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Concerning the overcrowding at the jail, yes, it’s a serious problem for not just the inmates but the staff members as well. It’s unhealthy and extremely stressful. However, it’s particularly bad in the women’s cells. Instead of people complaining about this problem more proactive measures should be taken, such as contacting elected officials and demanding that efforts be examined to find solutions for this crisis. People holler that other facilities can’t be built, but it’s more expensive to house people in cramped quarters than trying to find more cost effective means. Why can’t nonviolent offenders be kept in facilities such as work programs and attempts made to educate them about the behaviors and habits that led to them being locked up? Many people who work in the jail are so out of touch with reality that they seem to think all they have to do is show up and collect a paycheck. Let’s take a very honest and critical look at the attitudes of everyone here, not just the inmates but the staff and especially elected officials. It’s easy to say people who are locked up deserve to be there and not accept that the reasons are a community problem. Start contacting at the high levels and demand solutions. And if current employees are consistently failing to do much except collect a paycheck then fire them and get better educated people to do the job.

. From a concerned citizen, I would just like to thank the people of Kentucky again. More than seventy thousand dollars worth of traffic tickets have been written over here in Pound, Virginia. Thank you for that. How many of you do not understand that you need to slow down coming down the Pound side of Pine Mountain? The black Ford will get you, or one of the little silver cars will get you. Until you pass the Valero station you are in their sights for anything — a tag light out, a brake light out, your tint on your windows. Anything they can write a ticket for they will. Over seventy thousand dollars in tickets they have written. So beware, there is a speed trap at the bottom of the mountain.

. Does anyone have any information on the Burton Hill Bandit? Has he walked away free again? I would like to see him pay tenfold for what he has done to the people of this community. He brings shame and filth to our community.

. I was out yesterday in a public place with probably about 60 other people. A grown woman in her late

thirties was sitting there chewing gum and blowing bubbles as big as her head. I think that was so ignorant. I had just as soon she smoke a cigarette as blow those bubbles. And then they dress like they do with those tight pants on and them as big as a cow.

. I just want to let the residents of Kentucky know the Town of Pound, Virginia has instituted a seven thousand dollar-per-month quota for traffic tickets for eighty four thousand a year in the budget.

. I’m just sitting here watching the border situation on television and wondering why a parent would do that to their children by getting them in that situation.

. Given the jail is so overcrowded, I believe they should offer more programs for the inmates, such as GED classes and substance abuse programs. I believe that would take a lot of stress off of everybody. I also believe they should allow smoking in the jail again. A lot of people who smoke have stress on them. If they had certain smoking cells I believe it would cut down on the aggravation and the trouble they are having. They have these programs everywhere but in Letcher County. I believe it would be a great thing.

. It’s hard to sue anybody for slander when what they are talking about is written in the courthouse records where it’s been in court.

. With all these meth labs in Letcher County, they need to send in the National Guard or the Army Reserve to Pert Creek. They make enough meth up here on this strip job every night to blow the whole top of the mountain off.

. I wonder if they ever clean that jailhouse up down there where so many have to live? They have well over a hundred inmates there when they are supposed to have only fifty-four. I think the sex offenders need to stay in there until they rot.

. To all you bleeding heart liberals who are blaming Donald Trump for enforcing the immigration laws: I have a better idea. Let’s do away with all the laws and let everyone do just anything they want to do.

. It looks like we have ourselves a timber thief up here in Doty Creek.

. I would like to voice my opinion on the way things are done in our court system, the downstairs court and the upstairs court. Two

people can be charged with the same identical crime and never been in trouble before, yet one can get by with no punishment and the other one can’t. I think the poor people in this county do not have a chance. If you have money you more than likely will get out of trouble. If you don’t, you more than likely won’t. I think the judges need to sit down and take a good look at the cases in front of them and what goes on. I think it is so cruel and unjust when just because you have money you might be able to buy your way out of trouble. I just think it’s wrong. If anyone else agrees with me, please reply in next week’s Speak Your Piece. God bless all of those in the courthouse and at the jail. People do make mistakes, but many of them can and do rehabilitate.

. Looking through my old history book, the last time I could find that we split up families was when we sold half of one we’d kidnapped from Africa up the river and the other half down the river — one of our country’s most evil periods.

. To all you people running around here thinking your tattoos are cute: Well, according to the Bible it is against God’s will. Read Deuteronomy. I think you ought to think before you mark your body up like that. It’s not cute in my book.

. To all you moonshiners up in the head of Bill Moore Branch: We’re from Pike County and we sure enjoyed that last batch of moonshine. Just keep up the good work.

. The Appalshop radio station doesn’t play anything but junk anymore and I am sick and tired of it. It is amazing how that every time I turn it on, bluegrass and gospel is playing. I’m tired of hearing the same old bluegrass.

. How pathetic do you have to be to have completed your annual festival, yet one week later there still stands a big wooden sign announcing the festival across the street from where it was held? Seven days they had to pick their signs up; they didn’t do it.

. I am watching the local news where a man was on his own property and shot another man in self-defense. The man didn’t have a weapon, so they charged the property owner with assault. What I’m wondering is what happened to the nephew who got shot by his uncle? The nephew went to the uncle’s house without any weapons. He had worked for his uncle, but the uncle just went crazy and shot him. The nephew nearly died, but there were no questions from the state police or anyone else. It seems like a very weird case that was never completed. It seems like in eastern Kentucky we have to look behind the scenes to see what is really going on. More detectives need to look at this case.

. The leader of North Korea stuck out a bloody hand. He is not our friend. Neither

is Russia. Let Putin flex his muscles without a shirt. Mr. Trump, you flex your brain. You are a smart man.

. I would like to know why Paul Morris’s bluegrass show is not in Letcher County anymore. I was listening to WSGS in Hazard and heard Paul Morris’s show on that station. Can anyone enlighten me about why he was removed from the air in Letcher County? I would like to know that.

. I am calling about the obituary for Mr. Carl ‘Jake’ Gallion. There was a mistake in there. He was a paid up lifetime member of the Bradley Burkhart American Legion Post in Jenkins. I think it needs to be corrected. Thank you.

. The police aren’t there to serve a warrant on somebody who assaulted your wife and son; they are there to come and pick you up after you go down and take care of what he did.

. Jenkins High School has been hanging on by a thread for decades. It is now time to cut that thread. They just graduated fourteen seniors this year. They have the highest tax rate for the school system than anywhere else in Kentucky. They have more people than they need in the central office administrative staff. It’s a drain on the citizens of Jenkins. Time for a change.

. I would like to urge everybody to be very careful where you take your vehicle to have it worked on. One certain place on a back road between Whitesburg and Isom will tear your stuff up but won’t confess to it and it costs you dearly after you pay the man what he asks you to pay. If you have any sense you better stay away from this place. Neither my family nor me will never ever deal with this place again.

. It’s not at all a reflection of good character for a person to sit and brag about a certain cop being their friend, then turn around and not be truthful to that cop to hide their own mistakes, especially if trying to exercise control over another person. Anyone who does that should think twice long and hard, because there are always two sides to every story. There is such a thing as making a false police report, and it’s easier to prove that than twisting the truth around.

. The Harlan County Man has some things to say about Democrats, ‘spygate,’ and the uses of the FBI to spy on Trump’s campaign for political purposes while using the liberal media. NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN have all been pushing a lie on Russia and Trump’s campaign collusion after one and one-half years of finding no proof at millions of dollars spent. I will not vote for a Democrat again in my lifetime. God bless America and President Trump. Harlan County Man.

. I want to bring up the subject of bullying. It can happen in all forms, from

kids being bullied at school to cyber bullying. It happens in families and can involve members of that family, despite how popular that family is. Many people can walk around with hidden secrets and carry deep emotional pain only because they don’t think anyone would believe them. Usually those who veer from the accepted norms can become the target. Three events recently that happened to me have made me step back and reevaluate my own ideas. One was I passed judgment on a person based on how they look without knowing

that person. Two was getting accused of something I didn’t do by a person I care about. Three was finally realizing that a person with a weight problem is highly embarrassed by this and is tired of people reminding them. So, I am in the process of working on my own ideas because bullying can be done when we may not even realize we are doing it. I am not in church every time the door swings open, but I do think that my dad was right when he said the true meaning of church is inside our selves. Be still and listen for God.

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