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If the person who shot the little dog January 22 in Neon is even literate enough to read, much less capable of comprehension of what such behavior indicates in them, perhaps they should seek psychiatric help immediately. The wound on the dog told a lot about that person. Also, a neighbor told on them. They may think this incident will die down, like the dog died. No it won’t. No more than them abusing their spouse and kids. They have drawn the kind of attention to themselves they may not have bargained for.

. Attention County School Board: We the parents of students in Letcher County Schools are begging you to put metal detectors at all entrances to every county school. Show us that safety is your number one priority. Protect our children before we all take them and do home schooling.

. After reading in the paper about who has filed to run for public offices in Letcher County, I have a few questions that I am hoping someone that has the correct knowledge can answer. What are all the requirements to run for magistrate and constable? Do the elected officials have to submit to random drug screenings? If not, why? I am hopeful the people that have complained since last election will take the time to seriously think about who is running for what and use their vote to make a difference. If you do not vote you have no right to sit around and complain when the same people are elected. Let’s work together to make Letcher County a place people want to come visit. Thank you, and I will look forward to the next edition of the Eagle. (According to the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission, the only requirements for holding the elected offices of magistrate and constable are that one must be at least 24 years of age at the time of election,

a citizen of Kentucky, a resident of the state for at least two years immediately preceding election, and a resident of the pertinent county and district for at least one year immediately before election. Magistrates also must continue to reside in the district they represent during their term of office. Before taking office, constables must execute bond at a minimum amount of $10,000, approved by the fiscal court. This bond is renewed biennially or more often if required by the fiscal court.)

. I’m calling about the new tree-trimming bunch working for Kentucky Power Company in Letcher County. They have done more in six months in this county than Asplundh did in 10 years. We should see a difference in our power staying on instead of having to pay a war pension of a power bill and the power being off much of the time. I don’t know who these people are or where they are from and I don’t care if they’re from Mexico or wherever, I’m just glad to see them cutting and clearing out these power lines.

. Once again the mainstream media has blown things out of proportion. They said the three-day government shutdown is over. Well, every weekend the government is shut down for two days and on holidays it’s shut down for three days.

. I saw on TV that the Letcher County Fiscal Court made $37,500 for the sale of a surplus property. Wayne Fleming then made a motion to donate the proceeds of the sale, all $37,500, to Letcher County Cares and it passed unanimously. That means all five magistrates — Bobby Howard, Terry Adams, Wayne Fleming, Woody Holbrook and Keith Adams — voted yes to give the money away. Why would the fiscal court vote to give away county money to a group that wasn’t even asking for it? If the county has an extra $40,000 to

donate why wouldn’t they spread that money around to other groups that provide services in Letcher County? If they have an extra $40,000 to give away then why did they lay people off and make others take furloughs? What happens when they start talking again about raising taxes and a county occupational tax?

. It’s a shame that people like Hillary Clinton are able to sell out the United States and the FBI is allowed to break the law, but then us pot heads and dope heads have to go to jail for our offenses. Think about it.

. This is just to let you know that although I may seem to be falling apart at the seams, it would be so much easier with you here. And I love you forever and always. Wish I could kiss you. JDA and JAA will always be together.

. If you don’t realize why our president can’t do his job I will give you a little hint. Turn your radio on to the NPR station, 90.9 FM, and listen to them bash the president. They do it from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep. He can do one good thing and they will dig up 9,000 bad things. I don’t understand why they just won’t shut up and give him a chance.

. I would like to ask a favor of all candidates running for office in Letcher County. Please do not litter our side roads, our trees, and our telephone poles with your signs. The junctions and intersections are just fine. No one pays attention to those signs anyway, so please don’t litter our roads, poles and trees with your signs. It looks bad and they will be there all summer long. So please do not do this.

. To the Hemphill hooker: you knew what all your neighbors thought about you, you would move. You know who you are and you know we know who you are.

. One congressman said the most important thing on the docket is the DACA people. According to that, Congress is representing foreign nationals and not the American citizens who elected them to office.

. I am calling about the article about the defense attorney needing to apologize for his remarks in the Huffman case: There are two sides to that story, and both sides were not presented completely equal. If the situation were reversed, I think anybody would have wanted a defense attorney like Robbie Wright. So before you go bashing him, think about what you would have done if the situations were reversed and who you would want representing you. Personally, I would have wanted a defense attorney like Robbie Wright — one who is competent and knows the law. An apology? I don’t think so. There are two sides to every story.

. Angie Hatton, as our elected state representative, could you please get the Kentucky Department of Transportation out here to repair this bridge near Mc- Donald’s? The northbound lane is damaging cars every day. Hopefully you know someone who could contact them. We would appreciate it so much. Thank you in advance for your help.

. I am an observer of life and I am calling for one reason. I would like someone to write an article about the food pantries and the way people are becoming dependent on food pantries because they can’t afford to buy their own food, even with food stamps. Please write about that.

. Nixon only lost 20 minutes. Obama’s FBI lost five months.

. When you think things can’t get worse well they can. I thought that after our last coach retired we might

get a good coach such as a Judy Mason. Now, what talent we did have remaining has been put on the back burner now that the new coach has decided to look to the future and forget about this year. The older players with experience, especially on defense, are now being left on the bench. We are never going to be competitive with Knott County Central, Perry County Central or anybody else as long as this continues.

. What are the poor people in Letcher County going to do with their power and water cut off while their little children are left with nothing to eat because their mommies are too sorry to cook. All they want is a pill and to lie in the bed. Somebody ought to pour gas on them and put them on fire. That would wake them up. Anyone who has little children should take care of them and not let them go dirty and hungry. That’s as low-life as a snake that crawls. I raised and took care of my family. The women here ought to wake up and keep their families together. Wake up, you sluts, and get some beans and potatoes going on the stove.

. It really gets me that they’ve got a four-page memo that’s incriminating to the FBI. Four little pages and they don’t want to release it after all of this other stuff has been released without approval. So some of you idiots need to put this out to the public whether they release it or not. We know they were against Mr. Trump. There’s not a government document that’s been destroyed that’s not recorded. Now put that in your peace pipes and smoke it. God bless America and God bless you, Mr. President. Don’t trust Russia and don’t trust China. And for darn sure don’t trust Iran or North Korea.

. I think they ought to get somebody out here picking up this trash. It’s been two weeks and the dogs and cats are tearing it up.

. To certain two holierthan thou people: Do you not think people realize that man is staying there in that house with his big car parked there? I don’t know what you’re thinking.

. There’s going to be a big party Sunday in the Jenkins City Park for all those crying Cowboys fans. The Cowboys stunk it up again this season. All you Cowboys fans should come on out.

. It’s terrible living fat and ugly.

. The Letcher County Sanitation Department must be on strike. I see lots of garbage outside of people’s houses. Even at my house I have six bags waiting to be picked up. What’s going on?

. Is anybody else in Letcher County having trouble making calls with their cellphones?

. If you have a halfway decent looking woman or daughter you need to keep them away from a certain store in Letcher County. Six or eight guys will be gathered up gawking and lusting over your woman or daughter while they are trying to trade. This is disrespectful to our women and children, and I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Someone is going to be knocked in the head for gawking at some man’s wife or daughter. That will stop that stuff.

. Mr. President, you are too valuable for America and what America stands for to let Robert Mueller run his mouth to you and question you.

. A certain man needs to learn what the words ‘wearing out your welcome’ mean. It’s not polite to just show up at somebody else’s house and flop down on

their recliner and just sit there half the day or night and then not even offer to leave when the people tell you they have somewhere they need to go or something they need to do. And it’s really not polite when you can’t even take they hint they want you to leave so they can go to bed and get some sleep.

. Somebody needs to do something about the conditions at the Letcher County Jail. It is downright inhumane to put six women in a tiny so-called drunk tank that was designed for two inmates. Imagine how unsanitary that cell is, especially when some of those female inmates are suffering through withdrawal from drugs.

. Please, people, pray for this country. I never knew it would be so bad that people would choose a woman like convicted murderer and feminist rights activist Donna Hylton to be a featured speaker for the women’s march in D.C.

. I am beginning to wonder what Christian values are. I thought they had something to do with what Jesus taught, but here are caring, conservative Christians applauding and justifying the actions of the leader of our beautiful country, Donald J. Trump, a man who has regularly broken at least six of the Ten Commandments and completely flunked all of Christ’s Beatitudes. What are the daughters — who may have been molested themselves — of these socalled Christians to think when their parents give a pass to one who has groped and molested and says rude comments about women and then brags on camera that you can do anything if you are rich? What are these girls to think? Maybe I’m not a Christian after all if he represents those Christian ‘values’ and these church members condone it.

. When Hillary Clinton arrived in Washington in 1993 they said they would investigate her for Whitewater. They have been investigating Hillary Clinton for 25 or 30 years and have never gotten anything out of it yet. Now they are investigating Donald Trump’s people and a lot of these people have already been indicted. Hillary Clinton knows better than to do anything to undermine herself. The Trump people are amateurs who sometimes don’t have any respect for the laws. As a friend of mine told me, if you break the law you get put in jail no matter who you are sometimes.

. People don’t need to hold things against certain families just because of the way certain boys behave. There are good people all throughout Linefork. Myself, I spent several good years in Linefork and still love a lot of people from Linefork. It’s just drugs, people. It’s affecting their families, our family, and everybody else’s families. We need to do something about these drugs that are destroying our children.

. Thanks to Governor Bevin and President Trump for making Kentucky the first state that to draw a check one must work for it. For too long everybody, men and women, have lived off the government. My father worked on the WPA to build a road up Elk Creek and up Pratt’s Branch to Mill Branch. He had to walk to work and then work all day with shovel, mattock and wheelbarrow to build this road. There is much public work these ablebodied people can do besides drawing a check and watching TV. Here are some suggestions of things that would help the community of Jenkins and give those who work the satisfaction of seeing the results of their efforts: Clean the creek from the head of Dunham to Marshall’s Branch of garbage, cut brush and remove items that have fallen into the creek; build new sidewalks and repair those in disrepair; clear the Fincastle Trail that runs from the amphitheater area to Pound Gap; clean the ditches of garbage in all areas of town; dig out the ditches to keep the water off the pavement; clean up the sites where old businesses

and old houses have been removed; work on the playground equipment at the Burdine Elementary School, pick up garbage, cut weeds and work on the fencing; cut the Jenkins Mini Park grass and trim the trees; cut brush inside and outside the football field and clean up the garbage; appoint someone to work at the Coal Mining Museum cleaning windows, doing painting, and cleaning up the area behind the museum, dusting and cleaning all museum pieces, shelves and cabinets, and organizing all the items there; someone to work on the shrubbery around the library, mowing and trimming trees behind the library; assign workers to City Hall to clean windows, paint, and do lots of scrubbing on the floors and steps; mow and pick up the garbage at the truck pull-off on Pine Mountain; cut grass and pick up the garbage around Elkhorn Lake; cut all right-of-ways in the corporation; and move all dirt and grass from all sidewalks. Also needed are people to clean all monuments and markers throughout the town; care for all flowerbeds in town; help clean out and organize the city storage building at the city park; keep all city signs up to date; keep garbage bins cleaned. Many of these suggestions could be used in other cities in Letcher County and the county itself. Thank you.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I wish the government shutdown would have shut down the DEA, the FBI, the CIA and all these organizations trying to do things to America and Americans.

. I hear rumors that the Highway 7 Bandit has been caught. I hope they give him and whoever else is with him about 10 years to straighten themselves up before he goes into the wrong house and somebody puts his lights out.

. Just think about all the important news to be reported, yet most reporters get on television and act like dummies.

. To the residents of Letcher County: It is nearing that time to vote on Election Day, May 22. Let’s vote Luther Tackett for jailer. Hands down he is the one for the job. He treats people with respect and does a lot for our community and our county. If you want change for the jail, vote for Luther Tackett for jailer.

. The Democrats dropped the ball. The Republicans couldn’t push through a budget, but they could push through a tax cut that gives Donald Trump several million dollars in tax cuts. If they could pass the tax cuts without the Democrats’ help then why couldn’t they pass a budget without the Democrats? It’s everybody’s fault but the Republicans who can’t agree on anything themselves except to cut their own taxes.

. I would like to see our Kentucky Attorney General prove to me who the doctors are in Clay County who are giving out 300 pain pills to each person in Clay County. I can’t find any pain doctors in Clay County.

. I’m afraid for Jake Tapper on CNN. He’s going to blow up if they don’t calm him down some. Someone needs to tell him that we’ve had elections in the United States for 200 years. They go your way sometimes and sometimes they don’t go your way. But you have to weather these times you don’t like. I’m afraid he’s not going to be able to weather it.

. Everybody out there wants to blame the power company for the higher bills. Don’t blame the power company; blame the members of the Public Service Commission. They are the ones that approve the raises.

. It’s good to know that over here in Cumberland there are no more thieves, drug dealers or any criminals like that. At least that’s the impression I get, because the only thing Barney has to do over here is write parking tickets.

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