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I applaud the efforts of groups and people who stand up and attempt to help those with addiction. The opioid pandemic has touched lives in numerous ways and can be described as an epidemiological issue, in as such as the vast majority who suffer. Although I was never addicted I have been affected because people I care about are, or were. Those who were are deceased due to this lifestyle. I currently have friends who are suffering and watching them isn’t easy. I don’t agree that marijuana is safe as I know several who either started out smoking pot, or use this drug when their choice of drugs is not available. I repeatedly remind them to seek help and the common reply is they cannot control themselves without drugs. I agree that it takes a multitude of combined efforts to tackle this issue.

. Between the Lord and Mother Nature, there is no way us common folks can escape the beating Kentucky Power Company is going to give us each and every winter. Just when we thought we were going to save on our power bills because of the extra warm February, in comes a very cold March. Brutal.

. I never thought I’d be longing for the days when Ralph Hacker was calling University of Kentucky basketball and football games, but that is where I am today after another basketball and football season of hearing Tom Leach scream into the microphone every time a Kentucky player scores a hoop in the gym or completes a three-yard pass on the football. His false excitement does nothing but cause migraine headaches all across the state. Enough already. We need a return to the first-class announcers we used to have representing our state university. Back to Ralph Hacker, he could be a bit boring at times, but at least he was all class on the microphone.

. Can someone tell me where the state highway workers are hiding? They need to get out and patch these roads.

. I would like to tell a girl in a blue Jeep that she is a smoking hot woman.

. Liberals only want to take up the guns that belong to conservatives.

. Go, Hollywood, and take California with you.

I would like to make a statement about the Neon Water Company. They send these people out to read your meter, but they don’t have the tablets like professionals do to write the numbers down. They write them

on the palm of their hand, and by the time they get back to the water company the ink has rubbed off their hands. Furthermore, they are charging people double. So please, people, let’s comment on this and get this garbage straightened out. Thank you.

. So North Korea’s great leader, Kim Jong-un, extends that bloody hand of his wanting to talk to the United States. The blood drips off that man who has slaughtered members of his own family. There is nothing to talk about. There is nothing this man can say that is worth the United States even listening to until every nuclear reactor he has is shut down.

. Since they are talking about these tariffs on steel and aluminum, I want to throw my two-cents’ worth in. You get what you pay for. The product you get from overseas might be cheaper than what is made here, but the metal isn’t nearly as good as what is made in this country. A prime example: A D-10 Cat bulldozer can have 50,000 hours put on it, take it back to Caterpillar and they will completely disassemble it and rebuild everything on it and check the main frame. If no fatigue has set in on the metal, Cat will put a full warranty back on it and guarantee for another 50,000 hours. Take a Komatsu dozer, a 375 or 475, and the main frame will have fatigue set in on it to where it’s broken. Komatsu won’t rebuild it because they know the metal in main frame is not good enough to last another 50,000 hours. This cheap metal coming from overseas won’t last. If it has U.S. steel written on it, it will last. If not, it won’t. End of story.

. I’m calling about the Letcher County Jail. Half the inmates down there are eaten up with scabies, but they keep being told their itching is caused by dry heat. Maybe the health department needs to be called in there to check it out so that something gets done. These people are suffering.

. I think it is a shame and disgrace that poor people have to pay co-pays at the doctor. Why did they start that co-paying when we can hardly live as it is? Same with the power bills; people can’t afford to pay it. We need to get shed of that governor down there in Frankfort and get somebody in there who will help people.

. Ninety-five percent of the people in Letcher County do not deserve to have their driver’s license. They don’t have sense enough to drive. If one of them ever hits me, he or she better have insurance.

. Washington just doesn’t

seem to care about economics. If we have tariffs on imports, that causes higher prices for everyone in the country. Plus, it consumes the extra money that was appropriated for the military. So who wins? Nobody. Everyone loses.

. I just want to remind everyone that election time is around the corner and I hope all the people who got ripped off by a certain lawyer tell that lawyer thank you on election day.

. Mr. Trump, president of the United States, can’t you see what they are doing? You’re a smart man; you know what Mueller and them are doing. Look what they’ve let the Clintons and Obama get by with. I suggest, Mr. President that you don’t speak to Mueller under oath. You have executive privilege. You are the president of the United States. Ninety-nine percent of the ones who have been charged in this Russia investigation haven’t done anything, so it’s in your power to shut Mueller down. Who cares what the Democrats think? Just shut him up, Mr. President.

. To all husbands in Letcher County: All of my life I have heard how men cheat. But I’m going to tell you something. In the last nine months I have been with eight married women and slept with all eight the first day I got out with them. The reason I’m leaving this comment is because I myself, at the age of seventeen, fell victim to a married woman who allowed me to get involved in her life and to fall deeply in love with her. I haven’t seen this woman in several years. I called her number about two years ago and her husband called me back. He was very upset.

. I would like to speak about the coming election. We don’t need any of them who are in there now to get back in office. They don’t do anything and you can’t get in touch with them.

. Election day is coming and I hope Terry Adams gets enough votes to put County Judge/Executive Jim Ward out of office. We needs jobs in this county; not just griping at the Tuesday Roundtable on the radio. We don’t need to be living like we’re in the Middle Ages. We are not cavemen.

. What would help those schoolteachers is if they would drain that swamp in Frankfort, especially that big shot CEO. I think that would help one heck of a lot.

. Don’t you people at Jenkins ever get tired of reading everything that goes on in Letcher County, but you’re never included? The sheriffs and deputies are going through all the Letcher County Schools, which is good and I approve. But why is Jenkins always left out? Another thing: Why spend all this money on drug addicts when they don’t want help? Let the cops get out here and go to every other house and arrest the drug dealers. Then we’ll get rid of the drug addicts. ( The Mountain Eagle covers every meeting of the Jenkins City Council and every meeting of the Jenkins Board of Education, where decisions such as the one you describe are made each month. We also cover criminal stories wherever they may happen in Letcher County.)

. So, WMMT, after a 30- plus year iconic Friday

night rock and roll radio show, responds by putting on three teenage boys who are hopped up on too much Mountain Dew and have no idea what good music is. It looks like you’re heading in the right direction. Hope things work out for you. Kill Your Radio? I think I will. See you, WMMT.

. To the Hemphill Hooker: Rehab will not fix dog. Think about it.

. To County Clerk Winston Meade: I can’t find it in my heart to vote for you this time even though I always have before. I cannot vote for you because you have upheld Steve Addington, who is running for magistrate, while he has blocked ATV trails on Pine Mountain in the Jenkins area.

. There’s a lot on mind would like to talk about concerning the state of affairs in Letcher County. First, I wonder how one county worker can draw four checks in the month of January totaling more than $5,100. Something is not right somewhere. Then I look at the politicians who allow this to go on. We have politicians who have been in office more than 20 years. We have kept these people and their families up for all of these years. The taxpayers are tired of the same families trying to run Letcher County. It is time to dump the whole crew in the courthouse. It is time to clean that courthouse out. Let’s get rid of that county judge who has been there for 16 years or more and has never done anything. Let’s clean it out. We lost the battery factory that came to Pike County because we didn’t elect the right person for state representative. The representative we did vote in just voted no on a bridge bill that would have repaired 14 bridges in Letcher County. What type of representation are we getting from the politicians we now have? It’s time we change it. Let’s drain the swamp in the Letcher County Courthouse.

. So Toys “ R” Us filed bankruptcy. Isn’t this a sign of bad management?

. If you take a load of scrap metal to certain place they do not weigh your steel. They will weigh it on your truck, but they don’t get if off and weigh it like others do.

. Replace the Friday night rock on WMMT with that drivel? What on earth is going on?

. All these people buying up all these tax bills and trying to take people’s land and stuff should remember one thing — it’s got to be surveyed and you’ve got to go back to the land patent. I know you know who I’m talking about. Anyone who is running for election needs to get in touch with me. I have enough on them.

I am looking at Facebook and I see a baby that is naked except for a hat and boots. What kind of parent do you call that? Do they think that’s funny? To me that is sickening. Get that young one some clothes on.

. I think certain people need to be better parents and keep their kids from playing in those pools of dirty water.

. On Sunday, March 11, I got out to enjoy the beautiful day and stopped by the Double Kwik at Pine Mountain Junction to buy the Sunday newspaper. The

Lexington Herald-Leader delivery people were a little bit out of date, as they still had the March 5 paper for sale in the rack. Herald- Leader delivery guy, give it up.

. Happy birthday to wonderful girl on April 2. She knows who this is from.

. I like to go to church just as well as the next man, but I’m not going to have any part of going to one certain church that is having a revival because of what the

. We live in modern times where man can go to the moon and we can explore Mars. They can transplant hearts, livers and lungs, but they can’t do anything about a man’s prostate and fix it. Maybe they will be able to later on. Have a nice day.

. I would like to ask Jim Ward who is going to win the election for him this time. Last time it was EQT and its big campaign contributions.

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