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To a woman at Blackey: How could you destroy your children’s lives and your husband’s life? That’s what you’ve done. Everybody knows who you had an affair with. Why would you do something like that and destroy your family? Hope you feel good for what you have done.

I don’t see how you can lie down and get a good night’s rest after the way you treated your mother. Listen, you will pay for it. You had a wonderful mother and you didn’t treat her the way she should have been treated. I don’t know how, really, you live with yourself.

Better get your arm back in that car and quit hanging it out the window. Somebody’s going to knock it off.

You all are still hunting deer with artillery tanks. You’ll never catch the deer like that. It hears the noise and it runs away.

The president of the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council needs to get control of the council. The future of the council rests with him.

I was raised to have respect for all people, but I mostly take to women, kids, and the elderly. Sometimes the women are stuckup, the elderly may be senile, and the kids don’t give a heck. But I open the door for all of them anyway. A smile is nice, a nod is okay, and for the rest I just do it. It makes me feel good. Your appreciation makes me feel good. Let me know where I opened the door for you.

You won’t be parking in front of that house when the new neighbors move in. I can’t wait.

I think it’s a bunch of bull that a woman on Cram Creek is getting thrown out of her home just after her husband dies. Instead of helping her out in a time of need, her sister gave her an eviction notice even though she has lived there all of her life. It should be hers in the first place, but her mom is too old and the sister has power of attorney and is using it to throw her out. I think that’s a disgrace and that everybody should know about it.

I would like to tell other people to quit talking about me and start talking to me. That burns me up when other people say, ‘well, they’re talking about you.’ You don’t need to be talking about me. You need to talk to me. If you can’t talk to me then quit looking at me. In other words, get a grip, buddy. I’m just human. I’m not going to break.

Change. When Obama is elected president, change it will be. Maybe if Brushey Bill would come down from the mountain with his mule and ride it to D.C. he could plow up the Rose Garden.

Apparently, you do not know much about bankruptcy laws. There are different kinds of bankruptcy you can file. I think you need to check into that. Just because you file for bankruptcy protection doesn’t mean you have to walk. Sorry you feel that way, but people do have to have a vehicle. The law is the law and, believe it or not, it does work for you sometimes. So have a nice day, redneck.

To a certain garage owner: I would like to know why that every time someone brings their car over to you to get it fixed it ends up being burglarized of items such as CD’s, knives, and money. I would like to know why this is happening.

Elderly beware. There is a major food store chain in our town that is mistreating older workers. There have been at least six elderly workers who have been demoted to harder jobs and/ or harder shifts, been forced to quit, or have transferred to other stores. I refuse to shop at a store that doesn’t value their loyal elderly employees. If a store doesn’t value their older workers they don’t value their older customers. If you don’t believe me then ask someone who works there. I have no respect for the woman who caused this and even less respect for the man who allowed it to happen. Go to church on Sunday morning but remember the Lord knows what you do Monday through Saturday.

It’s something the way these fast-food places keep raising their prices. I can go to Pine Mountain Grill and get a fourcourse meal cheaper than I can eat at one of these fast-food places now.

I had a chicken that couldn’t lay an egg so I poured hot water up and down its leg.

To a woman who drives a Chevy: You got your wish. Your boyfriend is getting a divorce. But as soon as I find out where you live – I know you’re married – you will be divorced, too. I will assure you of that.

To the bleached-out blonde who works at a certain place in Whitesburg: You think you’re smart, but I know whose husband you’re going out with. She’ll know soon enough. Then what are you going to do?

Every dog has its day and dogs days are about to set in at Wright’s Hollow in Dunham.

A certain hag and the halfman she is married to had better get themselves a bigger go-cart, because more hangs out than what can sit in the seat. I thought children rode go-carts. I didn’t know grownups rode them.

It looks to me like when you call somebody’s phone you would talk instead of hanging up. Don’t call again.

It looks like they got one piece of trash behind bars. Now they need to pick up four more. Buck Creek.

I am a concerned mother in Pistol City. A lot of vehicles are stopping by a certain place, day in and day out. It needs to stop before someone else gets hurt. Thank you.

To the little lady who was raised on Millstone in the early sixties and late fifties: Your grandma went to her grave tormented over you. But that was because she loved you. Just wanted you to know that.

How can a person draw Social Security disability, get out and work for people making $8 to $9 an hour, get child support, and not report it to the Social Security board. I would like to know how to report this and get it straightened out.

My name is Jeffrey Craft. What I would like to find out is this: My son was beaten almost to death by two people whose names the authorities know. This beating was under investigation by the Kentucky State Police, yet no indictment was returned. I was refused the right to get a warrant against the two men. I was turned down by the county attorney’s office and also the sheriff ‘s department. My son has received over $50,000 in bills for medical work and is receiving no help from the authorities. What kind of law enforcement do we have here? You can get caught with a pill and end up serving a life sentence, but apparently you can beat someone nearly to death and get away with it.

Time for some truth. Yes, my son is on drugs. And yes, he did do some things like steal some guns from his dad. That is not what’s wrong with my and his dad’s marriage. The trouble with the marriage is because I caught my husband and my sister-in-law in the playhouse together.

I would just like to say the katydids you show in the paper, the old folks call them locusts, but the locusts tie in with the children of Israel when they were in bondage when Pharaoh refused to set them free. In the Book of Exodus, Chapters eight through 11, we only have a bad locust attack every 17 years. How many of us could really go through what Moses went through from sunup to sundown? Katydids only come out in the fall. According to the old folks, that was a sign of 40 days before our first frost and time to start gathering their first crops. It just reminds us the Bible is still the word of God, and the plagues Egypt had to deal with we are seeing today. When we see these things come to pass we know that Jesus is coming soon for his bride.

(The photographs you are speaking of showed cicadas. A cicada is not a locust. Nor is it a katydid.)

I just had my first mess of locusts. I tell you people, those things are absolutely delicious. Just put them in a little Crisco and fry them up golden brown. Like dryland fish, you will love them.

What we have here, preacher, is a total lack of communication. This is not with your congregation, for you are telling them just what they want to hear – that if they just come to church everything will be all right. They believe this. The other night they called a preacher’s grandson a prophet. Wake up, people. This is the blind leading the blind in overtime. Who was the last prophet? Have you even read the Bible? Preacher, if you can’t swim don’t get in the water. If you don’t know what you are talking about, let someone who can. Pasture – a place where sheep come to be fed. And all you’re giving them is loco weed. Something to think about.

Single man looking to settle down with a 25- to 45-year-old woman.

This is concerning Joe DePriest’s comments in the paper about the industrial site: We pay thousands of dollars a year to get jobs at the industrial site at Jenkins and there are no jobs there for the people. As for the old Image Entry building, which is privately owned by Source Corps, that is not part of the industrial site. Who do you think you’re fooling? And don’t give me the talk about the prison at the industrial site. Just give us some jobs.

(The Gateway Industrial Park at Jenkins has something most other industrial parks in southeastern Kentucky don’t have – tenants, and the prospect of more tenants. Mr. DePriest, Letcher County’s industrial recruiter, deserves much of the credit for the growth the site has seen so far.)

If you don’t like the way the police are running this town why don’t you leave? They’re just doing their job.

To the people who keep calling about the people at Rocky Hollow: If you guys would get jobs and stop drawing checks and living off our tax money, you might find something better to do and mind your own business. We don’t do drugs, but if we did, none of you all are cool or smart enough to catch us.

I would like to see if anybody has found a little white dog. Under her fur she has black spots. She has a brown face and looks like she has eyeliner on. She’s been missing for four weeks. She didn’t have a tag on. She’s a house dog and got out. I would appreciate it if anybody would bring her back. I have cried and hunted for her. My kids and my grandkids miss her also. Please, she is just like my baby. If you have found her, please call 855-8138. She answers to Tinker Bell. Thank you.

I was just calling about a certain girl at Whitaker. If she has any decency she will return a dog she stole from Haymond. She knows who she is.

This is about a judge in Harlan, Kentucky – the circuit judge up here. He thinks he is Boss Hogg. And this must be Hazzard, because he is trying to do all he can to hurt the citizens of Harlan County. He makes differences when he sits up on the bench. He will look down on some people and give the criminals the breaks. I think something needs to be done. He needs somebody to tell him he’s only human and a citizen like the rest of us. He is not Boss Hogg. And the sheriff is not Roscoe P. Coltrane. And the people of Harlan County are not the Dukes of Hazzard.

I’m really pleased that the Days got their conviction, but I don’t understand why some people are being made to get appraisals and surveys, and jump through other hoops by the Sheriff and Commonwealth’s Attorney. Timber theft is no more complicated than any other theft – it’s just stealing. I think officials are just making it complicated.

I’ve just so happened to have hunted with this man since I’ve been 6 or 7 years old and not one time have I ever seen him drink out of a Dr. Pepper can! He’s always drunk out of the bottle type. Believe me, he has love for God’s land and always picks up after himself. So next time you’re going to have to find something better to lie about on this coonhunting preacher!

To the concerned citizen who wrote in last week’s Speak Your Piece about the branch: Who do you do you think you are to judge us? It is pathetic how you sit around and make fun of innocent people. You are sick.

To Big Hillbilly: Your shirtsleeves belong on your arms, not on your head. P.S. It’s okay not to clean your plate once in awhile.

To Little Hillbilly: If you get another pink envelope in the mail, you lose your man card.

To a certain person who keeps throwing watermelon rinds at my sheep: If you don’t stop I’ll yank your cable.

I would like to add to the comments of the caller who complained about the “pizza throwing” arrest this week. When I was in school we threw many things – erasers, chalk, and, in one glorious battle, overripe pawpaws. We did other goofy things, and we got caught a lot. When caught we had to see the principal and he chewed us out, or had us wash windows and scrub floors, or both. He did not call a deputy for help, and would have been insulted had someone suggested it. Had a deputy been called on such a thing, he would have ignored the call and would have refused to use his time on such trivia. I agree that this incident is serious, though. It shows the depths to which law enforcement and school administrators have sunk. I imagine it would be easier to get a deputy to chase a teen-aged pizza thrower than a drug dealer or timber thief or some other bad person. I just hope the district court will straighten this mess out. This comes hard on the heels of the latest fiscal court embarrassment. I think the whole county administration is dysfunctional.

‘Dale’ by CLH: You were known as the a family man, farmer, the intimidator, and number three/And after so many times you finally got your Daytona 500 victory/But that’s also where you lost your life/In mourning were your fans, friends, family, the kids and wife/But we know you died doing what you love/ When we look up above/We think, Dale, if heaven has a racetrack/You’d never want to come back/If we could just see you now/We’d say wow/That Dale/What a story to tell/But, no matter if you’re near or far/ Dale, we can always see you driving that little black number three race car.

They should rename a certain fast-food restaurant Slowest Drive-Thru in the Universe. I would say they should rename it Slowest Drive-Thru in the Universe That Doesn’t Even Get Your Order Right, but I don’t think it would fit on a fry box all that good.

Leave those Icee girls alone. I think they’re cute.

K.J.: Hope you’re doing OK. Haven’t heard from you lately. M.A.

Family reunion reminder: The Gibson family reunion will be the last Saturday of June. Please be there.

It looks like we have finally come up with some people in Letcher County who know how to handle timber theft. Judge Wood, prosecutor Hubbard, and the jury should be commended for the conviction of the Logans. They apparently didn’t require a timber appraisal or a survey. They also didn’t go for that nonsense of calling it a civil matter. They just gathered the evidence and did their job. The other county officials had better take a lesson from this. This doesn’t make them and their record look too good. If some of those officials don’t improve their performance, I think it’s time for resignations.

I’m really happy to see that the Attorney General is going to audit Letcher County for voting irregularities. He’ll find there were plenty if he looks very hard. I just hope he interviews some of the citizens who were pressured by county officials to campaign and vote the way the officials said. This could be a turning point away from the corruption and sleaze we have had to contend with for so long.

Hey, wacko, the secret is out and everyone knows you’re a moron. I can’t believe you really believe that there is a Big Foot nesting behind your house. We are laughing at you, not with you. Wonder why no one comes around you? They think you’re an idiot.

I just thought people should be aware that a certain nurse is a drug user and alcoholic. I know that I will not let a druggie take care of my kids or family members and I know you don’t want yours to be taken care by a druggie either.

To the stringy-headed bleached blonde upcoming junior: Can’t you see that he is trying his best to get rid of you? Get a clue.

We have a senior citizens center in Neon with the worst people in the county. I am a very embarrassed senior citizen. We get our meals free, our trips are free, and one of our seniors acted like an idiot over $6. If I was the director I would ask him to leave. Our center is becoming dangerous with people coming in and cursing and Christian men talking to the workers like dogs. It’s no wonder people don’t want to be fooled with us old people. Some of us act like greedy idiots.

I think the Riverside Festival Committee needs to take their hot dogs and go to the Riverside Park and sell them and make their money in Whitesburg where the festival is held, not in Jenkins. ‘She’ doesn’t run the Jenkins Day Festival anymore, thank goodness, because it was always ‘her’ way or no way.

To my brothers and sisters: I know that I was trouble when I was around and I’m sorry. I think that it is a shame the way you all are treating each other. It’s time that this family pulls together and loves one another. You know who I’m talking about, P&E and the rest of the family. P&E, it’s time that you call your big sister and tell her you both are sorry before it is too late and that you love her. It is so pretty here and peaceful. Love you all, brothers and sisters. T.L.Y.

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