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For the past two weeks a man in Stinking Branch has been playing his guitar so loud the whole hollow can hear it. It’s becoming a big nuisance to everyone. We do not want to hear this, especially all day long.

. Little gray truck and trailer hauling logs, we have sent six pictures to Social Security. You can expect to hear from them very soon.

. It’s amazing how a grown man can run around outside his house while in his pajamas. How sick can you be? I guess you play real sick when your girlfriend comes around. What’s your gimmick? We all want to know in the neighborhood.

. The new chicken place is going to take over all the Neon business if other places don’t stop closing down whenever they feel like it. I wonder if the owners know what is going on?

. I liked the comment about all the people going to heaven and not being able to look back down on us people here. That comment is one hundred percent correct. If they got up there and looked back here at what all their neighbors and children are doing they would say, ‘Lord, You sent me to the wrong place. This is hell. I’m not happy at all.’ So thanks for the comment. You are right.

. One question I’d like to ask is why they haven’t tried that other man accused of murder the Hogg boy? What is the problem?

. I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I am just reading the May 9 edition and it’s the 15th day of May. I had a little breakfast, but now I feel like throwing it up after reading on the front page of The Mountain Eagle all that the accused killer Mr. Caudill has done. Why was this man not locked up and sent away to a penitentiary? Who does he or his family know inside the courthouse? The Letcher County court system is going to have to start doing its job and sending these people off. Show no mercy. How many innocent people have to die. So sad.

. To a certain fellow from Pine Creek: You and your sidekick need to stay off of Sunset Strip.

. I just want to say we can’t trust Bobby Howard as our magistrate. He made promises about fixing people’s bridges on the other side of the mountain and hasn’t done anything. Since he doesn’t live up to his promises, think about voting for one of the other people. Thanks.

. To a man and woman who live below Blair

Branch: Please wash that trailer down. It’s turning green. Just respond in the paper next week and I will come and help you.

. To the voters of the Fifth District: Steve Addington is the best candidate for the job. He has been a twoterm magistrate before and has thirty-plus years on the LKLP board of directors and produced many local jobs. So please cast your vote on May 22.

. Never fail. Vote for honest John Wyatt for constable and he’ll do you right.

. Hillary Clinton sold America for millions of dollars. Stormy Daniels only sold her body and she gets more news time than Hillary Clinton did.

. I would like for everybody in Letcher County not to forget Winston Meade and Steve Addington on May 22. Don’t vote for these people; they are not for you. They have blocked trails and taken a recreation area away from a lot of people down here in the Shelby Gap and Jenkins area.

. Whitesburg, Kentucky recently had one of the greatest concerts I have ever witnessed in my life. The Rival Sons and Welles with Simo and Cold Stares opening up. It was a great evening. I don’t understand why more people in eastern Kentucky did not take advantage of at least coming one night, as the great Rival Sons have toured with Black Sabbath, Aerosmith and so many other bands. Eastern Kentucky, I feel like, missed out on a great experience. And you don’t want to miss this band wherever you can go and see them tour. The next time they come to the area the people of Letcher County and eastern Kentucky need to come out and support them. Thank you very much.

. I say hallelujah this morning. Mr. John Kerry, what do you think now that a real man, Mr. Trump, is negotiating for the United States? He tore your treaty with Iran right up in your face, didn’t he? Obama went around apologizing for what America fought for. Trump goes around and stands up for what Americans fought for. Thank God we finally have somebody who knows what America is and doesn’t hate it. And as far as Mr. North Korea goes, I despise him, but at least they brought the prisoners back. Rocket Man is trash. I say God bless America, build our wall, and protect this country. I see more and more illegals in the shopping malls. They are spending more than I’ve got. I thank God I’m in America and I thank God for our president, his staff,

and our government. Every Christian in America now has the right to stand up and say hallelujah to the Lord Jesus Christ.

. To a certain young lady who works at Wendy’s: If I was critically sick and I had one wish in my life left I would give it to you. You are the prettiest girl I have ever seen. You have the prettiest hair I have ever seen. I would love to ride off into the sunset with you. I have been so head-over-heels in love with you for the last few years I cannot express how I feel. I am so scared you would not go out with me that it would break my heart in two.

. Ever how illogical it seems to me to engage myself in disputes with folks either on social media or in newsprints, comments someone made last week caught my attention. The remarks concerning a woman who is ‘older’ now and has treated every man she has ever known ‘bad’ is probably coming from a person used to passing judgment on people and most likely pretends to be a friend and morally correct to all who see them publicly. I could be classified as ‘older and alone.’ And I am pretty sure that my exes feel it is my fault. Yes, it’s my fault and here is why: I enjoy going places, having friends, and doing things I want to do without having to explain myself or worry about someone getting upset if I fail to live up to their slightest expectations. Being alone also means I don’t mind it and it’s my choice even though my exes felt it was wrong for me to walk out the door. So, to that person I will say try focusing on yourself in positive ways rather than investing all your time handing out big platters of two-faced piety.

. I think the Democrat Party in the Senate and House in Washington, D.C., should move over and live with ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Those are their real friends.

. Donald Trump and his people didn’t collude with the Russians, they sold out to the Russians.

. Hello, baby cakes. It’s been over a year since our divorce became final and I must say I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life. Anyway, I just want to know one thing. You called social services on me to get me thrown in jail when I had to go to the dentist that day. Don’t you know that I found out who it was right after you called in on me, but didn’t have the guts to admit it? Come on, baby cakes, for old time’s sake own up and admit that was you. You owe me at least that much. Thank you.

. To the person who stated last week in Speak Your Piece that Trump was smarter than you: That is truly sad. I feel sorry for you. Really.

. Donald Trump has no problem with people being immigrants as long as they are rich immigrants. His mother was from Scotland. His wife and her family are from Eastern Europe. Trump just wants to keep out the immigrant workers who work for a song and sing it to themselves working for people like Donald Trump.

. Isn’t it amazing how some people want to make claims against this president when it was the Democrat Party that funneled fifty million dollars to Fusion GPS and the ex-British spy named Christopher Steele to get a dossier out of Russia that proves nothing?

. They say the federal government doesn’t have any money and they say the state government doesn’t have any money. Well, I saw in an eastern Kentucky paper where the government was giving money to a coal company to help with startup expenses. Why would a coal company need

startup expenses from the government?

. Like Richard Nixon said what seems like now a hundred years ago, ‘I want to make this perfectly clear.’ This mainstream national media; we not only know who you are, even worse we know what you are. You’re lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. Your actions prove that. You can’t discredit that. Thank you very much.

. To the person who responded about being a devious woman: Even your close friends talk about things that you say, so you do have a running mouth.

. Way to go, Whitesburg concert series. You had a chance to have a great concert series and you fouled

that up. You think we don’t notice that you hired the same band twice? Laid Back Country Picker and Lula and the Mountain Jets are the same band. You didn’t hire any local talent from Jenkins, Neon, Whitesburg or Letcher to open for any of these bands. What a joke.

. I have a good friend who running for magistrate in District Five, Steve Addington. He has been a businessman all of his life and has been on the KRADD board for many years. He has done lots of things for people we will never know. People need to get out and vote for Steve Addington. Thank you.

. You get a restraining order and it is repeatedly violated. You are stalked and you are threatened, you go to court and they do nothing about it. You call Frankfort and they do nothing about it. You go back to court about it again and nothing still has been done about it. So what do you do? If you’re afraid for your life do you take matters into your own hands? I wouldn’t want the officials of Letcher

County to be judging me.

. Our government is broke, yet one of Kentucky’s area development districts, the Big Sandy ADD, which has federal money to help put a car wash in at Martin, Kentucky. I’m sure there’s a real federal need to put a car wash in at Martin.

. I would like to say an extra thank you to the people who live at Bartesta Road and called me and met with me to give me my package. You are very kind and honest people.

. Making fun of anyone will come back to you, especially your classmates in school. The teachers at Jenkins should stop those who make fun of one girl who does not have a mother, is a little chubby, and can’t afford the same clothes some of the other students are able to wear. That little girl’s aunt should go and see what the problem is. We all come into this world like everybody else and we’ll all go out of this world like everybody else — maybe a different way, but we all will go out.

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