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You harm a person who is helpless; you will be thrown into the sea with a millstone around your neck.

. To the person asking for advice on how to become an illegal: I am still trying to figure out how the neighborhood narcissist gets by with all the stuff she does. I am pretty sure she’s a citizen, but one might think she has some kind of special status. Aside from her fans online, where she submits daily updates on how she thinks, she can be seen frequently flirting and flouncing around town. While claiming to be religious and devout, she loves her own neighbors as long as she approves of them. Her dogs can either be seen roaming the streets or be heard barking at all hours of the day and night. As far as I know she isn’t employed but manages to wear nice clothes, not to mention cosmetics and hair products. If anyone goes against her views she slanders them all over the place. She may get free medical care and can drive way past the speed limit without a worry. So, it’s not just illegal people who seem to be entitled to special attention. Just ask her; she will be happy to add you to her fan list.

. To the person who said Steve Addington is blocking trails on Pine Mountain: That is funny, but you should get your facts straight. First, Steve has never blocked any trail or even been on any trail on Pine Mountain. But thanks for remembering him on Election Day, because you know he is by far the best candidate for the job and is an ATV supporter and will try to get public trails in the Fifth District.

. Praise God for allowing all these fine Republican men to take over our state and federal governments in order to help our little county grow. Imagine how bad things would be in Letcher County now if not for all the help that has been brought to us by President Trump, Senator McConnell, Representative Rogers, and Governor Bevin. If not for these four and others like them, our coal miners would still be out of work, our young men and women would not be holding down all these great jobs in our new federal prison at Roxana, and we wouldn’t be in danger of losing many of our healthcare benefits such as vision and dental. Strike up the band, Mama. Happy days are here again.

. WMMT, what has happened to the rock and roll dude on Sunday nights? That’s one of the shows I always looked forward to hearing. We need to get

back to the rock. If I wanted to know about the weather I would look at the TV.

. If there is any truth to the stories going around about the Letcher County Jail, something needs to be done immediately. According to what I am told by reliable sources, mattresses are being removed from beds during daytime hours to keep inmates from being able to lie down. If true, this type of treatment is inhumane.

. To the family of Scottie Joe Short: My heart goes out to you for the loss. We have to believe in and trust that God will be there for us during times of loss like this.

. The lizards sure are leaving the swamp pretty fast now.

. Did you ever watch Democrats speaking on the TV news from Washington? Lord have mercy on the United States.

. President Donald Trump has places tariffs that should be raising the prices of recyclables such as steel, aluminum and other metals like copper. Now, why haven’t the junkyards around here raised their prices?

. To a certain lady: When you were younger you hooked up with a guy from Millstone who was married. The whole time you were with this fellow he continually cheated on you behind your back. We watched him take this younger lady back into the head of the garbage dump hollow while you were at your house. There were several more episodes like this. Eventually you came to your senses and returned to where you came from. You finally divorced him, which was the smartest move you ever made. This man is still up to his old tricks. Nobody is safe around him, especially other men’s wives.

. I am a big fan of the University of Kentucky. I love UK and I love to see them win, but I would like to ask Kevin Knox to keep his mouthpiece in his mouth. That is truly nasty. (Most other UK basketball fans hope Kevin Knox Jr. is around to drive you crazy with his mouth guard for at least one more season. Knox’s father, Kevin Knox Sr., gave fans some hope earlier this week when he said it wouldn’t surprise him if Kevin Jr. decides to stay in college for another try at the NCAA Tournament championship.)

. A while back someone said ‘a certain woman and her daughter must be eating walnuts with the hulls.’ I think these people have

help, because I saw a person smiling the other day in the bright sunlight. I have seen squirrels with whiter teeth than they have.

. You know these little girls out where want a mother to take care of them, but they don’t have one. The same is true for the little boys. They don’t have a chance. We have little children here who are starving. Who cares? I care. Others are too worried about the almighty dollar, but they can’t take it with them.

. I have a nearly new couch for sale for a hundred dollars. It’s clean as a pin. If you’re interested, call 335-0524. It’s in number one condition and sound as it can be.

. I hear there is someone from Social Security here investigating people who are logging and drawing disability. I heard a guy say they are filming in McRoberts and Whitesburg.

. From one Lineforker to another Lineforker, have you noticed all the publicity the courthouse has been giving to the Linefork area lately? We haven’t had this much publicity since a big patch of marijuana was busted or a moonshine still was raided back during the days of Prohibition. Listening to this ‘Roundtable’ program on the radio, all Judge Ward and some other guy can talk about is high-speed Internet. I just wonder whether any of this would be talked about if the prison wasn’t supposed to be coming to Roxana. If this tells you anything, I lived in Linefork for several years and saw only two police cruisers during all that time.

. This is a notice about what is going on at Isom. About two or three people stand outside a certain business for about three or four hours a day, then go into a bathroom to sell their pills. A man and woman are the two people peddling the pills.

. My heart really bleeds for the police officer who lost his life over in Pikeville and for his family. While I hurt for that family, especially the little children, I can’t help but wonder why this happened and whether this cop had arrested this suspect before.

. To a certain next-door neighbor of mine: Isn’t it fun to bring your little girlfriend over for hanky-panky while your mom is out working every day? Everybody knows what you’ve been doing.

. From week to week many comments come through this forum in The Mountain Eagle. As most people are aware, the issue of gun violence is a hot topic all across our country. This is understandable due to so many senseless shootings that have taken place. In our constitution we are granted the rights of free speech and to bear arms. The writing of our institution is nothing less than brilliant in the foundations of how this country was formed and why so many seek to come here. Many complicated issues face us today that bring a view on the fundamentals that shapes our nation and nothing is possibly more debated than gun rights. I can see why the right to bear arms is important and can also see why certain restrictions should be applied. Interestingly, a well-known gun manufacturer has recently filed for bankruptcy. The reason I mention this is because in some ways it’s

an example that is not so much about guns, but the type of guns. I don’t suppose I am the only person who has ever wondered why anyone would need an assault rifle and claim it’s used for hunting game. I saw a person show up at a turkey shoot with such a gun once. Disarmament of all people is not exactly what should be done. I would like to see more comments on how others feel about this topic.

. Although it has taken at least one thousand, nine hundred and eighteen years for his prediction to take shape, John the Apostle wasn’t just trying to scare us into being saved of our sins when he told about the coming of an antichrist — a ‘man of sin’ who, Paul the Apostle further explained, would lead people ‘to believe what is false’ through ‘signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception.’ Only time will tell, but who is to say this antichrist isn’t our president, Donald J. Trump? Mr. Trump checks nearly every box drawn by the two Apostles. Trump wickedly deceives his evangelical Christian supporters by openly sinning with pornographic movie stars and Playboy bunnies; he lies most every time he opens his mouth; he worships foreign despots and murders including Putin of Russia; and, years after lying his way out of the Vietnam War five times, is now in the position to kill millions of humans through a nuclear war he swore he would never start? Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been had.

. To the man and woman who have the big campaign sign hanging on their fence: Have you forgotten who loaned you the money to make payments on your house while you were waiting on your Social Security? I guess you forgot. If it hadn’t been for the one that’s running against the person whose name is on that big campaign sign you would not have a fence or a home. Oh how soon we forget who helped us when we were down on our luck.

. Are you willing to let strangers come into your house and stay and do as they please? No. Then why are so many people willing to let thousands of foreigners come into this country every week at the cost of over two hundred billion dollars per year to the taxpayers?

. I worked in the school system for a long time. I saw many times when little girls and little boys, if they were poor, had teachers coming right at them and act like they are garbage. I still wonder how one certain teacher is able to sleep at night. I saw three teachers against one little child who didn’t even have lunch money and wore dirty clothes. I hope they get paid back for all they did. Some teachers don’t need to be teaching.

. If I was in charge of a sawmill or logging operation, I would make sure that no logs are being stolen from a truck before that truck gets to where it needs to be. I don’t know if what I saw happen at Kona last Tuesday at 4:06 p.m. was someone doing something wrong or something right, but I saw logs being taken off a large log truck and being put on a trailer being pulled by another truck. If it were my logs and my money I would keep a check on what’s going on.

. To Senator McConnell and Representative Rogers: Please do your jobs and help save our democracy and our Republican Party by taking the necessary action to remove Donald Trump from the White House. Because of Trump, Russia and Putin are about to take over the United States without firing a single shot.

. I have run across the nastiest woman who has ever drawn a breath. She is so bad she gives all the

women in the world a crude name. I first saw her in an area behind a foreign-made pickup truck. I didn’t know what the lady was doing at first, but then I saw something that made me sick. It involved her throwing a used feminine hygiene product onto the ground. Ma’am, you are a sick individual. I know people get caught in situations that can’t be helped, but there is no excuse for what you did. You are as low-life as a low-life can be.

. The new drop-off point for the meth on Pert Creek is around the old road by the cemetery. Just kind of keep that under your hat; we don’t want everybody to know it.

. I was listening to the radio a while ago and heard about the First Baptist Church having a cantata. Well I’m just a poor old hillbilly boy, and I ain’t used to these highfalutin’ words. Is a cantata like some kind of get-together for eating and partying? We call that just having a good old gettogether with the good old boys. I guess when you get up in the highfalutin’ high class they call it a cantata. I never have been to one of those things. (Cantata is not a new word in Letcher County, as churches here have been presenting the musicals — most often at Christmas or Easter — for many years. Christian churches have been presenting cantatas since the early 17th century.)

. After going to the grocery store and paying with cash, I returned home to open a can of name-brand food to see the can mostly contained water. What am I paying for? The companies are putting fewer vegetables into the cans and filling them up with water. It’s enough to make you mad. Some of these store-brand vegetables are looking better when you get a full can.

. I would like to send a message to Governor Jerry Brown of California. He’s out in left field anyway, but I would like to tell him to go ahead and pull the trigger since he’s champing at the bit. Jerry, why don’t you go ahead and succeed from the union? We’ll pull all that military off the west coast and that place will dry up like a prune. Just so you’ll know, you’ll be speaking Chinese there in less than a year once you do pull out. You’re all hat and no cattle if you don’t.

. As sure as our forefathers took this country from the Indians, all of these other countries will do like they did. They are going to keep coming and coming until we won’t know who is who. It will be a more drastic change for us than it was for the American Indians. It might take five or ten more years, but it is coming.

. So, Mr. Joe Biden, you’re a fighter, huh, and you want to go a few rounds with our president? Mr. Biden, the Americans have had enough trash in the White House. We finally have an honest man in the White House. Even though you try to steer away from the Clintons, you are still trash. The American people know trash when they see it, Mr. Biden. God bless America, God bless our president, and God bless us all.

. When my natural gas was screwed up, Columbia Gas tried to blame me when it was the company’s fault. AEP has now screwed up

my power. They haven’t said anything, but at least my lights are on. That’s what we have to put up with when we have no clout and influence and we don’t live in a big fine house. They just let the utility companies screw us.

. Just to prove how much some of the people in Congress know about the Constitution, they don’t even recognize there’s a separation of power.

. The county government should issue warnings and citations for people who don’t pick up the garbage from their own yards. It is awful when people send rattlesnakes onto your property because they won’t clean theirs up.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: It’s time to hire Janet Mason for Letcher County Central High School basketball coach. Last year’s coach should have at least won the 53rd District. He did not win and he did not use at least two of his seniors, one whose mother was on the only team in Letcher County history to finish runner-up in the girls’ Sweet Sixteen. Not working with her was ignorant. Now it is time for Janet Mason.

. The Everidge Funeral Home has taken really good care of the cemetery this year, and they’ve cleaned up all of the garbage that was thrown around the garbage cans up there. It looks beautiful. Would everybody please quit throwing trash out on that cemetery? It’s not that far to get to a garbage can or Dumpster.

. People from Kentucky beat all I’ve ever seen in my life. We elect a governor who is not even from Kentucky — he’s from New Hampshire — and then we gripe about everything he does. I will say that Matt Bevin is the worst thing that ever happened to Kentucky. He is dumber than a rock. If I could I would tell him to his face. Thank you.

. So a women’s college in Massachusetts don’t want the professors to use the word ‘women.’ What do they want people to call them, ‘ignorant b—–s’? There are two genders on this earth, male and female. So they don’t want to be referred to as women? Well, there’s another word for it. Hey, woman … I like that word ‘woman’ … fix my breakfast. What you girls need is to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen cooking. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. Now look that up on your computers. See, that’s the way it is nowadays — all the knowledge in the world in the palms of their hands and they can’t figure out they are women.

. To a certain woman in Pine Creek: I still love you and I will probably die loving you. You used to ride a four-wheeler years ago and you had the prettiest blonde hair the prettiest body I ever saw. I know things change, but I still love you and I cannot stop myself from loving you. Someday somewhere our paths will cross again.

. To my old buddy down there in Middlesboro: Old pal, don’t worry about this woman up here in Cumberland anymore. I know you’ve grieved yourself to death over her. I saw her a while ago. She’s about 43 years old now and she’s got legs like a bird. The beauty that used to be there from her waist up is all gone. You can quit grieving over her.

She used to be a beauty, but like the rest of us it’s all gone. Bye.

. I want to thank President Trump and Governor Bevin for not helping coal miners. They have both worked to take away the Affordable Care Act. Now we can’t afford health care because we are out of work and can’t get any coal jobs. Trump has given tax cuts to the rich while helping to increase the budget deficit.

. With all the talk these days about gender and gender issues, why has no one focused on a new nongender specific pronoun? He, she … Let’s think about that and get a new pronoun.

. I wouldn’t trust the mainstream media in an outhouse with a muzzle on.

. It used to be that 7 o’clock on a Friday night meant that I was going to kick back and start the weekend with rock music on WMMT. Now it seems it’s the time to turn the radio off. Maybe I’ll go visit my aunt in the nursing home. So I guess some good is coming out of this, but I can’t understand the logic of these moves on Friday night and Sunday night. I am not happy with it at all, and I’m not sure I’m going to be there when the fund drive rolls around. WMMT, it’s never too late to fix your mistake; it’s never too late to say you’re sorry.

. I would like to say the king of extramarital affairs is Bill Clinton, but don’t let this get out. If Hillary found this out she would jump on every woman who has

looked at him, so please keep it under your hat.

. I put up a sign at the end of my driveway. It is for all politicians and it says, ‘Due to the high cost of ammunition there will be no warning shot.’ Thank you.

. With the way my exdaughter in-law has treated her last man, it doesn’t look like she’s changed any. The way she has raised her children is not right, but maybe there’s still hope.

. I just remembered to turn on the rock and roll radio show on WMMT that I always listen to on Sunday nights and I hear Thin Lizzy and then the Eagles and then Def Leppard and Skynyrd. It’s obviously a playlist, meaning that no one is there. WMMT is shooting itself in the foot every chance it can get.

. To a certain woman: I heard you were bedridden, but if you really were bedridden you wouldn’t be running up and down the road every day of the week and spending that money you got.

. Hi there, friend. I just wanted to tell you that my God whom I serve has more power over anything or anybody — more than the devil has. The devil doesn’t have much power. He only has enough power to do mean things. God is a good God and He will take care of all of us. He has it all fixed up; that’s why I serve Him. Nobody can stop me from loving God. If everybody would serve Him this would be a better world to live in. Amen and praise the Lord.

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