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I know it was a cold, bad winter, but up on Craft’s Colly there are holes in the road that are going to bust tires.

. I get so tired of Don Lemon and his crew on CNN talking about racial disparity it makes me downright sick. Thank you.

. To Tom and Terrence: Never forget, it’s for the people.

. Have you figured out whether your massive tax cut is enough to cover your increased gasoline bills?

. I have both read and submitted comment to Speak Your Piece for many years, but I do not understand why you put comments in by the Cat Killer. The man is evil. Please do not post his comments; this man offends so many people. This man needs to be in jail.

. If I had been running for sheriff I would not have mentioned that I was from Pine Creek. Pine Creek is like Little Detroit. You can get anything from Percocet to crystal meth in Pine Creek. You can even get prostitution there.

. Mr. President, best wishes for a speedy recovery to your wife, the first lady, one of the finest ladies who has ever graced the halls of the White House. She does great work with the children and shows kindness to others. The low media likes to bad-mouth her, but I bet they can’t speak three languages, let alone five. Liars, that’s exactly what they are, Mr. President.

. I don’t want to seem self-righteous or as if I have all the answers, but simple observation has given me a very good idea why a certain church is failing in attendance. This church used to be thriving and had a large congregation of sincere people. Now, it doesn’t even have a preacher. All I can say is that the handful of people still going there should look in the mirror and look at each other, be honest with themselves and realize they are the problem. It’s not that people who once went to church there have fallen away from going to church; they have all started going to real churches. It’s probably easy for the few people who still go to the church to blame everyone else but themselves. The truth is eventually nobody will show up and the people to blame are those who keep their seats warm every time they want the reputation that they attended church. It’s all for show, and that’s truly the problem.

. I see a certain person who got in trouble for biting

off a piece of a sibling’s nose is back in the community again. How is this permitted? Young punks like that need to be locked up.

. There are two people I refused to vote for on Election Day. One was Mickey Stines; the other was Eugene Slone.

I really liked sports for a long time and played sports for a long time. Now that my son plays I have pretty much turned against it with them wanting to play five games a week. The other day when it flooded in several different areas of Letcher County the coaches said, ‘Yes, we’re still going to have the ballgame.’ What coach in his or her right mind is going to tell a child to go out in floodwaters and play a ballgame? I think a lot of these coaches are touched in the head.

. I heard on the radio where some of the Republicans were saying there are people in the White House who are trying to undermine Donald Trump. Didn’t Donald Trump hire the people in the White House? Didn’t he pick his own employees? Isn’t it Trump’s fault that he can’t pick employees who are loyal to him? Isn’t there something wrong with Donald Trump as well as the system?

. It’s amazing how all the land around Whitesburg and Isom is left vacant for the weeds to grow. If we had any brains in the courthouse this county would be voted wet. Then maybe we could have some new revenue and jobs coming in here. We need a Rural King to compete with Walmart. They should be promoting jobs on our vacant strip jobs.

. To a certain person: Either find a job here or leave town and never come back. Why don’t you just go to Lexington? Maybe there you can find yourself a woman on the street corner. There are all kinds of women in that town. Women you like to hang out with are a dime a dozen. All you want is someone to pay your bills for you while you sit back and brag on Facebook. Some of us see you on Facebook and we’re tired of putting up with you. You’re nothing but a born loser.

. In the May 9 issue I read where someone called someone else an ugly. This caller was obviously projecting his or her problems onto someone else. That says nothing about the other person and everything about you. You clearly must be a devious person to say something like that.

. Some people tell a lie over and over, and a lot of people start believing it’s the truth. The worst part of this whole scenario is that the law believes it’s the truth.

. I am calling in reference to the gentleman who keeps complaining about Steve Addington blocking a trail on Pine Mountain near Jenkins. Steve Addington owns that land. Steve Addington pays taxes on that land. We need another Donald Trump in Jenkins — someone who will do what they are supposed to do. Thank you.

. I am going back to the sixth chapter of Genesis. I think most of those people are good — with a ‘but.’ In Genesis 6, God allowed his little pet demons to come down here and molest you girls. I am also satisfied they molested boys as well. They did everything sexually they wanted. Is it any wonder we are the people we are after God allowed His boys to come down here and set the example for us?

. I was the minimum wage man for 10 years before I got a good job. I had that good job for 15 years and then Ronald Reagan got in office. That filthy, lowdown piece of trash cost me my good job. I hope he’s in the pits of hell right now burning and clawing the walls.

. I don’t know if it’s AT&T or some other company, but our local businesses that use the ‘Sysco’ answering service aren’t being served well. How do we get in touch with these businesses while this problem continues?

. Does anyone know of or have a spot of semi-secluded area where someone can live on her own and basically off the land? Would need access to water and be able to drive a car at least enough to get there without a four-wheel drive. Will build own shelter and willing to pay rent. Good references. Please post in next week’s paper if anyone has such an area. Thanks.

. Next election I am going to run for sheriff under the promise you won’t have to worry about me bothering your marijuana patches because I am too scared of snakes. You won’t have to worry about your bootlegging operations as long as you give me a little bit for my gas and stuff. And if you have any pills you need to give me one or two. I bet I get elected.

. What’s on my mind is all these illegal snaring son-ofa guns at Fishpond Lake. The fish and wildlife wardens need to start coming to Fishpond Lake. It is the worst lake I have ever seen in my life for the illegal snaring of bass. Yes, I said snaring. Snares are being used to catch big bass there.

. I haven’t had any signal for WMMT-FM for three days. I called a friend in Elkhorn City and they said they hadn’t had a signal in three days, either. I called Appalshop on the third day and they asked me, ‘What’s the problem?’ If I knew what the problem was I’d fix their stupid radio station, but they should fix it themselves if they want people to listen. Without a signal there is no way we can listen.

. What’s on my mind is three weeks, three people killed on the road near Fishpond Lake. I think it’s high time someone comes and looks at this rough road that just about shoves you into the path of another vehicle. Somebody please come and address this problem. How many of our loved ones have to die before this is fixed?

. I think it’s a rotten shame that we can send man to the moon, we can send rocket ships to Mars, and we can shut down coal mines, but we can’t do anything

about people piling garbage up around their houses or throwing it in the creeks. That is shameful. Police can write tickets for speeding and they can write tickets for talking on the telephone, but the police can’t do anything about the garbage. Come on, people. We can do better than this.

. To a Suboxone-pushing piece of crap: You better hope the police catch you before the family member does. They know who you are now and they are watching for you.

. Unfortunately, it seems that our president is no dealmaker, but is a deal breaker in bad faith. He stiffs his contractors; he gives his word and then changes it, and he has trashed the international trust in our country’s word. We have made agreements and then he tears them up. Who is going to negotiate with us and count on us keeping our word? Trump doesn’t seem to care about our international reputation at all. It is tragic, and frightening. He is willing to even risk war because he is personally ticked off. It is terrible.

. Looks like we’ve had drug users at the Jenkins Water Plant. Two were arrested early Sunday morning. It is my understanding that one of them was fired under the past administration for allegedly failing a drug test, but was rehired by Mayor Depriest. Now what will he do? The rumor is he is going to hire someone from Knott County. Must be something wrong with hiring local people. I guess now we know why the water was black when they were flushing the hydrants last week.

. To all you politicians who are in office and are not fixing people’s culverts back and things: You say it’s not your job. You might even be right, but it’s going to cost a lot of you who are now in office your election. You all have a nice day anyway.

. Do you think I care what you think about me? If you do, you are a bigger fool than I am.

. To a certain woman: If your husband were my husband I would definitely put a leash on him to keep him close by so I could watch and see what he is doing. I see him out every day with a different woman.

. I just read in The Mountain Eagle where Gus Tolliver died. My brother and I thought the world of him and we used to buy a lot of truck parts from him when we were in the trucking business. I sure hate to see old Gus leave. He was a good man and I though the world of him. I liked his boys, too.

. How do all these people drive up and down Little Colley without a driver’s license? I see them driving on KY 1148 all the time, just as if they had licenses. If we have to have licenses they ought to have them, too. It’s high time the county or state police get involved. If these people driving without a license hit me they better have insurance. They will need it.

. To the person in the nosey neighborhood hiding behind the phone and the newspaper: You don’t have the guts to say something to the man in the pajamas. How afraid are you? My ‘gimmick’ is the nosey neighborhood can kiss my hind end. This is from the grown man in his pajamas.

. To a certain resident of Bill Moore Branch who was interviewed by the local news about the flooding in Bill Moore and blaming the high waters on the garbage in the creek: I didn’t see any garbage coming down the creek in the newscast. I’m in and out of Bill Moore every day and I didn’t see any garbage in the creek. They even had little barrels set up. It’s a neat little hollow.

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