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. To a certain woman: Have you and your daughter been chewing walnuts with the hull still on them?

. I just want to remind everyone that the drivethru lane to drop off your mail at the Whitesburg Post Office is just that. It is a drive-thru. It is not your personal parking spot. Do not pull up, throw it up into park, turn it off, open and close your door, and walk into the post office to take care of your business when there are people in line. It is a drive-thru.

. Where is Dolphie Hall buried? (Mr. Hall, who was shot to death by Troy Triplett, was buried in the Potter Cemetery at Kona on Saturday, July 17, 1937.)

. I think it’s shame that we have to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King as a holiday, but we don’t have a day to celebrate our Confederate soldiers. If they can strip our rights and take down our Confederate soldier monuments, they should do away with the Martin Luther King holiday.

. I would not put it past the Democratic Party to have recruited the responsible people to have planned and executed the hoax that the news media reported as a false ballistic missile attack on Hawaii. The Democrats are very well trained to produce false news and blame it on President Trump. Lord have mercy upon the Democrat Party. They hate Donald Trump so bad.

. Our governor, Mini Trump, is going to do away with the Commonwealth’s Commission on Women.

That is so Republican.

. Wonder why Obama wants no record of his eight years in the White House in his presidential library?

Dear Heavenly Father: In the name of Jesus I ask of you, come down here and be as imperfect as I am and show me a better way that you would do it.

. They are teaching our kids garbage at Jenkins, including how to be sore losers by going to a ballgame and lose and can’t even shake hands with the winners after the game without slugging somebody in the nose. I knew it would be this way.

. How in this world can you call yourself a veteran and still watch that stupid NFL and the way they act? If you are going to watch it, at least root for a good team instead of the Dallas Cowboys. They made it a little less farther than the Pittsburgh Steelers, didn’t they?

. I have been a Democrat for the past 50 years. The party used to be for the poor, but it is not anymore. The Democrat Party has gone from bad to terrible. All they play now is the race card, as that is the only way they can get elected. I did not vote for Donald Trump. I believe in a lot of things Donald Trump stands for. If the Democrat Party wins control of the presidency, the House and the Senate this country is done. They are going to break this country. Barack Obama says people who watch Fox News live on another planet. What planet does he live on? It is surely not the one I live on. Most Democrats think Obama is Jesus Christ; he is not. Barack Obama is still trying to destroy this country. Thank you.

. A prayer for the season in remembrance of Roe v. Wade (the legalization of abortion in the United States): ‘Our Lord, Our minds stagger and our

hearts swell within us when we realize even a few of the things that can go wrong in the conception and birth of a child. We know that your own creation catches most of these maladies in creation and corrects them. We thank you for revealing to us remedies and technologies in which we can participate with you in preventing others. Reveal to us those mysteries yet unknown whereby every child will be born healthy and live well and wanted. Above all, help us to be faithful companions to parents and all of your children in every situation and challenge. May we reflect a caring and ‘beloved community’ to all persons, but especially to those who are the most vulnerable. Amen.’

. I was just watching the stock market here this morning and it is through the roof, up over 26,000 points. I don’t want the mainstream news media to find this out, because it upsets them. I was watching Jake Tapper on CNN the other morning and saw him get so angry his lips were quivering. I don’t know what he was so upset over, but he was in a full panic. Someone should tell him to calm down. We’ve been having elections now for more than 200 years. We’ve had good candidates and bad candidates, but over that 200-year period the people have survived.

. I graduated from Whitesburg High School and I know the difference between race and a ‘s-hole country.’

. It’s terrible living alone.

. Before Christmas I was at Wendy’s and backed into two guys in a truck. I didn’t realize I didn’t have to pay them, but I did. I just want the two guys to know I think it is awful that they took advantage of me and took my Christmas money.

. I would like to thank the Whitesburg ARH Auxiliary for making the belly pillows for the OB/GYN department. I would also like to thank my husband for taking such great care of me. His name is Emmitt McFarland and I love him very much.

. The news media keeps hammering at what the president allegedly said about Haiti. Well Google what Congresswoman Barbara Jordan said in 1993 and Senator Harry Reid said in 1993 in their speeches on immigration. Also, listen to what Bill Clinton said about immigration and the southern border in 1995. You would be surprised. It didn’t bother the media at all.

. So the City of Whitesburg in financial crisis and water lines are breaking left and right, but let’s keep those lights on at the tennis courts and swimming pool during the winter, because that’s important.

. I would like to ask how certain city officials can get by with not paying their water bills when the others have to pay theirs. Can someone explain this situation to me, please?

. This is a call about the Letcher County Jail inmates. I feel the inmates are being done wrong. Some are let free after they’ve been arrested on the same charge four or five times while others have the book thrown at them. It really doesn’t make any sense. God says treat everybody as equal. I don’t see equal being done in our justice system. It would be nice if the lawyers and the judges would make a rightful decision on all their cases. I think they should reconsider and look at every individual. Thank you very much.

. To the lady at Mayking: No one wants your nastylooking man. First and foremost, who would want him after he has been with you?

. I have just been looking at the January 10 issue of

The Mountain Eagle and saw the article, ‘Hiking to Bad Branch Falls.’ While I never saw it frozen up the way it is in that picture, the column does remind me of all the trips I took up the path and the creek to Bad Branch Falls with youth groups, 4-H Clubs, and others I would take for hikes there, not only to see the beauty of along the hike and the falls, but also to learn tree identification. About every tree that grows in eastern Kentucky is along that trail up to Bad Branch Falls, and I enjoyed doing that for many years. For anybody who would like to know, about halfway up that creek is a sulfur spring that feeds into the creek. It has terrible smell, so beware. There are many beautiful places in Letcher County, but none more beautiful than Bad Branch Falls and the hike to the falls. Letcher County will always be home to me, although I can’t be there right now. I won’t say who I am, but if you turn your radio on at 7 a.m. on Sunday and run across the dial you will find me somewhere. Thank you.

. I had this silly dream last night; I dreamed that Donald Trump went for a whole week without offending anyone. With his tenure in the White House approaching one year, he is batting a perfect zero. He has not gone one week without saying something stupid. Hopefully the other countries realize that this imbecile does not represent the rational people in the United States.

. What’s wrong with the Democrats? Americans want to know who is in America. We voted Trump in to get this done. Republicans are on board with it; I can’t see why Democrats aren’t. Sure, let them put their name on something besides total destruction of America. Yes, Mr. Trump, build your fence and tear North Korea a new behind. And God bless America and God bless you, Mr. Trump. I’m just an old worried country boy concerned about the safety of generations to come in our nation and in other nations.

. They are talking about clean elections. Does that mean people are going to have to bathe before they go vote? Are corporations going to have to wash the money they give to lobbyists to get to politicians?

. I would like to commend our Judge Jim Ward for keeping our county afloat in these hard times. Also, I would like to commend the sanitation department and the road department. The sanitation department is the best I know of, and the road department is doing an excellent job of keep our roads salted and graded. Jim Ward deserves praise for keeping our county from being taken over by the state. It’s great to have a judge with the knowledge to keep our county afloat during these trying times.

. I was disappointed to go to a certain local grocery store and find that it did not have or was out of stock of horseradish, raw beets, the advertised buy one, get one free salsa that brought me into the store, and ground chicken. It’s a shame we have to drive all the way to Wise, Virginia to find these items.

. The nastiest people who have ever been on this earth are on television daily — the Democrat Party.

. The phone lines are out to the WMMT radio station. Why can’t the people upstairs go out and do something instead of just giving a number to call?

. I would like know who is paying for Jim Ward to go see the president in Washington, D.C. Are we the people paying for it through our tax dollars? Every bill we now get, including water and electricity, is sky-high. What are we going to buy food with? We can’t get food

. I hope everybody Letcher County votes for that weasel Matt Bevin when the election comes around again. Children are starving in Letcher County and they keep raising our bills. Bevin doesn’t understand because he doesn’t need. The people are starving. They have no coal, no heat, no nothing. I guess Bevin is sitting down in his little mansion all snuggled up.

. Hi. It’s Rhonda again. I am still looking for a single man from 50 to 55 years old to spend the rest of my life with. If you are that and are ready to start a new life with someone, then please comment in Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

. With the outrageous AEP power bills here in southeastern

Kentucky, now would be a great time for a solar company and a wind power company to come in and help our people out. We can no longer depend on coal, because it feeds AEP and they hit us with their high power bills.

God bless President Donald Trump. All USA citizens should be wise enough to understand that a physically perceptible (objectively, real) ‘wall’ is more secure and steadfast enough that it will outlast and withstand longer the squalor and demise of rotten politics. There is no argument with a wall once it is built. If you rely on human beings to maintain an invisible boundary line and protect the country from foreign pillage and booty, then you are going to lose every time there is a new president. Anonymous.

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