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I heard that big church in Harlan put a stop to the pastor going on all those evangelical trips and making one hundred dollars a night.

. I have a good friend, Steve Addington, who is running for magistrate in District Five. If you have ever been acquainted with him you know that he will help you. He won’t just talk about it like his opponent does.

. Why are the county, the school systems, and everyone else so worried about money? The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is going to bring back the coal business any day now and once again we’ll be rolling in severance tax dollars. So, be patient; soon he’ll skip a round of golf and take care of this campaign promise.

. My wife left me and took me for ten thousand dollars. I still forgive everybody and wish everybody the best. I’ve made my mistakes just like everybody else did.

. I really think it’s a shame that our pastor allows a certain man to sing and continue using our church and members for his personal benefit. First, he can’t sing. Second, he makes fun of other singers that I enjoy hearing. I’m sure the people he used to work for will do a lot better without him. He was backstabbing those people while taking pay from them. I really just wish our pastor would stop allowing this nonsense in our church. Signed, Tired Of Hearing Lies In My Church.

. I’m tired of this election and all the promises of I’ll do this and I’ll do that when they’re not going to do anything.

. To the person who called in about the ‘devious woman’ in Speak Your Piece: No, it’s not her who is devious; it’s you. You’re the evil person who always says bad things about people. You’re an ugly cow.

. I met a nice- looking blonde at Walmart the other day. I am really interested if you’re single. I’ll be at the Isom Double Kwik on Friday. I drive a rusty Dodge pickup. Thank you.

. A 65- year- old man shacked up with his 40-yearold niece. Doesn’t that just make you sick?

. I’m calling about this new show called ‘Sexual Harassment.’ It’s on NBC, CBS, and Fox, too. It’s a contest to see who has the most TV personalities accused of sexual harassment. I think NBC is in the lead with CBS a close second.

. Some people need to

understand that saying the words ‘thank you’ can go a long way in keeping other people feeling good. If a person keeps expecting things from people and demands more than they give back, that will result in people getting tired of helping them or doing favors for them. A certain woman is the type to keep asking for favors out of everyone she knows and doesn’t take the time to show simple gratitude. She overlooks how much is done for her and sits around pouting because she doesn’t get her way. This is getting old because I happen to know the person she treats the worst and she is in for a big surprise someday. That person is an independent thinker with a very long and proven track record of making her own way in life. She is grateful for everyone and everything and always shows that.

. I think it’s a crying shame when a company buys property from somebody and destroy what was there to start with — like the house — and then let the grass and weeds grow up and the house fall down. It makes the whole neighborhood look trashy. Something needs to be done.

. Mr. President, don’t you trust this murdering you know what over in North Korea when he talks about pulling his troops back. God bless America.

. Every year it seems there is a loss of human life after an event at the horse trail in Knott County. This year the life was lost in Letcher County in a car wreck. They need to have state police road checks set up outside these big events. When I was a young man driving illegally I was scared to death of road checks; they kept me in check.

. This is the old cat killer just getting back from seeing my family out there in Salina, Kansas. I thought I would go out there and kill me some of the Kansas kitties, but I never did see any. Anyway, I had a good time and I’m back home resting up from resting up. Love all you folks out there.

. It’s time to slow that driving down. Gas prices are getting too high.

. Thank you to Luther Meade, who is running for the office of Letcher County Jailer, for seeing that prisoners are used to clean all cemeteries before Memorial Day.

. All of the sudden we find out a certain woman from the Sandlick area is gone; she left her old man. Where’d you go, pretty thing? I was kind of enjoying looking at you.

Donald Trump doesn’t act like he’s president; he acts like he’s the CEO of a Trump company with a personality disorder. Trump, Putin and that North Korean guy are all birds of a feather.

. I’ve been observing the candidates in the coming election. We have some that really are ridiculous. I am so sick and tired of it, especially the ones who have lived off the state and county all their lives. It’s time to drain the swamp. We have some wonderful people running for office, especially women. We have Janet Ratliff running for circuit court clerk and Patty Wood running for county clerk. We have Melody Coots running for magistrate. They all are great individuals who can do something good for the county.

. The recent news of the money woes in Letcher County is going to mean tough times ahead for most people. Services to the public will not improve, while bills for utilities and property taxes will be a reality. Not long ago the electric company hiked its rates and in several places people are double taxed on property. They pay both county and city taxes. Meanwhile, the opioid epidemic is affecting our way of life and this will put a huge demand on resources already limited. This area has long been considered an impoverished region and was the poster child for the War on Poverty since President Johnson paid a visit here more than four decades ago. What amazes me is even though fossil fuels have been both a boom and bust for this area, people still see this as an economic example of how things are levied. The contradictory results are the electric company, assumingly dependent on coal, has steadily raised rates to disproportionately inflate prices while the average family lives well below the poverty level. This is clearly not working and I have to wonder why solar power and other types of sources are not studied to solve the problem. Almost every house has an electric heat pump displayed. This is like the snake that eats its own tail but keeps getting fatter on its own self.

. I just found out that bridge there where you turn to go down to the nursing home is a lot smoother ride if you get off the road through there.

. Come on, people, and make our county government do something about these roads. Driving around here is like driving in a Third World country with holes big enough to lose your car in. The next time I bust a tire or ruin a rim someone is going to pay for it and it’s not going to be me.

. There are some of the most ignorant jerks in Letcher County than anywhere else in the world. One man in particular has a very smart mouth like he’s something, but he’s nothing. Ninety five percent of them do not deserve to have a driver’s license.

. I want to know why that when the weather gets pretty and everyone wants to go and be outside, somebody up the road or down the road will set something on fire just to make a stink. I think they ought to have to smell that stuff themselves. They must not have COPD like I do. It’s not very nice.

. How can a certain candidate for jailer run the jail when he couldn’t run his business and had to get his mommy and daddy to do the bookwork because he couldn’t figure it out? Since family can’t work at the jail, how in the world can he be jailer?

. I still can’t get over what the ‘Swap Shop’ did to my cousin Mark about this time last year. They cut him off the show because they said he was selling nightcrawlers and red worms for profit at one-dollar per dozen. If you want good nightcrawlers, go

to Doty Creek and see my cousin Mark.

. Could someone tell me what happened to the nice couple that used to work at the food pantry? We really miss them.

. To the busybody who thinks it’s her business to stick her nose into my business: You have treated every man you’ve ever had like dirt. They know how you are and they don’t want you. You’re older and you’re alone and you’re going to die alone.

. Does anybody really believe that Larry Adams is more qualified for the circuit court clerk’s job than the woman they just dumped out on the street after she worked there for 28 years? Sam Wright needs to stay out of our courthouse and stay in Frankfort, where we thought we sent him.

. Another thought of insanity: You’re as young as you will ever be.

. I haven’t heard any of the officials running for public office stating how they feel about selling people’s property taxes to third-party buyers. I do know it’s all up to the local officials, and I’ve not heard any of them say anything about how they feel about such sales.

. If I have a car and park it for a year in my yard and don’t drive it on a public road during that year, why do I have to pay taxes on that car?

. It’s amazing how a grown man can get on KY 15 at Dry Fork on a little kid’s four wheeler. Why haven’t the state police caught this man yet?

. I had a good friend who had a credit card stolen. I hope the two who did it don’t get by with it. They’ve got one in jail right now and the other one acts like she’s not going to get any time. I hope both of them get time.

. The Letcher County Water and Sewer District and its Board of Directors need to make some changes. They act like they are dictators or something. If you are one day late paying your water bill they will charge you extra. If you send it through the mail and it doesn’t get there in time you still pay an extra charge. I don’t understand that.

. Mr. President, you owe Mueller nothing. You have no reason to even talk with this man. But you’re smarter than I am.

. I have lived at the housing project now for about 10 years, and I very seldom say anything my neighbors. I love little children, but what I can’t stand are a man and woman running off and leaving their little children all by themselves. This is what you get, Mom and Dad. When the children come outside they tell the truth. You all are leaving them home by themselves.

. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about heaven. If somebody dies you can hear others say, ‘Oh, they’re up there in heaven looking down.’ People, when you get in heaven you won’t be looking back down here. It just doesn’t work that way. Heaven is supposed to be a happy place. You think people up there are going to be happy with what they’re seeing if they’re able to look down here? No. Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way.

. I was just walking through downtown Whitesburg and I noticed the roof of the old Daniel Boone Hotel had fallen in. What happened with the $500,000 they got last year to restore the thing?

. Is the Jenkins Department of Sanitation picking up garbage in Bill Moore Branch now? Their packer stays up here for hours at a time.

. To all you school children: You children need to

listen to President Trump. He is full of wisdom, and I think he’s the chosen vessel to be placed in charge of the United States to give us guidance on how our country was set up and needs to be run. God bless you children. Put your hand over your heart during the national anthem.

. Isn’t it something how our government can go to another country and wipe out people like ISIS and other terrorist organizations, but here at home they can’t do away with the Ku Klux Klan, the skinheads, MS- 13, Hell’s Angels and other gangs? I say we need to clean house here at home.

. I have come to the conclusion you can’t trust anyone. You tell them something and ask them not to say anything, but they do because it always gets back to you. So from now on just don’t say anything. Don’t tell anything you don’t want to be told. Have a good day.

. It’s funny when someone gets sick, the guilty people start acting like they care … the very one that did them the worst and stole from them and the family, and the ones that have distanced themselves from them, has not really been that close,

and all act like they really care. All that is just guilt. Then point their finger at the person the sick person chooses to spend the rest of their life with. That tells it all. It’s nothing but jealousy and guilt.

. So you believe that all those marauder-type illegal immigrants are poor people who only want to work and make a living or themselves here in the USA. Then why are they (the illegal immigrants) doing so much murder of American citizens here in the United States, and getting away with it if they came to the US to work and make a living? And for no other reason? Simply put, if illegal immigration is not brought down to a reasonable number of immigrants being allowed to enter the United States per year, then the character of the USA, including our form of government, will be brought down to what they call a third-world nation. In short, a country of devastation and ruin, controlled by a bunch of criminal minded thugs. America (the USA) is too good of a country to be destroyed by a bunch of left-wing nut ball philosophers who don’t have enough sense to break air. God bless Trump and have mercy on the rest of us.

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