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I would like to know what Ronald Reagan did that caused the person who wrote about losing his good job. As for Ronald Reagan, I believe he made it into heaven. But I’m wondering about the caller with the type of feelings he has about another human being. You need to let that anger go. It has been a lot of years that you have been carrying that load of hate. I don’t believe you can have a real close relationship with God with that in your heart.

. I bought a cellphone and read the warning label that came with it instructing users to wash their hands after every use. How would you know you’ve bought something made in China that has chemicals in it unless they warn you? You get a cheap phone made in China, you get cheap clothes made in China, and if you don’t wash them first you get cancer. But no one wants to talk about the Chinese putting stuff over here that is killing us.

. I see a certain garage has opened back up and is working there five or six days a week. If anybody needs their car worked on they should take it there, but they can’t do a whole lot because one is on Social Security disability and the other one has signed up for it. Thank you.

. I am a retired military man and had the privilege of attending the memorial service held at the Veterans Center in the City of Whitesburg on May 25. I heard Mayor Craft give one of the best speeches I have heard in my entire military career, particularly those for a memorial service for all of our fallen heroes.

. A certain logging company claims to pay two-dollars a foot, but they take footage off the timber.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: We have a local coal company here in Letcher County that is run by nothing but a bunch of low-life people. They are working young coal miners called ‘red hats,’ which means coal miners who have worked for less than one year underground, and are slave-driving these young men seven days a week, twelve hours a day. I would call this a human rights violation, not a National Labor Relations problem. The owners of this coal company ought to be hanged by the neck until death.

A certain person who is under house arrest for child molestation has been making his brags about how he is going to be released. Liars get what they deserve. Have a nice day.

Why weren’t the roads to the cemeteries in the Jeremiah area graded and graveled for Memorial Day?

. Dear wife of mine: You constantly complain about me. I can never do anything right. You get me in front of our friends and put me down constantly. I think they are trying to break us up. If that’s what you want, you go ahead and do it, but it’s working. So you think about all of that.

. I am calling in as a concerned parent wondering when Letcher County Central High School is going to start recruiting coaches from elsewhere. Our teams have way too much talent to be average. We need to find coaches from the outside. It’s good to have local coaches, but it’s a different game at the high school level. Thank you.

. The person who said they wouldn’t vote for the two main competitors in the recent sheriff ’s election is interesting. I believe either of the two would do a good job. I feel the one who inched out the other one will prove to be a very good sheriff. People can say what they will, but the current sheriff has done well. Also, the person who won the jailer’s position is a good choice. Job well done, voters.

. Pine Creek has some of the hottest housewives I have witnessed. I just want to tell those lonely housewives that Romeo is back in town.

. What is on my mind is all these people out here trying to draw Social Security disability. One certain jaybird used to be a true friend to me until he lied to me and went against my family. I’m going to start giving him a taste of his own medicine since he is trying to sign up for disability while he’s out here riding around on a big side-by-side. What will the Social Security board say about him when they get pictures of him on that big Ranger?

. The paper said the mayor of Jenkins was all upset because some of his employees were caught using and dealing drugs. He shouldn’t be too surprised, since most everyone uses drugs nowadays. Sorry, little mayor.

. If you want an honest official then vote for Richard Glen Brown for the office of property valuation administrator. He is a true gentleman, a true friend, and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever spoken to in all of my life.

. I’m a longtime citizen and taxpayer in the City of Jenkins. I would just like to say that we are very lucky to

have a police officer in town like Officer Mike Garner. He is actually doing his job and is taking the correct people to jail. Thank you from the citizens of Jenkins. We appreciate everything you do for us. We need more police officers like Mike Garner.

. The mayor of Jenkins should listen the next time the people who elected him tell him he has a drug problem going on in the city.

. I just wanted to let certain people know I left that Kool cigarette pack in the forks of that little maple tree just so they will know that I really do know where their pot patch is.

. Well, I finally pulled away from all of these intelligent doctors. Does anybody know where I could find a good witch doctor? If there’s a witch doctor out there reading this, you need to come to Letcher County and set up an office. You would do as much or more than most of our doctors, although we do have a few good doctors.

. If you see a big old black snake out there please do not hurt it. Do not kill our black snakes, because they are the best snakes we can have around. Black snakes do kill copperheads, so please leave the black snakes alone.

. Mr. President, the only obstruction of justice that I have seen was the Clinton administration. This Mueller, his probe into the Russians has gone far beyond the power he has. You should have fired him a long time ago. The American people are behind you one hundred percent, Mr. President.

. This is that resident on Bill Moore Branch who did the talking on TV about the garbage causing the flooding. You’re saying you didn’t see that garbage? Are you blind? Did you see the damage it caused by washing those big culverts out? Be you therefore happy.

. I would like to know where they get these numbers about the people who are dying of overdoses. I think they are made up. I just don’t believe that. Just like our president talks about made up stories, I think the one about the large numbers of overdose deaths is one of them. That number is way too high. Just check it out. But the newspeople think it makes news so they grab it.

. There is no way to deny that the news media flat-out lied when they said Donald Trump called immigrants ‘animals.’ Trump made it abundantly clear that he was talking about members of the gang MS-13. And I know for a fact that is exactly what they are.

. This is the old cat killer. have gotten The Mountain Eagle for many years and I appreciate them. I think they are fair and honest, as they have always been with me. As for as old cat killer killing all of those cats, let me ask you something, cat lover: Not too long ago someone set a cat and her kittens out here even though they were only about four days old. She got run over in the road and was left dead for her little kitten to crawl around and over. Now who is worse — me the cat killer or the cat lovers who take them and put them out by the road? Just give some thought to that.

. To Frazier, who wrote in The Mountain Eagle about the legacy of the Letcher County combat veteran: I just read your article and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My hat goes off to you, Sergeant. I served with the 2/1 Cavalry, different time, different place, but I served with men of your caliber. I salute you, Sergeant Randy Frazier, and may God bless you.

. As Donald Trump would say, it is time to clean the

swamp. We tried to do it in Whitesburg, as Sam Wright couldn’t buy that election for Larry Adams. Money talks, but not enough did they do to help. People in Frankfort don’t vote for Larry Adams, we do. Thank you.

. I’m thinking about what the caller said about God’s little demons. I don’t believe God has pets, because in Acts 10:34 it says that He is no respecter of persons. The little demons he talked about are in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day, because they left their own habitation (heaven). You can read about this in

the Book of Jude verse six. Maybe God does pet us a little in that He gives everyone free will, which lets us decide if we love Him or Satan. The caller asked, ‘Is it any wonder we are the people we are’ after what God allowed those people to do? Here is the way it is: We cannot blame anyone else for what we do. We will stand alone before God on that great judgment day. He is keeping good records there about what we do and don’t do. I believe we would be best served by keeping that record free of sin by repenting every day.

. I was watching ESPN about the NFL’s new policy about standing for the national anthem. If you don’t like this country, leave it. Just leave this country if you don’t like the national anthem or the flag. ESPN is in a nosedive and has been for a pretty good while. I’ve seen a decline in the quality of shows at ESPN and I know why. They’ve gotten

in over their heads in all this policy and stuff and it’s cost them. .

To a certain woman: Why don’t you shut up and leave this certain couple alone? Don’t you think they are going through enough without you always slapping your tongue and telling lies. No wonder he doesn’t fool with you because of that. Go on with your life and leave these people alone. What’s wrong with you? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

. A Kentucky State Police car was parked in the handicapped parking place at Community Trust Bank when there were other parking spaces open. The thing about the handicapped parking place is that it is in front of the ramp going up to the sidewalk, so if that is blocked so is access to the sidewalk. Shame on the trooper who parked there while he went into the bank.

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