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It was nice to see that Jenkins is having its annual spring cleanup. It is hoped that all citizens will participate. It is hoped that the owner of the old Beth- Elkhorn Shops will clean up this blighted area. The person who uses this area should be required by the city that a cleanup take place there. This eyesore has been in the middle of Jenkins for years. The city government is being asked to follow the city’s blighted and deteriorated property laws and see that this is done. The owner is not above the law everyone else has to follow.

. While I love my family members and friends here in Letcher County more than life itself, it is hard not to be a little bit mad at the ones of them who voted for Donald Trump with no regard for the damage it will end up causing to our great country and its people. It’s one thing to like a man based on his reality TV show, but to put that same man in a position to destroy everything the United States has stood for since 1776? What were you people thinking? Same thoughts apply to those of you who voted for Matt Bevin. If we’re lucky, it will take only about 50 years to repair the damage caused to the United States and to the Commonwealth of Kentucky these two totally unqualified men.

. Certain people who moved here from other places talk about us, but like I said, they are the worst ones.


We Letcher County citizens should be proud of our Fishpond Lake recreation area. It is truly among the nicest in a 50-mile radius. Many people use it daily whether walking, running, bicycling or pushing babies in strollers. Hundreds of tourists go there each year from Kentucky and surrounding states. Someone must assume the responsibility to keep the area maintained. In the past there were initiatives to keep the garbage picked up by taking clients from the county jail there to work off some of their jail time but no one is picking up garbage at this time. There are bottles, cans and food wrappers strewn around the perimeter in the ditches. There is one area where garbage was poured out more than a year ago and is still there. Who will assume this responsibility? Will it be Letcher County Fiscal Court or the tourism commission or the PRIDE program? I would think our magistrate would be doing something to address this problem.

. I want to wish several people happy birthday for the month of April, starting with Kathy Trent, our niece, who was born April 1, on Dad’s birthday; Carol Ann Ison, a great friend, Serena Day, and Paul Murphy on April 9; Lorraine Miles, Mama Cora’s Susie preacher and pastor at our church in Neon, Allen White, on April 22; Billie Ilene Pack, my wife, April 26. There you have it, folks. Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. Well I know five men who need to find themselves new jobs. I figure if they jump into it they could not make it work. I think it’s a little too much for the five men to handle the job. I knew they would never be able to handle the job.

. Zuckerberg had to testify before Congress recently due to privacy concerns with Facebook. He admitted the average user does not read the privacy standards when they sign up to use this social media site. Facebook is not the only social media platform that harvests personal data about users. These days, everyone from most search engines to our phone company can either sell or share personal information such as phone numbers and tracking cookies. Years ago, standard phone services were party lines where almost everyone in the same line could eavesdrop on conversations, and I am sure many busybodies loved to listen in. Although more advanced now, in many ways the Internet is not so unlike the old-fashioned party lines, except these days information is shared to produce money, telemarketing and popup ads. Expect some changes to happen to social media, and this is just the beginning of what is to come. But us geeks have known this for a while and why listen to us?

. Our current president pardoned a man who ‘outed’ a CIA agent during wartime. Why is treason such an insignificant matter to this horribly failed administration?


I am the so-called ‘idiot’ who says Steve Addington does not own property on Raven Rock. This is his son, Eric Addington, so you get your facts straight. He does not own or lease any property on that mountain. You may have hunted there your whole life but you are a fool and you are the one who needs to get your facts right. I know what I am talking about; you don’t. You look and sound foolish by saying this. There’s your fact check.

. Would you simply open your front door and invite a rank stranger into your home, then after allowing them in proceed to tell them all about your life, your friends and family? Give them total access to not only your secrets, but discuss your family’s and friends’ secrets? These days this type of scenario happens far more often than people realize or want to admit. As great as the Internet is, certain risks and dangers do exist. It’s human nature to be sociable and the Internet often provides people with an opportunity to interact with others practically any time we choose. The Internet has connected people all over the world and the ‘information highway’ is there from education to you name it. Attempting to control the Internet is not possible at this time and I don’t believe it should be controlled. However, more people should be educated on just how in-depth the Internet is. Like the old saying, ‘if it happens in Vegas, it stays in Vegas.’ Well, if it happens online, it stays online. We should not fear the Internet, but people should definitely be aware of its potential and pitfalls. When did people forget another old saying I am sure all our parents told us: ‘Don’t talk to strangers.’ Does that mean we cannot find new friends online? No. But it does mean one should be careful out there on the Wild Web.

. If anybody needs any grass cut or Weed-Eating done this year, please call 634-8789 or 855-0033. We will give you a good price.

. Thank you, Mr. President, for showing them commie bastards that they can’t get away with slaughtering their own people. This is America, and we’ve got a new sheriff in town — somebody who will stand up for the rights of the innocent and who will investigate what went on through the Obama administration even though a boy wrote a book against you. Mr. President, I hope the book is made out of toilet paper. I’ll have a use for it then. What you did for America, the American people see it with their own eyes. The world sees it with its own eyes. Now you have other countries backing us. That’s what it’s all about — being united, civilized. And if they ain’t civilized we’ll kill them. That’s pretty good, ain’t it? When you let Russia take care of those chemical weapons it’s like leaving a snake in charge of the henhouse. Putin is an old-time communist. We remember them, don’t we Mr. President? God bless you, Mr. Trump, and God bless all that’s just.

. I’m starting something here today that hope you out there will carry on. You only have to look around your own neighborhood to find them, and there are a lot of them out there we just overlook because there is so much negativity today about kids. There is a young man, who lives in a hollow opposite us, who we think is going places. He is in the sixth grade at Cowan and makes very good grades. He lights up any room he comes into, always with a smile. He joined church when he was a very young guy and goes to church every Sunday. His pastor even calls on him to say the closing prayer. He worships his family, and his great aunt Betty Lou thinks he’s the cat’s meow. Keep up the good work, Jackson. You will be going places, only don’t go too far. We enjoy having you around. Love, your neighbors. (Very nice.)


Dear Jenkins Middle School: We here in Letcher know about your high school baseball players playing on your middle school team. We know things were changed up in the computer to make you accurate to the KHSAA. Social media is the best, isn’t it? I believe you owe our teams and parents, as well as other schools, a big apology for calling us cheaters and saying we have to have older kids on our team to win. What a great way to teach your players about honesty and truth. What a great way to spit in their faces. Sincerely, a Letcher parent.

. We never had fake news before we had a fake president.

. I’m glad to see a certain blonde is back working at a certain store in Whitesburg. I asked her about eight or 10 years ago to go out with no strings attached. She kind of thought about it but then she held up and changed her mind. I would like to ask her again. Next time I see you, stop me and tell me this is the weekend we’ll go riding.

. Hello dog shooter. Just reminding you that you are still in the minds of those who got their dogs killed by you. You have not changed at all, as I heard you acting up just a few days ago. While I do feel very sorry for the people who live with you and how they are subjected to your temper tantrums, not everyone is fooled by you. Again, I suggest strongly that you seek professional help. Anger management training will do you a world of good.

. I just wanted to tell all you boys over on Linefork growing your pot up in Cow Cliff Hollow and Coon Branch and Picture Branch that you all are just wasting your time, because I am watching you. I know when you go on your four-wheelers at two or three in the morning to get it started at this time of year. As a matter of fact, I walked by a patch the other day that looked like the frost has about killed it. Anyway, you’re wasting your time because I’m going to get it all this year. That’s all I’ve got to do. While you all are gone I will get it. Just remember, when you’re in your patch I am watching you. And your trail camera won’t do any good. I know where they are located also. You boys are working for nothing.

. The progressives are indoctrinating you to believe that socialism leads to utopia. There is no utopia, and if we keep going in that direction your children and grandchildren are going to pay the price. And that won’t be a pretty sight for anybody.


To the Letcher County judicial system: If you all don’t take action now and do something with a guy that stole $11,000 worth of junk, it will be too late. When you let him out before, he went straight back into stealing that very day. Either you all are going to have to put him away and give him some time or somebody is going to end up shooting him or he’s going to end up shooting somebody. That’s just the way it is.

. I read with interest recently the article concerning the proposed work on U.S. 119 from Whitesburg to Jenkins. If I read the article correctly, there will be parts of the road that will not have four lanes. This is a terrible mistake. Why shouldn’t eastern Kentucky roads be four-lane when work is done on them? Eastern Kentucky has provided money for projects throughout Kentucky with the coal severance tax, all of which should have gone back to the counties the coal was produced in. The mayors of Whitesburg and Jenkins, the state representative, and the state senator should speak out against this, plus the people who would travel this road. Let the state government know we are not going to be satisfied with a half-done road. Thank you. (Great comment. Our history shows the same concerns you have now were being voiced back in the 1960s when Kentucky Highway 15 was being built between Whitesburg and Campton. It’s sickening to think of the number of lives, not to mention the large amounts of money that could have been saved if that route had been built as a four-lane highway.)

. Thank you to the Jenkins mayor and city workers for cleaning up Main Street and the area close to town. When visitors come to an area, garbage and blighted property is not the first thing the city is remembered for.

. I would like to speak my piece about Letcher County Central High School: If any Democrat in the county or state wants to use it for a political rally it is now available to them. I don’t believe it would work so well if you were a Republican and went and asked to use it. Andy Beshear’s dad is the one who robbed the pension system, but evidently the teachers want Andy to finish it off. It’s amazing how taxpayer dollars and a public school can be used for political rallies. I am very disappointed in this county’s school system. If teachers want to pay Social Security in then let them pay it in. If they don’t like their job, pay and retirement, do something different. The people who keep the teachers up are the real workers in the country such as farmers, loggers, mill workers, factory workers, and miners. Those are the people who make this country go, and it’s time that we quit coddling schoolteachers. Oh it is so sickening to see what shape this county is in. From the fiscal court to the board of education, it is a mess. Drain it.

. To a certain person: You took all my ginseng. I live on the right side. Your friend told me you are the person who did it. I know who you are, so stay at home.

. I warned my children about putting all of their information out there on Facebook, but they told me it was all right, that Facebook would protect their information. Well, if anybody in the world wants to know what toilet paper they use they have that information now.

. Well, Mr. Doty Creek man, I guess you’ve now heard of the Burton Hill Bandit. If you’ll dig real deep I’d say you would find out that someone close to you helped wipe you out.

I think we need a new dog warden. Where do I apply for the job? Who agrees?

. Just want to say thank you to all you people in Kentucky for helping Pound buy a new police car. That’s right, a brand new high-pursuit police car so they can you chase you speeders and criminals down. Just think, they’re planning on buying another one. That means they will have to ticket twice as many of you. Come on. Get real. Watch your speed coming over this way. The black Ford will get you. It’s out there. It will get you one way or the other, be it a wrong window tint, a brake light out, you’re going too fast, or you don’t have your seatbelt on. Adjust your mirror and get it all right or the black truck will get you. Once again, thanks for paying for our police car. And you’re going to help us pay for another one. Ha ha.

. I want to wish my granddaughter, Ashley Faith Mc- Clain, a belated happy birthday. I am proud of you and I love you. Nana.

. I would like to speak my piece about a certain guy who is running for jailer. I didn’t know you could get God to campaign for you when you have children by three different women. How can you be a jailer when you’ve screwed over everybody in Letcher County? It looks like you’d let the family do the campaigning, because God doesn’t have time to fool with anybody like that. Thank you.

. I would like to wish my brother-in-law, Albert Coomer, happy birthday. We love you.

. I was just listening to the radio and heard some guy on there from the state highway department. He and the announcer were bragging on the state highway workers here in Letcher County and how hard they work. They do work real hard to get out of work. I saw three pickup trucks, two dump trucks, and an end-loader, a backhoe parked while they were all on siesta with water three feet deep in the road near Gordon, up where I live. They were all resting really well at the Gordon Fire Department. There was a slide and other things in the road, but they were working really hard to get out of work. And now they’re getting bragged on? My goodness. Our roads are in the worst shape I have ever seen and the workers do nothing. It is sickening.

. Just keep gnawing on those walnuts and suck it up. It is what it is.

. Please pray that I can get enough money to pay my bills this month. God knows who I am. Thank you.

. To a Mr. Don Juan who works in the medical field: Your day is coming, because you are doing naughty things every single day to one certain man. When he finds out what your intentions are he will send people out to take care of you and your little perverted ways. Your sexual preference doesn’t bother me, but your actions do. Thank you.

. I’m calling in reference to my friend Steve Addington in response to his political opponents calling him a slumlord: If it wasn’t for Steve, some people wouldn’t have a place to stay.

This is the old cat killer. I haven’t been around for a while, but I’m still here looking at you. Listen, I enjoyed those comments in this past week’s Speak Your Piece about people being tired of the garbage. I am sick and tired of it, but what I’d like to say is I believe we have a lot more good people around here than the nasty ones who just throw their trash right out in the creek. There are lots of beautiful homes and beautiful people around here. I say we the people who are tired of this get together and back our politicians in this matter. They can’t do anything if we don’t back them. That’s what they want and that’s what they need. Have a nice day.

. I saw on TV where they were going to cut out the bands and all these things at the schools and cut out this and cut out that. How come they aren’t talking about cutting out any of those big ball games? I think education is more important than a ballgame. That’s what is the matter with our schools today — the lack of academics. They just want to play ball and have a dance team in Letcher County.

. I don’t like Matt Bevin.

. Hey, friends and neighbors. I’ve been to the doctor and been to the doctor. I have problems. They keep bringing me back to give me an appointment to get me another appointment to come back for another appointment. But this is my problem and I am dependent on my friends and neighbors to tell me. I haven’t felt right since I had a colonoscopy, but I can’t afford to back down there and spend thousands of dollars to get another appointment to come back for another appointment. Later.


I would like to speak my piece about Steve Addington, one of the men running for the office of magistrate in District Five. I have found out he is a good person who has helped many people get a job. He will still help them. If you need him and you can’t find him, come to the firehouse. Somebody will know where he is.

. Someone please run for the office of county attorney. We as a community beg somebody to replace the county attorney we now have. We would vote for anyone before we would vote to re-elect our present county attorney. We need change in this county badly, including in the office of county judge/ executive. It wouldn’t hurt to get all new magistrates, either. Someone please run for county attorney. You will get more votes than you could ever imagine.

. To all educators in eastern Kentucky: If you want to prepare your students for college, have them read the books ‘Up There At The House’ and ‘Beyond All Reason,’ a scrapbook of wisdom and knowledge by Pete A. Martin. If they familiarize themselves with the vocabulary presented in these two books they will be ready for higher education. Thank you very much.


Reading is a visual-audio double processing skill of symbolic reasoning and comprehension sustained by an intricate hierarchy of substrata factors. This is according to Pete A. Martin.

(Whew. For a second we were afraid you were going to tell us this is from the coming new book, ‘Word Salad,’ by Pete A. Martin.)

. Is the Chris Janson who was singing that song about rednecks on the Country Music Awards show the other night the same Chris Janson who used to play at Summit City there in Whitesburg? He sure does look and act different. (Yep, and he sounds different, too.)

So you people trusted Donald Trump to drain the swamp? What, drain it of the last decent human beings in Washington, D.C., and replace them with self-serving criminals like Scott Pruitt at EPA and Tom Price at Health and Human Services? Do you Trump lovers really believe it is okay that Pruitt illegally used tax dollars to buy a $43,000 privacy booth to make phone calls out of his own office? Do you think draining the swamp means allowing the likes of crooks like Pruitt and Price to rack up hundreds of thousands of first-class travel bills when they are supposed to be flying coach? What the heck is wrong with some of you people, especially the ‘God bless President Trump’ person who keeps calling Speak Your Piece? You, dear sir or madam, are an ignorant fool.

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