented they overheard their neighbors talking about them Tuesday evening: Give more information to where we live so we’ll know, and we will be glad to get the facts straight.

This is to a woman in Blackey: You might want to start keeping a little closer watch on that weekend, live-in tomcat of yours. I know what I’m talking about. You’re not the only one in his life. Ask around or prowl around a little. He’s only using you and taking advantage of you. He’s on the prowl big time. From a very concerned friend who might be interested in you when he dumps you. It would be in your best interest to dump him first. Don’t give him first chance and have to listen to all his lies.

Someone commented about a stepmother. Well, someone responded wanting more information to who it was but of course none was given. So I’ll guess that it was for me. To the revengeful manipulator: First of all, the only thing you can do now is stir up trouble. Wrong. The thing is, there is no conflict. He’s fully aware of how you people are. I think it’s best not to speak to people who go behind my back and talk about me to him and his family. His family and I get along fine. You’re not going to win any brownie points with him. He can’t stand you for what you did to his and my children. The fact is you are a psycho. You need to have guts about you and confront me instead of hiding behind your grown children. You’re the one who needs help.

Howdy, Brushey Bill here. I just came off the mountain to vote this week. I’m not sure whether I’m in Kentucky or Virginia since my shack sits right on top of the mountain, but I come to Letcher County anyways. They weren’t nobody on the ballot any good ‘cept one mountain man. I’m fer shore he is against mountaintop removal. If they remove my mountaintop, they’ll remove me and ole Barney. So I voted for the one who loves mountains. I once heard Hillary was the first person to climb Mount Everest. Sincerely yours, Brushey Bill.

To the troublemaker: I heard from a close family member of yours you stay on a diet. You’re such a joke. I’ve also heard that certain pills take the weight off. As radical as you are, I wouldn’t doubt that you are a pillhead.

Brenda Combs, our mail lady, I want to apologize to you. 4721 is Edra Mae’s box number that you put Maudie Pack’s mail in, but I was told that was the company’s fault. So again, I’m very sorry. I’ll not let that happen again. OK? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

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