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The City of Whitesburg is making positive steps in attracting tourism. However, Neon has failed to create much except overcharging folks for less than standard water that is not fit for human consumption and rude employees who’d probably run tourists off rather than appeal to them. Not to mention ridiculously the high property taxes that have discouraged businesses.

. Every time someone in this administration says that even though they control the White House and both sides of Congress they are forced to commit human rights violations against children, Satan laughs and Jesus weeps. Whose side are you on?

. Let’s start right at the top, Mr. President. America’s people are proud of what you are doing. We do wish that you would declare M-13 a terrorist group so we can stop this murdering, drug selling, and transforming young children’s brains, pressured to be put into the M-13 club. Mr. President, you can do it with the stroke of a pen. American people are not stupid. We know what the Democrats have done — not all of them, there are good Democrats. We thank you for what you’re doing, Mr. President. Get your wall built. They’re whining and crying about parents being separated from their children, but social services have separated parents and children since they became an organization also. God bless America. Hoorah.

. The fee grabbers in Virginia look for Letcher County people. I think Letcher County people should stay in their own county and let the Virginians do for themselves, because they don’t do Letcher County people right. The Letcher County people are the ones that help them out, but the Virginia people don’t have sense enough to know it.

. I don’t know what the powers that be of WMMT are thinking. This Friday night show has got to go. It is beyond terrible. I can’t even imagine anybody listening to it. It needs to go.

. To a certain lady who works in a government offi ce: Do you know your old man is cheating on you? Well, I know he’s cheating on you. Maybe I’ll stop in and see you.

. Any parent that would put their child in that position does not deserve a child. Why worry about them?

. Before the Civil War, one

Bible passage was (mis) used again and again by slavers as an argument FOR slavery. Romans 13. Guess which Bible passage Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions used to defend the cruel practice of harming immigrant children? Romans 13.

. I heard a rumor that some of the Democrats are walking around Washington, D.C., just blowing up, just exploding all at once and I hate to hear that. I thought they were over the election, but somebody said they couldn’t get over it. But I feel bad, seriously, for these people that I had a lot of respect for. I’ve never gotten over Ashley Judd and some of the language she used there. And now Robert DeNiro. I liked him but I just don’t know how you can bring that much anger out in you. There’s consequences to pay at some point in time for your actions. I hope these people can turn it around. But Bill Maher, he’s just praying for a recession. I hate it, I sure do, and I wish they could turn it around but I don’t know what it will take. But I hope it gets better. Thank you.

If there was anybody Jeff Foxworthy was talking about with his ‘you might be a redneck’ routine, well, if you call the Swap Shop looking for social services and saying you need a welfare check live on the air you may be a redneck.

. To keep from being incarcerated in the overcrowded Letcher County Jail, simply chose to be a decent, self-respecting, lawabiding citizen.

. I noticed yesterday the mayor of Seco and the governor of Seco were having a little meeting in front of the governor’s house at Seco. Maybe they are going to do us people in Seco a favor and move out. Thank you.

. The day will come and they will say, ‘Mr. President, tear down this wall’ or ‘Mr. President, don’t build this wall.’

. If you haven’t been out to Bike Nite in Jenkins you should go out and watch this. It’s a lot of fun. I don’t ride a bike but I was there and I really enjoyed myself. You need to get out there and enjoy yourself with the bikers. Thank you.

. This is called Froggy Went A’Courting. An old couple of farmers loved all kinds of animals. Farmer Marty had all kinds of houses on the farm. There were doghouses, cathouses, and even pig houses. The trees were even full of birdhouses. On their front porch

was a large rhododendron bush that hung over. He had even put a few new condos in there. They were empty for a few days and the farmer’s wife put a notice on the Swap Shop. Later on that day a noise was heard on the front porch and they all went to look. Lo and behold, in the small green condo was a head peeking out — a small spotted tree frog. He lived there for about a year. A couple of weeks ago, all hell broke loose. Tree frogs were hopping all over the place. The farmers and the grandbaby went to the porch to look. There in the small green condo door were two heads looking out. Bachelor Froggy had gone a’courting. He brought home a lady friend. All went well for about a week, then all of a sudden almost as quick as she came she was gone. Mr. Froggy must have liked his bachelor pad more than he did his lady. He seems to be all smiles now.

. I think those people are terrible, pushing their kids across the border so they can come into the United States. Send every one of those children back to Mexico, even with a bulldozer.

. Trump is letting old people’s Social Security go to pot, letting it go broke, when he’s got money for a wall. I think they should have money for old people before he has money for a wall. I think that Social Security is something they don’t like because they don’t like old people.

. I’m calling about the water bills in the Isom area. Our water bills have doubled. I know of neighbors who have gotten $150, $200 water bills. You have them come out and check the meter, and there’s nothing wrong with the meter and there’s no leaks and all they can say is you owe it. They want to know if you’ve got a swimming pool you filled up. They can’t account for these high bills and they can’t give you an answer. I think somebody ought to do something about it. Our magistrate, Terry Adams, is running for judge. If he wants a vote he better be finding out what’s going on with these water bills or Jim Ward better take care of it, one or the other. Thank you.

. If I had to accept Barak Obama as my president, I think I can accept an old possum for president.

. I remember when one of the Republicans’ favorite big lies was that President Obama’s liked to talk to dictators. This was because he thought negotiating was better than killing. Fast forward to now when our president is talking about what a great bond he developed with one of the most brutal dictators in the world. The Republicans think that deserves a Nobel Prize. I found this in the dictionary when I looked up ‘flaming hypocrisy.’

. If the Dreamers are in this country illegally, they don’t deserve crap.

. I’d like to leave a comment about a wreck that happened two or three weeks ago. The comment I’ve got is that two young men were riding and having a good time. Well, the good time turned into a severe wreck. One went home, one got sent off. Now he’s dead. I’d like to know if there are going to be any charges filed.

. One person’s trash is somebody else’s treasure. I sure wish I could find your treasure.

. To the prosecuting attorney Edison Banks, the county judge/executive Jim Ward, jailer Don McCall, and the rest of our elected county officials: People are inhumanely suffering because of living conditions in the Letcher County Jail. These conditions happened under your watch. There is no excuse for these conditions to exist any longer. I believe there our elected

officials are decent, honest and for the most part downright good people. I hope that I’m not wrong, but time will soon tell!

. Imagine if a Democratic president had walked onto a stage full of American and North Korean flags to suck up to a communist dictator. Every Banana Republican’s brain would have exploded.

. Is it inhumane to separate illegal aliens from the children? Well how about the people who are citizens and break the law and go to prison? Are they not separated from their children? I think the illegals must deserve preferential treatment.

. I’d like to leave a comment to Appalshop. I very much enjoy the majority of all that you guys do, the music, your documentaries, your footage, your films, but please, could you talk the gentleman who makes the popping noise with his mouth? Every time he tries to do something funny with his mouth, I know what he’s doing. He’s putting his finger in his mouth and popping it, but it’s just so annoying and it makes you look so bad. I don’t want to offend this man, but please. It just makes me want to turn your station off. As a matter of fact, I just did. I don’t like being like that to anyone, but this infuriates me.

. Kentucky River is going around trying to indict all these people for stealing cameras who haven’t even stolen anything from them. I’ll tell you one thing, when the countersuits start coming in they’ll think twice. I’m going to show them a thing or two. Thank you.

. I’m calling about a rumor I’ve been hearing that Nancy Pelosi might be a closet Republican. Rumor was that every time she spoke that helps the Republican Party and hurts her own party. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but I’ve seen several things that she’s said that backfired on her and it could be true — she could be a closet Republican. One more thing: Concerning this Sarah Sanders, a spokeswoman at the White House, they seem to be very disrespectful towards her, as if she’s the president or something. She’s got a job to do and that’s all she’s doing. I’ve never in my life seen such disrespect towards a person who’s trying to give out information.

. In a new poll of Japanese the United States is now seen as the greatest threat to world peace, by 52 percent, followed by China at 34 percent and North Korea at 30 percent. We used to be a better country than this. Never before have we had a president who tweets like a little spoiled brat.

. The guy the police chased on Pert Creek last week was seen twice on the creek today — by me. To the police: You’re not looking too hard for him. Next time you come down by my house flying and hit one of my kids you will pay. You all need to slow those cop cars down, because there are innocent people out here who are not druggies like the rest of them are.


Hello. I have no trouble with anyone liking Trump, but please don’t call yourself a Christian if you support a congressman who would vote to support Trump’s policies on immigration to tear children away from their parents to keep the parents from bringing their children to this land of the free and the home of the brave because they have had atrocities in their own countries. Please don’t call yourself a Christian if you support this kind of cruelty. This is what you would expect in a Polish state. If you don’t think so, read something else other than FOX News. I find it just appalling that my country would do this and that anyone that would support a congressman that would vote to maintain and support that kind of policy. It’s appalling and I’m embarrassed. It’s well beyond embarrassment.

. Just watching the coverage of this Inspector General’s report here on TV. If Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton can get away with what they’ve gotten away with and you go to court looking for justice, well all you’re going to find is just us, not justice. It’s a crime what they’ve gotten away with and it amazes me that these high-powered politicians can do the most corrupt, vile things that you could imagine and get away with it. It shows you how smart and how slick they are. It amazes me that the normal, everyday American person trying to make a living can get just the least little charge against him or her and they’re in trouble

with the courts and have to pay fines or go to jail. These people here have done some of the most vile things that could be done and there’s nothing done about it. That’s not justice. Thank you.

. Am I the only person who thinks it’s bizarre that a president would take great credit for solving a problem with North Korea that he created in the first place? Come on, people, we should have memories longer than that.

. Having a forum to comment is actually a privilege as we can see each week when people state their opinions so openly. While many of the comments are interesting, a few seem condescending and condemning. I understand that certain remarks reflect moral views, all the way from going to hell to tattoos. I am so reminded of a song the late Glen Campbell sang, ‘Try a

little kindness … to overlook your blindness.’ I am not going to even attempt to sling moral views out there and condemn anyone to summation for having a tattoo, a court record, or a slew of other perceived. Granted, most people have conservative opinions, but what if God was one of us? What if God was standing on a street corner in the pouring rain hitchhiking and I drove by and thought that some homeless beggar was trying to get me to stop? And I am sure most people would agree that nobody should stop and let some soaking wet stranger in their car. Think this is a story that is not familiar? Anyone who has read the Bible should recognize that Jesus did walk among us in the flesh. And what happened? So, do try a little kindness and not be so blind that you overlook the possibility that the people you cast aside may actually be people who can see the real truth.

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