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Is there a local county ordinance about noise? The man in Stinking Branch has been jamming out again. Even when his neighbor died he was blasting his guitar the next day. How rude and disrespectful. This is such a nuisance and everyone’s getting fed up of hearing this almost daily. Today he now has a CD player connected to his speakers and is blasting Lynyrd Skynyrd. His speakers are literally sitting in his yard and the whole hollow can hear this. It’s even louder at the end because it echoes. I guess I’m just going to call the law if this doesn’t stop. How stupid can you be? No one wants to hear this. We can’t even enjoy sitting out on the porch anymore. What can be done?

. American drug money and American guns have caused the problems in Central America, and then when the people want to leave we want to blame them for wanting to leave. There is chaos in Central America caused by U.S. drug money and U.S. guns.

. I watched the president sign an order to keep the families together at the border. Well how do we know they were a family in the beginning? Are they running DNA tests? It’s hard to tear a child from its parents, but if it’s M-13 and they have young ones, what about that situation? I just dread seeing them all come in on taxpayers’ money again. Trump, you’re doing the best job you can, but there are some whiny people out there. I guess we’ll be flying the Mexican flag before we know it.

. With all his flip flops and chaos, our president has made at least one thing abundantly clear: if you like committing human rights crimes against children you know for sure which party to vote for in November.

. Why is it Trump is bringing those babies over here and not letting the mothers come with their babies? What if the babies are breastfeeding? What are they going to do about that, smack a bottle in their mouth? I think Trump is doing wrong by letting the babies come over here without their mothers.

. A person came up to me in a public place not too long ago and volunteered a story about being scammed on the Internet. I got curious and went straight home and did searches online and all I had to do was type in a name. Plenty of reports came up. Then, a few days later I saw this person giggling

and laughing on her phone. Again she volunteered to tell me whom she was talking to. I didn’t even ask to be told. I am wondering just whom does she think she is kidding? Not everybody is that big a fool.

. I know Trump fans can’t see it and won’t listen to the true conservatives who are worried about the future of our country and our Republican Party, but if this vile man is re-elected as president of the United States our country will cease to be a democracy. While Trump fans love him now because he is so rude and vile, it will be too late for them when they are among the first ones hurt when Trump and Putin succeed in turning our democracy into an autocracy. Russia is winning the war on the U.S. and our European allies, and Putin is using his boy Trump to get ‘er done.

. I think the man who whipped that boy the other day with the belt and buckle, too, should be locked up and the key thrown away. If I were that boy the man would never be my dad anymore. I would get up in his face and tell him so. He beat that boy with a belt buckle and a belt. I hope the boy gets even with him. I was raised up with eight and we were never treated like that. Not too many people have been.

. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I wish I were an illegal immigrant. I could get more, have more, get it quicker, and have people chomping at the bit to help me get it. As a citizen here, all I’m getting is a hard time. I see these illegals and I wish I were one of them. (If you want your wish bad enough, you could always go down to the Mexican border and volunteer to take the place of one of the Honduran or Guatemalan fathers whose child has been separated from him and his wife.)

. To you crybabies who are whining about the immigrant children: They have it better now than they have ever had it in their life. I know more about immigrants than any of you. I have lived among them for many years.

. I wish President Trump would get us out of the horrible war in Afghanistan. It should only take him skipping a couple of rounds of golf to work on it. Our kids are dying there. Is he ignorant of this fact or does he just not care?

. I see the Hemphill hooker has moved. I think she

and her companion are mentally disturbed.

. If you would just talk to me you could find out all things about that treasure or whatever.

. What is the Letcher County court system going to do with the candidate for magistrate who is being accused of these heinous crimes? I’m not saying the man is innocent and I’m not saying he’s guilty in any way, shape or fashion. But if he is guilty he does not need to be a magistrate. I think the fairest thing to do is to let the runner-up run for the office. If he wins it and the candidate accused of the crime is found innocent, then the seat would go to him. I hope he is innocent, but if he isn’t, there is a special place waiting for him.

. I would like to tell all the Letcher County ladies that if their husband is driving a certain GMC truck, I know where he is staying. He is hanging out at Fishpond Lake. I ran up on two cheaters this time. They are uncontrollable and meeting at Fishpond all weekend long. She had dark hair. If this were your husband or wife, I would urge you to ease up to Fishpond Lake. They will be up in the upper end, right before you get to where the tennis courts used to be. The reason I am telling this is because I was done this way myself and I don’t think it’s cool at all. She’s a whore and he’s a whoremonger. Both of them need to be caught. Thank you.

. I think it’s a shame that Josh Collins lost his life at such a young age. He was always smiling and he loved to talk. It saddens me to see someone with so much potential and love for people taken from this life.

. How come all other cable TV and Internet companies are being kept out of Fleming Neon? I don’t think it’s fair to the citizens that Intermountain Cable has a monopoly. We citizens pay taxes and we should have a choice. Why won’t the Fleming-Neon City Council act on this? Thank you.

. I am an abused and neglected child. I am an adult now, but it took me most of my early adult years to really come to understand that my abusive childhood affected me more than I realized. It was my mother who was the abuser. My dad was strict but he was the only person who ever showed me love. In all my years my mother has never once told me she loves me. I was abused verbally and emotionally the worst. The abuse started at such a young age that I didn’t even realize that I was being abused. I thought it was normal to be yelled at and called names like stupid and fat. I wasn’t fat but I believed that until

somebody called me a rack of bones once. I looked in the mirror and I had always seen a fat and dumb person, but that time I saw that I was actually too thin. The reason for that was all the times I had been sent to bed with no supper. If I asked to be fed I was called greedy. One of my very early memories is my mother encouraging me to hate my dad, but I refused and that’s when the physical abuse began. I was not much more than eight years old by then. My hair was pulled so much I now hate having my hair touched by anyone else. After years of counseling and plenty of time to heal, I now find myself in an adult case where I am on the receiving end of the wrath and whims of a controlling and selfish person. No, I am not in an intimate relationship as one may think. I am faced with a number of personal problems that has put me at the mercy of another family member. Although I knew from the start this person can be verbally committed to screaming temper tantrums and lack of patience, I can see that is their learned behavior. I have tried to deal with this the best I can by realizing they treat everyone else the same, but it’s getting to me. I don’t want to endure any more abusive people in my life. I am only responsible for myself. I can’t fix other people. I know that I have tried every possible way to appease this person but I simply cannot anymore. In telling my story I hope I can encourage anyone else who is going through a hard time to not give up. I am going to be okay because I have learned enough about myself to know that my conscience is clear. I am going to say that in time things work out if we keep trying to do the right thing. The right thing may not be the easiest thing, but at least I can sleep well at night. God bless you all. Find a reason to smile today.

. There was a statement in last week’s Speak Your Piece about a certain lady working in a certain government office. This is to give her a hint that I may be talking about her: Remember, you liked to drink coconut rum. I can also prove that you know the lady who your husband has cheated with on you. You are going to be so shocked. Do you want pictures? Do you want a video? Believe me, I can hook you up.

. Being a taxpayer of Jenkins for more than forty years I was interested to read the piece in The Mountain Eagle where someone said Jenkins graduated only 14 seniors in 2018. How in the world can we continue to keep this school system going when it doesn’t have any students? Is there anyone we could get to step in to help us move into the county school system?

Jenkins needs to be in the county system with the rest of the students. We need to pay the same taxes they do.

. It’s amazing how a certain drug dealer in Doty Creek keeps getting by with setting up his drug deals in the church parking lot. That is real bright.

. Here it is 11:15 p.m., and the man in Stinking Branch is playing his music again. This is unacceptable. I called the sheriff ’s office, but unfortunately it is closed. This has to stop.

. When I was a young boy, the name that has since been given to a game was something you didn’t want to have happen to you when you stayed all night with one of your friends.

. They have really taken care of Bill Moore Branch after all of that flooding, and the men operating the machinery are absolutely wonderful. They are very skilled and very respectable. From one person on Bill Moore Branch and a lot of others, we thank you.

. This is concerning a certain body man who is ripping people off: The drugs you are on are destroying your business. Karma is going to bite you in the behind for what you do to people — rip them off. I hope it’s soon.

. I’ve noticed something lately. Anything that Donald Trump does for the United States is turned against him. The problem I have with that is this: How many other presidents over the last few years have saved you anywhere between one thousand and one thousand and eight hundred dollars a year in your taxes and left more money per week on your payday? Why should we let illegal immigrants come into our country? Why should we give them free housing, free insurance, and put them on food stamps? Our SSI program is in bad shape. Why? Because too many people who have never paid into Social Security are now on SSI. I’m 48 years old and I pay my way and I always have. I’m looking forward to retirement some day. It is not fair to the American people to keep bringing in illegal people and feeding and housing them.

. I can’t believe President Trump ran Harley-Davidson out of the country. And now he’s going to retaliate against them for it. I wish we had someone in the Oval Office who understood business.

. In college, one class I was required to take toward my degree had a whole section on child molestation. Perpetrators are most commonly in positions of trust, which is how they can often hide in plain sight. As a childhood victim of molestation myself I was too afraid to tell anyone back then because I felt nobody would believe me due to the reputation and social status of the person who did it. A few days ago I had a casual conversation with a person accused of these acts and I did notice that something was off kilter. It was quite similar to watching a stranger shrinking away from me and I have known this person for many years. What I can say is always believe the children, because I know how it feels to think nobody will believe you because the perpetrator is so popular. I caught a split-second glimpse of something inside that person who is accused now that alerted my inner radar to be cautious. Once burned one hundred times shy.

. It’s too bad the man in Stinking Branch quit playing music, as two state police trooper had just arrived to have a little talk with him. I’m guessing that since he quit they decided not to stop.

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