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From one neighbor to another neighbor up here on Doty Creek: I see you have a pit-bulldog; what are you going to do when that dog bites someone?

. We talk about the drug-related violence in Central America, but we don’t say anything about the North American money that is causing it. People in the USA are buying the drugs the others are fighting over. Some Mexicans want the wall built to keep the Americans from going south to cause problems in Central America. We arm the cartels.

. I would like to leave a message for a certain young lady: I saw you this past weekend and you were absolutely smoking hot. I know you have a man. That’s fine, but I would still love to get out and have dinner with you.

. To a certain person: You know what you did to me over in Germany when I was a child and couldn’t stand up for myself. Well I think I can now stand up for my sister. Think about it. You know what you did, and I will get you yet.

. The mainstream media — mostly the big cable news stations — deserve harsh criticism when it comes to covering Donald Trump, but not for the same reasons the Trump supporters believe. The mainstream media created Trump and continue to feed the monster by televising every stupid thing the idiot says and every stupid Twitter message the idiot twit tweets. If the mainstream media would just shut up about him, Trump and his supporters would go crazy. By forcing the imbecile down our throats, the media is just giving oxygen to Trump and his supporters. Leave the idiot alone.

. I want the people in Letcher and surrounding counties know there is a certain law firm in Hindman you do not want to fool with. When you agree to your settlement they will take a year or however long they wish to get your money to you.

. I need to go to the doctor today, but I owe about thirty-five hundred dollars already to the doctors. I cannot go to the doctor until I get that paid for. On my meager income it will take me at least four years before I can go to the doctor again. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. Who knows, I might win the big lottery.


I see a fellow here wanting to be re-elected to the office of constable in District Two. Who is he and where is he from? I’ve never seen the man, so I don’t know whether to vote for him or not.

. Matthew, in Chapter 24, Verse 11 says that ‘many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.’ Who are these false prophets? They should be recognizable today. Have you the guts to do like Jesus did and expose them? Do you have the guts to be like Apostle Paul and expose them? Who are these false prophets? Name them by name. I’m looking forward to getting answers from you good people out there.

. The Democrats have 150 versions of Stormy Daniels for every Republican elected president.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: We need a real pain clinic and Suboxone clinic here in Letcher County.

. I look forward to going to the Whitesburg Swimming Pool when it opens for the season, but I can only get into the water once or twice because the ladders go straight up. It is a great place to go and be around people and enjoy the sounds and all the fun. I don’t know why more people don’t go there, because the kids love it and they get to meet up with their friends. However, I do wish the city would consider installing easier access into and out of the pool. Not every fish in the sea can climb straight up that ladder that is so narrow.

. I just wanted to make a comment about the king of extramarital affairs, Bill Clinton. What I liked about him is his wife and the mainstream media jumped on everybody but Bill Clinton. Hillary and the news media destroyed those women and let Bill go free. That’s why I like the hypocritical oath the mainstream media takes. They destroyed the women that had sex with Bill Clinton, but now they want to destroy Trump and forgive the women who had sex with Trump. It’s funny, and it just shows how hypocritical the mainstream media is. I don’t know what the media’s rating is, but it’s probably lower than Congress’s and maybe lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.

. Well, America is finally upgrading its submarines and putting missiles on them with nuclear warheads for a change. That’s the good thing. We had to upgrade. We have a president in there now who is not going to let America fall to communism. These children today don’t have any idea about what communism is; they don’t have any idea what America is. But then we’ve got this aging porn star trying to

upgrade herself by allegations against the president of the United States. Well, lady, the American people voted him in there. Actually, you’re no lady; you’re the type of stuff we scrape off the bottom of our shoes. I say God bless America, God bless our president, and it’s about time our military got upgraded. (The U.S. Navy has for many years had nuclear powered and nuclear-armed submarines. Fourteen of the Navy’s 18 Ohio-class submarines, including the USS Kentucky, commissioned in 1991, carry ballistic missiles that deliver nuclear warheads. Some newer submarines, including those in the Virginia-class, will be upgraded to carry ballistic missiles so that retirement of the Ohio-class boats can start in 2029.)

. Welcome to eastern Kentucky, one of the wonders of the world. What is it the people who come in from out of town wonder about? They wonder how we live and thrive in such filth and garbage.

. I just wanted to give some advice to anyone who is thinking of divorcing. You may think you are doing the right thing — and you might even be making the right choice — but believe me, you will never feel the same again. You will always feel like you failed, and as time goes on you may even regret it. I also know that every situation is different. So if you’re thinking about this, please get help.

. I am calling about the large trailer the City of Jenkins has placed across from the Mexican restaurant. The people coming down off Goodwater can’t see what’s coming down the road. The view is completely blocked. I don’t know if it’s going to be left there or not, but it’s a dangerous situation.

. If Republicans could impeach Bill Clinton for lying about sex, why won’t they impeach Donald Trump, who has done much worse things than Bill Clinton did? The Republicans won’t even say a word against him. According to the Republicans, as long as you’re a ‘conservative’ you can do anything you want and it doesn’t affect your morality, but if you’re a Democrat you have to tow the line. I don’t like Democrats more than I like Republicans, but I don’t like hypocrisy either.

. Under Trump’s revised immigration plan, his mother-in-law and father-in law wouldn’t have been able to come into the United States.

. Once upon a time they didn’t want to count blacks living in this country. Once upon a time they didn’t want to count Mexicans in this country. Once upon a time whom will they not

want to count next?

. If the county has $75,000, why don’t they put it to fixing the roads instead of putting broadband in the Linefork area? I’m tired of hearing County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward talking about the county being broke.

. Check your facts. A certain candidate for magistrate does not own property on a mountain and has not blocked any trails. Perhaps the current magistrate has experience in supporting the blocking of trails. Check that out.

. It’s amazing how a grown man will sit on his hind-end in his mother’s house and allow his neighbors to mow his grass for him when he is more able to do it than his next-door neighbor is.

. Progressives are pushing students and other people to attack the NRA for the school shooting in Florida. If the NRA had never existed, that tragedy would still have happened. They should be attacking the school administrator, the FBI, and the cowardly deputy for not doing their jobs.

. I was listening to the news on the Lexington TV channel and saw where down there they are getting people to clean up around their homes. I don’t see why our judge doesn’t do that around here. All this trash makes us look bad.

. I think you need to get your story straight on the little Rose boy. He was 18 years old when all this crap took place — allegedly took place. You might ought to get your story straight before you go to printing it in the paper.

. Mitt Romney has come out strong against immigration. Does he not realize that his grandfather or father one was born in Mexico? Being born in Mexico doesn’t make you a Mexican, it makes you a Mexican-American.

. I’m calling about Stormy Daniels. I hear she has her own network, called Clinton News Network. All I hear on CNN is Stormy Daniels this and Stormy Daniels that.

. Hello, Letcher County. This will be my only rant concerning the coming election. I have lived in Letcher County most all of my life and I’m referring to District Five. I have paid really close attention to this election for magistrate. There is only one clear choice for magistrate in District Five, and that is Mr. Benny McCall. I cannot in my clear mind vote for a person who is slumlord. Everybody who lives in the Jenkins and Burdine area knows who I am speaking about. I wish The Mountain Eagle would actually let me publish some pictures of the deteriorating homes he owns and rents to families with small children. These families are living in slum conditions, no question about it.

. I talked to a county worker today and asked why they didn’t just go ahead and build the bridge back at Perkins Branch. The answer was, ‘You can’t get in the

creek without a permit.’ On the front page of The Mountain Eagle on that same day I see a county excavator right in the middle of Rockhouse Creek. They must have gotten a permit in a hurry to do that, but they couldn’t get one to build a new bridge. Makes you wonder about what kind of county officials we have. We have spent, probably, in culverts and gravel close to $100,000 to build a low-water bridge. Those people deserve a way in and out, no doubt about that, but we should have gone ahead and built the new bridge. Let’s fix the bridge and quit wasting taxpayer dollars. Let’s drain the courthouse swamp and get rid of all the people we’ve kept up for years.

. To the idiot who said more coal miners aren’t working and that Trump hasn’t done anything here: Come out of your little hole. Look at the trucks that are on the road now — tripled, quadrupled in numbers running. Mines opening up every day, they have jobs in Pikeville and Letcher County, but people won’t even go get those jobs because they are on the draw. So before you run your mouth about something, check all the facts. Coal is coming back; it’s finally coming back, thank God. Get over it.

It’s a crying shame our Letcher commonwealth’s attorney can more or less force someone to take a punishment that does not fit the crime. Also, the court appointed attorneys who are assigned to represent defendants are a joke. When you ask them to represent you at their best their excuse is they have a big caseload. Regardless of their caseload, a good attorney should represent you at their best. You don’t have a chance with the system we have now.

. To a prominent public figure of Letcher County: You have destroyed two successful businesses, namely a wonderful little restaurant full of home-cooked food — burgers, hotdogs, and meals. You have mistreated a wonderful little wife that got all of this started, and I hope you take what money she made for you and go ahead do your things that nobody knows about. You are getting ready to be exposed. You are really the trash of Letcher County, and this little gal is going to come out on top and the whole county is going to know the truth.

. Why do we still have constables in Kentucky when they don’t do anything? And why do we have to have magistrates? That is crazy stuff.

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