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To whom it may concern: A certain fire department lets people fill out applications, and when the application is returned and the people in charge do not like you they throw it away and tell you they will call. Nice.

To a certain family: What’s in the bus? We’ve got an eye out for you. To a certain boy: Checks aren’t made of rubber. To a certain couple: Show us the money. How much is admission to Old McGary’s Farm? OMJ, fix my clock. To a certain family: You’re not the new Joneses. M. Anne, don’t talk if you can’t deliver. To a certain city in Texas: How is AA going? To some sisters: Cut out the sundresses and the nightgowns. Through Dad all things are possible. Greg 3:16. To the big girls: Quit working/walking the streets. To a certain family: The dogs are not people; they will not answer back. To a certain woman: Can you make me one of those pop bottles? Get the skanks off the branch. Remember, we still have an eye out for you. Get going, Jay. To a certain little boy: Where is the hair? Debbie, Debbie, how does your garden grow? Signed, Concerned Citizen.

Why are stupid bigoted idiots so proud of their ignorance?

Let me tell you what is so sad – people who are supposed to be Christians will actually kill someone for the love of money. How do you sleep at night?

I would like to encourage all who will be in town during ‘Seedtime on The Cumberland’ to come out and see Darrell Scott. I have seen him about a dozen times – either solo or with a band. It’s an opportunity to see one of the best bands that will ever grace the Seedtime stage. Also, if someone would see to it that a piano is available it will be an even better show. I grew up in Jenkins, but I left Jenkins in 1980 for Atlanta. I have never been to a Seedtime Festival. I’m coming back for this one, though. I hope to see some of my old friends there. Peace.

Hannah Montana rocks.

To the fool who said last week that someone should vote with a bullet: You are a disgrace to the human race. Do you feel the same way about women? Two of the smartest people associated with the current administration are Condaleeza Rice and Colin Powell. We went from a respected, peaceful nation with a small national debt to where we are now with white males in charge. Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton could get this country in worse shape than we are in now. If you were blind instead of just blinded by racism, you would not be able to tell that Obama has a black parent. Have you studied any candidate’s positions on the important issues? Or do you just rely on the hate mail and rumors that are circulating? As a veteran who is the son of a veteran and the father of a veteran, I encourage you to enlist. If the military will even take your stupid (behind) you will soon find that it doesn’t matter what color or sex your fellow soldiers are. There are stupid, hateful people of all ethnic groups, and you make me ashamed to know that you live in the same place I do. Please leave your body to science so they can see what went wrong. Do it today.

Did you ever think that maybe she doesn’t want to get married, and that maybe she might be waiting on you or someone like you? Did that ever cross your mind? When people are not married it is usually for a reason. So go figure, sweetie. I’m not married and I don’t regret it one bit, because I plan to move on.

Can you say gone in 60 seconds? Isn’t that what you all wanted? Ha, ha, ha.

Why do people put color on their hair? Don’t they know they can’t hide their age?

I wonder how you got that new vehicle after you filed for bankruptcy. What did you do, put it in someone else’s name? You are such a hypocrite.

If anyone wants to keep paying four dollars for a gallon of gas and stay at war in Iraq for a hundred years they should make sure they get out and vote for John McCain. Myself, I will vote for whoever gets the Democratic nomination, even though the candidate will be black or female. This country – nor my billfold – cannot stand another four years of George W. Bush, which is exactly what McCain will be bringing us.

Times sure have changed. People used to be there to help each other, lending a hand in any way they could. Now they don’t even turn their head. They don’t even care what happens to you. Believe me, your day is coming. You are going to have hard times. You remember what I said.

This is the first time I have written Speak Your Piece and I hope it is the last time. I think all veterans deserve to be honored on Memorial Day. If the American Legion could not visit all the veterans’ cemeteries this year as they have in the past, how did they decide or who decided the ones they did visit this year? I am very sad and feel our veterans that are buried at Kingdom Come Creek Cemetery were shown disrespect and their contribution to this country did not matter. Many soldiers are buried in this cemetery and we love our lost ones and want for them to be honored and respected.

(Before you criticize the American Legion too harshly, keep in mind that veterans’ organizations like the Legion are finding it hard to replace the large numbers of members who joined after World War II and are no longer active because of age or death.)

I hope the people of Letcher County are aware that there is a cruel and evil man that keeps cattle and he does not feed the animals. He has lots of money. He seems to enjoy watching animals suffer. The cattle are starved and can hardly stand – some have died. I have pictures of the dead animals. He takes the dead ones to the top of the hill and leaves them there. He does not dispose of the dead animals properly, hoping no one will call the health department or law. I watched a calf trying to nurse its mother. The mother was unable to stand, and she later died of starvation. This man doesn’t deserve to have any animals ever. He soon will be punished for all his evil deeds.

(Have you taken the pictures to the proper authorities?)

To the person commenting to the sawed-off hypocrite: I agree with you. I don’t know how she keeps her job the way she does all those kids.

I don’t say anything in Speak Your Piece but I will this time. When you snoop and listen to people’s conversations across your scanner, it’s liable that you’ll hear the truth, and listen closely, you’ll hear the same thing from others as well. When you smart off and aggravate people there’s no telling what you’ll hear. I don’t snoop in people’s business but I pray for you and maybe the Lord will forgive you. I thought you were a friend, too. You’re the one who started the whole thing. There’s something you don’t know that I haven’t told anyone about. If you knew you’d probably change your opinion of me.

To the quitters: Real Robert Branchers don’t ever quit. You will come crawling back.

I didn’t forget about your birthday on May 26. I want you to know that I love the kids with all my heart, and I really and truly do need to speak with you. I am tired of fighting and arguing, and I think we need to sit down and talk because I really do want to see the kids. You have my phone number, and you tell Stinker and Sissy and Haley that I love them. Give me a call.

I think the chief of police in Jenkins needs to do an investigation in his own hollow. If he searches a certain home he will find where drugs are being dealt.

May the best man or woman win in the presidential election. And I hope no one gets hurt.

This is in regard to the state police trooper shooting the coon dogs. If you think what Trooper Adam Hall did was justified, come to my house and get outside and bark like a dog and let me shoot you. We’ll see how you like that.

I do care about those kids and I do not have any animosity toward them. As for you, you are a dog for what you did to my kids and you deserve to be treated like one.

I was wondering if the new ‘in thing’ is to go to funerals wearing mini-skirts?

Congratulations to the Lady Cavaliers softball team for finishing as runners-up in the regional softball tournament. Also, I would like to ask why the principal and athletics director didn’t attend any of the games. They should have been present to support our kids and their effort. Congratulations on a great season, Lady Cavs.

This message is for Wayne Fleming: Thank you so much for standing up for us against the double-speaking politicians and their buddies. Time will show these self-serving people up for what they really are. Those you represent are proud to have a magistrate who tells the truth and openly opposes deception in high places. Many blessings to you for your courage.

To my next-door neighbor in Doty Creek: I would just like to know who you think you are. You think you can have parties or business friends in and out of the neighborhood any dad-burn time you want. You’re disrespectful anyway, punk. The only thing you know how to do is have parties.

I would love to see the man in the door again. You held the door open for me. I think I know you, but I don’t know how or where or why or when. I want to see the man in the door again.

Now that the election is over, wouldn’t it be decent if all these candidates would exhibit half as much energy taking down their signs as they did putting them up? Best I can figure, Ernie Fletcher is still saying no to casinos, but he may have lost the election. Litter is litter. Thank you.

Concerning a comment about a certain person last week: Yeah, it takes a big man to jump on a 15-year-old. Send the flowers you were talking about to his mother.

I see a certain place in Whitesburg is at it again. What’s with the girls in bikinis on the side of the road trying to sell Icee’s? That’s a disgrace to Letcher County.

To the person from Little Cowan who commented about my bulldog: If you kill my bulldog I will have you put in jail for animal cruelty. And do you know there is a bear running loose on Little Cowan? That’s probably what killed your dog, because I’ve had my dog since he was three months old and he sleeps with two cats and a miniature Chihuahua every night. He has never once killed anything. He gets blamed for it because he looks mean. He is not even a bulldog. He is a boxer mix and is nothing but a baby. His name is Butch, and all you have to do is call him and he will come to you. I know you poisoned my neighbor’s dog trying to get to mine. Everybody knows who you are, and I will go take a warrant against you and get you for animal cruelty. I hate it that your cat got killed, but my dog hasn’t killed anything. A guy who works in the Letcher County Courthouse was the first owner of this dog and he can stand good for him. Anybody who would kill a dog would kill a human. I do have him tied up, but he does break loose. And I put up the electric fence to keep him in, but I know it’s not him. If my dog had killed any animals on Little Cowan he would have had marks on him. The dog warden himself told me that you didn’t see my dog bite your animals. My dog has every right to run my property. Find out who killed your animal before you blame mine.

I called Speak Your Piece to say there is a bear on Little Cowan, and there is. You can check. Everybody knows that you would put that in there. All you put in is what I say that’s bad. So I’ve got plenty of bad to say.

Preacher, I heard what you said. Let no man claim to be moved by the Holy Spirit who acts disorderly and causes confusion, for God is not the author of such. Did the word of God come from you or did it only come to you that you should have rules and customs different from all other churches? If your gifts are all spiritual you will acknowledge these teaching to be true commandments of the Lord and good for you. If you continue in ignorance after receiving these teachings, then remain ignorant. God bless all of you.

If we know you’re watching the house where I’m living and watching the cars, you’ve got to ask yourself who else knows. And we do know you are watching the house and the cars.

I was reading in The Mountain Eagle where the lady was indicted for allegedly stealing nearly $50,000 from Allen Stump’s company. What happens to that money if she has to pay him back? I think Allen Stump is an honest man who just got dragged down, but I think those of us who worked for him should get our share of it if it’s paid back.

This is to the person talking about the hunting dogs being killed by the police officer: If you remember, I told you some time ago in Speak Your Piece that I hate dogs and I hate cops. But even cops deserve the right to go to sleep without their neighbor’s dogs waking them up. I hate cops, but if that man is ever charged with a crime and I get on the jury I will turn him loose. You said you were educated? Evidently you have a job that doesn’t require you to work very hard and it doesn’t take a whole lot of sleep to do you. That man had probably been up three or four days out here chasing drug dealers and child molesters. Even though I hate cops, I say more power to you, Mr. Officer. Shoot every one of them you can shoot at. That way we might all get some sleep.

It was very rude and insensitive for someone to make an issue about someone falling asleep during a graduation ceremony. I am certain it wasn’t done on purpose or out of disrespect to the graduates. Maybe for some reason the person didn’t get sufficient sleep the night before. By the way, there are many reasons why people fall asleep. Some of the reasons are age-related medical problems, medications for allergies, and working odd hours. I have chronic medical problems that deprive me of sleep. I occasionally fall asleep in public places. I am very unhappy when this happens. I avoid many social functions because of this. So please don’t judge people.

A certain preacher goes through the woods coon hunting and leaves his garbage everywhere. The biggest thing he leaves is Dr. Pepper cans. He ought to think more of God’s earth than to trash it up like that.

If anyone out there has any sheets or quilts or comforters, you can drop them off on KY 805 heading toward Jenkins from Neon. Just throw them over the hill on the right. Those people need some new sheets to put on their vehicles. Just throw the sheets over the hill and blow your horn. They will appreciate it. And God bless you all.

There is nothing in the jail fit to eat and the sewage problem is terrible. There is no getting out of it.

To the long-nosed woman in Buck Creek: Why don’t you keep your nose out of everybody else’s business and tend to your own business? And quit trying to sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

To a woman who wears short shirts that show all of her stretch marks: At least I can get a man.

You need to start acting more like yourself.

Happy 14th birthday to a very special person on Love’s Branch.

This is meant for a family member: You could go to your aunt’s funeral but you couldn’t go to your nephew’s funeral, the one you thought so highly and dearly of? You couldn’t go to his funeral because you are a very mean person who did your mother wrong and your family wrong. You have to live with that for the rest of your life. Greed got in your way. I hope you know who you are. Have a blessed day.

The recent fiscal court spectacle was embarrassing and disgraceful. Those are official meetings and must be conducted with dignity and decorum. What happened was not only an insult to Letcher County, but also a terrible message to those who live outside the county who saw or heard about it. We talk a lot about the need for new jobs and tourism. What do you think an investor from the outside planning to come into the county would have thought? Not a very good idea, would be my bet. In my opinion, that skit was planned to set up one of the magistrates – not a very good use of fiscal court time, and hardly anything that could have been considered county business. The county judge is responsible for conducting those meetings in an orderly way. Where was he? How about the sheriff? Are these meetings being turned over to a renegade magistrate? An appalled citizen is reported to have counseled the whole lot about their behavior. I hope, for the sake of the county, they listened to her.

An elderly couple seems to have been rejected by our law, and I’m puzzled why all those involved would choose this couple for rejection. They seem like honest, worthy citizens who are completely deserving of protection instead of the treatment they have apparently been receiving. He is a World War II veteran and they have both worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes, both have been church members and church leaders for over forty years, and they are rightfully considered to be model citizens. They have reached an age and stature that should demand respect, admiration, and honor, but they are said to feel that they are being treated as criminals instead of the victims they most certainly are. Rejection is too soft a word for this situation. Betrayal seems more appropriate. The people involved in this situation know who they are, and they should know that it is not going to go away.

Greetings from Frog Doctor. What’s kick’en chickens? Yeah, it’s me and I just want to say that I love you all and I am so glad to hear that some of you are starting to stand up for yourselves. It is about time. There is nothing good that ever comes from letting people talk to you like crap. Even though they might think they are better than you and you think you better not say anything back to them, you say what is on your mind and stick to your ground. If people don’t like it, tell them to kiss it. To my girl Tammy: It is about time that you woke up and saw the light. Now do what we talked about. It never hurts to be a protective friend. Good things always come to those that are considerate and think of others’ well-being first. To Dreama: My girl, you are finally starting to take up for yourself. I am so proud of you. Don’t let anyone treat you like crap anymore. You have too big of a heart for people to keep treating you like this. Stand your ground and don’t back down. To Aunt Sparky: I love you so much that it hurts. Please do what makes you happy. You know happiness is really hard to come by, so take your life in your own hands and make it everything that you have always dreamed it could be. True love will stand the test of time. To DeDe: What’s up? Be good and remember that I love you oodles and gobs. To Angel and baby Brock: I can’t wait to see that chunky little boy, and I love you both. To John: You are just too cool, one of a kind. Stay the way you are because that’s the reason we love you. Frog Doctor says peace out, my peeps.

To certain pill heads in Rocky Hollow: Be advised that you are being watched. It is only a matter of time before there is enough evidence to put you all behind bars. We watch all the traffic coming to and from your house. We see who comes and goes. When it does happen it will be one big bust along with all the potheads that hang out in the basement. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Wow, a criminal food fight in school? Something stupid like this happens every year at the end of school. These kids are just learning about adulthood and are not there yet. They are just like most of us were. Most of us made stupid mistakes and are still making some. They should pay for the act, but criminal charges? The assault with a piece of pizza should make world news like the timber theft did. What overkill. Maybe this lunchroom monitor will become disabled and end up on SSI. I may send the assault story to CNN news. Mr. Slone, do some butt chewing and let it go. Maybe catch some dope dealers or some crooked politicians or timber thieves or cooked lawyers or maybe even a crooked cop. All of the problems in this county and a food fight makes the front page with criminal charges? Is it any wonder the world thinks southeastern Kentucky people are stupid? P.S.: Has anyone been charged for stealing the timber yet ?

At Isom, someone has stolen the grate from a drain access. That leaves an open 25-foot deep hole that a child could fall into. If the police want to find the grate, they should check to see if anyone tried to sell it to the scrap metal dealer who has turned ‘downtown’ Isom into such an eyesore. Will the county government be asking him to clean up his mess? Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath.

I would like to know who the magistrate is for Goose Creek in Neon, because the speeders sure could use some speed bumps. This hollow is full of small children.

I am very thankful for Bernice Grubbs of Grubbs’ Floral and Gift Shop. Year after year Bernice has always provided wonderful service along with beautiful floral arrangements. The thoughtful way orders are handled are especially important to out-of-state customers such as myself. Signed, Jessie from Indy.

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