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Everybody is talking about the price hikes at a certain grocery store. Our pantries are getting bare, and we’re not able to get into the food pantry because of all the rules designed to keep people out. I took a homeless friend by there again the other day and he was told he had to have power bill or a phone bill. If he had power and a phone he would go and buy himself some food.

. It’s kind of similar to politics where the politicians think that whatever they do the American people will forget about it very shortly. It reminds me of Appalshop and WMMT, after they canned my Friday night radio show and my Sunday night radio show without any explanation. They just buried their heads in the sand and thought it would go away, but it’s not going away. My Friday nights suck and my Sunday nights suck because WMMT destroyed my weekend. It’s a community radio station and the community needs to know what happened. I’m angry. Somebody say something to me. What happened? Why did this great rock and roll go away? Tell me.

. I saw in a recent edition of The Mountain Eagle the good news about Brandy Cook and all the women she worked with to help them lose weight in the ‘New Year, New You’ challenge. Congratulations to Brandy and to all the women who worked so hard at the recreation center to make themselves healthy.

. Mr. President, your mouthpiece, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has more class in her little finger than all those who come against you all. The American people look forward to hearing from her every day, and for people to get up there and say the things they say about this woman is a disgrace to America. I know we have a First Amendment, but somewhere there should be a defamation of character consideration.

. I like pure honesty in a married woman, but you can’t find it. I go out to several stores on the weekend and you can look at them and tell what’s going on. You can wink at them and they will wink back. You can grin at them and they will grin back to let you know they are on the market. I don’t know what their husbands are doing wrong, but it’s apparently something, because eight percent of the women will let you flirt very hard with them.

To a Christian lady who lives at Isom: I wonder if the Lord will turn His head and nose up when you go before Him. You better think about

yourself, sister.

. I just want to say good job to the people at Jenkins doing the middle school baseball. You guys have really turned things around in a short time with that team and program. Glad to see someone taking an interest in those Jenkins kids. I was at one of the games lately and just want add that Joe’s Branch Field looks amazing. You guys have done a wonderful job with that. Keep up the good work, Jenkins.

. It’s amazing how our neighbor here in Doty manages to get women to shack up with him and help pay his bills.

. To a certain person who likes to shoot guns off in the middle of the night: Just keep it up. You are going to jail one way or the other.

. I was listening to the ‘Roundtable’ on May 1, but every time the guest, Shad Baker, went to answer something he would always be interrupted. Let the man tell us what he needs to tell us without being interrupted. We appreciate all you do, Shad, and I am glad we have people like you and Mitch Whitaker in our area.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: Why is there no law to address women who are having drug-addicted babies?

. We now have a young girl living with her uncle. They don’t even try to hide the fact they are together. Don’t you think that’s sick?

. I am calling in about a dog on Turkey Creek keeping people up all night and pooping in their yards. I would appreciate it if these people would tie their dogs up before the dogcatcher is called. Thank you.

. I’m watching what happens to the fellow who killed the dogs in Pistol City. I am waiting to see if this person pulls any time for this. I’ll say it this way: That animal didn’t deserve to die.

. Conservatives under John Adams wanted to deport foreigners under the Alien and Sedition Act. Conservatives under Chester A. Arthur wanted to deport the Chinese who worked on the railroads under the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Today, conservatives want to deport people as long as they are not members of their own families. Even Donald Trump’s in-laws couldn’t get into the country legally under his plan. I say open the gates of America for freedom for all. America is based on immigrants. I’m not an immigrant, but my ancestors were. What we should do is respect the poor people who come to this country to work.

. The problem with this country is that it is just political prejudice. The politicians in Washington are full of the worst kind of con artists, and the people eat it up like rainbow stew. They don’t want to see anything wrong with any of their politicians they voted for.

. I voted at Whitesburg last year at the senior citizens building across from Walmart. I don’t know where to vote this year. I don’t know if the voting machine will be up there or not. I just wonder where we’re supposed to vote this time.

. Concerning all these deadbeat dads and all these drug-addicted prostituting women with children who keep getting free government money for their healthcare and their children’s healthcare and food stamps: When are these people going to have to start working for their healthcare and their food stamps? And why are these people not drug-tested? Between seventy-five and ninety percent of the women in Letcher County who draw healthcare benefits and food stamps would test positive for drugs. When is something going to change?

. I want to invite all martial artists from Letcher, Pike, Perry and other surrounding counties to compete against the state’s best in the state championship open martial arts tournament in Richmond, Kentucky on May 5. Come prove yourself and your skill and see if you have what it takes to be the best in the state. This is Master Frank Sexton of John Ng’s Four Seasons Martial Arts.

. Concerning the Virginia cop that was around Jenkins and this area doing such a good job catching the drug traffickers, I have not seen him in several weeks. Wonder what happened to him? Was he doing too good a job?

. Can you believe that all they are going to do to the U.S. 119 between Whitesburg and Jenkins this summer is to patch the asphalt? If that’s all they are going to do for us this summer, we need to find out all those responsible for not putting a coat of asphalt down and vote every one of them out. We’ll vote them all out, from the Capitol to the Letcher County Courthouse. It’s time we stand up and do something. This is enough.

. I have a comment about the sheriff ’s race here in the county. I’m from down in the Linefork area and I was released from jail a couple of months ago after a DUI charge and placed on house arrest. The whole time I was on it, Mickey Stines treated me like I was a person, not like I was some old dog or something. He was really nice and really courteous. His campaign ad here in the paper says his door will always be open. I could call him at any time and if he didn’t answer the phone right away he would call me back as soon as he could. So I honestly believe his campaign ads and I believe he would make a real good sheriff. He’s got my vote down here in Linefork. He really cares about the people and he really wants to help this count.

. Although I am glad some people got a big laugh out of folks who have bad backs and other people who care about their dogs, just maybe it’s not so funny to those going through these things. I am not saying anyone would find it funny that a temperdriven person goes around popping off a gun in areas where other humans could get hit by a stray bullet. And certainly it’s not funny that people who have back problems have to endure the comments of others while dealing with chronic pain. To these people it’s important to realize that far more relevant issues confronting us today are also brought up in Speak Your Piece. I

admit sometimes I laugh at a few comments, but that’s probably why people say some things they say. What is not funny is the plight of chronic pain sufferers and people who consider their dogs friends getting pointed out when many issues can be addressed. What about inviolable problems like all the litter strewn along the roads and the dumping of sewage in the creek beds? If anyone wants to point a finger of humor at anything maybe they should take a look at their own backyard. Like Elvis said, clean up your own backyard before you go looking at mine. While some may be sitting back laughing at the suffering of other people, maybe they should spend some time figuring out why they think it’s funny in the first place to make fun of people with problems they can’t control?

. I would like to leave a message for our wonderful president, Mr. Trump, who is one of the best presidents ever. I am so glad you are our leader. You have guts and everything else. The people won’t leave him alone and let him run the country. What he does on his personal time is his own personal business. But I will say this: Melania Trump is one of the hottest first ladies we have ever had. One of the ugliest was Hillary Clinton. Who do we need to do away with? Matt Bevin. There’s your troublemaker. He’s trying to destroy our children and their education.

. A certain man should do a favor for another certain man and let him know who the real Hemphill hooker is. The man needs to know.

. If you’ll notice, our weather in southeastern Kentucky has been cooling lately. So I would call that global cooling, wouldn’t you?

. I think it’s a shame a man gets on ‘The Swap Shop’ to try to sell a business that’s close to Whitesburg. .

To a certain woman: You are a cold-hearted snake. Anxiously awaiting someone to die just so someone can be alone? You’re already alone.

. To a woman I saw at the Whitesburg ARH on a recent night in the waiting room between five and seven: If you are single and not seeing anybody I would love to meet up with you again and get to know you better. Please respond. I hang out at the Isom BP every now and then and drive a blue truck. Thank you.

. Hey, state highway department, where are you? You’ve been boasting on the front page of The Mountain Eagle about how you’re going to be fixing roads, but I’ve not seen hide or hair of you. What’s up? Please respond.

. I read the comment about having back pain and how difficult it is on a person. I agree that a real back injury is painful and interrupts a person’s day-to-day activities and limits their ability to work. That being said, there are so many here in Letcher County that claim back injuries yet work every day cutting timber, loading the logs on a trailer, and taking them to the sawmill. My question would be how can these people get Social Security Disability while doing a job that would be hard on a healthy man? These people also go to church and act like they are Christians. They may fool some of the people some of the time, but they can’t fool God any of the time.

. I feel sorry for Melania Trump. Not because I think she is a poor pitiful woman locked in a role she didn’t want when she signed up to marry Donald Trump; I feel bad for her because every little thing she does is scrutinized and picked over by the media. I am going to say that most people saw the awkward hand

holding incident recently where she finally accepted her husband’s attempt to hold hands. All this porn star attention given to the ‘actress’ involved has been smeared all over TV and a number of tabloids, not to mention a girly magazine. I have heard some people actually remark that this ‘actress’ is pretty while putting Melania down.

. To the devious woman: It kills you that things couldn’t stay the way you wanted. One day people will see through you, that you’re not the great person you pretend to be. You’re a devious scoffer who preys on misfortunate people. Everything you said was about you. Your fakeness will find you out! It’s coming.

. Do you really know that

an individual is a crook or not just because someone suggests someone is a crook? Where is the source of your proof that indicates President Donald Trump’s responsibility of misdemeanor crimes? You ask a question of a group of people whom you dislike — evidently. You ask, ‘What the heck is wrong with some of you people?’ You also wanted to know more about my personal life. You do not need to know anything more than that I am a natural-born American citizen and I have a right to express my political viewpoints the same as you have your rights. I will not call you a name like some people would, but I will pray for you and ask God and President Donald Trump to forgive you. God bless President Donald Trump.

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