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Can someone tell me where the state highway workers hide? I’m out every day and I don’t see them. They need to be out patching the roads. I don’t pay tax money just to be throwing it away. We need people who are going to work. That’s what we pay taxes for.

. They holler, ‘We’re done with straight pipes; we’re done with illegal septic systems,’ but then the health department official gives you a hard time with your sewer permit. I would like for the inspector to come to the Mayking bridge, go underneath it and look to the left. There is a pipe elbowing straight down within six feet of the river. If that’s where the septic tank is there is no way there’s not runoff. If it’s not the septic tank it’s a straight line running into the river. I’m going to watch this line and I’m going to watch this trailer and see if anything is done with it. If not I am calling Frankfort.

. Heritage Kitchen in town is a great place to eat. The cooks they have now are great. I ate there twice last week — lunch and dinner — and the food was great. Keep up the good work, ladies.

. The comments about how certain people are going to ‘go to the devil’ and criticizing them? Yesterday I heard a young child sat in a Sunday school class and repeated talk they had heard from a parent. This parent certainly has no room to talk about anyone. The bothersome thing is how young children are actually the ones affected by their parents and these hypocritical ideas. When there are more people who don’t attend church than those who do, is it any wonder to figure out why? Listen to the children and let that be an example why many people opt to not attend church. Who wants to sit and listen to what’s being heard by these kids at home instead of the important part of benevolent attitudes? I think it takes a very big ego for anyone to attempt to speak for God, and put other people on the moral chopping block, when they live in glass houses themselves. To teach their kids to come to church and repeat what they hear at home sets an extremely poor reflection on that parent. Fast forward to when these kids become adults. Imagine that.

. I would like to thank Jerry Collins and Paul Newman for picking up all the garbage on the left fork of Millstone down to the camp. It looks so much better. Thank you for your hard work for the betterment of our community.

. This is concerning the comment where someone said ‘it’s time for the show to end, the Holy Spirit is not going to cause you to speak in tongues.’ I don’t go to

church and I know I should, but I don’t think it’s right for anybody to talk about somebody else. Obviously the people are trying to live right. You need to respect them for that and quit talking about them.

. There’s a local radio station that plays great rock and roll music on Sundays. I tuned in tonight and all I’m hearing is the weather report. I want to know what’s going on. What has happened, WMMT? I’m disappointed.

. What’s on my mind is the election. I can already tell you the names I would vote for, hands down. Four I would have no trouble with are Whitehead, Sherry Sexton and the Adams brothers. I wouldn’t vote for any of the others for dogcatcher.

. If I see one more Mickey Stines for sheriff sign I’m liable to pull my hair out.

. Condolences to the families of those 17 children who were slaughtered in Florida. I have a salute with one finger to those officers who stood outside and let those babies be slaughtered.

. Sorry to hear anyone thinks God would be so mean and hateful to allow mass shootings because our schools are not allowed to force one religion on our students to the exclusion of all the others. In this country everyone can believe whatever religion he or she wants, and not everyone believes the same things. I hope that caller can find another god or goddess who is loving, understanding, and caring.

. I see where Deputy Sheriff Mickey Stines and Deputy Sheriff Eugene Slone are running for sheriff. Whenever I have tried to get either of them to do anything for me they wouldn’t, even though I voted for their boss, Danny Webb, eight or nine years ago. The only lawman I would vote for as the county’s new sheriff is Barry Engle. He’s the only one that will do something.

. My mom is strictly a Republican and my dad is strictly a Democrat. When I was growing up they treated each other with respect and courtesy. One thing I learned about the Republicans was that they didn’t believe in Social Security. My great-uncle was in a nursing home and paid his way even though Medicare would have paid it. Now I’ve learned that Republicans aren’t Republicans anymore; they are conservatives and conservatives lie.

. I was just wondering if anybody planted his or her peas on Valentine’s Day. If you did, how are they doing?

. This goes out to a sweet lady who lives in the Jenkins Haymond area. I just

wanted to let you know that your husband is still up to his old habits. If you remember, a couple years ago you accused him of what he’s still doing and he denied it. I’m here to tell you that you were right. I’m tired him not catching up on what he owes me, plus he shouldn’t tell lies the way he does. Yours truly, his drug buddy.

. I saw where they had a lawsuit against the cop in Jenkins. It is all the truth. .

Bullying should never be tolerated. Anyone who is caught bullying and is convicted of it should be thrown out of school and homeschooled, but never be allowed to go to school with other children.

. Can anybody remember the time that man was elected constable in District Two and came out with that big new car? Well, the car has disappeared and he has, too. Does anybody know what happened to him? Just wondering.

. I’m 75 years old. I got my first gun when I was 12 years old. My guns have not killed anyone.

. I’m just wondering what is wrong with Letcher County sports. The Jenkins and LCC football teams finished 0 and 20. LCC boys’ basketball and Jenkins boys’ basketball finished a combined 7 and 48. Something has got to change with our sports in Letcher County. This is the worst I’ve ever seen it. Hopefully baseball can help us out.

. I don’t have a cell phone, I don’t have a computer, and I don’t want either. I like peace and quiet. From what I can tell, you don’t have it if you’ve got one of those things in your hand. You’re either talking to somebody or they’re talking to you or you’re finding out something going on here or there. I’ve heard people say it’s the last thing they put down and night and the first thing they pick up in the morning. To me, that’s worse than drugs. They’ve got programs to get you off of drugs.

. When is this country going to try to take our butcher’s knives out of kitchens?

. I think it’s a crying shame that our commonwealth’s attorney will try to railroad some people for the least little thing. There are definitely other, more serious crimes being committed. Some people who are trying to do better turn their lives around and have shown they have made progress in the last few years and are being overly prosecuted. It is not fair and it is not just. If he had any kind of a conscience it should keep him awake at night knowing he wrongly punished somebody for a petty offense.

. I strongly believe that if you break the law you have to suffer the consequences. We see it day in and day out. If you have the money to hire a good lawyer or one who is in the political circle you have a pretty good chance of getting at least a fair punishment. But if you cannot afford one the court will appoint one for you that’s not worth his or her sand. The prosecutor will offer you an

ungodly plea deal and your court-appointed lawyer will not even try to get you a better deal and will advise you to take what is offered. Some are being overly punished. Some are being done wrong while others get a slap on the wrist. It’s not fair.

. I would like to know why the Swap Shop lets some people get on the radio and tell their life story about what they have and how pretty it is and then repeat it. You’ve got other people who get jumped onto for trying to make a profit for selling worms, but you’ve got other people who get on there and announce five cars for sale. You can’t make a profit on five cars? I think the Swap Shop needs to develop some new rules.

. The dog shooter probably feels no remorse for his behavior. The people who got their dogs killed by this deviant person cannot say they feel nothing. That’s the difference between being a sociopath and actually feeling a true sense of emotion. The shooter may fantasize about other deep-seated behavior. Taking it out on anyone or another life is clear indication how much people like this disregard the value of their actions.

. I’m calling in reference to the garbage here in Marshall’s Branch: Jim Ward, where are you? Wayne Fleming, where are you? We need you in Marshall’s Branch. There are two people up here who are destroying private property. They’re piling garbage out in the yard. Don’t you people ever see this? Please come up to Marshall’s Branch. This is a disgrace to this community.

. I don’t know whom I should talk to, but there is somebody stealing TECO’s timber in the head of Marshall’s Branch. He’s from Elkhorn Creek and he shouldn’t be up here stealing anybody’s timber. He’s hauling trees out of here like he owns the county.

. The story about the guy who won the $55 thousand against the Jenkins Police for mistreating him is the best story that’s been in The Mountain Eagle in years. It’s time that these sissy police officers learn that they can’t treat people like that.

. I’m calling in response to a comment submitted by ex-Kentuckian. He trashed Kentucky unbelievably. His parents were supposed to have been from here years ago. The only thing he had to say about Kentucky was negativity. Well let me tell you, Mr. Ex-Kentuckian, we truly don’t need your kind to come back here and trash us. We know we have trash on the roads, but look around you. We have homes here as nice as any in the state of Ohio, and we surely have the best people. If you can’t say something good about Letcher County just stay in Ohio and don’t make any response at all. Thank you very much.

. Folks, I went by Madge Combs’s old homeplace a few days ago and heard frogs. So you know that when you hear frogs the snakes are out. So don’t be surprised when you go for your little walk if you come

up on one. So be careful.

. I was just wondering who came up with the procedure that was followed on Senior Night. There was no music to introduce the team, and it seemed as if were something to just hurry up and be done with. Was it just me or did anyone else get that feeling? Thank you.

. We live in a county of idiots. Several people who have been driving in front of me have just thrown their brakes on and pulled off the road. They think the rest of us have ESP. They don’t signal the customary distance before they stop. They just stop and that’s it. We’ve got some fools who need to go back and take their driver’s test all over again. Thank you.

. Could it be that the FBI intentionally did not put Cruz under surveillance so it would help push the agenda of the anti-gun lobby? After all, the Justice Department sold 4,500 AK-47’s to the Mexican drug cartel.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I missed the meeting on the four-lane extensions from the junction to Payne Gap. Really, we just need asphalt and work done on our bridges. I think our county judge and our magistrates all agree on this, and this is what they should do. Oh, and this is to our county judge: I mentioned your name in an e-mail to the president a while back and — guess what? — he called you to the White House. Ain’t that something?

. To the person who called in about marijuana: It does need to be legalized. It cures a lot of people’s pain and other ailments.

. It looks like the City of Jenkins realized it better settle before they had to pay a lot more. I have issues with this officer after watching him in action. I’m glad to see that somebody finally got a case and took him. I’m eager to see if the city keeps him or gets rid of him.

. Just once I would like to turn my local radio station on and listen to some real news. No, all you’ve got is music. I wish somebody would put in a radio station and hire some people who know how to explain what is going on locally. What happened to news?

. Is the Jenkins Department of Sanitation picking up garbage in Bill Moore Branch now? The packer stays up here for hours at a time each day of the week.

. Does anybody listen to Crazy Friday’ on WSGS out of Hazard? I listened to it today and it is awful. Some of the songs are great, but the sound effects they throw in makes it sound like they’re ready for the Hazard psych ward. If they think they are really funny and people like to hear them act stupid, well we hate it. It is ignorant. Let the songs play.

. To all you young ones who go to school: People are giving their lives to see that you are safe and able to finish school. You children are a lot smarter than we were years ago; so don’t let them give their lives in vain. Finish the course.

. Isn’t it something how our government can go to another country and wipe out people like ISIS, but here at home they can’t do away with the Ku Klux Klan, they can’t do away with the skinheads, they can’t do away with MS-13, the Hell’s Angels or the other gangs? I

say we need to clean house here at home.

. Mickey Stines got the pleasure of putting ankle bracelets on people and I’m going to get the pleasure of voting against him in the race for sheriff. Thank you.

. I have come to the conclusion you can’t trust anyone. You tell them something and tell them not to say anything, but they do because it always comes back to you. From now on don’t tell anything you don’t want to be told. Have a good day.

. Concerning taking up the guns and the United States citizens having the right to bear arms to protect themselves, if that right had been taken away years ago we wouldn’t have the United States today. It would be under some kind of communist outfit. I’m against gun control in any way, shape, form or fashion. Those people getting killed at the high school should have been prevented. Put the crazy people in the sanatoriums like they were before.

. To the owner of the little white house at the left fork of Marshall’s Branch: Why don’t you please clean that garbage up? You’re destroying the rest of our homes. Please clean that garbage up. Your yard is not a garbage dump. You have to pay a garbage bill anyway, what on earth are you thinking. Please, mister, clean that mess up.

. The Washington Post is the lowest of the low — right on the bottom of the ocean.

. Why in God’s name did we vote Angie Hatton into the office of state representative? Our roads are destroyed. There are holes everywhere and the state highway department is worthless.

. The people in Congress have a very poor rating as far as getting things done. But I’ll say this: The mainstream media is below them. People in the mainstream media have such a big ego you couldn’t put it inside the moon. They are struck on themselves to no end and would climb a tree and tell you a lie before they would stand on the ground and tell you the truth.

. I would like to send my condolences to Mary Campbell’s family. She was 95 years old and passed away. She and her family were all good people.

. If the people that put asphalt down don’t put any down on our roads this year I think we need to march on the Capitol and get rid of those people.

. I don’t know if it’s one person or two people or what, but whoever is cutting timber on company property in Marshall’s Branch is going to go to jail. We put up cameras, and whoever is cutting that timber is going to get in trouble. You better stay out of Marshall’s Branch stealing timber. Thank you.

. I wish all you good and wonderful but stupid people out there would quit sending your money to these lying preachers. Don’t you know you go to hell for supporting false prophets?

. So you finally went somewhere and heard a bunch of people talking different languages and you want everyone to know about that. Wow, now you’re an expert. But you didn’t live among them, so you don’t know anything.

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