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A little more than a week ago my wife and son were assaulted. We took a warrant out on this boy who did the assaulting to have him arrested, but he still hasn’t been arrested because he knows just about everybody in the courthouse. People don’t put your faith in the law. The law is no good here. This place stinks.

. I would just like to ask everyone in Letcher County to please not be a motherexpletive meth head. Thank you.

. What in the world is going on to cause the mayor of Jenkins to fire the cop that caught the two city employees who were allegedly selling dope? We need to get rid of the mayor or anyone else who had anything to do with getting rid of the best cop that’s ever been in Jenkins. Todd Depriest, you’re as good as gone when election time rolls around. I hope you read this.

. The left-wing faction of the Democrat Party is scared to death that President Trump will make this country a better place to live.

. Well, the Addington boy from Jenkins has disappeared. The election should have happened much sooner.

. My family recently had a reunion at Fishpond Lake. Thanks to County Judge Jim Ward, the weeds were knee-high. We’ll remember that when fall comes and it’s election time. Thank you, Mr. Ward.

. I can see the economy growing. I can also see gas prices growing. I can also see my disability check at a hundred and thirty dollars less than it was. Yes, it’s a rosy picture out there, but in my household — and I’m the only one living here — it’s hard to make it on eight hundred dollars a month. I support you, Mr. President, one hundred percent. You are helping our nation grow. There are some things I don’t understand, but I wish you the best.

. Can we finally and forever dispel the myth that the Banana Republicans are the party of family values? People are trying to sneak into our country because at home they’re being robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered. But, instead of showing them Christian love and compassion, our administration is doing the work of Satan by ripping crying babies from the arms of their parents, traumatizing whole families for life. History books will remember these Nazi style tactics.

. It’s amazing how the sheriff ’s department and state police keep on allowing the bootlegging and drug dealing continue at the left-hand fork of Doty Creek. It seems like somebody is always able to find a way to get his or her case of beer or a bag of pills. They know who is dealing it, but they won’t do anything about it.

. I think it’s a shame when man can’t drive up and down Pine Creek, at Crossover Road, without having to stop and let drug transactions be completed by people blocking the road.

. I do believe I have the nosiest family. They want to know all about your finances and what you are doing. I wish they would stay out of my life and my bills.

. I saw that piece in the paper about no shots, no school. Why don’t they use that same strategy on the bullies? Get them on video and call their parents in. Tell them you bully you go home. These other kids are tired of that stuff.

. There aren’t many coal mines left in Letcher County, and I don’t know if there ever will be anymore. But I’ve got one thing to say: Every miner, union and non-union, deserves every penny, nickel, dime and quarter. You go under that mountain you don’t know if you’re going to come out alive or not. It’s something for the rich to sit and think about what the poor old coal miners have to go through. I also think the miners’ wives should stay at home and off the road spending his money. That would be a blessing.

. Donald Trump says he’s bringing in jobs, but the jobs don’t pay much. He says what’s wrong with the country is the high wages. The only high wages he pays is to Chinese people who work for him in his clothing factories in China.

. Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble with the Internet service on Appalachian Wireless phones?

. There were more kids killed in American schools last year than soldiers in our military. Congratulations to the NRA.

. I’ve always heard the people’s true colors will finally show. Well, Roseanne Barr’s true colors have finally shown. In my eye, she should have been done away with when she did what she did on the baseball field while singing the national anthem years ago. Now she’s really crossed the line. I

don’t care what color, I don’t care what size, I don’t care who you are, you do not talk about people’s race. Roseanne Barr needs barred from TV sitcoms or anything else. She doesn’t need to be able to make another penny until the day she dies. She needs to crawl up in a corner with her little perverted mind and leave this world alone. That is why we have racism in this country. I am a solid white male citizen, but I love everybody, not just whites.

. Sitting in a grocery store parking lot on Friday afternoon. Letcher County is getting to be a lot like the movie version of NYC in ‘Escape from New York.’

. To the caller who said no one should talk about Ronald Reagan because he was a Christian forgets about Ronald Reagan’s policies. He may have been a Christian, but when he was in his first year as president 4,500 coal miners were laid off in eastern Kentucky. When Ronald Reagan was president they raised the age of Social Security retirement.

. A friend of mine who is a coal company executive said what happened to the coal industry was they ran out of coal in eastern Kentucky and had to move to West Virginia. He said his coal company had to go to where the coal is. He said there is not much coal left in eastern Kentucky. But what does he know? He’s just a coal company executive.

. I want to send out an invitation to a bachelor’s party being held in the head of Greasy Creek around the end of this month. The speakers will be Roseanne Barr and Stormy Daniels. They will both be there doing what they do best. You are all invited, so come on down.

. Last week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle features a story on jail overcrowding. Also in the paper was a story about a former drug user who has turned her life around. The two stories indicate that drug abuse seems to be the biggest contribution to incarceration. We all can agree that substance abuse reflects a large majority of the people who become locked up and no one answer is the solution to this problem. However, the article where the young woman shared her success story is an excellent way to spread the word. More people who have had similar issues should speak up. Their experiences and insight is invaluable. And if they can succeed others can too. Thanks for printing her story.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: I’m just trying to help. Kentucky Regional Jail started having overcrowding and got sued for three hundred thousand dollars and the man recovered. I would start building a new jail and have two jails or force all the meth heads into rehab or something.

. For the Letcher County Jail to house one hundred and thirty-six inmates where fifty-four should be equals cruel and unusual and I think illegal punishment. Thank you.

. How can the people who work in the Letcher County Courthouse do their work knowing and allowing such deplorable living conditions in the Letcher County Jail? Note: If you put one hundred and thirty-six dogs in a building built for fifty-four, you would be and should be charged with one hundred and thirty-six counts of animal cruelty.

. So, Pikeville Medical Center removed 130 from their jobs. Thanks for the good work, President Trump.

. Concerning the over-capacity in the Letcher County Jail, I would like to ask why is a felon who is facing eight years sitting in our jail in Whitesburg? Why is he not sent off to a bigger prison? I thought there was a limited amount of time you could spend in a county jail. That’s

the way it used to be. What happened to use to be?

. I think it’s a shame child welfare would take children away from the mother that’s on drugs and turn right around and give them back to the grandmother and grandfather who are also on drugs. They should take such children to other states and give them to people there who really want children.

. I just don’t understand how some people can live with themselves after doing others so badly. I was in Jenkins and ran into an old school friend and got to talk to him for a while. He was telling me that he had to spend some time in prison and I told him he is not the only one who has made mistakes in the past and that he should just put it behind him and move forward. He was telling me how hard things are for him now because all the family he really had was his grandpa and while he was in prison a guy scammed his grandpa out of his house some other property that he owned as well as some trucks and other things that should have been his after his grandpa died. He says the guy acted like he was taking care of his grandpa and got him to trust him and then took everything he had and now acts like he is doing him a favor by letting him stay in the house for now, but knows that the house and property is for sale once the time limit is up after his grandpa’s death. My friend says he will have nowhere to live. He will not get any of the money for anything and really doesn’t have a positive outlook for the future. I told him to check with local attorneys and maybe with some of the groups that act on behalf of exploited and abused senior citizens. I really feel bad for my friend. He has always been a good guy. I don’t know why he was in prison and really don’t care, but I do think it takes low life to do another person like this.

. I am sure glad Trump saved all of those Carrier jobs in Indiana. It makes me want to listen to Gene Ballou’s air-conditioner song.

. People should be more careful about spreading lies and gossip about someone without knowing for sure what the heck they are talking about. It reflects a serious lack of character on anyone who either starts rumors or anyone who spreads them.

I am wondering just how those who do this will feel if they got their names in the mess by being one of the first folks sued for slander. What a tale that would be.

. Dear Speak Your Piece: It’s true. The reason we are having school shootings is bullying. That means the school system is not doing its job. That recently happened at Letcher County Central High School and the school system did not try to do anything about it. The school system is the problem. This is happening all over the country. This needs to stop now. If the government is telling the school systems to act in this manner or if some laws were made to cause this problem, the law needs to be change. This makes me think of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. They’re probably behind this problem. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald J. Trump and he’s not going anywhere. I’m going to tell him about this problem so he can fix it.

To all Letcher County people: With all the recent cutbacks in money available to the county through the fiscal court from severance taxes and other sources, there is not enough money to go around anymore. If you’ve not already experienced it, Letcher County is going through some hard times. But one thing about Letcher County that people need to realize is the volunteer fire departments get very little money from the fiscal court or the state. Some of them are actually already broke or will be broke in a few months from now. If people don’t donate or help in some manner to keep these volunteer fire departments funded they will have to close their doors. When they close their doors, our insurance on our homes is going to go up. We the people need to help fund our volunteer fire departments. If you have extra money, please donate it to your volunteer fire department. We need to keep these departments open.

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