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Weren’t the blooming Pamper trees lovely during the recent flooding? Does Letcher County have a litter warden? If so, is it an appointed position or elected? Has anyone in Letcher County ever been fined for littering? If it is an elected position they don’t want to fine anyone because they may lose a vote. If the position is appointed, someone’s best friend or family gets the job and still nothing is going to get done because the one who gave them the position may lose a vote. People, it is election time. Wake up and let’s put this crooked politics out of business

. The photograph depicting the contender for Letcher County attorney blowing a horn at a bonfi re, not to mention photos of heavily armed men, is more than disturbing. Then to read where this person commented in this column and what he said is worse. I don’t support gun control but with clear ideology referencing certain affiliation, I think it sends the wrong message. When we have mass shootings taking place today, this type of attitude is dangerous. The contender shows his ignorance and radical ideas most definitely. It’s bad enough to have fundamentalists condemning people to hell because of that type of bigotry, but to have an upstart claiming to be a professional tooting his horn about topics he clearly doesn’t understand is worse.

. To the female who hit my car in the parking lot behind Food City in Whitesburg: I won’t call you a lady because you are not a lady. You put a large place on my car when you hit me. You didn’t have the decency to leave a note on my windshield leaving your insurance information; you probably don’t have any. I do know what you drive; a gold SUV, and I know you have black hair. A person in the parking lot saw you. I will find you and you will pay for the damage. You are the most irresponsible

human who has ever lived. You probably won’t get to see this because you probably can’t read. You will have to answer to God one day and you will have to live with it too. Karma is a bitch.

. To a certain mountain momma: Thank you for coming to my rescue the other day. The Lord was surely smiling on me that day when He put you in the same place as me when I needed help. I hope I can repay your kindness someday. You know who you are.

. It’s time for the show to end. The Holy Spirit is not going to come on you and cause you to speak in tongues and act the way you do as long as you continue lying and stealing from the government. Everybody knows what’s going on, so stop the comedy show.

. To the two lovely ladies met walking: I hope to see you again at the same place, same time. You brightened up my day.

. This writer was born in Blackey, a small community in Letcher County. My parents moved to Ohio when I was 13 years of age. I recall seeing the passenger trains traveling through Blackey and also remember riding those trains to Whitesburg, the county seat. My parents talked about their only means of travel being by train. My wife and I traveled to Letcher County a few weeks ago and decided to drive to Whitesburg following the tracks of the trains in the old days. We drove along the highways as the Kentucky River flows. We stopped at the former railroad stations where the trains stopped to pick up passengers. Our first stop was Roxana. Nothing there anymore. Our next stop was Hot Spot, now known as Premium. That place showed no signs of ever having been a place for loading passengers. Traveling the river road we saw a sign on a bridge that said, ‘Kingdom Come Creek.’ We had heard of Kingdom Come all of

our lives, but never knew of its location. We decided to enter Kingdom Come and were we ever shocked. The trash, filth, junk cars and unbelievable living conditions were beyond description. It is a shame that good, clean-living people have to travel through such trash daily to reach other destinations. The elected offi cials of the county should be impeached from office for permitting such conditions. As we traveled on into Whitesburg, the living conditions did not improve very much. We entered the courthouse and saw enough. A man walking through the hall was seeking attention. We were told that man was the Letcher County judge. He appeared to want the public to see just what we saw. Why doesn’t he spend his time cleaning up Kingdom Come and other similar places along the river? The magistrates can also be blamed. The people of Letcher County deserve better, and the ‘trashy’ people deserve punishment. Does Letcher County have a use for the present elected county officials? A disappointed ex-Kentuckian.

. I live on Mud Creek in Floyd County. I find it remarkable how quickly the state highway department got to work on the roads after the rains. It was the fastest work I’ve ever seen them do. God bless you.

. Jenkins had a special Valentine’s Day with the opening of the Save-A-Lot store. There hadn’t been a grocery store in Jenkins for more than two years. It is hoped that the people of the Jenkins area will shop at home and help the store and community to prosper. Remember, when you trade at home it helps everyone and employs local people. Thank you.

. Thanks to Mayor Todd Depriest and the Jenkins City Council for their efforts to clean up the town, including the sidewalks, streams and ditches. It is hoped the citizens will help. A special thanks to James Harrison and city workers for their efforts. With everyone working together, Jenkins once again can be a jewel in the mountains. Thank you.

. I would like to wish my wife, Evelyn Morton, a happy anniversary. We have been together 11 years, and married for nine of those. I love you, and I hope and pray that whatever God has in mind for us down through life that we always put Him first. I love you, Evelyn. Happy anniversary.

. To a Blair Branch gal: I called you years ago and told you about your man sneaking out on you. Well, apparently you’re even dumber than flat dirt or you just don’t care, because he’s still sneaking around on you. I have pictures to prove it. You deserve what you get, even if it’s HIV.

. I’m getting bombarded with calls from sales representatives. It’s crazy, and it won’t stop no matter what you tell them or how many times you ask them to remove your name from their call lists. Most of these calls come from foreign islands disguised as local numbers. I’m sure Kentucky has a law against some of these practices.

. I would like to make a comment about the water and garbage that came down my hollow during the recent rains. Not too many people live above me, yet you should see all garbage they put into the creek. When the creek went down I had half a car left nearly in my driveway, old tires and all. That garbage is going to stop. The county comes every week and picks it up at your door. If something is too big, you call them and pay $25 and they will come and get it. I’m not stopping. I am 65 years old and I’ve seen this all my life. It is time to stop the people from putting their garbage in the

creeks and on the side of the highways. I report everyone I see throwing out garbage illegally. And when they get to the courthouse I want to make sure the judge or whoever does something about it.

. If we’re going to legalize marijuana here in Kentucky for medical purposes, we need to get the police out of the business. Once that happens we will be able to have a business.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I heard representatives say it is going to take three years from now to get medical marijuana available for sale in Kentucky. You know what I say? If you can’t get it voted on this year you need to get in your cars and leave Frankfort and go home. You all are useless.

. I would like to know how many people’s property was damaged by water just because the state highway department will not pull ditches and get the leaves and the garbage out. Many of the culverts have been stopped up from five to seven years. I know how we could solve this problem. Authorities in Frankfort told me how to solve the problem, but it can’t be based on hearsay. There has to be documented proof, pictures, etc., of state highway workers doing nothing when they should be working. Start taking pictures and putting them on Facebook to show Frankfort what we have as a state highway department. If I do nothing else in life, I will document every photo I can.

. If a store has a sign up advertising something for three dollars a carton it should be sold for three dollars a carton. Don’t sell it four or five dollars.

. Here’s another good example of some of the socalled dreamers. This guy has a warrant out for his arrest for murdering a shopkeeper and then shooting another person in a robbery. There are many of those people in the United States, and they don’t care what they do because it’s a whole lot better to go to prison here than it is in Mexico.

. How about my president that I love? He’s acting just like a Democrat.

. This is to the churches that have people who come there as wolves in sheep’s clothing: They steal, they cheat, and they lie. The Bible says you cannot serve two masters. You’re all going to have to die one of these days, so you better make it right and tell the truth to the person you wronged.

. I hadn’t been through Isom in a long time. It used to be a booming little community. I drove through there today and saw the nastiest looking place I have ever seen. It looks like it has died. They need to have a funeral for Isom unless someone can get it cleaned up. Thank you.

. Hey, people out there. Have you seen the stuff out there that’s supposed to make your hair grow and all that? Well I bought some of that stuff and it doesn’t work. Keep your money in your pocket.

. Some people don’t care how much broadband costs just so long as they get it. What about the working people who have to pay for it? Our tax dollars pay to get it in here and then the cable companies get to job it to your house from the main line, and then they raise their rates. You may get better cable service and better broadband service, but the government is paying for it. The government is paying for the cable companies to rip us off. It’s socialism for the rich.

. Is Letcher County going to get a Huddle House? And how come we don’t hear more about our prison we are supposed to get up

there? They need to get that back on the ball so we can see what’s going on. We need that prison. Thank you.

. It’s a bunch of B.S. when our students can’t even be safe in their own schools here in the United States of America. This is not Syria; this is not North Korea. This is the United States and these are U.S. citizens and they need to be protected.

. To Ellis Keyes: If you don’t pass the Kentucky bar you can’t be an attorney in Kentucky.

. I’ve never seen so much trash in my life in Letcher County than what is in people’s yards today. My neighbors’ yards are full of nothing but trash. One bunch has more than 25 little dogs living in a nine by 12 yard and they can’t afford to feed the blessed little things. I don’t know what people are going to do. I always heard I would see things I had never seen in my life before. Well I’m seeing it right here in Letcher County, Kentucky.

. I wanted to comment about the radio station 94.3 and how it has been destroyed in the mornings with all the talking. Is this a radio station or a TV talk show? I get up at 7 or 8 every morning to do my exercises to music, but these people talk for the entire two hours before I have to go to work. Please stop that. This is a radio station. Play good music in the mornings.

. I thought everybody had to pay a garbage bill, but a lot of people in this county are not paying a garbage bill and that’s not right. All ought to have to pay it.

. It looks like Jim Ward has declared a state of emergency in Letcher County. The state of emergency is the need to vote Ward out during the coming election.

. A certain person running for magistrate in the Jenkins area has blocked every fourwheeler trail in that area and he still expects us to vote for him? The low-life vagrant has a better chance of drinking ice water in hell than getting me to vote for him.

. The politicians think they have the right to tell us what we can eat, what we can drink, what we can do in our own homes. Washington does not own the people; the people own the government. We the people — that’s what our constitution says.

. The people of knowledge — scientists, NASA, etc. — impress me. I’m just an old broken down coal miner, but they do impress me.

. People can’t understand why there are so many school shootings and so many other bad things happening to children. Well, when you take the Bible out of school like many of these schools have, the devil comes in and does his thing. The Bible says the nation that turns its back on God will be cast in hell. We have not seen anything yet. I am proselytizing to you in the name of Jesus. Until we turn back to God and give Him the glory and honor Him and respect Him and live for Him, things are going to get progressively worse.

. It looks like Jim Ward could send his county workers up to the Earnest Cook Park softball and baseball fields. It looks like a tornado of garbage hit up here, scattered all over the place. Oh, I guess Ward is too busy hanging out on the government

channel trying to tell us what he thinks we need to hear, which is what we don’t want to hear.

. I would like to know where the state highway workers hang out. They need to get out and patch some of these roads. They make pretty good money for not doing anything for the roads. I pay tax money and expect to see returns. I have probably hit 50 potholes the last couple of weeks. Why are we paying money to people who won’t work?

. To the people of Trace Fork and Colson: Watch out for the rogue and the thief over there. You can just about put your finger on him there. Be on the lookout for him.

. A certain couple I see at the Save-A-Lot parking lot in Whitesburg need to go and get a room. I know they’re not married and I know they’re sneaking around. We’re not deaf, we’re not blind, and it doesn’t take Einstein to see the car is moving. So get a room or something. I’m afraid that when that man catches up with you for messing around with his woman you’re going to need more than a hotel room. I would say you’re going to need a hospital room. I’d say she would, too. I would bet the man who is being cheated on is a hard worker. I believe I’ll just get a camera and snap some pictures and post them.

. So the Russians have been indicted for interfering with American elections and causing chaos. Well isn’t that what Russians do? All I’ve heard is Trump this and Trump that. Where were Obama and his organization while all of this was going on? That’s the question. Thank God America is America and we do have a man like Trump in office.

. I’m calling in about the dogs that were killed. I have hunted all of my life, and that cop that killed those two hounds in the Neon area needs to be put under the jail. This matter shouldn’t be over and it should not be forgotten. That man should not be a cop. It is ridiculous how he got away with that. Thank you.

. Did you get your thousands of dollars in the mail? Did you let your drug-dealing husband have it? Other than that, be nice to yourself.

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