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Editor’s Note: While readers are welcome to submit comments concerning the two important elections for countywide offices that will take place here in May and November, Speak Your Piece will not publish comments that include attacks on candidates’ family members or negative comments about candidates’ personal lives.

I need some new feathers for my hat. They are looking bad. I don’t have a rooster, but my next-door neighbor does. Sorry about that, neighbor. I’ve got to have them.

. Regarding the individual who came back to this area after living up north, then criticizing how life is around here: I have lived in other states and met people from many walks of life. Some of the nicest people I have ever met live in this area. As for the litter lying around in some places, I feel with enough proactive efforts this issue could be resolved. One possible way is for able-bodied people to form cleanup efforts by volunteering to get out and take action. It’s always easier to sit around talking than to get up and do something positive. Also, many native species of trees, plants and animals live in this area that indicates the ecosystem is recovering from years of neglect and exploitation by big companies harvesting the natural resources. So, to these armchair critics who sit on the throne of judgment: If you don’t like it, leave it.

. It’s amazing how a certain woman in Woodrock tries to control her husband and tell him what to do. Whenever her husband hangs around with his friends she gets mad; she gets real mad. When he comes home she jumps all over him for everything. This man doesn’t have a life whatsoever with his wife bossing him around like she does.

. I keep seeing on the news where California is not recognizing the federal law concerning these illegal people. Californians have wanted to secede from the union for a long time. I say just go ahead. You know, there’s an old saying, ‘All hat and no cattle,’ so let’s see what California has. We’ll pull those military bases out of there and all of those big warships from up and down that coastline and bring them back to the east coast. So let’s see what they’ve got. Don’t come past Kingman, Arizona, though, because we draw the line there. The biggest companies in the world are pulling out of California because their taxes are so high they can’t afford

to stay there. That’s fact. They’re like New York — advertising to try to draw people into the state because of their high taxes are forcing companies to leave left and right. You can’t afford to pay the taxes there. The big companies are saying they go to other states and make more money with cheaper labor.

. I have to ask why all you gun rights folks who claim to uphold our sacred Constitution and its Second Amendment, which begins with the words ‘A well regulated militia,’ don’t believe in any regulation? Since the word ‘regulated’ is right there in the third word and ‘bear arms’ comes nineteen to twenty words later, don’t you suppose the framers of the Constitution assumed some regulations would be imposed? Do you only believe in part of the Second Amendment?

. I’m going to go out on a limb here and just say that Vladimir Putin doesn’t like the Democrat Party. It seems like that’s the one he is always after. I may be wrong, but I don’t believe he likes the Democrats.

. Mike Watts, us kids you tried to scare in the courthouse by telling us you were going to send us to Oneida are old enough to vote now and we’re going to send you to the Bull Hole.

. To a certain lady on Little Colley: You are still a smoking hot mama. I don’t know if you have a man or not, but if you don’t it sure wouldn’t take much effort for you to get a man. You are a very attractive lady. A very secret somebody would very much like to get to know you.

. The big old town of Whitesburg — stuck in a big old rut and can’t get out. I’ve not seen anything change in Whitesburg in 50 years.

. Years ago I listened to preacher stand before Americans and say that if he didn’t receive twelve million dollars God was going to call him home. He received that money from some donor and now that donor should ask for his or her money back, because God did call that preacher home. God bless America and may that preacher rest in peace.

. Concerning the comment about schoolteachers in Letcher County having relationships with students, I am one who had two different relationships with two different teachers in my school. My sixth grade teacher was one of them. She did have sex with me when I was a fourteen-year-old boy. It

happened in her personal home. This did happen in Letcher County.

. I like the way some of these churches gripe and growl over a TV, but say nothing about members with computers and base station radios. Anybody who knows anything about a base station radio knows they are mostly used to talk about women’s body parts and sex. With computers, everybody knows what everybody else is doing and who they are doing. I don’t think a computer and base station radio to be of any more benefit than a TV. You can make a sin out of either one of the three.

. Homosexuality is stench in the muscles of God and it is also an abomination in the eyes of God.

. I’m sitting here watching the TV about these prisons and the smuggling in of dope and stuff on the so-called black market. Well I’ll agree with that, but what about the commissaries in prison where they sell that stuff to inmates at very highly inflated prices? Isn’t that a black market, too?

. Not me, not you, not politics, not religion can stop these nuts from getting out here and shooting these kids. We have good laws to put a stop to that if they would just enforce them. Anybody who is of age with the proper evidence against him should be taken out immediately and killed. They should also hold these parents responsible for not having those guns locked up and unloaded so the kids can’t get to them.

. Bill Clinton took away the rights of mental patients to have guns. The Republicans then ran on that Second Amendment issue and gave the guns back to the mental patients. They did away with the rule that would have kept that guy in Florida from shooting up the high school.

. It has now come out in the federal investigations that Russians give money to the National Rifle Association. Why do you think Russia supports the NRA? It’s because the NRA helps us get shot all to pieces.

. We don’t need more deer here. Take them to Alaska or somewhere like that. We don’t eat the deer meat, so there is no use in bringing them in here for the ten people that do. We don’t need the deer in our county. They are pests and they make a mess.

. I don’t know what they do with the garbage, but they do pick mine up on Fridays here. But as much garbage as I’m seeing beside the roads, I think they must just be taking it down the road and throwing it out. I’ve seen more garbage in the last month than ever before. It’s pitiful to look at. People need their heads examined for not picking up their garbage and putting it in a bag and sending it off. (And to think those who do the littering get garbage service once a week whether they pay for it or not and they still won’t pick it up.)

. I was wondering where the Highway 7 bandit went to and I finally found out where he is. He’s living up in Crase’s Branch. I would advise the people living there to put it up, shut it up, and definitely get a gun. He’s going to come knocking in the middle of the night. He thinks he’s some kind of professional burglar, but he’s a professional drug head with a severe drug habit. It is not going to end well for him. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to him, but I don’t want to see something bad happen to people in their home, either.

. A certain guy in Pine Creek has a rap sheet that looks like Webster’s Dictionary, yet every dadburned time you read the

paper him or his dad are in there for drug possession or something else illegal. Can anybody tell me who those two aren’t kin to in the courthouse? Will they not ever get in trouble for what they are charged with? This makes a joke and a mockery of our judicial system. What is wrong with our county? This is what is wrong

. Go Oakland and take California with you. We are done with you.

. Lo and behold, eastern Kentucky has made it onto another television show. Donathan Hurley of Phelps in Pike County is now on ‘Survivor.’ I watched the show and it make me flat sick. Why in the world did they turn around pick that boy of all people? He said on the TV that he didn’t get to see people where he comes from and experience things. He makes us look like pure fools. The Pike County Pounder, as he calls himself, is going to get pounded in the head on that show for acting so stupid.

. Putin, you remind me of the little rooster in the henhouse. He crowed and he crowed and had his chest stuck out. Then he jumped up on a fence post and crowed some more, only to have the hawks come down and get him. You better watch who you are threatening, Mr. Putin. The United States is not afraid of anything you have. We know each time you flush your commode. The United States speaks softly and carries a big stick, and one of these days we are going to wrap it around the side of your head. Shut your mouth, you punk, and let America run its own business and its own elections. We are not afraid of Russia or any other nation on the face of the earth.

. I can see why most Letcher Countians don’t work; they hang out at the Rec Center all day long.

. They’re trying to raise the prices at Jenny Lea Academy to what you pay at the other beauty shops. That’s not going to work, because the people can’t pay what they are now asking down there. They need to drop the prices back to where they were or they will get no business. Thank you. (Do you really believe the people who own and operate Jenny Lea Academy would raise the price for haircuts, etc., unless it was truly necessary? Try paying just the cost of electrical service in any decent-sized business space around here and you’ll understand.)

. WMMT radio there in Whitesburg has gone from Sunday night rock to Sunday night sux. I have listened to this new guy for thirty minutes and I’ve heard the weather report twice. Now we’re on to some awards show. I think we may have squeezed in three songs. I guess I’ll just put on a vinyl album and tune out.

. I wish you would print this: I would like to tell old Stines, who is running for sheriff, that I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher, because he always acted like he was privileged to put the ankle bracelet on people and then laughed about it. I hope he gets beat. (Given that Mr. Stines has been fitting criminal defendants with homeincarceration bracelets for many years, how do you think he should behave during the process that is by now routine for him? Should he break down in tears?)

. To all you guys at the Letcher County Rec Center: If you can’t lift the weight you attempt you need to leave it alone, because you are dropping it to the floor and making all kinds of unnecessary noise. The rest of us folks like to work out in peace.

. I am interested in the people who are running for office in my district. I have been seeing the signs that say Maverick Cook is running for magistrate. Could someone tell me who Mr. Cook is? Is he kin to Angie Hatton, our state representative, and Jamie Hatton, our county attorney? Is he the one who owns Maverick’s Tire Store at Payne Gap? I would like some information about him, please. Another thing is, there’s a certain gentleman who puts a lot of signs up about his running for sheriff. Putting all those signs up doesn’t really do anything for a person’s disposition. Put all the signs up you want, but if you change your disposition people might vote for you in Letcher County.

. Well it’s Sunday night. Where is my Rock Show? One of our DJ’s is missing. I’m expecting to hear some good new and classic rock, not Journey on the radio. What is going on, WMMT? What have you done?

. People keep talking about how great our education system is in the United States. In 1980 we were number two in the world. Today we are only number seventeen. How is that so great?

. I guess it’s time for the assassination of country music awards again on CBS.

. I don’t know why Ellis Keyes would even try to run for the job of commonwealth’s attorney, given his background. Edison Banks, you can find out about him if you look.

. Watching the news about these school shootings makes me think about the days when I went to school. I really do think that back when I was going to school — I’m a pretty old man now — that if something like that was to be in our school the guys at our school would get that fellow before he got off a shot or two. I believe that we would have gone after that guy with the gun. There were some pretty good-sized boys in our school and there are some pretty good-sized boys in the schools of today. So I don’t see why that when that happens they don’t go after some guy that would come in messing up their school.

. How come it is that the big tax bill gives huge tax cuts to people making more than three-hundred thousand dollars and Mc- Connell and his crowd want to pay for it by cutting back on our Medicare?

. Can anybody tell me the identity of a certain woman who works in a certain store and dresses like she’s on the ‘Little Rascals’ and hates men? She’s a far out character, I’ll just tell you. She shouldn’t hate men just because she may have had a bad one. Don’t hate us all because of something that happened to you. We don’t discriminate against you because of what you do. You are mighty hateful.

. My wife just made a good suggestion. People in power in the political system won’t do anything about people’s barking dogs. They ought to at least

pass a law and make the dog owners put a muzzle on their dogs so they can’t bark and disturb the whole neighborhood. Have a nice day.

. I would like to know how a man can get by with driving a police car on taxpayers’ money and coming into Seco and flashing the car’s lights when he’s not even a cop. This is uncalled for. This is two different police cars we’ve seen in Seco that he drives. So please, people, comment on this and let’s get this stopped. Thank you.

. Some people say it violates people’s rights to take guns away from mental patients. Instead of locking the mental patients up, why don’t you just take their stupid guns? That would make more sense.

. What’s on my mind is the fact that it does not pay to be a hardworking man or a hardworking woman and live in the state of Kentucky. I’ll tell you why: You can work half of your life away. You can do your best to be a good citizen and a good person. Then you turn around and you lose your job or you get laid off and you go to your local food stamp program. You know what they’re going to say to you? I’m so sad, but you draw too much money; you draw too much unemployment. Do they not realize that unemployment pay won’t even pay our bills? How are we supposed to eat? How are we supposed to pay our power bill? Every dope head and every cheese eater in this county that wouldn’t strike a lick if his or her hind-end was on fire gets food stamps, gets SSI, and gets to live in free housing.

. There was big drug bust in Jenkins this past Thursday. Something needs to be done about the meth heads here coming up to Goodwater Apartments. Thank you, Robo Cop, for doing your job.

. It’s Sunday at 9 p.m. and there is finally a live DJ on WMMT. Of course he is not from these parts, which is typical of Appalshop and WMMT’s current hiring process. What has Appalshop done for Whitesburg lately?

. Before the Ronald Reagan administration the United States of America had a solution for gun violence. All the crazy people who were capable of murder were kept in a nationally supported network of mental hospitals and were treated humanely. When Ronald Reagan took over the U.S. President’s office, his administration abolished the network of mental health control centers across the U.S.A. in order to save operating expenses on the psychiatric hospitals. The scheme worked far better than the idea of abolishing the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution and taking up people’s guns. However, the U.S.A. is doomed by Bible prophecy in Isaiah, 3:2, ‘As for my people, children are their oppressors and women rule over there. O my people, they that (which) lead thee cause thee to err and destroy the way of thy path.’ Your freedom depends on your right to bear arms — as painful as it may be.

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