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I’ve dug a lot of stuff out of the creek that runs beside my house since we’ve had all this rain. I called the Letcher County Sanitation Department to have it picked up and they still haven’t picked it up. I am 74 years old and I can’t lug this off somewhere else. So why am I paying a garbage bill if they won’t pick up what I tried to clean out of the creek to keep my house from flooding? Thank you.

. How come Blair Branch, Doty Creek, Woodrock, and Pratt Branch are never included in drug raids? The law is letting the drug dealers get by with what the want.

. Every week I read Speak Your Piece and it’s something concerning this District Five magistrate race. On one side you’ve got Benny McCall who weasels into every position he’s ever had. Then you’ve Steve Addington, who is accused of being a slumlord. The people in District Five better wake up and take notice of these issues. It’s sad to say, but Benny McCall would be better than empowering Steve. It looks like the Jenkins Fire Department has turned into the ‘Steve Addington Headquarters.’ We as taxpayers are sick of seeing it every day as we ride through town. Step up, Mayor Depriest, and do what you were elected to do or you’re going to be a one-and-out.

. To the person who said Bennie McCall is the only choice for magistrate of District Five: Maybe you should check Mr. McCall’s record before you call Steve Addington a slumlord.

. To the person who commented about a certain person not being in church because she is always on the road: You must be a Christian or you wouldn’t know someone was running the roads and not going to church. If I were you I would say a little prayer for the person with the bad back, whether they do or not. I also think you need to ask God to forgive you for being so judgmental of you sister in the church — or it may be your sibling sister. Until you are in that person’s body you have no idea about what type of pain they are going through. With a bad back you don’t know when it’s going to hit you. May God bless you and get you lined out. I hope He lines me out when I’m in the wrong, too.

. How does a man who more qualified and has college education have a chance against someone who stands about five-feetsix, has blue eyes, blonde hair and wears a short skirt with a slit up the back? How is a man supposed to contend with that when it comes to getting a job in the courthouse? Ladies yell about sex discrimination; I say it is man discrimination. We don’t look like that and we never will look like that and we shouldn’t be judged like that. Everyone deserves an equal chance, but if you don’t have the education you shouldn’t be in the job. That’s all I have to say. Thank you.

. Hey, American people. Yes, China is going to put the screws to us, but don’t buy their stuff. Do without it. We can do this.

. Just a few comments for the Trump worshipers: First, I’d like to see some proof the coal industry is coming back. I see no visible proof and I haven’t seen any factual proof either. The reason people aren’t getting coal jobs is because there aren’t any. Regulation did not take the industry down. And as the Speak Your Piece editor wrote, the U.S. Navy has had nuclear-powered submarines that carry missiles with nuclear warheads since the 1960s. They are one of the greatest threats to America’s enemies in the entire arsenal. It’s not surprising that Trump’s supporters are ignorant, because only ignorant people could worship a president who doesn’t know anything. His trade war and tariff increase will cripple American agriculture and drive prices sky high. All you discount store shoppers and bacon eaters may as well get ready for that. And you can excuse him for his infidelities all you want, but if it had been Obama doing what Trump does and is accused of doing you would have been wearing your Klan robes to church.

. Certain moved here from out of state have been gone for a while. One does not hear anything from them. I guess they got bored. I also think their buddy has left them. I guess he moved on. I also think their other buddies got into a fight.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Apparently we have hemp legalized, but the people

of southeastern Kentucky have not been informed. Really and truly we don’t want hemp here. For Harlan, Letcher, Perry, Knott and Pike counties, we want to grow marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. We don’t want no damn hemp here.

. In reading responses from candidates running for local offices, the question of tourism came up. Yes, tourism would produce a much-needed economic experience for this area, but there are also some issues that can’t be ignored. Dilapidated houses, buildings, and once-thriving townships now dotted with vacant units and broken windows overshadow the area’s natural beauty. Harry M. Caudill, the renowned author who had a great perspective on this area, pointed out some things that may still prevail today. Mainly the objectives of attitudes and past exploitation could still be a significant hindering of advancement in any attempt to promote the tourism industry. To suddenly push the concept of something as wide as bringing tourism to the area, one should not ignore the culture and environment. To establish a successful tourist industry it’s probably as likely to bring attention to the decaying of this region more so than the uniqueness. How to possibly solve this is to first instill a sense of pride and remind people that the culture is a big reason people would want to visit here in the first place. One example of how this has worked for other places is Dollywood. Sitting at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, this has generated enormous growth for that area. So there’s something for the candidates to consider, because I know some sincere people are running who want to make a difference.

. In March 28 edition of Speak Your Piece, someone compared President Trump with the anti-Christ. The caller’s explanation and reasoning that Donald Trump could be the anti-Christ makes about as much sense as Hillary Clinton being the resurrected Virgin Mary. As 2 Timothy 2:15 says: ‘Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed.’ Thank you.

. I would like to know what the school system is doing fixing children meals while school is not in session. I have never heard of this in my lifetime. You know, people have food stamps. I don’t know what this is all about, but I believe it’s a scam. That’s part of the reason the school system is having such a hard time. If the mom and dad don’t have anything in the house to eat, they don’t need to be allowed to keep the children, anyway. Where is social services? Take the children away and put them somewhere where somebody will feed them.

. Hoorah, Mr. President, for finally getting our borders under control. The military can handle the situation until you get your wall built. Did you see that caravan of people wanting to come into America? Do you think any human being in America would be safe? These people are desperate. I say we don’t owe them nothing; that they owe us. Like you say, Mr. President, all those other countries that we’ve been giving money to owe us for a change. God bless America. Make America great, Mr. President. You’re working on it. I don’t know what Mueller’s probing for. He wants to know what kind of oatmeal you eat, I reckon Mr. President.

. I believe I have met some of the grouchiest people in this community and I don’t think it will be long for everyone else to find out what I know. Being that cantankerous will be noticed, and those people are going to wonder why nobody is there when they need them.

. I’m calling Speak Your Piece about the teachers going on strike and the kids are missing school: The kids are the ones getting punished. They are the ones having their summer vacation taken away so they can make up these days. That’s not fair to the kids. They should get substitutes and have school to keep these kids from having to miss. The teachers should think about everybody else’s feelings, too.

. To the person calling in about a man sitting on his behind in his mother’s house while his neighbor did his lawn work: Please tell me what part of Letcher County to which you are referring. If it’s where I think you’re talking about, then speak up and say which part, because believe me I can set you straight on that.

. Donald Trump is going to cut out the ‘Obama phones’ or cut down on the number of them. People don’t understand how much waste and profiteering there was in that program. Something had to be done. I don’t understand most of what Donald Trump is doing, but at least he’s doing something about the ‘Obama phone’ racket.

. Looking over the candidates running for offices in the May primary I am surprised that some have the nerve to add their names. One candidate for sheriff has been fired by the two Letcher County cities and one has had a complex since becoming a deputy. A man running for PVA has failed in the past as a magistrate by not doing anything for anyone other than himself. There is no opposition in the race for the office of county attorney, but how I wish there was. The position of magistrate is sought mostly by has-beens and those who never will be. One is never seen in the upper part of the county doing anything for anyone and has no management skills. He broke a long established business. One was fired while running a local business and will go down in history as one of the worst. For county judge, well, we have no real choice. It will be like the last presidential race — too few choices. In my opinion we need to get rid of the politicians and replace them all with people that have the desire to help everyone, not just a select few. We have the possibility of a brighter future for our county — more jobs for our men and women, new businesses bringing new money and even more jobs, the opportunity to rebuild the economy that has declined so badly under our past and present politicians. We need to bring back the pride shown by our citizens when they worked and supported their families. Our county must get back to being governed by the people. We deserve honesty, fairness and accountability

. Some mayors and some governors are fighting hard against having the ‘citizenship clause’ in the coming census. They are worried about losing a lot of dollars. It’s a safe bet that there’s a lot of graft connected with

federal dollars.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: do not believe that Richie Farmer took two tablets of Soma and two tablets of Lorcet and was driving all over the road. I would have to see his drug test. This is all a hoax probably something set up to make the drug Soma look bad. In fact it’s not. It’s probably the best muscle spasm drug there is. Of course we have the people who have gone insane with this opioid stuff.

. I am concerned about all of the trees hanging over the road on Rockhouse Mountain, Sandlick Mountain, and all these other little roads. Why don’t all of our workers from the state highway garage get out here and get rid of all of these big limbs, poles and trees that are hanging down and sticking out and almost scratching your car? I’m going to take pictures and send them to our state legislators. They need to be out here working if we are going to pay them twenty dollars an hour. It is time this stopped.

. Well it’s all good that we have Martin Luther King Day, but on the other hand does the other side ever consider that we should have an Abraham Lincoln Day? After all, he gave his life for these people and nobody cares. Nobody celebrates Lincoln’s birthday. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Also, let’s start having a ‘white history’ month. Now we’re having reverse discrimination, and it’s not right. If people want to be fair, let’s be fair. (Extra attention was given to the late Martin Luther King Jr. last week because April 4 marked the 50th anniversary of his assassination. The federal holiday in King’s honor was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in November 1983 and is observed on the third Monday of every January. The birthday of Hodgenville, Kentucky native Abraham Lincoln is celebrated every February 12 in Washington, D.C., and is a state holiday in many states. The move to have Lincoln’s birthday and the February 22 birthday of George Washington celebrated together as the current federal holiday known as “Presidents Day” began in 1971 when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act took effect

by executive order under President Richard M. Nixon. An assassin shot Lincoln on the night of April 14, 1865, five days after the end of the Civil War. On the 50th anniversary of Lincoln’s death, on April 15, 1915, President Woodrow Wilson ordered all executive offices closed and all flags on public buildings flown at half staff.)

. I was looking for a place to stay with my family, with very little money and down on my luck. Steve Addington gave me a place to rent and let me move in with no money until I was able to get back on my feet.

. Our local businesses in Letcher County need to start carrying CBD products. CBD hemp bars offer natural cures for pain and help you relax and sleep. They are made of industrial hemp and are totally legal, as they don’t contain THC. The products can now be purchased on top of Pound Mountain, but need to be available here at home. This is a wonderful product that can be used for pain instead of opioids.

. I’m calling in concerning these teachers whining and carrying on. I don’t understand why they didn’t do this while Steve Beshear was robbing the pension plan down in Frankfort to balance his budget. Now the teachers go down there and listen to Beshear’s son get on a bullhorn and tell them how great they are when someone else is trying to save their pension for them. They didn’t lose anything. And what an embarrassment to Letcher County our representative is. She is an attorney, yet gets up and says something to the effect of, ‘I haven’t read Bill 151 but I know it’s bad.’ How do you know it’s bad if you haven’t read it? The people who keep these teachers up — the loggers, the miners, the truck drivers, the mill workers, the people who work at Wendy’s or McDonald’s — are the ones that pay their salaries, yet they want them to pay more so they can work a six-hour day and retire at age 52. It is so sickening to think of what else they will want. How can we spend $38 million a year on education in such a small county? They need to quit wasting money. Every utility

bill we get has school tax on it. What a pitiful situation our school system is in. It’s almost as bad as the fiscal court, but not hardly. I’m just so proud we have Speak Your Piece so someone can say something about this whining and crying bunch of people who don’t want to work.

. To the idiot who keeps saying Steve Addington doesn’t own property on the mountain: Yes he does. I have hunted that mountain all of my life. Those people own cabins at Raven Rock and have both sides of that mountain blocked with gates. They have resented the Pine Mountain Trail since it was started. Don’t let those people fool you; you better get your facts straight, mister. You don’t know what you are talking about. Yes he owns property on the mountain and he leases property on the mountain. Call and check your facts. Thank you.

. Whoever is over the health department needs to go down to the county jail and see what kind of filth they are living in and have something done about it. The jail should be cleaned and have good clean mattresses available for all inmates. They are not dogs.

. Don’t you hardworking boys in Letcher County get too excited about the jobs coming to the prison at Roxana. I’d say there won’t be a dozen Letcher Countians working on it. They will bring men in from other places who know how to do that work. Letcher County might benefit a little from the trade and stuff, but as far as jobs for Letcher Countians I’ll bet there won’t be 50 of them. What do you want to bet?

. Those women who are giving Donald Trump problems were only doing their jobs. They sold their bodies to make money and then they want to come back and blame somebody else

for it. Of course, if he did it he’s not exactly in the right, either. I’ll bet Donald Trump has never had to sell his body. Just food for thought. Later.

. For those of you who do not read The Mountain Eagle from front to back, you should re-read the story the Eagle’s editors picked up about legalizing cannabis in Kentucky. The story refers to our huge pain pill problem in our area and says it can be helped by the legalization of cannabis in Kentucky. Not just on the medical front, but on the recreational front as well. Please call your local representative and support a better Kentucky with the help of cannabis legalization.

. I think it’s a shame that all of you home wreckers out there are trying to steal someone else’s wife or someone else’s man. You are pathetic. Get a life.

. Most U.S. presidents have been unfaithful to their wives, but this porn star hullabaloo going on today is a witch-hunt. The woman accusing Trump is in this for her own gain. While it may be true he had a liaison with her, why would hush money be necessary at that time? She has sex for money on film and she initially is alleged to have accepted bribe money then, while her movies now have gained popularity. She stands to become rich off all this and be the icon of adulterous floozies. This woman is in this for attention and anyone can see that. If she likes being the object of voyeurism then why cry foul now this many years later? Question is, who is paying her to perform behind

the scenes now?

. To all the voters of District Five: I think we all agree that jobs are one of the most important issues in Letcher County. Now look at the candidates; one has gotten thousands of jobs to locals over his thirtyplus years at LKLP and local government and the other has no experience in local government and has not gotten any jobs to locals. So think about it. There is only one choice, Steve Addington.

. Governor Matt Bevin would do well on Coach Calipari’s team; One and Done.

. If the United States Congress will not provide the money to build a wall along the US and Mexican border, then why not establish a lottery which could provide money enough to build the wall without using the taxpayers’ money? That way, the people who want such a wall built would be the ones paying for it. Governor Wallace C. Wilkinson established the Kentucky Lottery in April 1989 for the express, primary purpose of funding Kentucky’s Department of Education’s operation budget, thus relieving the tax burden on the taxpaying citizens. They would not have to worry about people not buying tickets, and it would far more outdo the old ‘vote counting’ scheme. God bless President Trump.

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