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Mary Sue, I love you. I’ll see you in my dreams. Ted.

. To all the people who don’t like Donald Trump: The only you reason you don’t is because you are mad at him because you’re not going to get everything handed out to you. You are going to have to work for it. That’s the only reason you don’t like Donald Trump — you’re going to have to work for what you get. No more free handouts. Ain’t that sad.

. My Mamaw Marie T. and her friends read The Mountain Eagle and they want to know if you all can find anything else to complain about except for your dogs and bad backs. Thanks for the good laughs. I love you, Mamaw.

. This is Master Frank Sexton of John Ng’s Four Seasons Kung Fu. I want to invite all martial artists, no matter what style or system you are in, to a tournament on May 5 in Richmond, Kentucky. Come out and test your skills against the best in the state and surrounding areas.

. It’s sad when politics come into churches and businesses. Those are two places politics should not be involved in.

. I think it’s a crying shame that Skyview Park at Haymond has gone to the dogs since Mr. Anderson passed away. Can’t the members do something about the broken beer bottles and the used condoms and the broken swing sets? I drove all the way in from northern Ohio for a funeral. We took the grandkids up there and were shocked by the mess. It’s a shame that man worked himself to death up there and now they’ve let it go to pot. Thank you.

. First the Banana Republicans have dozens of secret meetings with the Russians and, when caught, lied about it. And now we’re having secret meetings with North Korea? I’m just glad the Nazis are gone.

. I have a good friend by the name of Steve Addington. I have known him to work to make his money. He used his back. I think Mr. Addington is by far the most morally fit of the candidates running for magistrate in District Five.

. I’m calling in reference to the Jenkins city cleanup project. They should start by doing something about the rundown houses in Jenkins, especially those being rented out. If the mayor wanted to talk to any of the landlords about

it, he could probably find the worst offender hanging out at the fire department. Thank you.

. I think we need to invite the governor of Kentucky to Letcher County. Get him to ride around over these highways and roads and look at these ditch lines and the water running across the roads and the potholes everywhere. Then he can see what he’s paying these state highway workers for, sending them a check every week for nothing.

. I’d just like to say I think there’s a certain law firm over in Hindman that should go ahead and pay people the money they’ve agreed to settle for instead of holding it. The people have already settled up but can’t get their money.

. The jail down there in Whitesburg needs to be done away with and a new one built in its place. Men should not have to live in trash like that. That jail is awful; it’s not fit for a dog to sleep in. Clean it up.

. If certain people are going to live and work here in Kentucky, it’s time they get Kentucky license plates to replace their Ohio plates. If they can’t, they need to take their happy selves back to Ohio where they belong.

. I just found out that one of my old gals I used to sit with on the bus in now single. I would like to give her a shout-out and tell her she has a secret admirer who still thinks a lot of her and has for many years. Her first name starts with the letter M.

. To Mr. Roland Craft, who is running for sheriff: Your own neighborhood is a flat wreck. There is no way I would vote for you for sheriff.

. Let me get this straight: the President offers to give an Army colonel a promotion to general and asks him to lead his entire branch of the military in an upcoming war, but instead the man leaves the Army, leads a rebellion against the United States of America, killing tens of thousands of his former fellow U. S. Army compatriots, and all so that slavery can be sustained, and we should honor him for this? I don’t understand.

. We have a new mail carrier who is doing a really good job, but he needs to slow down his vehicle. We have children running across the road.

To a certain man: Thank you for all the help.

. I don’t understand why people keep putting President Trump down. He is a very religious person with many religious people backing him. He has restored health care for UMWA miners for life and has put all laid off miners back to work.

. I won’t be eating at a certain restaurant in Neon anymore after watching a girl take the trash out and then handle my food without wearing gloves.

. I am a concerned citizen calling about a place on Apple Tree Branch at Deane. The grass at the place is very high and there are three campers there that are all falling in. I wish someone would look into this. They will claim it’s not their stuff, but it is.

. I don’t know if a caller to Speak Your Piece was throwing off on a person with back trouble or not, but if they were they ought to go back to the altar and pray. They must not know what it is to have back trouble. There is nothing that can be done for back trouble and it could hit the caller tomorrow.

. I went to the fiscal court meeting on April 16 and was amazed. I sat there and listened to the county judge/executive try to take credit for the federal prison coming to Roxana when he knows he can’t stand it because he wanted it to be at Payne Gap. The politicians we have in this county are amazing. No one tells the truth and no one seems to care. It’s a shame what goes on in this county. We need to get rid of everybody in the courthouse and start over brand new.

. I think the teachers need to find out who the governor was when their money first started to be stolen. I’m not saying to let Bevin get away with anything, just that it’s a matter of right and wrong.

. Governor Matt Bevin might as well go crawl down in the Bull Hole after saying what he said about the teachers.

. I lost a brown billfold at Summit City on Main in Whitesburg last Saturday night. I will give a reward to anyone who found it. Please call 633-2151. You can keep the money; I just need the billfold back because I have important papers in it. Thank you.

. If you think that special prosecutor Robert Mueller is a standup guy, go back to about 2001 and check him out on his handling of the anthrax case where an innocent man was first accused. You should also check out his involvement with the investigation of a criminal named Whitey Bulgar.

. I just wonder what a certain person is going to do when she realizes she has believed the lies of a fantasy person while treating a real person very bad. They say the truth always comes out. I won’t be clapping my hands and jumping up and down with joy when she sees she will be alone in the end. Actually, I feel very sorry for her but real people make real decisions that don’t include made up fairytale romances. In just a short while she is going to find out that while she was ranting and raving everybody else was living in the real world.

. Putin has to be a Democrat — deny, deny, deny, lie, lie, and never admit.

. I would just like to know if everybody in the country is losing his or her mind. What kind of example does a ‘needle exchange’ set for our young people? Also, what about the parents who are so strung out they cannot dress their kid or feed their kid before they go to school? I don’t think

they should give out food stamps or any other benefit unless they drug test every person who receives them. If they flunk the drug test then throw them off the program and take their kids away from them and put them in a home. It is unreal what is going on in this world.

. Be sure to look at the expiration dates on foods you buy. I bought some Amish products the other day that were so badly out of date we would have gotten sick had we eaten them.

. I wish our leaders in Washington who we elected to do a good job — and we’ve done it from both sides — would quit all this gossiping about each other. We don’t pay them to gossip and run each other down. They need to start using their time to fix this situation for the American people.

. Politicians keep talking about a living wage. There is no such animal. When wages go up the cost of everything goes up and you gain nothing. Worst of all it hurts people who didn’t get a wage increase and are struggling.

. I am calling about the person who called in wanting to know what the school system was doing about fixing meals for children while school was not in session. I had to laugh when they said at the end of the comment, ‘Where is social services? Take the children away and put them somewhere where somebody will feed them.’ I thought, you mean like maybe the school?

. I have been paying attention to the responses of candidates running for office. I am glad The Mountain Eagle is allowing each candidate to answer questions about their stance on a variety of topics important to this area. It’s sure helpful to know what each one says as Election Day is approaching. Thank you.

. This is the person who called in about Mr. Don Juan. Now it seems there’s another big problem going at the same place where Mr. Don Juan works involving employees going through people’s personal possessions.

. I am against giving the right to vote to children at and under the age of 16 years old. People should be at least 21 years old before they are allowed to vote. But that will be the way the Lord wants the last days to come about. You should read Isaiah 3:4, ‘And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them:’ In this case, God calls women ‘babes.’ It is my opinion that time is a cycle in which the phenomenon of the past, present and future of history repeats itself, over and over, for eternity. God save America.

. I said stuff about my wife that was a lie because I was mad and hurt, but that’s our business, nobody else’s. I don’t blame her for doing what she did. I’m where I want to be, where I am. It’s stupid to get on Facebook or whatever to try to be nosy. I’m trying to get along with people. I messed up, but that’s my business. No, we never cheated on each other.

. The Republicans are going to have to get it together in the Senate and the House. If they don’t the Democrats will take over and there will be no more progress for America. The American people aren’t stupid. We’ve got a president who cares about America, and if anybody else gets into his office they will destroy the building of this great nation by Mr. Trump. God bless America and God bless Mr. Trump’s family. The rest of them are hell bound in a paper basket.

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