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The lower part of our county has been forgotten. It’s Wednesday evening and our mountain on Carcassonne still has ice on it and nothing has been done. Judge Ward and Keith Adams used to come over every winter to make sure our roads were safe for us, but we haven’t seen either one over in here in years to help us. Ward won’t be getting my vote. If Keith was running he wouldn’t either

. A group of citizens in Blackey are wondering why something hasn’t been done. Some of us have children who go to the little school program in Blackey and we are sick of the drugs being sold in this area. Some of the kids have almost been hit by the traffic coming in and out to the location where the drugs are being sold. Even some of us grownups have almost been hit. We’re sick of the traffic coming through here flying. I don’t know if it’s because they’re on that stuff or just in a hurry to get it, but something needs to be done about this. A stop needs to be put to this immediately before one of these little children is hurt. Then it’s too late. Stop it now, please.

. I was talking with a preacher and asked him if a guy who is drawing Social Security disability and logging is sinning and he said yes because he is stealing as well as lying. So I asked about his wife knowing about it yet helping try to cover it up and he said if you are trying to cover a sin for someone else then you are also guilty of sin and she would be the same liar and thief as he. Wow.

. Donald Trump says Mexicans shouldn’t be in our country because they are dangerous. How come there have been no dangerous Mexican terrorists? Next question is who is going to provide our food if the Mexicans aren’t here?


I want to thank Judge Hendrickson, the Honorable Gene Smallwood and the Honorable Edison G. Banks and their staffs, the Kentucky State Police, our local law enforcement, the men and the women on the jury, and the witnesses for the prosecution for a job well done in the trial of the man accused in the Michael Hogg murder case. I also want to thank our family, friends and good neighbors who sat with us throughout the trial. This verdict won’t bring Mike back, but it will keep James Huffman IV from harming anyone else. Thank you.

. To all the residents of Letcher County: It is election time, so let’s talk about the race for jailer. Luther Tackett has done a lot for the people of our county. Let’s show him how much we appreciate him for all he has done for us in our community and elect him the next jailer. He’s the only man for the job.

. When President Trump talks about public-private cooperation for infrastructure, that means the state will build a road, a private company will blacktop it and then charge tolls.

. For the previous two weeks, the tape has run out when I called Speak Your Piece. Can you all get a little longer tape?

. I hear a certain woman has joined a certain church. Honey, you’d better get forgiveness from the Lord because you’re going to hell where you belong. People know all about you. You act like the devil and you’re going to meet the devil when you die. You’re going to pay for what you did to that 80-year-old woman and her family.

. I hear the county jail is having to release some prisoners, particularly meth and other drug offenders, because of the badly overcrowded conditions, especially for the women. Is there any truth to that?


Why in the world is the Republican Party helping the president and the Russians by trying to destroy our most important institutions like the FBI, the Justice Department, the Department of State, the Environmental Protection Agency, and on and on? This country has done so much for them; they should be grateful and learn to love America again. The Republicans used to claim to want to protect us from the Russians. President Reagan called them ‘the evil empire.’

. It must be nice to use a county vehicle and county gas to go to Lakeside to see a woman.

. I see Junior Banks is running again for magistrate in District Four after all these years. He promised a few of us that voted for him back then that he would get things done for us, but that was the biggest lie ever.

. Here are some tips on how to beat the flu: Eat a good breakfast every day — organic cereal, eggs, oldfashioned oatmeal. Go organic and local-grown as much as possible. Eat good meat every day. Get your calcium with milk, yogurt, cottage cheese. Cut back on sodas and fast and processed food, which has more chemicals in it now. Cabbage soup is one of the main things keeping me healthy and a lot of other people I know healthy. One-hundred percent grape juice is wonderful. Vitamin D3, several thousand units a day, works wonders. I’m a natural health consultant with a B.A. in health. I used to do seminars and hope to do this again. Thanks.

. It’s a shame what a workingman has to go through these days just to work. The things they want you to do are unreal. I don’t blame these people out here who don’t work. I wouldn’t work either. I’m going to quit work and become a drug head. They get by a lot better.

. To a very beautiful girl who works at a certain restaurant that serves a wonderful cup of chili: You told me one day that you would try to find the time to squeeze me in. I know you’ve got a boyfriend. All in all that’s fine, I’m not going to run and tell him. The only way he would find out would be through you. We’ve been working on something for a long while and I would love to see that something come to where we could get out and do. You know who I am. Reply and let me know something.

. Why should the government take part of your wages and give it to foreigners when you have to struggle to make ends meet? There is nothing right or fair about that.

. We’re going to start calling a certain woman in the Whitesburg area Gummy. She doesn’t have any teeth but she’s sure got sticky fingers, I’ll just tell you. She’s stealing everything she can get her hands on.

. I came to visit my dad’s grave today only to find that some lowlife vagrant has stolen the gate off the cemetery. My dad has been buried here for about 38 years. His plaque has been stolen and now the gate’s been stolen and it all involves drug heads. I think it is so sad that people don’t have any respect for the dead and the families left behind. I hope that somewhere in your life you get help, because you truly need it. Thank you.

. Many of the immigrants who are here deserve to stay here, but those who have to return to their home country would not be any worse off than they were before they came here.


After hearing the speech the president gave last week, it was quite amazing to hear all that’s been accomplished in that year he’s been in office. And now we know what the Democrat Party doesn’t stand for; it doesn’t stand for America. During the next election, the Democrat Party needs to vote these people out of office who don’t want to unify America. Mr. Trump offered a great plan, and his plan is working. Look at the Democrats who wouldn’t stand for the things that mean so much to America. They reminded me of a sullied up old possum. Next time you all go to vote Democratic, get these people out of office and get someone in who can do something for America. Mr. President, God bless you and thank you for what you are doing for America. You and your staff are an amazing bunch of people — simply amazing.

. If the people in Washington had an I.Q. above minus-seven they would take all that money they are giving to the super rich phone companies to pay for millions of ‘Obama phones’ every month and use it to feed the hungry children we always keep hearing about. ( Thank you for sharing your opinion. Did you know the federal program now known to many as the ‘Obama phone’ program began in 1985 while President Ronald Reagan was in office? The program, which is controlled by the Federal Communications Commission, is officially known as ‘Lifeline’ and provides discounted phone service — and in some cases free cellphones — to qualifying low-income citizens. The Lifeline program is paid for through a pool of money contributed by telecommunications providers, many of which collect the money they ‘donate’ through fees added to monthly bills. Some lawmakers have criticized the program, particularly U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) who requested a federal audit released in June 2017 that found that some companies that participate in Lifeline illegally collect hundreds of thousands of dollars by claiming to serve ‘ineligible or fictitious individuals.’ Eligibility requirements will be strengthened and taken away from the telecommunications companies in 2019, when the new National Lifeline Eligibility Program is set to go online.)

Do you want me to tell you what’s the matter with Letcher County? Everybody in the courthouse is getting old and has been there too long. I suggest they get off their hind-ends and go to Florida and retire. That would help Letcher County.

. When did Ellis Keyes, whose name will be on the ballot in the May primary for Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney, become a lawyer in Letcher County? When did he get his license to practice law in Kentucky? I’ve never heard of him before.

. I would like to congratulate Sheriff Danny Webb: I wish you were running again, Danny. You’ve done a great job for this county. I feel like you truly mean what you have been doing, and that’s helping the Letcher County people. If I had it to do over again I would vote for you again. Thank you, Danny, I just wanted you to know that.

. I have pretty much stopped trying to engage the deplorables and other Trump stooges who make their inane comments on Speak Your Piece, but I did feel that the recent post attacking National Public Radio merited a response. Not because it was intelligent or clever, but because it was one of the most ignorant and blindingly stupid things I’ve seen here lately, except for the idiot who always ‘God blesses Mr. President,’ but he is too stupid to bother with. You say Trump can’t do his job because of attacks on NPR. That is enough to reveal how ignorant you are. Do you believe for one minute Trump ever listens to NPR, or even knows what it is? Here’s the thing, NPR is on radio and doesn’t have any pictures. What makes you believe Trump would be attracted to it? And as for him not being able to do his job, he’s actually doing it very well, provided his job is to weaken the western democracies and undermine American systems of

justice and democracy. He’s all over that and doing very well serving the interests of his Kremlin master Vladimir Putin. What he isn’t doing is making America great. He has weakened America’s position in the world and has made us a laughingstock. The one thing I’m having trouble with is what is a deplorable is doing listening to NPR in the first place? It’s as far over your head as the stars, and it is rated by unbiased news services and the most honest of all news agencies. That’s why the deplorables hate it, The New York Times and other top news services. You should stick with Alex Jones and Fox News. So, suck it up snowflake. The founders were pretty clear that a free press is crucial to maintaining our democracy, and NPR and other news services that traffic in truth aren’t going anywhere, especially just because you and Don the Con don’t like them.

. I’m calling in about the guy who said he isn’t getting good cellphone service. Neither am I. I believe something is going on. I don’t know if they’re turning the power down or what.

. It was a number of years ago, wasn’t it, when CBS had the documentary ‘War on Poverty in Appalachia’ when Charles Kuralt walked the road up Pert Creek. You know, with all the years that have passed you would think things would have changed, but the people here now are just as bad as they were back in those days. It’s not that there isn’t opportunity; it’s just the fact that these people just do not want to get any better than what they’re doing. (The documentary you refer to is ‘Christmas In Appalachia.’ It aired on CBS on December 21, 1964.)

. This message is about our mountain over here on Carcassonne: Since our magistrate isn’t even running for office again, he hasn’t fooled with us in years. County Judge/Executive Jim Ward doesn’t fool with us over here anymore, either. He used to come here during the wintertime. We are lucky to get out of here without getting someone killed yet we can’t get anything done. So you know what? It’s time to clean the courthouse out.

. I saw on the front page of The Mountain Eagle where 17 people were indicted in Letcher County, and one of them was over the dog killing. I am glad to see the grand jurors found enough evidence to indict him. He actually is a good boy. If he’s guilty, maybe this is way for him to get help.

. Between Carroll Smith’s daughter and Terry Adams, voting for county judge/executive is going to be a hard vote for me. But most defi- nitely I’m not going Ward.

. I have never seen a case of man-love worse than what Vice President Pence has for President Trump. You can tell by the way Pence looks at Trump that he is totally in love with him. I’ll bet ‘Mother’ Pence wishes her husband would focus that longing gaze on her with the same passion he does when his eyes are glued on Trump. Love really does hurt, doesn’t it Mr. Pence?

. The reason so many people are living under bridges and living outdoors is because with today’s building codes you can’t build an economical house that poor people can afford. Electricity costs more than what a house used to cost.

. Why do Republicans hate

poor people so much?

. I’m calling in reference to Steve Addington, candidate for magistrate in District Five. People, you would be a fool to vote for that man after he has blocked everybody in this country off those trails back in the mountain.

. To a certain coach: If you’re losing with your 8th graders, why not give your seniors a shot? At least let the seniors spell your 8th graders.

. If the county had voted wet a long time ago we wouldn’t have so many people living in poverty or out here stealing or selling drugs or committing prostitution. We should have had a wet/ dry election in this county many years ago so that more of our people could have had jobs.

. It’s a shame every time I need the dog warden or try to contact him he’s always working on garbage.

. What has happened to the highway workers who used to clean out the ditch lines with graders and loaded it up and hauled it out? Our ditch line is overrun with trash, mud, dirt, and rocks. Every time it rains our roads are flooded. Has the state highway department quit dipping out ditches? If so, why? I almost got killed Friday morning coming out of Sandlick because of water on the road from stopped up culverts.

. I don’t understand our coach. Why aren’t more than six players playing? There are sophomores, juniors and seniors. They should have been worked with so they could learn to play up to the coach’s expectations if they did not meet them.

. How many state highway workers does it take to patch a hole? Six — one to patch the hole and five to sit in the truck and watch. Ha, ha, ha. Laugh out loud.

. I would like to tell my neighbor down here that I don’t see how he could be blind and drive and haul all these pallets and wood in. If Social Security catches him he will be up the creek without a paddle. Thank you.

. To the person asking about the food pantries: This is Letcher County Food Pantry. We feed at least 800 to 1,200 people a month. We are a nonprofit organization and we have no grants. We depend on donations only. If you wish to donate, please do so. Thank you and have a blessed day.

. People are still worried about Eric C. Conn’s clients getting cut off the draw? When they went to Eric Conn they knew what they were doing. I have a nephew who had been down in his back and all this stuff up until Eric Conn got in trouble. Then he said that because of the Eric Conn mess he had to go back to work because he couldn’t wait on a check. I have a brother-in-law who was in a wheelchair, but was mowing grass and working for his neighbors after he got his check. Some of the people who went to Eric Conn were cons. That doesn’t mean all of them were cons, but good people get hurt when they mess with bad people.

. I would like to see if someone would come by and pick up this road sign in front of my house. Somebody picked it up from somewhere and brought it and put it in front of my house. It says ‘High Water.’ I wish the county or the state or whoever it belongs to would come by and pick it up.

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