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The only thing I have to say is that some people in Letcher County are really ignorant about certain situations. They talk about supporting Terry Adams for county judge/executive. If Terry gets in the lower end of the county will get nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. He won’t have any money to work with, because Jim Ward doesn’t have any money to work with now.

. Concerning agents who were allegedly involved in the conspiracy against Trump during the election, just reassigning them doesn’t cut it. There needs to be some justice done. I believe the conspiracy is still going on when they try to say Trump colluded with the Russians. The higher ups, I think, should be charged with trying to destroy the democracy of the United States of America. I say God bless America, and it’s a shame this went on. Somebody needs to be charged and federally prosecuted and put in prison where they belong. Quit rattling this white boy’s chain.

. I have always in the past supported Appalshop as a foundation of artistic expression, freedom and true independence. Even during financial drives I have volunteered and donated a minimal affordable amount. Thanks to the attitude of a certain DJ on WMMT that will no longer happen.

. There’s no denying the state of Kentucky is cashstrapped. The question is how to help fund it. Our teachers are out in the cold, we are among the leading states in opioid addiction, and our roads are rocky, too. What in the world could bring change to the state that would bring in these needed tax dollars without taking from our other programs? Kentucky has its golden goose. That goose is the legalization of medical marijuana.

I have to hand it to a certain lady who says she’s now a church member, although I do recall of the bad things she did to certain people. Doesn’t she know that what she has done to them will come back to her in the near future and will haunt her big time? If I were she I would thump my Bible while I can.

. If the cops think they have cleaned up the drugs in the right and left hand forks of Doty Creek they are mistaken. Drug dealers are selling in both of those neighborhoods every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

. Near the bottom of Kona hill there were two school buses with their lights flashing for traffic to stop, yet an 18-wheel coal truck from the Isom area could not get stopped. He went past both buses with their lights flashing and went right on through. Thank God the children had already gotten onto the bus. That’s all I can say.

. Donald Trump about his war on drugs, yet he took two people from the company that makes Oxy- Contin into the inner circle of the White House. Does he believe they are going to fight OxyContin now that they no longer work for the OxyContin company?

. If Donald Trump did walk on the waters of the Potomac River the Democrats wouldn’t believe it. However, if Donald Trump only said he walked on the waters of the Potomac River the Republicans would believe it.

. In a recent edition of The Mountain Eagle there was an article about Dolphe Hall. Would the person who phoned in that inquiry please call me at 740-286- 5948? Call in the evening if you please. Thank you.


I just got out of the Whitesburg hospital and would like to say they have the nicest nurses and doctors.

They are a good bunch of people. You don’t have to go to these other hospitals; they are good right down there in Whitesburg.

. We all want what we ain’t got, and what we want the door is always locked. The thought of insanity.

. We live on Smoot Creek. We need to tell the members of the Letcher Fiscal Court that we are tired of paying for garbage pickup every month and not being able to get it picked up. Jim Ward needs to see to it that are trash is picked up so the animals won’t get into it. If it’s mandatory that we get garbage service it should be mandatory that the county pick it up. They said the weather was bad on Friday; it was not bad on Friday. We the people of Smoot Creek need to go to a fiscal court meeting and address this situation. Thank you very much.

. This is in regard to the food pantries: People are taking their food stamps and swapping them for drugs. That’s the reason the pantries are empty.

. To all the sorry mothers out there: You need to clean up. I’m tired of looking at you when you come to town.

. Donald Trump is not going to come down hard on drugs unless it is Mexican drugs. The American drug companies who put these addictive drugs out to the public have their representatives in his cabinet.

. There has never been and never will be a female qualified to be president of the United States.

. I’ve been watching really closely about the whistleblowing women who are accusing the guys of sexual misconduct. They are coming forward and really taking down some big names. I just wonder if the female whistleblowing will trickle down into the Letcher County School System. After all these years of being quiet, I wonder if the girls who were taken advantage of in school will finally come forward. They were repeatedly taken advantage of by several different teachers. Some would buy them alcohol and tell them to meet them on the top of a certain mountain. We even had women teachers and others in our school system who had sexual relations with boys, too. As a matter of fact, I was one of the boys who had a sexual relationship with two teachers. Maybe I will be the whistleblower. It started with me at the age of 13 in after-school tutoring.

. I’m giving everybody an all points bulletin. The Highway 7 bandit is out of jail and is back on the robbing streak again. You better be nailing it down, locking it down, or sitting with your gun beside you. The old boy is going to fool around and kill somebody yet. The court system should be whipped for letting that gentleman out, knowing what he did.

. I believe Jim Ward will be really upset when he gets beat this time. What do you think?

. I was reading about the casino being proposed for Jenkins. I don’t know why people want to put a casino in. There aren’t too many people in Letcher County who can even afford to get groceries every month, much less afford to gamble at a casino.

. I think something needs to be done about the child support office in Whitesburg. They treat us clients like we are scum or dogs. Something really needs to be done. Thank you.

. How can you get caught with a load of cocaine and guns in the state of Tennessee, then come back into the state of Kentucky and live a life like nothing’s ever happened? I guess if you’re

in the clique you can get things done.

. I was reading in Speak Your Piece about the indictment about the dog killing. That started me wondering why the police officer who killed a couple of dogs was never indicted for what he did. That’s how things are done in Letcher County. It’s money or no money, power or no power. The last names stay the same and the people in power never change.

. I was just skipping through some of the paper that I quit reading a long time ago. I realize [the editorial page] is still the same liberal biased bull as before. The Schultz and Harrop columns and the cartoon above them are just as liberal as I remember. … Typical anti-conservative columns, as usual.

. This is concerning all the educators and employees at the Letcher County School System, particularly the secretaries and bus drivers who talk on the radio: The word school ends in ‘l.’ It rhymes with the words ‘pool’ and ‘cool.’ It does not rhyme with the word ‘shoe.’ Let’s try a little harder, folks.


If the United States is the world’s top crude oil producer, why is the price of our gas going up? That does not make sense.

(The website gasbuddy. com, gas prices in Kentucky fell an average of 6.7 cents per gallon during the past week for a statewide average of $2.41 per gallon, which is lower than the national average of $2.57 per gallon. Prices in Kentucky on Monday were 20.0 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 6.4 cents per gallon lower than a month ago. Gasbuddy.com explains last week’s price reduction like this: ‘As the Dow Jones average swung violently, oil prices lost considerable ground, falling below $60 per barrel for the first time this year. In addition, a weekly report from the government showed a trifecta of inventory increases: crude oil, gasoline and distillate inventories all gained, pushing wholesale gasoline prices down and paving the way for gas prices to cool off.’

. How come the Letcher County Coroner I voted for is allowed to do whatever she wants and says she has nobody to whom she answers? She would not give the name of her supervisor and his or her phone number. I don’t think that’s right. (Under state law, coroners do not have supervisors nor do they answer to other officials when it comes to their official duties.)

. I see there are 63 candidates running for office in Letcher County. It is refreshing to see that we have two qualified women running for county offices. I would love to see Patty Wood elected county court clerk. She is a very intelligent lady, a very nice person, and a wonderful mother. I feel the same about Janet Ratliff, who is running for circuit court clerk. Women of this caliber

are seldom elected in Letcher County. I just hope the people of the county wake up the fact we need some new faces.

. I read the article in last week’s Mountain Eagle about new liquor laws opening up a few more economic opportunities for Jenkins and Whitesburg, and it struck me that the rest of the county should have the same opportunities. I’ve heard magistrates and judges, along with preachers and other politicians, give all their reasons for why, but the people of our county have never had a chance to decide. Why not have a county-wide wet/dry vote that would allow sales of alcohol under a county license if it passes? I’m pretty sure it’s doable. During the course of my lifetime I’ve seen millions of tax dollars go to other counties or to Virginia in alcohol taxes. We need to keep that money here and no, it won’t make people drink any more than they drink now.

. I am Ellis Keyes, candidate for Letcher Commonwealth’s Attorney. Like Ellis Island, I breathe free, welcome all. I have practiced constitutional natural law for over 60 years. Courts belong to the people, we the people. A lawyer is a lawman, a lay man of common law — it is you. Our current public servant commonwealth’s attorney has taken over the Letcher County Grand Jury from the people and denied access when one attempts to present evidence of crimes committed and refused discovery requests. It is a corrupt system but can be corrected where reform is needed to create transparency, equal protection, and justice.

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